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Most Popular Places Around HELSINKI

What You Should Know More About HELSINKI

  • Q. Travel Advice

    •      Do not use politics or any of the sensitive topics in conversations.
    •      Finnish people are friendly and you can as well start a conversation with the locals on the bus as well. You will most likely get a positive response.
    •      Remove your shoes off when you are invited at anyone's home. Do not leave before their local brew of coffee and bun is served to you.
    •      Do not ever visit anyone without being invited.
    •      Do not make excuses or empty promises about meeting anyone. They take meetings set up seriously and believe it.
    •      Do not tip. Most of them may not know how to respond to tipping.
    •      Nordic walking contains walking with poles in hands. It is a popular activity in Finland amongst all age groups.
    •      Try Finnish cuisine, it's delish and worth trying.
    •      Make sure you visit the countryside before leaving the city. Lapland and the Northern Lights are a must visit.
    •      When you make new friends, offer them drinks.
    •      All food is eaten with fork and knife. There is no concept of finger food in Finland.
    •      Alcohol and gas is expensive in Finland.
    •      Learn a few local works in Finnish and use them when you speak.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    You must be 18 years and above to buy wine and beer. To buy spirits you must be 20 years and above in Finland.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Islands and parks


    Suomenlinna is a fortress and also known as the "Gibraltar of the North." This is sea fortress that faces the Baltic Sea. It was built in the 17th century. Today this fortress is converted into a museum and is a picnic spot. You can take a ferry ride to this island and the entry is free. You can find guided tours in English on this island.

    Seurasaari is an archipelago and is great for sightseeing and cruising. On this island, there are places of interest, such as open air museum, cafes, restaurants, and scenic spots. Beware of squirrels in these areas as they might snatch your bags. Pihlajasaar is one of the best places to be visited in summer. They have sandy beaches, restaurants that serve cold beers and ciders. Korkeasaari is an island that houses more than 200 species of animals. Vallisaari is an island that has a fortress that most of the visitors like to explore and get a view of nature and scenic spots nearby.

    Esplanadi Park located in Kauppatori has boulevards, lawns, and is a meeting place for many. This park also organizes concerts by local artists. Kaivopuisto is a beautiful park and has cafes on the seaside. People take a walk on its promenade. Töölönlahti is a park that has a concert hall and a opera house nearby. Walking and jogging is a favourite activity of the locals in this park. Sinebrychoffin Puisto is a popular park known to be a picnic spot. The Central Park has walkways, paths, bikeways, and is used for swimming, ice hockey, skiing, jogging, and golf. Alppipuisto is a park where concerts are held and they are free to watch. Lauttasaari is a park that has many walking trails spread over a few kilometers.


    Churches, museums, galleries, and other sites

    Lutheran Cathedral gives a good view of the city and is the symbol of the city. The Church in the Rock is a minimalistic church and been dug out of a single rock. It looks like a UFO and is one of the popular attractions in this city. Uspenski Cathedral is a Russian church and is an orthodox church with five domes. St. John's Church is the largest church in the city with a Gothic architecture. Kallio Church sits on a hill and is built in granite and baroque style. United Community Church is a place of worship of the Finnish people.

    Ateneum Art Museum is an art museum that has collections of Finnish artists. Helsinki Design Museum showcases designs of goods made in the 20th century. Helsinki City Museum is a series of old buildings. Helsinki Nykytaiteen Museo Kiasma is a museum of contemporary art of the Finnish artists. National Museum of Finland has collections of archaeological and prehistoric items. Museum of Cultures provides an insight into daily lives of Finnish people over many centuries. Museum of Finnish Architecture hold exhibitions of different kinds.

    Heureka Science Centre has science memorabilia.  Military Museum depicts the history of Finnish military. Olympic Stadium is a popular building and an Olympic site in this city.Olympic Tower gives a view of the city.

    Parliament House can be visited to get a glimpse of its classic style and art deco. Finlandia Hall has great architecture. The Sibelius Monument has works of art that resemble pipes that are welded together. Korjaamo Cultural Factory is a culture centre where you can see the art of a different kind.

    Trekking, hiking, and beaches

    Hietaniemi Beach is a great place to visit in a hot summer. You can play beach volleyball, swim, and attend various events on this beach. Aurinkolahti Beach is a serene beach and is great for walking. Härmälä Farm is a Finnish farm with a picturesque view and a landscape.

    You can take many nature treks around the Helsinki region. Watersports and outdoor activities like kayaking in the sea, hiking, canoeing, and trekking and watersports gear are provided by the centres who provide these activities. You can take several cruises at the Finnish Gulf and visit the nearby islands and archipelagos. Söderskär Lighthouse is on the island and also has a bird reservoir.


    Saunas and sports


    Arlan sauna is a traditional sauna for men and women.  Kotiharjun sauna has separate rooms for men and women. They also host bachelor parties. Sauna Hermanni is a sauna with a garden outside.Salmisaaren Liikuntakeskus is a great place for bowling, ice hockey, wall climbing, and has restaurants within this area. You can play ice hockey at the indoor arena of Hartwall Areena. You can enjoy outdoor skating at the Outdoor Ice Park Skating.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Shopping, eating out, and events


    There are many places to shop for local food, souvenirs, handcrafts, beers, drinks, and local items. Apart from restaurants that serve Finnish cuisine, you can also find Asian vegetarian restaurants. Event Arena Bank is one such a restaurant. There are many restaurants in the city that serve ethnic cuisine in Thai, Mediterranean food, Italian, and more. You have many options of eating out, tasting their locally brewed coffee, and shopping for local items.

    The nightlife in Helsinki is not to be missed. There are swish clubs, bars, and pubs sprawled across the city that serve good food, drink, and play different kinds of local and international music.

    There are many music festivals in Jazz, classic, and Scandinavian music that are celebrated here. Local festivals are not to be missed.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?

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  • Q. Books

    Helsinki Travel Guide by Steven Norris