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Shopping in Ladakh is one of the most fun activities to do during your acclimation, as you get to explore Leh markets while calmly adjusting your body to the high altitude weather. One of the major shopping attractions in the area is the Main Market, known for selling all local famed items at one place. This lively market is perfect for a retail stroll. You can witness finely harvested apricots packed in different varieties such as jam, oil, and dry snack. You can also buy traditional Ladakhi jewellery, which is made with premium quality silver and unique stones.

For all the interiore lovers, you can buy some amazing and affordable handicrafts items, and Tibetiean inspired wall art for your studios and offices. But your shopping list will be incomplete without buying some Kashmiri Pashmina based shawls and other wares including coats, sweaters and caps. To buy all these handicraft items one can always go to Himalayan Pashmina Shawls, which has been established since 1975, providing its customers with high quality products. As you proceed for your adventurous trip to Kargil War Memorial, you will discover a patriotic souvenir shop, selling stationery items, leather items and exquisite woolen items, with traditional Ladakhi costumes.

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Ladakh Shopping Tours FAQs

Which are the best places for shopping in Ladakh?

1.Moti Market: One can never miss Moti market, when shopping in Ladakh. Known as the oldest market in town, the place offers fine quality products, where tourists can buy authentic Ladakhi souvenirs. Accessories, shawls, and woolen products are specialties of this market, offering a variety of shops to choose from. This market provides a colorful experience as your attention is grabbed by their vibrant artifacts and traditional handicrafts items. It’s better to walk throughout the market to experience some local vibes, and carry some cash with you as many shops don’t accept cards and appreciate a traditional payment method.

2.Women Alliance of Ladakh: One of the only few states in India has their own fully functioning market, which is run solely by women, and Ladakh is one of them. Women Alliance market established in 1991 offers an interesting experience while shopping in Ladakh. The place offers handmade and high quality traditional items, which are made by talented women artisans from around Ladakh. Selling not only rare pashmina shawls, but also selling daily use items required for survival. Offering silver jewelry, organic vegetables, spices, and woolen clothing, this market has it all. Moreover the market hosts various annual festivals showcasing traditional rituals and customs.

3.Zanskar Arts: For an amazing experience while shopping in Ladakh, tourists can always count on the traditional art shop, offering authentic and high quality items. This quaint shop has been known for offering woolen garments, varieties of souvenirs, and cute little figurines. Among all items, shawls and sweaters made with original pashmina wool is their speciality. Travelers from all over the world come here in search of their soft woolen garments offered at an affordable price. Apart from woolen clothing the place is also popular for its fine leather materials, used for jackets and belts, decorated with intrigued designs that will surely catch your eye.

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4.Main Bazar: Standing by the name, this market is one of the major areas when considering shopping in Ladakh. If you are a big shopping junkie, then this place is perfect for you. Offering a wide range of products, from daily items to exclusive pashmina clothing, Main Bazar has all. Ladakh is specially known for its fine silver jewelry, which are quite beautiful and are available for an affordable price. It is a place that has been appreciated by tourists as well as locals, making it a unique and interesting place for shopping. Providing a glimpse into the local life of Leh, this market is a perfect place to explore while adjusting to the weather conditions of Ladakh.

5.Himalayan Pashmina Shawls: While shopping in Ladakh, discover the authentic Ladakhi items made with original Kashmiri pashmina wool. As we know that Kashmiri pashmina is one of the rarest wools present in India, this place is famous for offering comfortable and soft woolen garments made with pashmina. The market has been crafting high quality and traditional handmade items since 1975. Visitors can buy shawls, sweaters, and other woolen items along with handmade souvenirs, but these items may result on the expensive side of your budget. Offering supreme quality materials the place has been popular among local as well as international tourists.

6.Ladag Apricot Store: Ladakh is famous for its juicy and flavorful apricots, and tourists from all over the world are a big fan of their products. If you desire to give a fruitful souvenir to any of your family members or friends, then Ladag Apricot store is the place for you. Here one can find all things apricot, whether it’s in a dry form or in a jam form, one thing is guaranteed, they provide high quality products only. The list of items also includes nutritious oil offering many health benefits. So grab everything and anything that you find interesting in this little spot, while shopping in Ladakh.

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7.Tibetan Handicraft Emporium: Run by Tibetan refugees in Ladakh, this sweet little shop in Leh offers its visitors a variety of traditional Tibetan items. Vibrant handicrafts and antique items are their speciality, made with high quality materials. Other items include cultural Ladakhi jewelry made with both silver and precious stones, beautiful gift items, a wide range of house wares, and many more. Visited by numerous tourists all year long, the place is known to be one of the expensive shops in the market. But the quality of their products compensate for their high range of price.

8.Dalai Lama Charitable Trust Handicraft Emporium: If you want to enjoy shopping while helping local artisans of Ladakh, then this emporium is your best option. Offering a wide range of traditional Ladkahi items including, shawls, paintings, woolens, and artifacts, this place donates all its earnings to the local artisans, motivating them to work and become independent. Known for their beautiful designs and traditional methods, the products here are of high quality.

9.Changspa Road Market: One of the most popular markets in Ladakh, offering everything you need all at one place. The road is lined with various restaurants, local shops, and exquisite souvenir shops, offering a wide range of Ladakhi products. Famous among many international tourists, this place offers them with shops providing cultural souvenirs, traditional Ladakhi clothing, and high quality trekking gear. Due to its accessibility the marketplace is extremely famous among locals as well, hence, providing a little peek into the life of local folks.

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10.Kargil Bazar: Popularly known as a traditional trading point of India, Kargil market offers various small shops decorated with Central Asian architecture, selling original and authentic Ladakhi items. The place provides handloom and handicraft shops with stationary items, leather items and exquisite woolen items, including traditional Ladakhi costumes and pashmina shawls. Visitors from around the world explore this ancient marketplace and find some or the other thing that suits their shopping needs and taste. One can expect vibrant and Kargil related souvenirs that can be gifted to your family and friends. The fine quality and affordability of the products makes it one of the most famous markets in Ladakh.

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What to Buy in Ladakh?

1.Tibetan Handcraft and Wares:One of the most famous things to buy in Ladakh is none other than, traditional Tibetan wavers and artifacts. These artifacts are vibrant and possess high quality materials, as they offer a wide range of choices to choose from. One can buy exquisite Tibetan wall art, some amazingly carved Buddha statues, and meditational items including prayer beads.

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2. Jewellery: The most famous thing to buy in Ladakh are traditional silver and stone based jewllery. Ladakhi and Tibetan inspired designs can be seen in every shop of the town, offering its visitors with different varieties. The items include exquisite necklaces, earrings, key chains, bracelets, and rings, all made with unique stones and quality silver.

3. Pashmina Shawls and Woolens:List of famous things to buy in Ladakh, will be incomplete without mentioning the traditional Pashmina Shawls. Famous around the world, these shawls and woolen are made with rare Kashmiri Pashmina, offering you a warm hug during winters.

4.Apricot Jam and Oils: Ladakh is known for producing premium quality apricots, which are extremely beneficial for your health. Packed in various forms, you can buy apricots in the form of jam, oil, dry and fresh nuts. Every product has its own speciality and advantage, offering you one of the best apricots in India.

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What is the most popular food in Ladakh?

Ladakh is most popularly known for its spicy and steamy momos. Imagine cold winds breezing through your face while you get to eat warm and delicious momos, filled with a filling of sorted vegetables or minced meat. You can get both steam and fried momos at every corner of the street. Apart from momos, the place is famous for serving hot and flavorful Thukpa soup, made with wheat noodles, sorted vegetables and momos, dipped in the authentic soup.

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Which is the most popular vegetable market in Ladakh?

Library Road Vegetable Market, is known as the most popular vegetable market in Ladakh. Despite being a dry state, Leh provides one of the freshest and exotic vegetables, fruits and spices, that are consumed by locals as well as tourists.

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How many days are enough to explore Ladakh?

A 5-7 days trip is enough to explore the best attractions of Ladakh, as 2 days will be used for you to take rest and adjust in the extreme weather conditions and the remaining five day trip is enough to discover the majestic Ladakh.

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What is the best time to visit Ladakh to enjoy shopping?

June-September is known as the best time to go shopping in Ladakh, as in these months local artists and traders from around the state open their shops, offering their brand new collection.

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