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What You Should Know More About Egypt

  • About the destination

    Despite the social, political and the financial turmoil, Egyptians remain defiant and proud and are just as welcoming for the tourists who come to their land. Old saying that Egypt is the ‘gift of Nile’, still stands every bit true. Without the rivers there would never be any food, electricity or fertile land. Despite the fact that the lives of the people are increasingly physically detached from the water, Nile still has a uniquely powerful role in Egypt. For the visitors, River Nile is the ideal spot to check out some of the most spectacular ancient monuments of this country. You can do this by undertaking a Nile cruise which is definitely the best thing to do here.  

    With the towering Pharaonic temples, sand-covered tombs and the austere pyramids, Egypt brings forth the explorer that is hidden in all of us. Be it the Valley of the Kings in Luxor or the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, every tourist attraction of Egypt is far more superior than the other. You can hop off the Nile boat and plan a visit to Edfu, Dendara or any other waterside temple that is found in the country. In all the country is historically, culturally and traditionally rich making it a must visit tourist destination.  

  • Travel Advice

    • Do not drink directly from the tap here. It is always a good idea to buy bottled drinking water so as to keep yourself safe. If you are unable to find bottled water, you can carry with you filtration tablets, add them to the water and then drink it.

    • Check for the seal of the mineral water that you buy from the stalls.

    • Opt for a local transportation to move around in the city.

    • Honeymooners must find a hotel that is away from all the brouhaha of the city.

    • Some of the high end restaurants and cafes have rigid dress code. Do enquire about the same without going to any new place.

    • Respect the customs and the religions of everyone. Do not indulge in any conflict or argument.

    • Know where to bargain before buying.

    • Monkeys can be really naughty and troublesome here. So, make sure you do not flash food in front of them. Also do not irritate any monkey or dog here.

    • Try and learn some of the basic words of the local language prevalent here. It is a good way to feel closer to the people.

    • Bargain respectfully. Don’t go about pushing the negotiations more than what may seem disrespectful.

    • Confirm about the situation and the status of the Visa in the country.

    • Avail necessary travel insurance.

    • Gather enough information about any new place that you are traveling.

  • Drinking Law

    The legal age for consumption of alcohol is 21 years.

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    Pyramids of Giza

    Pyramids of Giza is the last extant of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This is indeed one of the most identifiable landmark of Egypt. Constructed as mausoleums of the doughty Pharaohs and protected by the obscure Sphinx, the Pyramids of Giza has always awed the travelers for generations. The pyramid has always had conspiracy theorists and the archaeologists intriguing over how these pyramids were built over the centuries. At present, these archeological memorials to the dead kings are just as astounding sight as they always were. This is one undeniable highlight of Egypt that shouldn’t be missed during your holiday to Egypt.    

    Luxor's Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings

    Noted for the Valley of the Kings, Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut and the Karnak Temple, the Upper Egypt’s, Nile-side town of Luxor has an array of tourist attractions. There is ancient Thebes which is regarded as the hub of the New Kingdom pharaohs. It is a home to more sights than you can possibly see in one visit. Though the East Bank is brimming with vibrant souk action, the West Bank is relatively quieter. West Bank houses an array of temples and tombs that have been regarded as the biggest open air museum in the world. Just spend some days exploring the beautiful wall art of the tombs or gazing in appreciation at the gigantic columns in the temple and you’ll know why Luxor still happens to fascinate the archaeologists and historians not only in Egypt but across the world.

    Islamic Cairo

    The scenic, narrow lanes of the Egypt’s Islamic Cairo is brimming with monuments, mosques and madrassas. They have been a part of the history from the period spanning from the Fatimid era to the Mameluke eras. It is where you’ll find the shopping hub of the Khan el-Khalili. Artisans and the coppersmiths conduct their tiny workshops here. Stalls of these artisans are stocked with textiles, perfumes, spices and ceramics. Across the market, there is ataxia of roads which houses some of the most magnificently preserved architecture from the archaic Islamic empires. Islamic Cairo has an opulent history waiting for you to explore. You can plan a visit to the Sultan Hassan Mosque and the Al-Azhar Mosque also here. Do ensure that you climb the top of the ancient medieval gate of Bab Zuweila for witnessing the most striking minaret-speckled vistas across the district.


    The most tranquil town of Egypt is Aswan. It is nestled upon the convoluted curves of the river Nile. Beautified by the orange tinted dunes, this is definitely the most important place to see and unwind in Egypt. Relish the soothing breeze and the chilled out atmosphere of the place. You can hire a river ferry that will take you across the Elephantine Island. From there, you can go strolling the flamboyant streets of the Nubian villages. Riding a camel on the East Bank to the desert monastery of St. Simeon is an important thing to do. Drink endless cups pf tea at one of those river boat restaurants while you watch the lateen-sailed feluccas go away. You can find a number of important sightseeing attractions along with a number of temples that are located in close proximity. Another activity that tourists enjoy the most here is simply kicking back and glancing the river life go by.   

    Abu Simbel

    Despite the country being decorated with temple, Abu Simbel is something different. It is Ramses II's beautiful temple that is adorned with giant statuary guard on the outside. The interior here is adorned with alluring wall paintings. Popular for its monument proportions, Abu Simbel is also renowned for its incredible feat that saw the entire temple rotating from its initial setting in a manner that it is set to vanish under the water because of the Aswan dam in the year 1960 in a colossal UNESCO operation that took about 4 years to finalize.

    Egyptian Museum

    Egyptian Museum of Cairo is a treasure house of the Pharaonic world. It is one of the greatest museum collection of the world. It has a mansion in faded pink color that is a home to a variety of brilliant exhibits. This bewildered place has minimal labeling on offer and little chronological order. This is just a small chunk of its old school charm. It is the most important place to see in Egypt.   

  • What will you like there?

    Your Truly One Stop Shop

    From monuments to gushing rivers, vast desserts, world-famous coral reef sites, beaches, cosmopolitan cities and monuments, everything can be found in Egypt. This means, you’ll never have to browse through the 100s of possible destinations across the globe whenever you seek an ideal holiday getaway.

    Home of the Great Pyramids… and Much More

    Though the different tourist attractions across the world only offer a glimpse of the past, it is only in Egypt that you can actually stand at the viewing platform on the Pyramids plateau  and take a good look at the solo left out wonder of the ancient world. The tourists who come here for sightseeing discover that these legendary pyramids are only the tip of the colossal icebergs.  
    One Nation, Numerous Civilizations

    Egypt is indeed a medley of civilizations. Be it Greeks, Ottomans, Pharaohs, Mamluks, Persians, Nubians, Arabs, Romans and Copts, everyone has played a significant part in contributing to the architectural wealth of Egypt. As of today, the traces of these civilizations can be seen all round the country.

    Hospitality, Egyptian-Style

    Egypt is said to be the most travel friendly of North Africa and Middle East. People here are warm, welcoming and treat everyone in a manner that they are a part of their own family.

    The Year-Round Destination

    Given the multi faceted topographical make up, traveling to Egypt irrespective of the time of the year is a preferred choice to make. Winter days that you spend cruising the River Nile in the Upper Egypt are simply unforgettable. If you go during the summer holidays, a visit to the Red Sea resorts of Hurghada or Sinai or the Mediterranean coast of Alexandria can be the ideal choice to make.

    Bucket List 

    Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson aren’t the only two men who have Egypt on their bucket list. Almost everyone must travel to Egypt at least once in their lifetime. Moreover, visiting Egypt shouldn’t be your far fetched dream as it is only a mouse click away.

    Witness the Dynamics of Three Mesmerizing Regions Combined

    Egypt has striking characteristics of lying amidst the two continents. Major portion of it is part of the North Eastern corner of the African continent. On the other hand, the eastward portion of it lies in the Sinai Peninsula that reaches out towards the Asian continent. Further, Egypt also plays a significant role in modifying the Middle East. So, that is basically a mélange of three regions that are all equally rich in traditions, cultures and customs for all of you to experience and enjoy the minute you enter the Egyptian soil. 

    Budget Friendly

    Compared to the other destinations of the world Egypt is definitely one of the top places that assures a true value of money. You can book a tour package in accordance with your needs and budget, and you are sorted.   

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