50 Things to Do in New York City 2021 (Starting from ₹720 Only)
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Activities to Do in New York City

Tour the Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Ferry,, Explore American Museum of Natural History, Visit 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Visit Brooklyn Bridge and many more.

Lovingly nicknamed as “the city that never sleeps,” travelers with different tastes can enjoy numerous things to do in New York. For instance, if you love iconic landmarks, then you can visit the famous Statue of Liberty. However, if you want to admire the beauty of nature, walk the length of the Brooklyn bridge or opt for picnicking at the West Street highway to witness the enchanting sunset.

Are you on a limited budget? Don't worry! You can still enjoy New York by visiting Central Park or the enigmatic Times Square. You can also admire the beauty of the city through the Highline. It is one of the most exciting activities to do in New York with family. If you have a passion for history and love knowing different cultures, you can visit the American Museum of Natural History.

The 9/11 Memorial and Museum is one of the most elegant ways to pay homage to all those who lost their lives in that heart-wrenching incident. Visiting here will definitely offer you a new perspective. If you love sampling new foods, you can opt for food tours!
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New York City Top Attractions

Places To Visit In New York City

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People Also Ask About New York City Things To Do

  1. Which are the best things to do in New York?

    1. Tour the Statue of Liberty: One of the most iconic attractions that you simply cannot miss out on in your New York trip is visiting the Statue of Liberty. It is one of the most exciting things to do in New York. Though entry to this landmark is free, you will have to pay for the ferry services. Here, there are two options – you can opt for the free of charge Staten Island Ferry, or you can choose the Ellis Island Ferry, which charges a fee. You can take a quick look at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration.

    Location: New York, NY 10004, United States

    2. Staten Island Ferry: Do you have a limited budget yet can’t miss visiting the famous Statue of Liberty? Well, you can hop on to the Staten Island Ferry. It is completely free and offers a marvelous view of this iconic landmark from a close distance. The ferry is scheduled to leave at an interval of 30 minutes from the Whitehall Terminal in Lower Manhattan. It is one of the most thrilling activities to do in New York with family.

    Location: Operates between the Whitehall Terminal in Lower Manhattan and the St. George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island

    3. Explore American Museum of Natural History: If you are a history buff, then a New York trip without visiting the American Museum of Natural History doesn't make sense. Even if you do not have an ardent passion for historical aspects, the exhibits and collections at this museum will impress you. It is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing things to do in New York. Here, the vast museum is divided into sections that are dedicated to various aspects like taxidermy mammals, marine life, dinosaurs, etc.

    Location: 200 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024, United States
    Price: $23 per adults
    Timings: 10 am – 5:30 pm

    4. Visit 9/11 Memorial and Museum: The emotional aspect of visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum is indescribable. Here, the design of the museum is simply noteworthy and pays homage to the disastrous 9/11 event that reshaped the history of the United States. It is one of the most revered activities to do in New York with family. With an impressive architectural layout, the museum offers rental audio guides to the visitors. The narrator shares the experience, and you can't help but feel the loss yourself.

    Location: 180 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007, United States
    Timings: 10 am – 5 pm

    5. Visit Brooklyn Bridge: Built in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge was once the world's largest suspension bridge. With a length of 1595 feet, the bridge connects Brooklyn heights to lower Manhattan. Walking the bridge on foot is one of the most cherishing things to do in New York. It will take you about 20 minutes to cover the entire distance and the best time is to go in the morning. During this time, the traffic is less, and you can admire the grandiose beauty of the surroundings. Moreover, watching the sunset amidst the skyline is mesmerizing.

    Location: Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY 10038, United States

    6. Explore Governors Island: Do you want to escape the hustle of the city and relax amidst nature? You won't have to search any further than Governors Island. Though the 172-acre island was closed for about two centuries to the public, now it is accessible to all. There are numerous monuments, exhibitions, music festivals, events, etc., that you can attend there. It is one of the most memorable activities to do in New York with family. You just need to get a hold of the schedule to know more about the festivals!

    Location: New York Harbor, New York, NY 11231, United States
    Price: Ferry service is at $3 per adult

    7. Wander around Greenwich Village: One of the most enchanting neighborhoods that attract visitors greatly is the Greenwich Village. Here, the streets are dotted by numerous trees and boast of several bars and small cafes. You can take a lazy stroll along the neighborhood and explore the hidden corners. It is one of the top-rated things to do in New York. Did you know that you even spot celebrities here? You can visit Washington Square Park and relax amidst nature. Moreover, you can also head towards the different bars and enjoy!

    Location: West side of Manhattan, New York City

    8. Visit Times Square: A trip to New York City without exploring its heart doesn't make the vacation complete, does it? There is just something about Times Square that draws tourists inexplicably. The glowing gigantic billboards, mesmerizing Broadway theaters, and the numerous dining sites make this place even more appealing. It is one of the most exciting things to do in New York at night. Here, all the venues are open till the crack of dawn, and you can spend the night enjoying and partying. The enigmatic vibe of the street will simply leave you in awe.

    Location: Midtown Manhattan, New York City

    9. Watch Sunset on West Street highway: Watching the gorgeous sunset from the West Street highway is the type of activity that will immortalize this New York trip in your memory. You can rest anywhere while strolling along the Hudson River Greenway. The scenic visual that will greet you when you watch the sun set amidst the backdrop of the Hudson River is unparalleled. It is one of the most popular things to do in New York. Moreover, you can also arrange for a lovely picnic and spend some cozy time with your partner.

    Location: Starts from Battery Park and ends at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

    10. New York Food Tour: Is everyone in your family food lovers? Then, you have come to the right place for a vacation! Known as the food paradise, New York offers different food tours to tourists. You can choose the one that suits your taste palette the best and sample the delicious food items. It is one of the most unforgettable activities to do in New York with family. With food tours, you can taste a little bit of a wide range of food items and expand your taste buds.

    Location: New York, United States 

  2. What are the things to do in New York at Night?

    1. Admire the Empire State Building: Head up all the way to the 102nd floor to get an unparalleled vision of the New York skyline. The latest admission to view the city at night is 1:15 am, and the view from the floors will simply take your breath away.

    2. Watch a Broadway show: Are you passionate about musicals and enjoy them? Then, watching an enchanting Broadway show will be one of the most memorable things to do in New York at night.

    3. Spend the night partying: Leaving New York without experiencing the nightlife is a crime in itself. Visit the Lower East Side and try out the different bars, night clubs and restaurants and have fun to your heart's content while dancing and drinking.

    4. Explore the night markets: One of the most interesting things to do in New York at night is to visit the night markets. You can go to the Brooklyn Bazaar and take part in various activities like dancing, karaoke, etc.

    5. Stargaze at Hayden Planetarium: Do you remember the last time you could stargaze peacefully? Well, head out to the Dark Universe Space show hosted by the Hayden Planetarium and admire the beauty of the stars for a 30-minutes session.

  3. What are the best adventure activities in New York?

    1. Opt for white water rafting in the Hudson River: Encompassed on all sides by the majestic Adirondack Mountains, white river rafting at the Hudson River will give you the thrill of your life. Here, you will get to experience calm waters as well as fast-paced rapids.

    2. Experience jet boat in the Niagara River: One of the most thrilling activities to do in New York with family is to partake in a jet boat ride across Niagara River’s Class 5 rapids.
    Partake in kayaking in the Hudson River: Do you simply love the thrill of outdoor activities? Then, you can try kayaking in the Hudson River by opting for free 20-minute rentals as the wind blows on your face, and you get the thrill you desire.

    3. Enjoy surfing at Rockaway Beach: One of the most pristine beaches that attract large volumes of surfers and swimmers is Rockaway Beach. If you have never tried surfing before, go for it as it is one of the most exciting activities to do in New York with family.

    4. Hike to the Storm King Mountain: Another thrill-inducing activity you can try is hiking to the Storm King Mountain. Despite the pains that you might encounter, the view at the end will simply make everything worth it.

  4. How can I reach New York?

    By Air: You can reach New York by air. The city has three airports - Newark Liberty International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and the John F. Kennedy International Airport.
    By Rail: New York is well connected to many major cities through train services.
    By Road: Various national highways run through New York, thus providing better transportation through roads.

  5. What is the best time to visit New York?

    The best time to visit New York is in the spring and winter seasons. The spring season extends from April to June, and the weather is quite pleasant at this time without the tourist rush. In the winter season of November and December, you will find New York in festive mode.

  6. What is New York famous for?

    New York is famous for the wide range of iconic landmarks and monuments. It also has numerous museums and places of natural attraction. Moreover, the New York skyline is a vision in itself and offers an intriguing view of the entire city. Also, you will find multiple dining, shopping, and entertainment venues here.

  7. Is New York worth visiting?

    Yes, New York is definitely worth visiting. It is one of the most fascinating metropolises when it comes to art, food, entertainment, and fashion. Regardless of your traveling spirit, New York will satisfy your wanderlust.

  8. Do I need a visa for New York?

    Yes, you will need a visa for New York if you are traveling from other countries. However, most EU countries do not need a visa due to the Visa Waiver Program. Moreover, if you live in another US state, you will simply need a valid ID.

  9. How many days are enough in New York?

    5 days are enough in New York to explore the various tourist attractions. You can visit the different museums, streets, landmarks, monuments, gardens, theaters, etc. If you want, you can even expand your trip to truly explore and understand the culture of New York.

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