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Best Fishing Tours in Himachal Pradesh

The mist-ical state of Himachal Pradesh holds great treasures for tourists. Himachal is also popular for fishing. With the best fishing tours in Himachal Pradesh, the rivers here are divided into General Streams and Trout Water streams, on the basis of angling. Rohru is the pinnacle of the angling experience in India. The best places for trout-catching are Seema, Mandil, Tikri and Dhamwari. For Mahseer fish, check out Sari Marog, Dehra and Pong Dam, Chamba Pattan and Largi. Pabar and Baspa valleys are also excellent fishing spots for angling. Angling is nothing but professional or game-fishing. Kullu is also a fishing spot.


Indulge in all kinds of mountain-based adventure sports in Manali, among the rolling hills and elegant streams. Check our attractive tour packages to visit Himachal. Invest in an exotic Pashmina shawl at the Kullu Shawl Factory. Explore the snow-blessed city of Shimla and shop at the winding streets of Mall Road. Travel to the holy Spiti Valley and visit the meditation centre at Lari Dapuk. Alternatively, engage in Snow-leopard spotting and hike on the plains of Angla and Phela. Attending the local cultural show here is a must. Enjoy a picturesque boat-ride along Dal Lake, Dharamshala. Watch the sun rise and set at designated view points in Kasauli. When here, visit the Palampur Tea Cooperative and watch the intricate process of tea-producing. Dalhousie is known as the Switzerland of India. Go apple-picking at the poetic apple orchards of Khajjiar. Parvati Valley, aka Stoner’s Paradise, is an experience by itself. Trek to Kheer-Ganga in Kasol and soak in the hot-water springs here. Indulge in the best fishing tours in Himachal Pradesh for a different and unique experience here.

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    h6 Hours

    About the Activity: Experience a fun and exciting fishing trip to Manalsu Nala in Old Manali and get to know the fun and exciting ways of fishing in the north. The tour providers pride themselves on the diversity of fishing options that they offer, so whichever form of blue water fishing you are interested in, this is an adventure that is sure to impress you. Pick-up & drop facility from your hotel is also available. An angler’s paradise, Himachal has several spots for both trout and Mahaseer as well as other fish. Acclaimed as the best sport fish in the world, both Brown and Rainbow Trout can be found in Himachal's streams.Fish also abounds in Beas River near Manali. Good spots on this beat are –Manualsu nalla, Beas river, Haripur nalla, Fozal nalla and Baragrain nalla that you can explore. 

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    h4 Hours

    About the Activity:Relish in this delightful small trek that provides you with fun-filled fishing opportunity.River Parvati, is a one stop destination for all fishing lovers. Embark on this pleasing activity in the shallow waters and enjoy the surrounding beauty as you wait patiently for a good catch.The activity begins in Barsaini from where you will head to the offbeat campsite which has a picturesque view.You will be provided with all the equipment and a guide to help you fish.

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    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Kasol has enamoured thousands of travellers till date and it is the unrivalled hub of serenity, authentic traditions and cultural enhancements.Delight in this 2 day 1 night camping expedition that enables you to witness the stunning beauty of Kasol. Arrive at Bhunter and then proceed to Kasol early morning. Indulge in the relishing trekking trip to Malana Valley and nearby places on the first day of the tour.Enthrall in a trip that provides you with a stay next to the bank of River Parvati, where you can bask in the beautiful view of the nature around, indulge in fishing and other activities. Relish the meal around a bonfire while enjoying the scenic landscapes comprising of stunning river valley sprawling the region.

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    h5 Hours

    About the Activity: If you’re looking for the perfect relaxing getaway then this is the right destination for you.Escape to the mountains and rejuvenate yourself by taking part in leisure fishing.Catch various varieties of fish while taking in breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.Engage in a one of a kind adventure with your family and friends. 

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    d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the Activity:Tattapani is stunning place, well acclaimed for its hot springs. While in this magical land enjoy the beauty of various ponds that further add to the glory of this beautiful place.Apart from the picturesque landscapes there is one more remarkable feature about this place that makes it worth visiting – hot spring fishing in Tattapani. This tiny land near Shimla has several spots for both Trout and Mahseer fishing. Trout fish holds the reputation of best sport fish in the world and cascading streams of Himachal Pradesh are known as a a natural habitat for both brown and rainbow trout’s.Indulge in a de-stressing hot spring bath while relaxing in this nature’s abode. You can also enjoy the picturesque mountain locks while boating through the clear-water streams of the region. Trek through the nearby hills and enjoy the panoramic views of the lofty mountains and cascading streams making its way down into the towns. Adventure seekers can easily satiate their thirst for adventure by participating in active sessions of rafting. Hang out with your buddies and let go all your office worries with this enthralling activity of hot spring fishing in Tattapani, Shimla.

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    About the Activity: Experience an exciting series of fishing activities at Barot with your friends and family and dwell in the sheer thrill of the serene nature here. There are slots you can choose according to your feasibility and experience fishing morning or evening.Located in Joginer Nagar, the camps offers you a golden chance to put your fishing skills to the test. You can take part in the fishing experience and try your hand at catching different fish to get yourself that one amazing click.  

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    About the Activity:Be a part of the exciting camping experience in Barot and dwell in the midst of stars and tall deodar trees on your next holiday! Almost untouched by the ways of modern man, these camping sites offer you the tranquility and serenity that is now missing in other hill stations. Sleeping under the open sky, cooking over a fire made from local material are all facets of camping outdoors and there is also a riverside camp near Barot.Here you can enjoy raw nature, do small treks, Trout fishing, rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing etc. All activities at camp are built around the campsites and keeping in mind the fine balance of nature.Each camp takes in city bound participants and aims at freeing them of their artificial instincts.Setting up of artificial tents is one of the most popular team building activities here in this camp. They provide camping in tents in Barot (6000ft) and on ridge (Phula Dhar at 9000 ft) with an all round view of the Dhauladhars and Pripanjal ranges on the backs of river Uhl in Barot Valley. Activities: Riverside camping, Fishing 

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    Bir - Billing
    h8 Hours

    About the Activity:Marvel at the  true beauty of the Himalayam region in Barot on a sightseeing trip along with a fishing activity.This town has many famous sightseeing spots and also considered as one of the best spots in the world for paragliding. With the help of a knowledgeable guide you can tour the vicinity and rediscover the Himalayan region like never before.This activity gives you access to the major fishing spot in Barot along the Uhl river.Energize yourself with a delicious lunch and refreshments during the activity.

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    About the Activity:Delight in this amazing 5-6 hour fishing excursion along with friends and family in the beautiful Beas River.You will be thoroughly guided and briefed about fishing techniques and procedures. You will also be provided with a fishing license so that you enjoy the activity without any obstacles.Relax while sitting on the river bed and enjoy the beautiful views that surrounds you here.Meal Types: Snack boxActivity: FishingDifficulty Level: Easy

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    h3 Hours

    About the Activity:Master the techniques of angling which is a method of fishing by means of an "angle" (fish hook)Spend a relaxing day in some of the best locations of Himachal Pradesh which is known to be a paradise for anglers The beautiful rivers and streams nestled in the picturesque Kullu valley provides great fishing opportunitiesCatch various varieties of rare fish like the rainbow trout                                             Meal Details: Snack box and mineral water.Activity: Fishing 

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    h7 Hours

    About the Activity:This angling and fishing experience in the Manalsu River in Old Manali is reminiscent of a typically serene Indian mountain village.With many characteristic old houses made out of wood and stone, the charming destination is bound to captivate.The ancient Manu Maharishi Temple site is an unmissable attraction, where the legend of Manu originates from.Enjoy resplendent views, and stumble into a chance to savour delicious foods at the cafe in Old Manali.Experience angling in Manalsu River near Manali, or explore your chances at 15 Mile fishing, for a rewarding day spent.Meal Details: Snack BoxTransportation Details: Transport from Old Manali to ManaliActivities: Angling or 15-Mile FishingDuration: 7 HoursTimings:06.00 AM to 12.00 PM03.00 PM to 06.00 PMDifficulty Level: Easy

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Traveller Tales from Himachal Pradesh


Meenakshi Sethy

03 July 2017

"Trek to Malana Magic Valley was a beautiful experience.Though if you are taking a weekend trip,a trek from Kasol to the valley and back to Kasol camps is not humanely possible unless you are booking a car which will cover most of the distance and you need to trek only 3 km. You can stay overnight in the camps in the Malana valley and start next day fresh in the morning for your travel to Manikaran . If there is not much traffic while returning you can take your bus back to Delhi the same day from Bunthar"

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Anjali Trivedi

24 March 2016

Kasol is a small and a very beautiful place. Camping in villages is a lot of fun. It is something that I have never experienced until now. We had a really great time in there. The camp was just about perfect and we had loads of fun. Also, camping with random fellow campers was something that I have never done before and I am so glad to that I had some great set of fellow campers. The camping was inexpensive, and it was totally worth the time and money spent. We had a really great time with lot of fun activities. The climate over this area is pretty cold, but with well equipped winter wear, this camping can be totally enjoyed without much hassles. I am so recommending this.


Bhargava Acharya

26 April 2016

It has been a crazy camp. I felt so happy and excited about this. Some of the positive points regarding this really wonderful camp are: this was inexpensive, this was very comfortable, it was safe too, the organizers were experienced, they were interactive and they did share a lot of interesting tales about the town, the place was so pristine and divine, the surrounding landscape and greeneries added more beauty to the camp. Some of the negatives are that this place was tough to find as even the Google maps were misleading.


Anang Patel

26 December 2015

This is the perfect place for a romantic yet adventurous getaway. I really liked this place and I am so happy to have taken this camp. I had lots of fun and excitement. The place is so romantic, beautiful, and lovely looking. One can have loads of fun here. The camping activities made us feel more excited. The camp leader was jovial and energetic. He made sure that everyone spoke to everyone and had a great time overall.


Kamla Gowda

27 May 2016

It was a very nice camp at Kasol. I was in Himachal Pradesh for a week and we thought of spending a day at this camp. This was well organized nicely planned and executed. It was cost effective, comfortable, and safe. The organizers were co-operative, polite, and helping. This is a nice and a relaxing getaway for people who want to spend a day in a nice, cozy place with some pleasant weather outside.


Vasudev Singh

06 January 2016

This camp was totally worth the money and time spent. I totally loved spending time here in Kasol. It is a nice and fulfilling trip we had.


Draupadi Menon

22 January 2016

I am glad that I took this camping. I am out of words to explain how blissful it was. I wish I could do this again some time.


Ameyatma Embranthiri

30 March 2016

The camping activities were quite good. I would have really loved it more if the weather was less harsh.


Ankal Patil

26 November 2015

This camp is a must try for all ages. We went as a family and all of us had loads of fun.

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