35 Things to Do in Israel | What to Do in Israel in 2024
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Activities to Do in Israel

Visit The Dead Sea, See the Negev Desert, Visit Yad Vashem, Visit the Temple Mount, Rappelling into salt caves of Tel Aviv, Enjoy a sunset on Tel Aviv beach, Go snorkeling at Coral Reef Beach, Explore the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, Experience the way of life of Israelites at Kfar Kedem and many more.

There are tons of activities to do in Israel  that range from getting a soothing “mud wrap” treatment to taking a jeep ride across the Negev Desert. There is never a dull moment you will spend in Israel- be it in water or on land. For an unusual experience you can head to the Pool of Arches and row a boat within an ancient reservoir.

If you are a contemporary traveler then you will absolutely love reaching the Rosh HaNikra caves via the steepest cable car, to be ferried across the bluest waters. One of the most romantic things to do in Israel for the honeymooners is to grab a champagne bottle, and ride a hot air balloon at Kibbutz Ruhama.

You can also choose to unwind and relax at the Carmel Forest spa outside Haifa and make the most of a tranquil setting. However, if you are feeling run down and are racking your brains about what to do in Israel then there is nothing like floating your back in the salty, warm Dead Sea.
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Things to Do in Jerusalem


Stroll Along The Ramparts of The Old City Walls in Jerusalem

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To enjoy inspiring views at every step of the ancient city of Jerusalem you can stroll along the Ramparts, built 485 years ago, by Suleiman the Magnificent. It is a very interesting historical trek as you look at the old city from above and at the modern city from outside the Wall.

You walk through the past, present and future treasures entwined. The Western Ramparts lets you explore the area from Jaffa to Dung gate, while the Northern Ramparts lets you explore the area from Jaffa to Lion’s gate.

Location: Jerusalem

Price: 20 NIS

Timings: Open daily 9:00 AM- 5 PM (winter until 4PM) – from Jaffa Gate to Dung Gate
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Visit The Dead Sea

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Beckoning visitors with oxygen-rich air and healing mineral waters, the Dead Sea is a world-class historical site. You must come here to enjoy soothing dips in the warm sea and spot wild ibexes at oases feeding from the spring.

On the Israeli shore, you can head to the Ein Bokek beach and indulge in long strong strolls along the paved promenade. When at the Dead Sea, you can also spend time pampering at a mineral spa, engaging in saunas and mineral health and beauty treatments.

Timings: 8 AM – 3:30 PM
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Climb Mount of Olives for Views of Old Jerusalem City

Slip on your sturdy hiking shoes, and perhaps carry a walking stick to get to the Mount of Olives that affords sweeping views of the Old Jerusalem City. This Jewish cemetery lets you enjoy panoramic views of the Temple Mount, The Judean Desert, and Hinnom Valley.

You can also enjoy placid views of the Kidron Valley and David City while watching the thousand-years-old olive trees, growing here.

See The Negev Desert

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There is so much to see in the Negev Desert especially because the desert offers you everything from spectacular sites to ancient ruins. You can view the largest erosion crater (makhtesh) here, also known as the Ramon Crater.

The Negev desert is home to the largest biblical town named Beersheeba where you can come to explore the Bedouin Market, and take a camel ride. Enjoy a Bedouin lunch as you enjoy a full day tour and marvel at the beauty of Timna Valley and the spectacular Ein Avdat desert valley.
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Visit Yad Vashem

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Immerse yourself in layers of history of one of the most catastrophic chapters of the modern era. You take part in the dynamic and meaningful commemoration of the mass murder (holocaust) of Jews and other victims as you set out to explore the sculptures, gardens, memorials, inspiring museums and monuments.

During the visit, you will view art works, artifacts inspired by heart-rending stories, personal diaries and survivor testimonies. You cannot miss this 45-acre campus, if you desire to revisit one of mankind’s most cataclysmic phases.

Location: Mount Herzl, Jerusalem, 9103401, Israel

Timings: 9 AM – 4 PM (closed Saturdays)
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Follow Jesus’ footsteps in Jerusalem’s Old City

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Walk in the footsteps of Jesus at the Old City visiting in and around Jerusalem, Galilee, Nazareth where he was born and the Galilee sea. You will tour the Via Dolorosa that is renowned for its Way of Sorrows- the path where Jesus walked after his sentencing, before being crucified.

Later, you will reach Gethsemane where Jesus prayed the night prior to his crucifixion, and the Church of Holy Sepulchre where he was finally crucified, buried and resurrected. At Jerusalem you will also visit the Nativity church where Jesus was born inside a cave.

Location: Muslim Quarter, Damascus Gate or Christian Quarter, Jaffa Gate, Old City Jerusalem Price

Timings: 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM
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Spend a Few Hours at The Israel Museum

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If you are a history aficionado then you should visit the Israel Museum that houses cultural treasures as old as 5000 years. You will be amazed by the Archeological wing’s titanic statues that include the human-shaped clay coffins from the 13th century BCE.

For the art enthusiasts the Fine Arts Wing showcases works of Monet, Sisley, and Cézanne from the 20th century. Also, newcomers trying to understand the Jewish culture will admire the Room of Life Rhythm lavishly displaying death, marriage and birth ceremonies. When at the museum do not miss checking out the Art Garden and prize exhibit.

Location: Derech Ruppin, Jerusalem, Israel

Price: Adults: 54 NIS, Students: 39 NIS, Children and senior citizens: 27 NIS

Timings: 10 AM – 5 PM
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Visit The Temple Mount

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If you have been to Medina and Mecca, you cannot miss visiting the third holiest site of the Temple Mount. It is at this site where Prophet Mohammad made his journey during the night to reach God’s throne. Make sure you are entering the complex through the Mughrabi gate close to the Western Wall after understanding the rules in detail.

You can click ample pictures of the gold-topped Islamic shrine that you may have seen in several iconic pictures of the Old City.

Location: Al Aqsa Mosque Complex, Jerusalem Israel
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Catch a Live Band at Zappa or Barby Club

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Catch the best of live entertainment and trendiest music at the Barby and Zappa clubs. A visit to Zappa will ensure you enjoy the best of top international and Israeli bands in an inmost music venue.

Barby club on the other hand, will let you serenade with its live concerts, hosted almost every night, from a great selection of niche international and local performers.

Location: Barby Club : Kibbutz Galuyot Rd 52, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, Zappa: Raoul Wallenberg St 24, Tel Aviv Israel

Price: Barby - 50-100 NIS during concerts

Timings: Zappa: depends on shows but usually opens by 8:15 PM
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Day Tours Explore All (37)
Explore All (37)

Explore The Historical Siloam Tunnel

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Partake in a 45-minute wade through an ancient tunnel in Jerusalem, erected to redirect the flow of water, in a siege event. You cannot miss this spectacular architectural innovation that is one of the ancient engineering feats.

It feels surreal to garner information about this water channel that once protected the water supply of the city, from the invading Assyrian army, during the late 8th century BCE.

Location: Rehov Hashiloach City of David, Jerusalem Israel

Price: Adults: 29 NIS, Children/senior citizens: 15 NIS

Timings: 7 PM– 8 AM (summers)
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Visit The Hurva Synagogue

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There is nothing more constructive than visiting the Hurva Synagogue and admiring its beautiful interiors and holy ambiance.

You will embark on a historical journey as you take a guided tour of the site and discover the world’s tallest Ark of the Covenant, the Old City’s local history and all that happened during the synagogue’s first days.

Location: 89 Ha-Yehudim, Jerusalem 9751909 Israel

Price: Adults: 75 NIS, Children/students/seniors/soldiers: 45 NIS

Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM
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Walk Through The Jaffa Gate

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One of the most important and beautiful gates among the other Ottoman city wall gates has to be the Jaffa gate. You can saunter through the gate to marvel at the gate’s massive doors, several protective features and embrasures integrated to slow down intruders’ movements.

Outside the gate, you can observe vistas of Jerusalem from a stone-paved courtyard. The sights of the glass pyramid from the Judaism Reform Center, and the windmill from the neighborhood of Mishkenot Sha’ananim, will steal your heart.

Location: Omar Ben El-Hatab St., Jerusalem Israel
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Dead Sea Tours Explore All (11)
Explore All (11)

Visit The Gethsemane Garden at The Foot of The Mount of Olives

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You must visit the Gethsemane garden for the spiritual and historical relevance it has. It is at this site where Jesus underwent the agony of his arrest the night before he was crucified. You cannot miss this pilgrimage site that holds such significance and also because the olive trees planted here render a different kind of beauty to the place.

On the edge of the garden you will come across the stunning Church of all Nations in gold, with its tinted tympanum mosaic shining through.

Location: Jericho Rd, Jerusalem Israel

Price: 150 NIS

Timings: 8 AM – 4 PM
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Things to Do in Tel Aviv


Go Pedal-Boating at Mikhmoret Beach

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With sunshine almost all the year round, pedal boating is an activity that everyone engages in. all you have got to do is hob aboard a pedal boat, strap on a life jacket and waddle in the waters of the Mikhmoret Beach.

It is a surreal feeling witnessing acres of sand dunes running alongside the coast of Mediterranean as you spot the beauty, whiling away in your boat.
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Rappelling Into Salt Caves of Tel Aviv

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One of the most dramatic activities to do in Israel is to spelunk and dramatically rappel in the sublime salt caves underground at Tel Aviv. This natural phenomena offers you a combination of hiking a salt cave and a canyon. Your adventure will begin on the earth’s lowest spot, approximately 1370 feet BSL with an uphill, steep hike to the natural salt mountain’s top.

As you make your way up, you get to marvel at the Dead Sea’s awe-inspiring views and Jordan’s Mountains, just beyond. As you belay 300 feet down, through a rope, your eyes will stare with amazement at the multi-hued salt crystal walls.

Location: 10 Ein Gev | Nu. 4, Tel Aviv 6731924, Israel
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Take A Unique Tour of The Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange

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One of the most sparkling activities to do in Israel, quite literally is to tour the Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange. The world’s biggest diamond exchange lets you view the most impressive collection of diamonds. Also, if you are looking forward to buying one, then the wholesale prices of the glimmering rocks will stun you.

Therefore, on a hot summer day or on any winter rainy day, you can choose to spend the day by touring the exchange and also purchasing these conflict-free diamonds. A trip of this sort will certainly shine bright in your trip remembrances.

Location: Ramat Gan, Israel

Timings: 8:30 AM – 5: 30 PM
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Taste Some Famous Wine on Israel Wine Tour

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There is hardly anything as pleasing as discovering Israel’s flavor through a wine tasting tour. Thus, one of the most gratifying activities to do in Israel is to discover the passion and history behind every wine bottle.

You come and experience the best wineries of Israel while tasting high quality wines from the southern and northern regions of the country. Each wine will be served to you with artisanal cheeses, fresh veggies and freshly baked breads.

Location: Gershon Shatz St 46, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Price: Starts from 985.11 NIS

Timings: 8 AM – 7 PM
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Eat at The Carmel Market

One of the most satisfying activities to do in Israel is to head to the vibrant shuk (marketplace) of Tel Aviv and gorge on an array of culinary treats. While walking through the Carmel market you can get inside Hummus HaCarmel and taste their luscious hummus.

You can satisfy your hunger by nibbling on a freshly baked cheese stick at Mafiya Leche Mom and grab a stool at the Ochel bar to tuck into a plate of shakshuka or kabebas with fresh crusty breads on the side.

Location: HaCarmel St 48

Price: 82.56 NIS

Timings: 8 AM – 8 PM

Enjoy a Sunset on Tel Aviv beach

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It feels heavenly to simply let your hair down and enjoy the little things every then and now. Thus, one of the most liberating activities to do in Israel is to head to Tel Aviv Beach and spend and watch the most stunning colors appear, as the sun goes down.

If you do not meditate, the Tel Aviv beach’s white sands will let you master meditation in a week’s time. And then, all you will do is cross your legs, inhale, close your eyes, put on the headphones and revel in the beauty of the sunset.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
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Take a Ride on The Anaconda at The Luna Park

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One of the liveliest activities to do in Israel is to head to the Luna Park and enjoy the thrill of being on an anaconda. This extreme roller coaster will take you on a winding and bending ride letting you conquer your fears.

Feel the adrenaline gush within your body as you are turned, twisted, pulled and pushed. All of this fun takes place while you are seated under the safety bar.

Location: Tel Aviv-Yafo, 61240, Israel

Price: 130-140 NIS

Timings: 10:30 AM – 6 PM
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Take a Walk In and Around The Jaffa Clock Tower

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One of the most fascinating activities to do in Israel is to walk in and around the Jaffa Clock tower that anchors a super busy square. You will be in awe of the prominent clock tower, the beautiful beach, historical buildings and the flea market surrounding the tower.

This area is a great one to explore as it is replete with the best restaurants, galleries and cool shops.

Location: Yefet St 14, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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Spend Amazing Time at Ramat Gan Safari

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If wildlife excites you then one of the most fun activities to do in Israel is to visit the Ramat Gan Safari Park that is home to around 1600 species of animals. You will spot herds of hippos here besides lions, chimpanzees, gorillas, and Asian elephants roaming about the park.

The modern zoo lets you spend quality time and enjoy the feeling of being in a mini savannah. For catch exclusive sightings of fowls and other reptile species you can sign up for a segway tour or a guided tour, held during the night.

Location: 1 HaTsvi ave, Ramat Gan 5210902 Israel

Price: Adults: 57 NIS, Students: 50 NIS

Timings: 9:00 AM – 4 PM
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Things to Do in Eilat


Enjoy The Underwater World of The Red Sea

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One of the most recreational activities to do in Israel is to reach offshore and dive to depths of 20-40 meters to view the abundant marine life. At different spots below, you will come across blue-spotted rays, butterfly fishes, clown fishes and coral reef fishes.

You may also come across a few shipwrecks amidst soft corals. If you are marine life enthusiast the Red Sea can be your ideal site as you come face to face with the gracious lion fishes, barracudas, puffer fishes, sea snakes, moray eels and whale sharks even.

Price: Children in group: 18 NIS, Adults in group: 30 NIS, Students: 30 NIS, Senior citizens: 18 NIS

Timings: 9:30 AM – 5 PM
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Go Snorkeling at Coral Reef Beach

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Eilat being the tourism gem, one of the popular activities to do in Israel is to snorkel in the world’s most beautiful marine beach. A coral reef borders the beach and a marine reserve protects it.

This beach is a section of the nature reserve, where the Red Sea’s clear waters are brimming with tons of coral reefs. You can snorkel here and cross paths with eels, stingrays and crocodile fishes besides casually swimming along with the sea turtles.

Location: Eilat, Israel

Price: Adults: 35 NIS, Child: 21 NIS

Timings: 9 AM – 6 PM
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Fall In Love with Dolphins at Dolphin Reef

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An absolute favorite with swimmers and divers is the dolphin reef that promises you wonderful underwater experiences galore. In fact, one of the most stimulating things to do in Israel is to head to Eilat and snorkel through the waters to be greeted by the bottlenose dolphins.

You can spend hours here being regaled by a school of dolphins and if you are lucky, some may even escort you to the shore.

Location: Eilat, Israel

Price: 67 NIS

Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM
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Observe The Corals at Coral World Underwater Observatory

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Enjoying-up close encounters with the colorful coral reefs is one of the most stirring things to do in Israel. The Coral World Underwater Observatory has large aquarium tanks housing more than 800 species of marine life waiting to woo you. If you gaze right outside the underwater tower, the biodiversity in the coral reefs will mesmerize you.

You will observe the sharks, stingrays, turtles in their viewing areas besides rare marine species and fishes indigenous to the Red Sea. The best part of the observatory is the deep boat with a glass bottom that lets you take a ride of the aquarium and view the underwater world. The 140-seat Oceanarium Simulator ill equally amaze you as with the 3-D projection you will enjoy the feeling of being underwater.

Location: Eilat, Israel

Price: Adults: 95 NIS , Children: 76 NIS

Timings: 9 AM – 4 PM
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Hiking in The Red Canyon in The Eilat Mountains

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The fact that many visitors are unaware of is the fact that the touristic and noisy town of Eilat is an exceptional hiking hub. Therefore, one of the most exciting things to do in Israel is driving from town and set out to explore the hiking trails of the wonderful desert.

You will be amazed to watch the “Red Canyon” that is Wadi Shani’s short section and is an imposing geological wonder. You will enjoy an unperturbed hike here and be amazed by how the canyon glows with an intense reddish hue when the sunlight hits the rock lining the canyon. Do not miss this sandstone marvel carved by water and wind through the ages.

Location: Eilat Israel

Price: 214.04 NIS
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Go Diving at Manta Isrotel Diving Center

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One of the most captivating things to do in Israel is to get immersed in the Red Sea’s natural wonders. The diving center treats you to charming underwater experiences right from guided snorkeling opportunities to introductory dives.

Being the largest diving center you can make the most of courses presented for advanced or beginner divers. The center rents top-quality diving equipment with highly qualified and skilled instructors accompanying you during every activity. Once you dive underwater you witness the most stunning coral formations and varieties of fish and corals in the most vivid colors.

Location: Eilat, Israel

Timings: 8:30 AM- 5 PM
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Things to Do in Haifa


Experience The Best Hiking Adventure on The Israel National Trail

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Hiking is definitely one of the best things to do in Israel as you get to explore the invariably varied and changing landscapes of Israel. On the Israel National trail you will traverse the entire country lengthwise. You will explore the north’s lush mountains and the south’s vast, arid desert.

This cross country hike from Kibbutz Dan in the north to South’s Eilat is an adventurous way of enjoying Israel’s splendors. You will come across cities, villages, historical sites, gorgeous landscapes, woods, streams and mountains aplenty. There is no better way to get a peek of Israel in all its shining glory, than this trail.

Location: Crosses Israel between the southern and northern borders

Price: 160 NIS
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Explore The Baha'I Gardens

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One of the most interesting things to do in Israel is to visit the crowning attraction of Haifa. Tour of the formal Baha'I Gardens begins every day at 11:30 AM where you walk past meticulously manicured terraces of bright flower beds and emerald lawns rippling down the glinting dome guarding Baha'u'llah's (main prophet of Baha’i faith) mortal remains.

This UNESCO world heritage site is filled with fountains and the gardens have trimmed hedges. You must be modestly dressed from head to toe, to tour this exceptional site that covers Mount Carmel’s northern slopes.

Location: 80 Hatzionut Avenue, Near Shifra Street Mount Carmel, Haifa Israel
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Explore The Submerged Neolithic Village off The Coast of Atlit

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If you are confused wondering what to do in Israel then one of the most interesting things would be visiting a Neolithic coastal settlement’s submerged ruins. The Atlit-Yam site is a fascinating place that lies 10 meters beneath the current level of sea and dates back to 6300-6900 BC.

You will be amazed by the underwater excavations that have pulled out wells, graves and houses. Atlit-Yam is believed to be abandoned as an outcome of the tsunami hitting the place. You will spot seven megaliths arranged around a freshwater spring in a semicircle that is equally captivating and points to the fact that the site may have been used for water rituals.
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Take a Tour of The Mount Carmel National park

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Mount Carmel NP is one of Israel’s largest national parks, that is spread across 10,000 acres of cypress, eucalyptus and pine forests. Thus, if you are thinking hard about what to do in Israel, just head to the park and view the Carmel ridge caves.

The newly discovered 250 sites once inhabited by prehistoric humans, some 100,000 years ago, will enthrall you. This reserve is also home to several plant and animal species and is known for attractions like the Druze Hospitality Center. You must come to the center for gorging on Druze bread with tea.

Location: Haifa Israel

Price: Children: 42 NIS, Adults: 53 NIS
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Things to Do in Nazareth


Take a Tour of The Zippori National Park

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If you are thinking about what to do in Israel on a Monday afternoon then a taking a tour of the Zippori National Park would be a perfect idea. The word Zippori translates to bird in Hebrew and thus you may be thinking why this Park is called a bird? Well, that is because it perched atop a mountain like a bird.

You can spend hours here, marveling at the beauty of the ancient tile mosaics that are around 1700 years old. Made from tiny stone pieces, the Mona Lisa mosaic in the Dionysus House is something you cannot miss.

Price: Adults: 28 NIS, Children: 14 NIS, Students: 24 NIS

Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM (April- September), 8 AM – 4 PM (October- March)
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Experience The way of Life of Israelites at Kfar Kedem

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One of the most fun things to do in Israel is to do a time travel to the Biblical days and discover how people ate, traveled, worked, and lived centuries ago.  A hands-on activity center created by Kfar Kedem demonstrates the complexity of simple life during biblical days. Firstly, you look your part by dressing up in woven clothes and tie a headscarf to keep the sun at bay.

Then, you ride on a donkey through the Galilee hills and learn an array of life skills. Right from spinning wool into a thread to shearing sheep, and milking goats, you learn every chore. It is fascinating to tread grapes to make wine, press olives to extract oil, and make fresh cheese. This experience venue will make a place in your heart as you learn about sending messages via pigeons and other themed activities.

Location: Nazareth, Israel

Price: Starts from 137 NIS and can go up to 390 NIS if a guide is taken

Timings: 8 AM – 6 PM
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Get a Panoramic View from The Tabor Mountain Reserve

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One of the top things to do in Israel is to get to the dome-shaped Tabor Mountain and soak in the 360-degree views of the entire Northern Israel. If you come on a clear day this beautiful mountain top treats you to views of Mount Gilboa, Golan Heights, Samarian Mountains, and Mount Carmel. This mountain reserve is known for its unique geographical features and is deeply rooted in the history of Israel.

Legend has it that during ancient times some of the famous biblical battles were fought here between Canaanite forces and Israelis. This reserve poses religious significance and thus had several churches erected on it. You will find two of them even today. Other than the history bit, the slopes of the mountain make for a lovely hiking trail through colorful wildflowers wherefrom you can catch amazing bewildering vistas of North Israel.

Location: Mount Tabor Nature Reserve And National Park
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People Also Ask About Israel

  1. Which are the best things to do in Israel?

    1. Marvel at Haifa’s Baha’I Gardens: You cannot miss one of the recognizable landmarks of Haifa and that is the Baha’I Gardens. These gardens will sweep you off your feet with their meticulously manicured, geometric terraces flowing down with gardens growing in them.

    2. Enjoy the quirky Dead Sea: Head to the Earth’s lowest point, the Dead Sea and read a newspaper floating on the salty sea. You can also lather the Dead Sea mud as it is rich in minerals and call it a day.

    3. Catch a stunning sunset at the gorgeous Tel Aviv Beach: Kick your shoes off and feel the soft sand between the toes at the gorgeous Tel Aviv beach that will mesmerize you with its stunning sunset. This naturally carved, heart shaped crater is a result of climate and water erosion that has been stunning visitors for many years.

    4. Discover the enchanting Ramon Crater: The 40 kilometers long, and 2-10 kilometers wide Ramon Crater, is one of the most enchanting geological features that you cannot miss in the Negev Desert.

    5. Scuba dive or snorkel at Eilat: To see beautiful fishes, crystal-clear water and incredible coral reefs, you must visit Eilat to dust off your scuba or snorkel. The phenomenal underwater marine life will impress you beyond measure.

    6. Explore Jerusalem’s Old City: You cannot come to Israel and not saunter through Jerusalem’s old city. This place deserves a visit for the City Bazaar’s narrow streets, Jesus’s crucifixion site, and to walk past the Dome of Rock, Holy Sepulchre Church and the Wailing Wall.
  2. What are the best things to do in Israel at Night?

    1. Indulge in some stargazing at the Kay Laboratory: View the stars at Israel’s Kay Laboratory and let the sheer beauty of celestial objects strike you as you witness the galaxy through your clear-color lenses.

    2. Book a tasting tour at night: Experience Israel with all your five senses by booking a tasting tour at night! Take in the taste, sounds, textures, colors and scents of sweet treats, and ethnic dishes from fresh marketplaces.  A guided tasting tour like this makes your stomach rumble more.

    3. Check out the night scene at pubs and bars: Israel features the most catchy music and young nights. Thus for a great night out, hop into any of the bars, pubs or nightclubs, and sip on a custom-made cocktail while enjoying an open mic event.

    4. Sign up for a desert tour at night: To experience the beauty of a starlit night sky in a desert, head out to the Negev desert for a nightly desert tour. Zoom across the dunes and catch sightings of a desert hare, fox or owl through the windows of your 4x4 vehicle.

    5. Dialogue in NaLagaat/Dark exhibition at the museum: Feel the thrill of darkness by stepping into the Holon’s Children’s Museum’s Dialogue in the Dark exhibition. Later, you can head to the NaLagaat restaurant to be served by blind staff members in a dark atmosphere.
  3. What are the most romantic things to do in Israel?

    1. Stroll through Jerusalem’s Wohl Rose garden: A red rose always epitomizes passion and love. Hence, there can hardly be a better way to spend the most romantic afternoon strolling through 400 myriad rose varieties at the Wohl Rose Garden. For a quiet moment you can also sit on the secluded benches dispersed throughout the garden.

    2. Float together in the Dead Sea: One of the most fun activities to do in Israel is floating weightlessly on the Dead Sea’s surface. You and your partner can soak in the beauty of the breathtaking surroundings or picnic on the shore.

    3. Unwind and rejuvenate at a spa outside Haifa: Ensconced in the midst of a splendid forest reserve, the Carmel Forest Spa is a perfect setting for a couple's massage. Thus, you can come here with your significant other and indulge in a host of sauna and Turkish bath sessions.

    4. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride with a champagne glasses in hands: Sip on a sparkling glass of champagne, and float gently above fields of plantations, and flowers on a hot balloon at Kibbutz Ruhama. There is nothing more romantic than staring down and taking in the beauty of the sweeping scenery below.

    5. Enjoy a romantic stay at the Dan hotel: One of Israel’s most romantic hotels is the Dan Hotels. Thus, you and your partner can come here to make the most of elegant luxury and tranquil ambiance.
  4. Is Israel safe to visit?

    Israel is a very safe country to travel to, despite all that you see in the news bulletin. There are no violent crimes against the tourists and even if you hear some, those are extremely rare. There are a host of activities to do in Israel that you can engage in without fretting. However, it is recommended that you do not leave any valuables unattended, particularly on the beaches.
  5. What is Israel famous for?

    Israel is famous for archeological museums, natural sites, beach resorts, religious sites, and food. People every year love frequenting to the pilgrimage destinations like Nazareth, and to the wackiest natural wonder, the Dead Sea. The country is well renowned for the Tiberia hot pools, architectural masterpieces like Mar Saba Monastery. Israel is supremely popular for its beer, wine, sea salt products, and Armenian potteries. You can shop for craft beer while gorging on a falafel or sfenj that make Israel equally famous.
  6. How many days do you need in Israel?

    7-11 days are enough for Israel. In a ten-day itinerary you can plan exploring the entire city of Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem.

    - On the first day at Jerusalem, you can spend a fresh morning at the Mount of Olives and later get to the Old City.
    - Depending on your interest, you can tour the entire Jerusalem city on day 2, by visiting the Garden Tomb, explore the Mahane Yehuda market and visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum.
    - The third day would be perfect for exploring the heritage sites and museums of Tel Aviv like Old Jaffa, St Peter’s church and the Carmel Market.
    - Keep the fourth day to tour the Northern coast and visit Caesarea National Park.
    - Spending the 5th and 6th day visiting the stunning Sea of Galilee and for the 7th and 8th day Golan Heights would be an ideal option. If during this time you are wondering what to do in Israel then jeep tours, fruit picking and a winery tour would be a cherry on the cake.
    - On the 9th day you can drive down to the Judean Desert and visit the unmissable sights of Dead Sea and Masada.
    On the 10th day you can visit Negev Desert and on the way explore Eilat. The final 11th day would be perfect for shopping and later you can catch a flight from the Ben Gurion Airport to head back home.
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This is the best options and best destination for a family holiday the place was truly amazing and this trip was fulfilling as it goes exactly from the itinerary planned, each day we spend there was truly special and memorable for us...we clicked many pictures at each and every spot we visited...we can't believe with our eyes that the place is so beautiful and also hearing about the real&truth story of the place was really such a great honor...This is a joyous trip... We had an unforgettable trip to Nazareth and Jerusalem... This kind of experienced will always be remembered.
6-days Israel sightseeing trip from Thrillophilia was very educational they helped and put together a fabulous trip!!! Plus they were very much concerned about the traveler's safety, the transfers were on-time and completely seamless. The team even responded in a timely mannered and was flexible in making an adjustment to our trip beforehand, they even choose the best hotel for us to stay-in, This is a proud country with many things to see and learn especially if you are interesting with the ancient-history... the place is truly a paradise for us... I will never ever forget the visit and the experienced I had from this trip especially the trip to Jerusalem and Qumran Caves... Lots of amazing sightseeing which words are less to describe it... Every time we had a precious moment there, We will definitely use Thrillophilia again to help plan the logistics and get recommendations for future trips.
Don't worry this trip was well-organized and well-executed, I just came from this place and I booked with this package with Thrillophilia full guaranteed you won't face any difficulty at all during the trip... The country is truly beautiful and the people were extremely nice, interacting, and helpful towards the tourists... The place is very well-kept and has a very interesting story and history... Overall the services, hotels, daily day tours were amazingly spot-on... The places are visited by many peoples around the world... We get to learn about the culture, religion, and history of the place... I highly recommend
WoW... What an experience with the destination we had recently and this travel agency we booked for. Thrillophilia did an extremely good job of organizing my trip as per my desires, Hotels, and transfers no doubt were excellent. All the tours were absolutely amazing which went perfectly as mentioned on the itinerary, the staff was very respectful, attentive, and helpful towards all our requirements and helps during the trip. Will strongly recommend Thrillophilia who was patient and very efficient in helping us plan this memorable trip... I can say that you won't regret it for sure the package was satisfying...
We are a party of 4-people taken this trip to Isreal for 15 days and really this is the joyous trip we had so far... Every time we had a memorable time... I will start with the booking platform we booked this tour... Thrillophilia: Right from the start of the planning of our trip the agent politely helps us with what we are looking for and even shared every detailed information about the trip, they have many packages for Isreal but we choose with the longest one as the itinerary was covering all the major sightseeing of the place. Booking was smooth with a secure mode of payment method, and the voucher they shared via emails was very helpful... Services: All-time gave us a good service and constantly support us before and throughout our trip also ensured each and everything was delivered as promised... Arrangements: Hotels and transport were high-class. The place: It has an amazing history which we loved to hear it all the time from the local. The place is rich in culture, religion, architecture, and ancient history. Activities: sightseeing-spots were breathtaking and unbelievable. We appreciate all the work hard done by Thrillophilia to makes our trip successful
I have been travelling with Thrillophilia for the last 2yrs. and they never let down my and every travel satisfies me and encourages me to travel with them only and always.
Sharmila Ahuja Israel Tour Package From India
We booked this tour with our families and it was everything as said. The people we were travelling, were helpful and cooperative. Cheers to the team!
Blissful holiday in Israel with my entire family!!! The people who helped us while we were on a holiday were extremely helpful they answered all our questions and they even adjust if we made any little changes on the itinerary or anything during the trip...The activities were thoughtfully planned, the transfers were well-arranged with skillful drivers from one destination to the other...The hotel we stayed in was comfortable with a friendly environment and location. We tried authentic foods...exclusive sightseeing-spots...meeting local friends...did lots of shopping were all part of our journey...It was such an incredible journey for 8 days in Isreal...
We were so lucky that we choose Thrillophilia to organized our Isreal vacation, The team planned a perfect trip, Trip duration, placed, timing, plus amazingly arranged all our needed things like hotels, transfers, drivers, and on-ground local guide to make the trip absolutely excellent and all were incredibly well executed and communicated. We were happily surprised by the entire services they provided and the trip we had... Really I will definitely continue with this service whenever I feel like traveling.....
To say that this is a perfect trip definitely you heard it right!!! Thrillophilia planned the trip so simple but satisfying plus the team provided us with the dream excursion ( Major sights ) around Isreal. They made it so special, All we wanted was added in our trip according to our needs and desires. The hotels provided were cozy and clean with amazing staff and services. Transfers were punctual with professional drivers. We enjoyed the tours to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Tel Aviv and we even purchased souvinirs from Ben Yehuda Street. Genuinely it was such a great adventure in this proud country.

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