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About Espoo
The city of Espoo lies west of Helsinki, in the Uusimaa region, in southern Finland. Espoo is perched on the northern side of the Gulf of Finland, encompassing the town of Kauniainen. Spread across an area of around 528.03 square kilometres, Espoo happens to be the country’s second populous city.

Espoo city is packed with natural splendors, including lush forests, a breathtaking national park, serene lakes, and a 58 kilometers long shoreline. The rich fauna and flora of the city also add to its ever-charming natural beauty. Having a lot of exciting attractions makes it a most sought-after tourist destination. The prime places of interest that have gained much tourist attention include Nuuksio National Park, Serena Water Park, Turku Castle, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Forum Marinum Maritime Centre, and the Espoo Museum of Modern Art.

While you are in Espoo, you can enjoy a myriad of fun activities. You can try cross country skiing, take a refreshing dip in the ice cold waters, feed the reindeer, enjoy a BBQ picnic at the Kaitalampi Lake, and seek blessings at the Espoo Cathedral. Espoo is blessed with a cold and temperate climate with a significant amount of rainfall occurring during the year. The most ideal time for visiting Espoo is between the months of June and September, when the temperature is mild and pleasant.
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