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  • Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, is simply unique; it brings together a kaleidoscope of cultures, crafts and cuisines. But, Kuching gives everyone a travel vibe because of its elegant beach and resorts. You can get the most majestic view of lush green rainforest from the resorts in Kuching.

    Situated along the sandy beach of Teluk Bandung, the Damai Beach Resort offers you a breathtaking view of lush green forest and aquamarine sea. Stretched on 90 acres of land, the resort offers luxury accommodation with spacious rooms and suites, for relaxation and rejuvenation. The Damai Beach Resort also offers a spa and the delicious food which can make you fall in love with this place.

    Located near some of the famous attractions of Kuching City, the Hilton Kuching offers spectacular view of the Sarawak River. You can enjoy the delicious meal with five dining options including cafés and restaurants at Hilton Kuching. Enjoy swimming in the outdoor pool or work out at fitness centre, this resort offers you the best.

    Here are the Best Resorts in Kuching:

  • 01Damai Beach Resort

    The Damai Beach Resort offers a majestic view of the lush green rainforest meeting the aquamarine sea. The resort is located along the sandy beach of Teluk Bandung, overlooking the rainforest covered slope of magnificent Mount Santubong. Stretched on 90 acres of land, the resort offers luxury accommodation with spacious rooms and suits, with each of them providing the luxury amenities.

    The resort also offers a spa for relaxation and rejuvenation and two dining options for trying mouth watering cuisines and buffets. You can also enjoy recreational activities organized by the resort on the beach or simply enjoy the on-site golf club.

    Location: The Damai Beach resort is located on the northwest coast of Borneo and is a forty minutes ride from Kuching City and fifty minutes ride from Kuching International Airport.

    Price: The price of rooms in Damai Beach Resort starts from around RM 250 to RM 400.
  • 02Damai Puri Resort & Spa

    Enjoy the seaside view from your room with clear emerald water and sandy beach at the foothill of mountain slope covered with tropical rainforest at Damai Puri Resort & Spa. The resort offers luxury accommodation to tourists visiting Kuching, with its 207 rooms and suits. A perfect getaway from the hubbub of city life, it offers a tranquil place to refresh and rejuvenate. The D'Puri Spa Village, offers you spa treatment, massage facility and yoga session. For fine dining, the resort sports five unique restaurants and bars.

    Enjoy leisure and recreational activities including water sports, jungle trekking and mountain climbing. It is completed with two swimming pools, a gym, tennis court, children’s club and six meeting halls.

    Location: Located along Damai beach, it is 30 Km from Kuching and 40 km from Kuching International Airport.

    Price: The price of rooms in starts from around RM 280 to RM 640.
  • 03Hilton Kuching

    Overlooking the quaint Sarawak River, the Hilton Kuching is located near some of the famous attractions of Kuching City. The hotel offers you opulence and comfort with meticulously designed spacious rooms and suits featuring elegant décor and luxury amenities. With five dining option including cafés and restaurants, you can enjoy the sumptuous meals. Enjoy a drink or two with your family, friends and colleagues at the Senso bar.

    Unwind at the hotel gym with state of the art equipments or rejuvenate with a swimming session in the sparkling outdoor pool. Or just visit the nearby local attractions like Kuching Main Bazaar, Kuching Waterfront and many more.

    Location: The Hilton Hotel is located at the centre of Kuching at 25 minutes drive from Kuching International Airport.

    Price: The price of the rooms and suits in the hotel ranges from RM 375 for King Guestroom to RM 7,825 for Governor Suite.
  • 04Permai Rainforest Resort

    A perfect getaway for those who want to spend some time close to the nature, Permai Rainforest Resort offers a blend of natural abundance and luxury. Nestled on the South China Sea Shore overlooking the foothill of flourishing rainforest of Mount Santubong, the hotel offers you world class adventure, experience and luxury. From amazing tree houses that offer you space to live under the canopy for forests, to double story cabin which can house large group, the resort offers you interesting accommodation amidst the undisturbed natural beauty.

    For those, who want to live more closely amidst the natural surroundings, the resort also offers campsite. The resort also offers plethora of recreational activities including water sports, jungle trekking and dolphin watching.

    Location: The resort is 30 minutes drive from Kuching city and 50 minutes drive from Kuching International Airport.

    Price: The accommodation price ranges from RM 300 to RM 460.
  • 05Hotel Pullman Kuching

    Located atop the hills at the heart of the Kuching city in the Kuching’s Golden Triangle, the Hotel Pullman Kuching offers a scenic view of the effervescent city and Sarawak River. The hotel consists of 389 rooms featuring amenities for comfort and convenience of the visitors. The central location of the hotel with easy access and a number of conference halls with highest level of technology and facilities makes it perfect for business travelers and corporate trips.

    The hotel also features five dining options for experiencing delightful cuisines, a sparkling pool to enjoy a refreshing swim and a spa for rejuvenation. The hotel is close to Kuching Main Bazaar and Kuching Waterfront and Borneo national parks.

    Location: The hotel is located 11 Km away from Kuching International Airport.

    Price: The approximate price of the rooms and suites available at the Hotel Pullman Kuching ranges from RM 270 to RM 650.
  • 06M Hotels

    Located at close proximity to Kuching's central business district, M Hotels offer luxurious and comfortable stay to business travelers and tourists alike. This two tower hotel has 273 rooms, suits and apartments with modern amenities and stylish decor. Tower A comprises of 178 rooms and suits while Tower B has 95 rooms and apartments. The hotel also houses a café to enjoy beverages and meals. It offers a gym and swimming pool with sparkling water to unwind you after a busy day.

     For corporate travelers, it offers three meeting halls and a business centre. The Hock Lee Centre is situated right next to the hotel offering a range of dining as well as shopping options.

     Location: The Hotel is located in Kuching and is just 5 minutes drive from central business district and 8 Km from Kuching International Airport.

     Price: The approximate price range is RM 99 to RM 360.
  • 07The Ranee Boutique Suites

    Nestled at the centre of the quaint Old Town of Kuching, The Ranee is an elite boutique hotel with 24 exclusively designed suites with elegant furnishing that defines grandeur and luxury. The two nineteenth century shop houses were renovated and rebuilt with contemporary standards to provide comfort and luxury to the travelers. The MBar & Bistro serves both local and international delicacies and provides a unique dining experience.

     Enjoy a cup of coffee and snacks at Cafe Trio’s, the ideal place to spend time chit-chatting with friends. The Tour Desk at the hotel offers you guided tours to explore in and around the town.

     Location: The hotel is located at the heart of the city and is just one minute walk from the Kuching Waterfront and 20 minutes drive away from Kuching International Airport.

     Price: The approximate price for the suits at Ranee Boutique Suites ranges from RM 285 to RM 550.
  • 08The LimeTree Hotel

    Located near many tourists attraction of the city, the The LimeTree Hotel in Kuching is comfortably nestled in the centre of the city near the China Town Padungan area. The hotel offers mid range boutique accommodation with 50 rooms and suits equipped with modern amenities and is adorned with elegant décor and furnishing to offer you luxury and comfort.

     Bask in the magnificent view of the mountain and river from the LimeLight Rooftop Lounge, while enjoying the drinks like mocktails, cocktails and beer with bar snacks. The Café Sublime offers you a host of local and international cuisines, healthy and inspired by lime.


     Location: The LimeTree Hotel is about 8 Km away from Kuching International Airport. It is a few minute walk from Tun Jungah Mall and other surrounding attractions.

     Price: The approximate price range for booking different suites at the LimeTree Hotel is from RM 170 to RM 395.
  • 09Riverside Majestic Hotel

    Located strategically at the centre of Kuching, the Riverside Majestic Hotel offers a panoramic view of this vibrant city and Sarawak River. The hotel features 241 spacious rooms equipped with modern amenities to provide plush comfort to the guests. There are two dining options at the hotel where you can enjoy a wide variety of local as well as international cuisines.

    The Club Lobby lounge allows you to relax with your favourite drink and soothing music. It also offers luxurious function space with modern facilities and equipments. It features a swimming pool with sparkling water and a separate pool for children. Unwind at the Cardio Exercise room or Play at Squash and Tennis courts

    Location: The hotel is just 20 minutes drive from Kuching International Airport and close to many shopping complexes, Cineplex, dining options and other tourist attractions.

    Price: The approximate price range is RM 212 to RM 690.
  • 10Imperial Hotel Kuching

    Located ideally at the centre of Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak, Imperial Hotel is a 4-star business class hotel with 339 rooms and suits with each room equipped with modern amenities and sophisticated furnishing, to ensure visitor’s delight. The Imperial Garden Restaurant is an all day dining option offering you a wide range of a la carte menu of both local and international cuisines as well as extensive buffet breakfast. The in-room dining service is also operation 24 hours a day.

    You can also relax at the lobby-lounge with your favourite drinks and an assortment of cakes, pastries and other snacks. The hotel also offers conference rooms, gym, sauna and steam room and an outdoor pool.

    Location: The hotel is comfortably located just 5 minutes drive from Kuching International Airport, and close to a number of other tourist attractions.

    Price: The price ranges from RM 169 to RM 565.



Sarawak Museum

Sarawak Museum is one of the major attractions in Kuching. Built in 1891 by Charles Brooke, the museum has a wide range of collections comprising of stuffed animals of various areas, handicraft works, model of old boats, archeological materials, Chinese furniture, animals traps, fish traps, musical instruments etc. There are several buildings in the premises and each one has some new attractions to share. Pearl, Brassware, Pottery, the collection is huge and worth exploring. In a nutshell it is a showcase of various tribes of Sarawak and their cultural traditions which forms the major part of their lifestyle. The same is quite interesting and a must visit for all travelers.

Location: Jalan, Tun Haji, Kuching

Timings: 9:00am to 5:30pm

Price: Entry free for all.

Kuching Waterfront

One of the most peaceful yet refreshing zones in Kuching is the fascinating Waterfront. This waterfront previously was just a riverbank with old warehouses and dilapidated buildings but later with the decision of city council it was beautified with a paved pathway of 1km to facilitate leisure walking and making it so popular for both locals and tourists. With innumerable light bulbs, cool refreshing air and some refreshments café this is transformed into one of the preferred romantic destination in Kuching. The nighttime is especially attractive in this place. Apart from scenic beauty the gigantic heritage buildings like The Sarawak Steamship Company and the Square tower also add up to the charm of the location

Highlights: Boat or cruise ride to capture some photos of the beautiful place

Location: Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuching

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Established in 1975, the 740 acre Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is the largest Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre located in Sarawak which takes care of the injured and sick or may be orphaned orangutans along with the very famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sabah. Being such a big rehabilitation centre it is a prominent tourist destination for all the people visiting the country. The location of the Rehabilitation Centre is only at a distance of 30 minutes drive from Kuching and here one can gather enough knowledge about the same. There is a special visitor’s platform from where one can witness the feeding of the orangutans. The rehabilitate animals are nurtured and taken care in this centre and when ready they are released in the forest.

Timings: 8am and 12.30pm & 2pm and 4pm

Price: RM3 per entry, RM40 for guide Kuching Wetlands National Park

The Cat Museum

One of the fun oriented exciting places to visit is the Cat Museum which is the first one of its kind in the whole world. Kuching in Malay means Cat and that is one can find quite a few cat statues at prominent places within the city. But what attracts more is the elaborate museum in Petra Jaya in North city hall of Kuching. For the cat lovers this is a complete whole new world with more than 4000 pictures and souvenirs, feline art of various types cats found. Covering an area of 1035 sq meter it is a one of the entertaining destinations especially for the kids.

Location: North City Hall on the top of hill called “Bukit Siol”, Kuching

Timings: 9 am to 5 pm daily (close Public Holiday)

Price: Entry is free for all visitors however there is a charge of RM3 for Camera and RM5 for video camera

Sarawak Orchid Garden

A major tourist attraction, Sarawak Orchid Garden is home to around eighty two species of orchids including the Sarawak state’s flower Normah Orchid. The garden was open for visit since 2009, and is a place of visual delight to the visitors. Apart from the native species, it also contains a wide assortment of epiphytic orchids from worldwide. There are two parts of the garden, a nursery and a display area where the vibrant flowers blooming throughout the year are put on display for the visitors.

Highlights: A fun way to reach the park is on a 5 minutes jetty ride across the Sarawak River. Reach early in the morning as soon as the park opens and enjoy a delicious lunch at a nearby restaurant.  
Location: The garden is located next to Astana, opposite the Sarawak River in Kuching.

Timing: 09:30 am - 06:00 pm, from Tuesday to Sunday

Price: N/A

Wind Caves

Wind Cave is a major tourist attraction in Kuching. The cave is just a few minutes’ drive from the Fairy Cave. The cave consists of three tubes like passages which are completely enveloped in dark, and therefore, bringing a torch is a must. There are millions of bats living inside the cave. A number of notice boards can inform you about the different species of bats. There are many underground streams running inside the cave and for this reason, the caves are usually closed during the rainy months.

 Highlights: At the end of the cave passage, a passageway leads down to a small sandy beach next to the bank of Sungai Sarawak Kanan, where you can swim and enjoy snacks and drinks, after visiting   to  the cave.

 Location: Located about 5 Km from Bau.

 Timing: 8.30 am - 4.30 pm
 Price: RM 5 for Adults and RM 2 for children.

Sarawak Cultural Village

Stretched over an area of 17 acres of land at the foot hills of Mount Santubong around 40 mins outside Kuching, this is a living museum and a fascinating cultural display, the charismatic Sarawak cultural village. The place is a display of the multiple cultural styles of the region along with a showcase of their houses and living style and conditions. One can experience the essence of each culture and explore the style of the interiors at own leisure. There s a varied collection of handicrafts available here ranging from Kain Songket (cloth of Malay with gold inlay), Iban parang (swords), Bidayuh tambok (basket), Melanau Terendak (sunhat), Pua Kumbu (housewives textiles), Orang Ulu wood carving and others.

Highlights: The cultural dance programs by various races showcasing their talents and giving a glimpse of their rich heritage.

Timings: 9:00 am to 5:15pm and open on all days

Location: Pantai Damai Price: 60RM for adults and 30RM for children

Kuching Wetlands National Park

Covering an area of 6610 hectares, the Kuching Wetlands National Park is approximately 15 km away from Kuching. Mostly filled with saline mangrove system, the greatest benefit of the park is its rich marine network with creeks and waterways connecting the major Sibu Laut and Salak rivers bordering the park. The best way to explore the park is by arranging a river cruise through the park where one can enjoy the dense vegetation and luscious greenery. The cruise usually takes half a day tour through the Salak River and entering the smaller creeks thus passing through Malay fishing village, coming up close with wild animals like money , crocodiles etc. All through it’s a fabulous and entertaining experience

Highlights: spotting Irrawaddy dolphins

Timings: Best during low tide, as crocodiles come to bask in sunlight.

Kubah National Park

Kubah National Park was established in 1989 due to its rich diversity in plat life but the decision to open it for public came in 1995. One of the most exciting tourist location, this park stretches for 2230 hectares with fascinating waterfalls, bathing pools, sections of palms and orchids. The diversity in wildlife is equally remarkable in the park. One can enjoy the sight of bearded pig, mouse deer, black hornbill and many species of reptiles and amphibians. The park has six jungle trails and each trail provides something unique to explore. There are resting arrangements in each pathway to enjoy the jungle trail comfortably enjoying its beauty. There is availability of accommodation within the park and the same can be booked online.

Highlight: Water fall trail

Location: Jalan- Landu Sampadi, 20km west of Kuching.

Timings: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Price: RM10 per adult


The Great Orangutan Project is a initiative where people can work as volunteers and spend 2 to 4 weeks time aiding in the conservation project of Orangutan in the beautiful Kubah National Park. It is a pleasant experience where one can extend a helpful hand under the guidance of an expert volunteer. It is also a experience to cherish taking care of the beautiful animals and learning about ways on how they are fed, bathed and taken care of. The volunteers in the project are extremely friendly and it is for them that the project becomes more comfortable, knowledgeable and much interesting. For the travelers it is an excellent chance to be up close to nature and photograph some of the best actions of the native birds and animals.

Highlights: feeding the orangutans

Jalan- Landu Sampadi, 20km west of Kuching

Fort Margherita

Standing atop a hill and overlooking the Sarawak River, the imposing three story structure of Fort Margherita, with medieval European architecture and white washed walls, is a magnificent reminder of times gone by. The fort was built in 1879 by Sir Charles Brooke and was christened after his wife Margaret Alice Lili de Windt. For long, the fort protected the city from the attacks by pirates. Brooke was the second Rajah of Sarawak, and during his time, the castle functioned as a defensive building, a prison, a weapon store and a place for central control. For some time, the castle also functioned as a Police Museum.

Highlights: The journey to the fort becomes more interesting if you take a Tambang to cross the river Sarawak.

Location: The Fort is located across the Sarawak River near The Astana in Kuching.

Timing: 9:00 am – 4:45 pm.

 Price: Free Admission.

Bako National Park

Covering an area of 2727 hecters, Bako National Park is the oldest national in Sarawak. The destination is almost around 37km away from Kuching with stunning natural beauty and wide collection of wildlife. The destination can be reached by travelling through Petra Jaya Bus No 6 to Kampung Bako from where it’s a boat ride of 20 minutes to Boko National Park. The park holds seven distinctive rainforests eco system. Then it’s a lovely jungle trek exploring the remarkable diversity of wildlife based here and reaching a secluded beach.

From this beach one can hire a local boat to watch sea stacks. Langurs (leaf monkeys), wild boar, flying squirrels long-tailed macaque monkeys, and monitor lizards as well as hundreds of different bird species all are available here. There is a cafeteria serving snacks and camping area within the park for overnight stay. Location: banks of Tabo River Price: 10RM per person. Timings: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo

Nestled at a mere distance of 20 minutes leisure drive from Kuching, the Jong's Crocodile Farm & Zoo is the first captive breeding crocodile farm and by far the largest in Malaysia. With tropical background and lush greenery it is a charming destination to explore the dangerous animal. Almost 2000 crocodiles and bred here in the zoo. Apart from crocodiles which indeed is the main attraction, there are other species of birds and animals present here. The greatest entertainment in this farm is enjoying a leisure walk with close friends and family and enjoys the up close views of multiple kinds of wild animals. Another popular entertaining activity here is the crocodile feeding show which occurs from 11am to 3pm.

Location: Kuching Serian Road

Price: Adult RM12 and Child RM6 for locals and adults RM22 and Child RM 11for foreigners.

Timings: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Mount Santubong

Mount Santubong offers a breathtaking view to the visitors with its natural attractions. The green rainforest touches the aquamarine water of the sea, to offer the most magnificent sites. The mangrove forests are excellent place to experience a range of wildlife from close. The Santubong area also provides an opportunity to experience the exotic sea life, where you can spot the rare Irrawaddy dolphin, humpback dolphins and porpoises. It is a must place to visit if you love being close to nature.

Highlights: A 2-hours trek will take you to the magnificent waterfall, which is an ideal place for picnic.A more difficult trek will take you to the peak of Mount Santubong and you will be rewarded with the beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding peninsular area.

Location: Mount Santubong is located in the state of Sarwak, around 35 Km from Kuching, the capital city.

Timing: N/A

 Price: N/A

Kuching Main Bazaar

Located at the heart of Kuching, the Kuching Main Bazaar is the best place in Kuching to shop for antiques, handicrafts and souvenirs of your trip to this city, which is a perfect blend of nature, culture, craft, tradition and cuisine. The market is full of shops selling ethnic handicrafts and antiques. The area is an excellent example of the shop house culture of China where the two storey shop houses sit in a long row. It is best to shop around a bit and explore the shops before buying.

 Highlights: Parallel to Main Bazaar is Jalan Carpenter, a similar row of shop houses. Both the areas are excellent for handicraft shopping, enjoying drinks and meals at old fashioned cafes and enjoy the   view of Sarawak River.

 Location: The Main Baazar is located opposite to the Kuching Waterfront near the Sarawak Tourism Complex.

 Timing: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

 Price: N/A

Fairy Caves

The Fairy Cave in Kuching is a massive cavern located about thirty meters above the ground, adorned with abundant plant life mainly ferns and moss covered rock formations, which gives it a mystical aura. To reach the cave you need to climb a five story concrete staircase. Outside the cave you can see huge trees jutting out of the rocks in different angles. Inside the huge and wide chamber you will find crisscross stairways and beautiful rock formations.

 Highlights: One of the stalactites here resembles Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, which have drawn many local Chinese people to come here to offer prayers. For rock climbers, the cliffs near Fairy   Caves, offer you an excellent rock climbing opportunity with difficulty range of 5-8 as per the French Grading.

Location: The cave is located 50 Km from Kuching and 8 km from Bau.

Timing: 8.30 am – 4:00 pm

 Price: N/A

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