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  • Israel, the stalwart Middle Eastern country, renowned for its grand past, is a memorable country to visit. Spiritual treasures mark its cities, the past always part of the consciousness of the present. The greatest of Islamic and Christian monuments are to be found in Israel. A tour of these historic structures cannot be missed when you’re in Israel- it is one of the most significant things to do in the country.There are wonderful places to visit in Israel, like Jerusalem, Nazareth, Tel Aviv and Haifa are among the spiritual strongholds of Israel.

    But spiritual monuments are not the only treasures the country has on offer. Some of the most powerful natural landscapes are to be found in Israel too. Such landscapes are spread out all over the country, from Eilat to Haifa. Magnificent natural parks and sweeping seas bless the country, and the unique Dead Sea can also be enjoyed when you’re in Israel. The cuisine of Israel is another delightful facet of visiting the country- giving you the chance to experience Middle Eastern cuisine in some of the best restaurants dotting the country. 

    There are many wonderful places to visit in Israel, and many fascinating sights and sounds to experience. The memories you make will live long in your heart as the best moments of your life. Since there is so much to do and see in Israel, it can often be hard to know where to begin. This curated list of the best of Israel will provide a great diving board for your Israel trip planning, so go ahead and bookmark it for future reference. 

    Here are some of the places to visit in Israel:

  • 01Places to Visit in Jerusalem

    Places to Visit in Jerusalem

    1. Church of the Holy Sepulchre- One of the most important places to visit in Israel, Church of the Holy Sepulchre has been identified as the site of both the crucifixion and the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth and is a major pilgrimage centre.

    2. Western Wall- An ancient limestone wall fragment that stands in the old city of Jerusalem, the Western Wall is a holy pilgrimage spot. It is the holiest place where the Jews are permitted to offer prayers as a result of the restrictions surrounding prayers at Temple Mount.

    3. Dome of the Rock- The Dome of the Rock is an Islamic shrine which has graced Jerusalem since 691 CE. Its golden dome is one of the most famous sights to be seen in Jerusalem. The spiritual and artistic elements of this shrine make it a must visit in the city. 

    4. Temple Mount- Said to be the ancient site where Abraham sacrificed his son, Isaac as well as the site where two ancient Jewish temples are present.  The current day location of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of Rock, Temple Mount is an extremely important site in Jerusalem.

    5. Tower of David- Also known as the Jerusalem Citadel, this tower is a stronghold of historical significance. The views from the top are a major attraction, though the architectural and cultural value of the monument is also immense.

    6. Yad Vashem- Yad Vashem is a monument which pays tribute to the victims of the Holocaust, and is a poignant historical site in the city.

    7. Rockefeller Museum- Wooden panels, marble lintels, Dead Sea scrolls, statuary and stucco decorations are some of the many archaeological discoveries on display at the Rockefeller Museum, making it one of the most important museums in Israel.

    8. Tomb of Absalom- A monumental rock-cut tomb traditionally dedicated to Absalom, son of David, this monument is a good exemplar of ancient Israeli architecture, and is worth a visit.

    9. Montefiore Windmill- Built in 1857, the Montefiore Windmill is a landmark site in Jerusalem, famous for being a symbol of Israel’s long-standing self-sufficiency and visionary thought in building a modern Israeli society.

    10. Gethsemane Site- Located on the foot of Mount of Olive, this is supposed to be the holy site where Jesus prayed before his crucifixion with his disciples around him. 4 possible spots in the garden mark the site where the agony took place.

    11. Al-Aqsa Museum- Also known as the Islamic Museum, Al-Aqsa is the oldest museum in Jerusalem and features an extensive and valuable collection of Qur'ans, Islamic ceramics, coins, glassware, guns, swords, and daggers.

    12. Mahane Yehuda Market- The vibrant hub of Israel’s local culture, this market makes for a glorious shopping expedition where you can find anything from fruits and vegetables to wines and textiles to all kinds of Israeli foods among other things.

    13. The city of David- An important archaeological site in Jerusalem which harks back to the Iron and Bronze ages and features extensive artefacts from those ages, City of David makes for a good historical day trip in the Jerusalem.

    14. Jaffa Gate- “The Gate of the Friend” as it is popularly known, Jaffa Gate is a magnificent stone archway that acts as one of the seven open gateways of Old Jerusalem’s walled borders, adding grace to the entire aspect of the ancient city.

    15. Siloam Tunnel- Also known as Hezekiah's Tunnel, this water tunnel was carved out under the City of David. This architectural marvel was built around the 8th to 7th BCE and still stands strong as a symbol of a glorious ancient past.

    16. Hurva Synagogue- Beautiful exteriors and jaw-dropping interiors make this synagogue a must-visit in Jerusalem. The world’s tallest Holy Ark, containing the Torah Scrolls, stands here. Historical and cultural influences make their presence strongly felt in its aisles, and the views from the dome are breathtaking too.

  • 02Places to Visit in Tel Aviv

    Places to Visit in Tel Aviv

    17. Tel Aviv Museum of Art- This museum is the largest art museum in Israel, and hosts permanent and temporary exhibits from artists like Cezanne, Chagall, Dali, Monet, Henri Moore, Picasso, Klimt, and Kadinsky among others.

    18. Jaffa Clock Tower- One of the seven Ottoman clocktowers in Palestine. The stalwart, the towering structure is a landmark destination in Tel Aviv. The blend of modern and old-fashioned that one finds in the market around the clock tower make it a wonderful place to visit in Israel.

    19. Luna Park- Plenty of coasters to ride, carousels to go around on and cars to bump greet you when you head over to the Luna amusement park for a day full of fun-filled adventure. Unleash your inner child and get ready to make some unique memories while you’re here.

    20. Ramat Gan Safari- The largest wildlife-preserve in the middle east, Raman Gan boasts a drive-through African region and an outdoor zoo, and houses animals like orangutans, white rhinos, hippos, lions, and gorillas apart from 92 species of birds and 23 of reptiles. It is truly an exotic and exciting place to visit.

    21. Carmel Market- A vibrant, happy hub from where one constantly catches a whiff of a medley of spices and flavours, Carmel market is the best food destination in Tel Aviv. From shuk and Jachnun to locally roasted coffee, you’ll find plenty of palate-delighting options here.

    22. Tel Aviv Port- Enjoy some cheese and wine in the Indoor Port Market, dance to the songs of the street performers, shop at the farmer’s market, and celebrate Sabbath with the crowds in the vibrant cultural district that is Tel Avis’s port.

    23. St. Peter's Church- Standing tall since 1654, St. Peter’s Church is an impressive structure to behold. Marble covers the walls, stained glasses decorate the windows, and an awe-inspiring vaulted ceiling adds a touch of grandeur to the cathedral.

    24. Habima Square- Lovely eateries; old and new, theatres and street performances, and leisure-inspiring gardens make up the popular Habima Square. It is a delightful rejuvenating place to spend a few hours at.

    25. Yarkon Park- Yarkon Park is a lovely place to play some games, enjoy a picnic, relax to the gentle sounds of the Yarkon river, and have a generally pleasant, leisurely afternoon in Tel Aviv.

  • 03Places to Visit in Eilat

    Places to Visit in Eilat

    26. Timna Valley- A rich natural destination, the yellow sandstone Timna Valley is known not only for its copper reserves but also for its natural monumental structures like Solomon's Pillars and Mushroom Rock. A 13th-century temple can also be visited here.

    27. Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve- A safari through this unique reserve, which breeds and fosters endangered as well as locally extinct animals with the aim of strengthening their population, is a great way to spend a fruitful day in the wild.

    28. Eilat's Coral Beach- Situated in the Red Sea, this coral beach natural reserve is a fantastic diving destination. You can observe the coral formations close at hand in the shallow waters if you do not wish to undertake a diving expedition.

    29. Coral World Underwater Observatory- The largest public aquarium in the Middle East, this observatory is a part of Eilat's Coral Beach Natural Reserve. Enjoying the exotic marine life of the Red Sea with a visit to this observatory is one of the most interesting activities to undertake in Eilat.

    30. Red Canyon- Hiking through the grand natural landscape of the Red Canyon is a remarkable experience to gain. The memory of the sunlight bouncing off the red rocks and the silence overwhelming your ears will stay with you forever.

    31. Botanical Garden of Eilat- Located in the midst of a desert, this garden is a marvel of nature. Rare plants, gushing waterfalls, and a dense rainforest are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wonders this garden houses.

    32. Camel Ranch Eilat- From camel and donkey rides to rope climbing to bungee jumping, Camel Ranch Eilat is the perfect place to have some adventure in Eilat.

    33. Scuba Diving at Manta Isrotel Diving Center- No matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced scuba diver, this popular diving centre in Eilat will give you the perfect opportunity to go for a unique diving expedition in the magnificent Red Sea.

    34. Ammerm Columns- The Ammerm Columns are a fantastic natural phenomenon – magmatic rocks in shimmering hues of black, green and red, interspersed with creamy dolomite rocks and yellow limestone. Hiking around this place is a beautiful experience to enjoy in Israel.

    35. Dekel Beach- A beach where you have floating tanning rafts, Bedouin tents, comfortable chairs and parasols, sunbeds, and a sumptuous buffet to boot is bound to make a memorable experience. So, be sure to check it out.

    36. Tabernacle Museum- Renowned for its Biblical tabernacle reproduction, this museum is a good place to enjoy a visual representation of the Bible. Regardless of whether or not you have read the Bible, visiting this museum with its guided tour is a great thing to do in Israel.

    37. Aqaba Archaeological Museum- The collections in the Aqaba Museum date back to the Bronze Ages and focus essentially on the history of the small town of Aqaba.

    38. Musical Fountain Eilat- Enjoying the illuminated musical fountain, which features a nightly audio-visual entertainment show, is one of the most magical things to do in Israel, so do spend an evening enjoying it.

    39. Mosh's Beach Eilat- A calm and leisurely beach, Mosh’s Beach is the place to sit back and relax while sipping on a fruit juice or a cocktail with a plateful of Israeli specialities next to you.

  • 04Places to Visit in Haifa

    Places to Visit in Haifa

    40. Shrine of the Bab- This holy shrine is a very important structure for the followers of the Baha faith, and houses the remains of Siyyid Al Muhammad, the Bab. It is a unique place to visit, not only for its architecture but also for its philosophical import.

    41. Mount Carmel National park- Walk, jog or cycle around Mount Carmel National park, Israel’s largest natural park and a place blessed with breathtaking natural beauty. Pines, eucalyptus, cypresses all thrive side by side, housing hundreds of birds and animals as well as numerous prehistoric sites.  

    42. Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space- With exhibits ranging from green energy to acoustics to DNA to aviation to the magic of science, the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space is one of the most interesting places to visit in Haifa.

    43. Stella Maris Monastery- A Carmelite monastery, Stella Maris is popular because of its little windswept chapel and lighthouse. Not only do you enjoy a spiritual retreat here, you also get to enjoy the sea-swept panorama around Haifa.

    44. Haifa Zoo- Watch a variety of animals in their natural habitats and explore the past at the archaeological centre as you stroll around the Haifa Zoo on a mild Israeli afternoon.

    45. Louis Promenade- Offering stunning views of Haifa, with the spectacles of Rosh Hanikra, Akko and even Mount Hermon in the backdrop, Louis Promenade is a gorgeous place to visit in Haifa.

    46. Cave of Elijah- A sacred cave which also finds a mention in the Bible, the Cave of Elijah is the place where Elijah took shelter from the wilderness. The cave on Mount Carmel is visited by thousands of people yearly.

    47. Carmel Hai-Bar Nature Reserve- Touring this reserve and watching the rebreeding efforts taking place here is a good way to learn about the processes of nature and enjoy the sight of various animal species brought back from the troughs of extinction.

    48. Hai Park Kiryat Motzkin- Lodged within the premises of this diverse park are a zoo, an amphitheatre, an amusement park, a swan lake, and several cafes and restaurants, making it one of the most fun-filled places in Haifa. 

  • 05Places to Visit in Nazareth

    Places to Visit in Nazareth

    49. Nazareth Village- Nazareth Village is a living museum-village located on the site of Christ’s hometown. Recreations of village life as it was lived in the 1st AD make this a unique way to experience the life and times of Christ. This is a must-visit place in Israel.

    50. The Basilica of the Annunciation- Built upon the site where Virgin Mary accepted her fate as the mother of Christ and spoke the words ““Let it be done to me according to your word”, the Basilica of the Annunciation is a place rich in historical and spiritual significance, and should not be missed.

    51. Zippori National Park- The awe-inspiring collection of breathtaking mosaics from the Roman and Byzantine periods is the dominant reason for its popularity. The mosaics are spread out over the various historical sites in the park, which can be covered via an easy hiking trail. 

    52. Kfar Kedem- The recreation of a Galilean village, Kfar Kedem is a great place to experience the way life was lived 2000 years ago in Nazareth. You’ll see people threshing grain, pressing olives, and producing milk, wool, and other items just like they wood 2000 years ago.

    53. Centre International Marie de Nazareth- A central landmark in Nazareth, Centre International Marie de Nazareth houses a chapel, an archaeological collection from Christ’s time, a multimedia show about Christ, panoramic gardens and a delightful cafeteria.

    54. Tavor Mountain Reserve- A mountain reserve of historic and natural significance, Tabor Mountain Reserve is a fantastic place to go hiking in. Numerous walking trails in and around the mountains covered in dense greenery make it a memorable place to connect with nature.

    55. Church of the Transfiguration- Supposed to be the site upon which Christ was transfigured and spoke to Moses and Elijah, this church is a beautiful and solitude-rich place with lovely architecture and stunning views. 

  • 06Places to Visit in Tiberias

    Places to Visit in Tiberias


    56. Sea of Galilee- The Sea of Galilee is a lake in Tiberias where Jesus is said to have waded. Today, it is a major holiday destination in Israel with sundry resorts all around.

    57. Arbel Nature Reserve- Trekking around Arbel Nature Reserve will allow you to enjoy the fortress of caves, the Arbel Synagogue, Mount Nitai, Arbel Stream, and the volcanic Horns of Hittim among other interesting natural and historical spots.

    58. Hamat Tiberias- Ancient synagogues, spectacular mosaics, and inviting natural hot springs are what make Hamat Tiberias an unforgettable place to visit in Israel. 

    59. Kursi, Golan Heights- Identified as the possible site of Christ’s “Miracle of the Swine,” this former archaeological site is now a garden where you can enjoy a quiet afternoon enjoying the monastic complex and the synagogue.

    60. Tomb of Maimonides- A grand tomb dedicated to the memory of Maimonides, with tombs of Rabbis Isaiah Horowitz and Yochanan ben Zakai nearby, this burial site is one of the most popular tourist spots in the country.

    61. Church of the Multiplication- This church marks the place where the Biblical incident of the multiplication of loaves and fishes took place as well as the spot which marked the fourth resurrection of Christ.

    62. Beit Gabriel on the Kinneret- A beautiful garden complex which overlooks the Sea of Galilee, Beit Gabriel is a good place to enjoy an afternoon in. The restaurant on the complex grounds adds further to the appeal of the complex.

    63. Aqua Kef- Have some adventure in Tiberias as you engage in fun-filled water sports, undertake stupendous extreme challenges, and enjoy team sports in this water park in Tiberias.

    64. Berko Archeological Park- This is a good place to know more about the history of Tiberias as the park contains the ruins of the ancient city of Tiberias which existed from the first century to the eleventh century CE.

  • 07Places to Visit in Acre

    Places to Visit in Acre

    65. Shrine of Bahá'u'lláh- The holiest place in the Baha religion, this shrine is a serene, beautifully kept spot which sees thousands of tourists annually. This is the best place to learn more about the Baha sect.

    66. El-Jazzar Mosque- The largest mosque outside Jerusalem, El-Jazzar mosque dominates the skyline of Acre, its beautiful green dome and minaret beckoning people from afar and its graceful interiors delighting the tourist’s heart. 

    67. Ghetto Fighters' House- Founded by the survivors of the Jewish Holocaust, this structure with its museum, exhibitions, and library, is an ever-present reminder of the horrors faced by the community and is a tribute to their resilience in the face of that horror.

    68. Old City of Akko (World Heritage)- Stroll along the old streets and alleys of this ancient city and experience the old Crusader architecture that characterises it as you enjoy the street stalls and shops set up all around.

    69. Knights Halls Acre- Knights Hall is a Crusader structure in Old Akko, the archaeological remains of which tell the story of the strong role it played in the city’s past. It is the central monumental testimony to the Crusader period in Acre’s history. 

    70. Hai Park Kiryat Motzkin- Spend a day with the wild as you stroll around this vast zoo in Acre, admiring the activities of the animals in their simulated natural habitats.

    71. Khan al-Umdan- This well-preserved caravanserai is a great place to learn about the cultural and socio-economic history of Acre even as you enjoy the magnificent architectural depth of the place.

    72. Or Torah Synagogue- A haven of artistic outpouring, this synagogue bears 140 windows of stained-glass and is decorated with innumerable mosaics, making it a glorious visual treat to beauty-lovers in Acre.

    73. The Citadel- Built on the remains of the Knights Hall, the Citadel is a structure harking back to the Ottoman period when it was constructed as a part of the defence of the city. Classical Ottoman architectural elements blending with the Crusader past make this site a place worth visiting.

    74. Tel Afek- A national park which houses the remains of the city of Antipatris of Herod the Great, Tel Afek is a beautiful place to enjoy a historical outing and see the perennial springs of the Yarkon River.

    75. Templar Tunnel- Extending from the Templar fortress to the city’s port, the Templar tunnel is a 350-metre long underground tunnel, dating back to the 12th century, that is fully accessible to the public. Walking through this ancient structure is a very memorable experience.

  • 08Places to Visit in Caesarea and Safed

    Places to Visit in Caesarea and Safed

    76. Caesarea Maritima- Caesarea has played a very important role in the history of Israel from the earliest points in time and Caesarea Maritima is the place where this past can be experienced. This national park contains the remains of the ancient city and is definitely worth a guided tour.

    77. Ramat HaNadiv Park- Greenery all around characterises the Ramat HaNadiv Park. A natural park and a conservation centre, this park is a delightful place to spend a few hours relaxing in the midst of refreshing nature.

    78. Ralli Museum- Two art museums make up the Ralli Museum, and exhibits include works by Salvador Dali, Auguste Rodin, Arman, and André Masso as well as numerous sculptures, paintings and jewellery pieces belonging to the Latin-American and Spanish communities.

    79. Caesarea Columns- These ancient columns are part of the city of Caesarea in the Caesarea Harbor National Park and are impressive architectural monuments to behold.

    80. Roman Aqueduct- A legacy of the Roman rule in Caesarea, the three Roman Aqueducts in the Caesarea Harbor National Park are a remarkable example of ancient architecture and engineering.

    81. Caesarea Beach- Situated close to the Roman aqueducts, the solitary Caesarea Beach is a glorious place to relax in the sun and play in the sea far from the bustling crowds.

    82. Abuhav Synagogue- This 15th-century synagogue is renowned for its Holy Ark and for housing the oldest Torah scroll in Safed, and is dedicated to the Spanish rabbi and kabbalist, Abuhav.

    83. Bar'am National Park- Ancient synagogues, well-preserved facades with intricately carved designs and the remains of an ancient village make this national park a great place to visit for a historical tour in the region. 

    84. Church of the Multiplication- Located on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, this church is popularly accepted as the site where the miracle of the loaves and fishes in the Bible took place.  

  • 09Other Places to Visit in Israel

    Other Places to Visit in Israel

    85. The Dead Sea- One of the most interesting things to do in Israel is visiting the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the surface of the earth. Its extremely salty waters may not be habitable, but they contain innumerable healing qualities. Cover yourself with the medicinal mud and float on the water for a soothing experience.

    86. Ra'anana Park- Featuring a zoo, a vast lake, a children’s playing zone, and numerous trails reserved for walking and bicycling, Ra'anana Park is a good place to rejuvenate with a picnic basket next to you when in Ra'anana.

    87. Beit She'an National Park- Bet She' an was a city of significance in the Roman and Byzantine periods, and a tour of this national park will reveal to you ruins rich in Roman and Byzantine architecture, which pay a tribute to the time gone by.

    88. Mitzpe Ramon Observation Deck- To climb atop the 40-kilometre-long Mitzpe Ramon Crater and look out onto the sweeping Mitzpe Ramon plains as the warm winds buffet you from all sides is an experience not worth missing.

    89. HaMinsara- The HaMinsara “Carpentry Shop” is a beautiful natural spectacle in the centre of the crater formed of black prismatic rocks which look like wood and are composed of cooled molten sea sand.

    90. Ein Gedi Reserve- An oasis and nature reserve by the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi is a beautiful hiking destination made up of streams and waterfalls surrounded by thriving green growth all around.

    91. Domus Galilaeae, Chorazin- Domus Galilaeae is a Christian retreat centre located atop Mount of Beatitudes and is a great place to attend seminars and lectures on spirituality.

    92. Mount Carmel- Hike across the Mount Carmel mountain range to experience the best of Israel’s natural bounty. You can engage in long treks or road trips here or just enjoy the mountains on a day trip.

    93. Hula Valley- A valley of unimaginable beauty, rich in freshwater reserves and the home of thousands of domestic and migratory birds, Hula Valley is a great place for a solitude-filled retreat in Israel.

    94. Masada National Park- Located on a plateau overlooking the Dead Sea, this national park is renowned for being the site of the Great Revolt during the First Jewish–Roman War in 73-74 CE. The archaeological remains uncovered here are a source of unabated interest to many.

    95. Rosh HaNikra grottoes- The Rosh HaNikra grottoes on the Lebanon-Israel border are beautiful cavernous tunnel formations which can be enjoyed by cable car and a small train, apart from walking through them. A light and sound show also takes place here.

    96. Abbey of the Dormition- Standing tall on Mount Zion, the Abbey of the Dormition hosts an elegantly simple basilica, around which are six small chapels, and underneath which is the crypt – an intricately designed room with symbolic statues of Mary and Jesus adorning it.

    97. Avshalom Cave- Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the natural stalactites and stalagmites that cover the Avshalom Cave, some of which date as far back as 300,000 years.

    98. Judean Hills, Sculpture Road- Taking a walk down the Sculpture Road is a must thing to do in Israel. Biblical sculptures stand on all sides of this road as it winds up the Judean Hills, and make for a unique experience in the country.

    99. Ancient Negev Wine Route- This ancient wine route in the Negev Desert has recently been revived and hosts nine Israeli wineries. Some of the best wine in the country is to be found here. So make sure you take a day trip here for some delectable fun.

    100. The Hermit House- A real-life sandcastle, the hermit House has been carved into the cliffs along the Sidna Ali Beach n Herzliya. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is a unique place to spend a couple of hours in.

    101. Bell Ofri Farm- The place where unwanted animals find a home, where ecologically grown vegetables thrive, and where some of the most delicious wine is produced, Belle Offri Farm is a great offbeat destination to visit on your Israel trip. 

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