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  • 01Things to Do in Jerusalem

    Things to Do in Jerusalem
    1.Stroll along the Ramparts of the Old City Walls, Jerusalem.
    2.Climb mount of olives for views of Old Jerusalem City.
    3.Take a bitemojo food tour, Jerusalem.
    4.Stop over at some of the eateries in Shuk Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem.
    5.Visit Yad Vashem.
    6.Go on an archeological dig in Israel's Bet Guvrin-Maresha National Park.
    7.Follow Jesus’ footsteps in Jerusalem’s Old City.
    8.Spend a few hours at the Israel Museum.
    9.Visit the Temple Mount.
    10.Catch a live band at Zappa or Barby Club.
    11.Take a picture of the Dome of the Rock.
    12.Explore the historical Siloam Tunnel.
    13.Visit the Hurva Synagogue.
    14.Walk through the Jaffa Gate.
    15.Explore the history of Jerusalem at Islamic Museum.
    16.Visit the Tower of David Museum during the day.
    17.Visit the Gethsemane garden at the foot of the Mount of Olives.
  • 02Things to Do in Tel Aviv

    Things to Do in Tel Aviv
    18.Go paddle-boating at Mikhmoret Beach, Tel Aviv.
    19.Rappelling into salt caves of Tel Aviv.
    20.Take a unique tour of the Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange.
    21.Taste some famous wine in Israel Wine Tour in Tel Aviv.
    22.Eat too much at the Carmel market in Tel Aviv.
    23.Enjoy a sunset on Tel Aviv beach.
    24.Have a night out in the City That Never Sleeps.
    25.Go cycle following the Yarkon River.
    26.Have a beer at Molly Bloom’s.
    27.Take a ride on the Anaconda at the Luna Park.
    28.Take a walk in and around the Jaffa Clock Tower.
    29.Visit St. Peter's Franciscan Church.
    30.Spend amazing time at Ramat Gan Safari.
  • 03Things to Do in Eilat

    Things to Do in Eilat
    31.Enjoy the underwater world of the red sea, Eilat.
    32.Go snorkeling at Coral Reef Beach, Eilat.
    33.Swim or fell in love with dolphins at dolphin reef.
    34.Admire the beautiful scenery of Timna Valley.
    35.Meet desert creatures at Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve.
    36.Observe the corals at Coral World Underwater Observatory.
    37.Hiking in the Red Canyon in the Eilat Mountains.
    38.Go Diving at Manta Isrotel Diving Center.
    39.For a bit of desert adventure, head to the Camel Ranch.
    40.Hike to the viewpoints of Botanical Garden Of Eilat.
     41.Enjoy the spectacular audiovisual show every night at Musical Fountain.
    42.Walk up to the waterline on a boardwalk at Dekel Beach.
  • 04Things to Do in Haifa

    Things to Do in Haifa
    43.Experience the best hiking adventure on the Israel National Trail.
    44.Explore the Bahai Gardens in Haifa.
    45.Become a detective at bacon code escape room in Zichron Yaakov.
    46.Explore the submerged Neolithic village off the coast of Atlit.
    47.Take a tour of the Mount Carmel National park.
    48.Visit Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space.
    49.Enjoy at Haifa Educational Zoo.
    50.Take a walk in Elijah Prophet Cave on Mount Carmel.
  • 05Things to Do in Nazareth

    Things to Do in Nazareth
    51.Explore how Jesus grew up in Nazareth Village.
    52.Visit the Basilica of the Annunciation.
    53.Climb Mount Tabor to visit Church of the Transfiguration.
    54.Take a tour of the Zippori National Park and its amazing mosaics.
    55.Experience the way of life of Israelites at Kfar Kedem.
    56.Get a panoramic view from the Tavor Mountain Reserve.
    57.Visit Centre International Marie de Nazareth.
  • 06Things to Do in Tiberias

    Things to Do in Tiberias
    58.Go hiking in the Golan region.
    59.Visit The Sea of Galilee to enjoy the relaxing lake.
    60.Visit the Shouting Hill.
    61.Explore more of Israel at Berko Archeological Park.
    62.Enjoy at Aqua Kef, floating water park.
    63.Visit Beit Gabriel on the Kinneret.
    64.Worship at the Tomb of Maimonides.
    65.Explore the Hamat Tiberias National Park.
  • 07Things to Do in Acre

    Things to Do in Acre
    66.Take a cable car to Rosh HaNikra Grottoes.
    67.Tour Old Akko's subterranean Crusader City.
    68.Visit the museum of the Underground Prisoners.
    69.Eat at Uri Buri Restaurant which is famous for its creative seafood and fish dishes.
    70.Sail around the Akko's Seaport.
    71.Snack your way through the Akko's Souk Market.
    72.Explore treasures in the wall museum.
    73.Enjoy a romantic evening walk along the port of Akko.
    74.Take an Arabic style boat ride in Akko to explore bustling local markets.
    75.Have a hummus lunch in the old city market.
  • 08Things to Do in Caesarea

    Things to Do in Caesarea
    76.Attend an impressive show at Caesarea amphitheater.
    77.Snorkel to explore the Harrod's Harbour.
    78.Enjoy a walk in Ramat HaNadiv Park.
    79.Admire the restored Caesarea Columns.
    80.Spend some time on Caesarea Beach.
    81.Visit Ralli Art Museum.
  • 09Other Things to Do in Israel

    Other Things to Do in Israel
    82.Enjoy the Burning Man Midburn festival in South Israel.
    83.Hot air ballooning over Roman Crater, Makhtesh.
    84.Explore the  Makhtesh Ramon in a buggy or ATV.
    85.Hire a kayak/canoe and paddle down the Jordan River.
    86.Don't miss to visit Ein Gedi, a water oasis in the desert.
    87.Get muddy in the dead sea.
    88.Go camping in the Negev desert and sleep like a Bedouin.
    89.Take a jeep safari and explore Negev desert in the night.
    90.Get an amazing view of the Ramon crater from the Mitzpeh Ramon visitor center.
    91.Eat the best Seafood paella at Tapas Ahad Ha’am.
    92.Walk up the Judean Hills.
    93.Take a tour of Ancient Negev Wine Route.
    94.Visit the hidden gem Avshalom Cave.
    95.Hike up the winding snake path at Masada National Park.
    96.Do bird spotting in Hula Valley.
    97.See a variety of films at Jewish film festival.
    98.Hike from HaMinsara to the Eagles Lookout.
    99.See the spot where Jesus was baptized, Qasr al-Yahud.
    100.Have the bread basket at Raphael.
    101.Try the fresh tomato salad at Yavne Montefiore Corner Bistro.

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