15 Places to Visit In Mizoram, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Tourist Places in Mizoram

Aizawl, Lunglei, Mamit, Reiek, Phawngpui Peak, Vantawng Waterfalls, Falkawn Village, Champhai, Murlen National Park, Dampa Tiger Reserve, Kolasib, and many more.

Dubbed as the ‘Songbird of India’, there are various places to visit in Mizoram that offer myriad reasons for the discerning traveler to visit here. From irresistible landscapes and unique culture to grand festivals and enviable tranquility, the Mizoram tourist places have something to offer every palate. The dense greenery and rending milky white waterfalls at Vantawng Waterfalls will charm the most seasoned traveler. If you are a wildlife fan, there are a plethora of sanctuaries and reserves here including the Murlen National Park or the Dampa Tiger Reserve.

Don’t forget to indulge in Mizo customs, culture, cuisine and tradition and stop by the Falkawn Village to get an authentic local taste. Whether you are traveling solo or looking for an afternoon amid nature, the Tamdil Lake with its calmness and almost spiritual peace is where you should be headed. This spectacular land with all its beauty and richness, culture, talent and tradition, is an absolute must-visit. 

Here are some best places to visit in Mizoram:

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Aizwal is one of the oldest northeastern cities in India and the capital city of Mizoram. Sitting at a height of 1132 m above sea level, this beautiful Mizoram tourist place is inhabited predominantly by the Mizo tribe. The quaint little place is replete with lush greenery and an abundance of natural beauty.

It is also blessed with vast arable lands and is known for its agricultural bounty as well as intricate handicraft work as well as ethnic apparel. The peace and quiet that the city offers amid Mother Nature offers the perfect getaway for a relaxing vacation complete with sumptuous local food and a distinct culture. When here, you can visit the famous Mizoram State Museum apart from a few other sightseeing options.

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The literal meaning of Lunglei is ‘the bridge of rock’ and the place derived the moniker from a bridge shaped rock that can be seen along a tributary of the River Tlawng called Nghasih. The quaint little town is famous for its natural splendor and scenic setting. Located about 170 km from the capital city of Aizawl, this is one of the best places to visit in Mizoram, if you are on the lookout for an offbeat destination.

Apart from nature watching, you can indulge in a variety of other adventure activities here like trekking, bird watching and camping. For wildlife enthusiasts, this biodiverse region has two wildlife sanctuaries, the Horangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary and Saza Wildlife Sanctuary.

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The fourth largest district in the state, Mamit is also known as the ‘Orange Garden of Mizoram’ for the vast orange orchards here. Located about 95 km from Aizawl on its western side, the district is known for its natural bounty and magnificent scenery. It is one of the most attractive places to visit in Mizoram, especially for wildlife fans and adventure seekers.

The Dampa Tiger Reserve located here is one of the most renowned natural protected areas in India. The state’s longest cave network in Pukzing is also a part of this district and a great place to explore if you are a thrill seeker. Being a predominantly agricultural hub, Mamit presents a vibrant atmosphere, especially during the annual harvest festivals of Chapchar Kut and Mim Kut.

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Image Credit : wikipedia.org
Kolasib is the smallest of the eleven districts into which the state of Mizoram has been divided for effective governance. It is also the newest and thus among the most modern places to visit in Mizoram. The district lies towards the northern part of Mizoram and shares borders with the neighboring state of Assam at the latter’s Cachar District.

From the capital city of Mizoram, Kolasib lies at a distance of about 79 km towards the north. Similar to the rest of the state, Kolasib too is endowed with immense natural splendor, deep rooted ethnic culture and rich tradition.  One of the major attractions here is Tlawng river with its serene banks and calm forests covering the surrounding area.

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Reiek which is locally known as Reiek Tlang is one of Mizoram’s highest hilltops at 1465 m and among the top places to visit in Mizoram for the sheer spectacle it offers. Located at a distance of 29 km from Aizawl, Reiek offers panoramic views of the capital city below and the adjoining valleys. In the backdrop you can catch majestic views of the Mizo Hills amid calm and peaceful surroundings.

You will get great opportunities for trekking here especially if you wish to get to the peak which sits mostly untapped and unspoiled. The hills are also home to a heritage site, a tiny Mizo village great for sightseeing, bird watching and simply soaking in the freshness in the air here.

Location: Lushai Hills, Aizawl district

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Vantawng Waterfalls

Watch the highest waterfall in the state cascading down in mighty glory along the Mizo hillsides. The Vantawng Waterfall is among the most popular places to visit in Mizoram for the majestic sight it presents. Pristine white frothy water of the falls lunges down amid the lush greenery of the Mizo hills.

It is the thirteenth-highest waterfall in the country and certainly one of the most picturesque in the whole of the northeast. The Vantawng Waterfalls is a hidden gem amid the mass of beauty that Mother Nature has blessed Mizoram with.

Location: New Serchhip, Serchhip, Mizoram 796181

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Falkawn Village

Make Falkawn Village one of the places to visit in Mizoram in your travel itinerary if you wish to get up and close with authentic Mizo culture and way of life. This model village showcases typical local customs, traditions and livelihoods of the indigenous population. The village will certainly appeal to you if you are fascinated by the people and cultures in this diverse land.

The Mizo people comprise the largest tribe in Mizoram and this village gives an insight into one of the greatest tribal cultures in India. Located about 22 km from Aizawl, you should head to Falkawn to learn about the ways and mannerisms of people who inhabit one of the remotest corners of our country.

Location: Falkawn Aibawk, Aizwal

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Phawngpui Peak

Image Credit : wikipedia.org

High atop the most revered mountain among the local tribes, Phawngpui Peak is the highest point in Mizoram which puts it among the most famous tourist places in Mizoram. Visit this gorgeous blue mountain to invoke the thrill seeker and adventurer within you. Located about 300 km from Aizawl on its southern side, the Phawngpui Peak is situated within the Phawngpui National Park.

At an altitude of 2,100 m above sea level, this is not only the highest mountain in the state but is also believed to be home to the goddess of the Mizo tribe. And also, from verdant forests and vegetation to mighty mountains and scenic valleys, the view from here is unparalleled.

Location: Lushai Hills, Lawngtlai district

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Tamdil Lake

Image Credit : wikipedia.org

Tamdil or Tam Lake is a completely man-made water body that developed into one of the most significant additions to the Mizoram tourist places. Tamdil translates to ‘Lake of Mustard’ in the local language. It offers a place of absolute relaxation amid magnificent landscapes, peaceful ambience and crystal clear waters.

Tam Lake is surrounded on all sides by evergreen forests and gently sloping hills, making it an ideal spot for catching a breath of fresh air away from the bustle of city life. You can choose to go boating in the lake or picnic by the water’s edge or simply lie under the shade of a big tree soaking in the tranquillity. 

Saitual Village, Aizawl

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Hmuifang Tlang or Hmuifang, as it is popularly known in these parts, is a hill station located at a distance of about 50 km from Aizawl. It is one of those Mizoram tourist places that attracts nature lovers and wildlife fans from all across the country. Placed deep in the heart of Mizoram, the untouched beauty of these hills of Hmuifang offers much in the form of wildlife and adventurous activities.

The site is also renowned for hosting a local festival- Thalfavang Kut, that is conducted by the Tourism Development of Mizoram. If you have a chance to attend the festivities, you can get a deep insight into the local traditions and culture, especially with dances such as Sawlakai, Siktuithiang lam, Cheraw and Chheih Lam. 

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Image Credit : wikipedia.org
Serchhip is the smallest district in Mizoram with the highest literacy rate in the country. The district is located in the central part of the state, about 112 km from the capital city Aizawl. You can visit here for a distinct northeastern experience, wallowing in the local culture, tradition and vibrancy.

You will get the experience of a small town in Mizoram here at Serchhip which is no bigger than a little village, with all the colors and activities of everyday life. You will also see nature at its best and visit nearby waterfalls, picnic spots and trekking trails amid dense forests.

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Image Credit : wikipedia.org
Located on the eastern end of the state of Mizoram, close to the country’s borders with Myanmar, is the small district of Champhai. Visitors throng here primarily for the immense natural beauty that the surrounding areas offer with acres of rice fields amid valleys and mountains. For this reason, Champhai is also locally referred to as the ‘Rice Bowl of Mizoram’.

Apart from rice, you will come across vast fruit orchards here that lend the place a certain aestheticism and appeal. Some of the other attractions here include Kungawrhi Puk cave, Tiau Lui river, Lianchhiari Lunglen Tlang and several others.


This town is among the fastest developing ones in the state with the population also soaring significantly in the past ten years. Located in the Saiha district, Saiha is the census town of Mizoram and is situated at an average altitude of 729 meters above sea level.

If you are pursuing a quiet day of angling when you are vacationing in Mizoram, Saiha is the place you should be heading to. There are several villages in this district where you can visit to get a taste of authentic Mizo culture.

Murlen National Park

For the adventure spirited who likes to explore the wilds and wilderness, Murlen National Park is one of the places to visit in Mizoram. It received the status of a national park by the Government of India in 1991. Murlen is sometimes alluded to as the Amazon of India owing to its diverse and endangered flora and fauna, precipices, rivulets and caves.

The burst of colors that will welcome you is mesmerizing, from verdant greens of the foliage to brilliant hues of a wide variety of orchids. Take a jungle safari to spot wild animals as well as birds like the Hume’s pheasant, hill myna, brown wood owl, peacock pheasant, hornbills, among several others.

Location: Khawzawl-Sinzawl-Thanlawn Road, Mizoram 796321

9:00 AM – 5:30 PM


Dampa Tiger Reserve

Deep within the dense jungles of Mizoram, lies the Dampa Tiger Reserve, a fascinating wildlife sanctuary that is one of the most famous tourist places in Mizoram known for its rich flora and fauna. Located about 125 km from Aizawl, Dampa is a nature lover’s haven. The sanctuary spans about 500 sq km towards the western side of the state and shares a small portion of its borders with that of Bangladesh.

The sanctuary was given the status of a tiger reserve in 1994 and became a part of the Tiger Project which is supported by the Government of India. Apart from the tiger, the reserve is also home to animals like the leopard, sloth bears, Indian python, the barking deer as well as a variety of common and rare birds.

Phulbial, Mizoram 796431

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

People Also Ask About Mizoram

  1. What are the best things to do in Mizoram?

    1. Partake of the Chapchar Kut Spring Festival: One of the oldest festivals that is celebrated in Mizoram, the Spring festival brings the local tribes out in the traditional best. It is celebrated over four or five days with sumptuous food and traditional bamboo dancing.

    2. Visit the Luangmual Handicrafts Centre:
    The local handicraft of Mizoram is exquisite and connected very deeply with its roots. Get an insight into its richness at one of the most popular places to visit in Mizoram, especially how the famous khumbeu or ceremonial hat is prepared.

    3. Unleash your Adventurous side in the Blue Mountain National Park: If you are seeking wildlife adventure, Mizoram has it in abundance. Perched atop a hilly peak, the park is not only home to a diverse flora and fauna, it is an absolute visual treat.

    4. Paragliding in Serchhip:
    One of the best places to visit in Mizoram for getting bird’s eye views of the verdant landscape is the village of Serchhip which offers paragliding for visitors. 

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  2. What are the places to visit in Mizoram with your family?

    1. Vantawng Falls: These majestic falls that gush down the mountainsides like frothy white milk, offer a sight you must enjoy with your loved ones. The beauty of these waterfalls, also the highest falls in the state, makes it one of the best Mizoram tourist places that you can visit with family.

    2. Tamdil Lake: The tranquillity and calmness that this place exudes are ideal for a peaceful family picnic by the edge of the clear blue waters of the lake. The spellbinding beauty of the surroundings lends it the epithet of one of the most beautiful Mizoram tourist places.

    3. Falkawn Village:
    Visit this model Mizo village with your family to get deeper insights into the rich culture and traditions of this land.

    4. Phawngpui:
    The lush greenery and diverse fauna at the highest peak in the state is ideal for a memorable family experience. Spot some of the rarest animals including the goral, barking deer and serow at the Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park.

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  3. What is Mizoram famous for?

    Tucked deep within the north eastern corner of India, Mizoram is known for its verdure, expansive and mesmerizing landscapes, dense bamboo jungles and evergreen hills. It is also known as the land of Blue Mountains with cascading waterfalls and gushing rivulets.
  4. What is the best time to visit Mizoram?

    Although Mizoram does not experience extreme temperatures at any point in the year, the best time to visit the state would be in the winter season. This is because the weather remains perfect for traveling and sightseeing and the beauty of the place also enhances several folds during this time.
  5. What are the best North East tour packages that we can book with Thrillophilia?

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