Maldives on a Budget: 5 Tips To Save on Maldives Trip
COVID-19 : MALDIVES is in Green Zone
Last Updated: 08 Feb 2021
Latest Information on Travelling to MALDIVES?
  • Entry to Maldives is open for all kinds of travel. However, a negative Covid certificate is mandatory prior to entering Maldives. Flights to Maldives are functional from India, London, Dubai, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney and 20+ other destinations.
  • All tourists must undergo thermal screening at the arrival terminal.
  • You are not required to undergo any COVID-19 test if your 96 hours prior report says negative. 
  • If the COVID-19 test reveals that the person is positive, then he/she shall be transferred to a public medical institution for treatment and will have to undergo the mandatory quarantine.
  • All Non-Maldivians who test COVID-19 positive are subjected to pay some fee to their hotel to cover for the Costs including the testing charges.
  • Tourists are not allowed to travel to other islands while their stay in Maldives.
  • Effective from 27th January 2021, all events, parties, and gatherings in the Greater Malé Area are to be halted.
  • Effective from 27th January 2021, curfew hours are to be imposed in the Greater Malé Area from 12am to 4am.
  • Effective from 29th January 2021, international arrivals except tourists must observe mandatory quarantine of 10 days.
  • For asymptomatic international tourists arriving in Maldives, quarantine is not mandatory.
  • For symptomatic international tourists, a PCR test will be run. If the tourist is found positive, he/she can be sent to a government isolation center for a 14-day quarantine by their accommodation unit.
  • All tourists are recommended to install the contact tracing app ‘TraceEkee’.
  • Effective from 29th January 2021, international arrivals except tourists must observe mandatory quarantine of 10 days.
  • Flights to Maldives are running from London, Dubai, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney and 20+ other destinations.
  • Various flights run on a daily and weekly basis to and from India:*Air India: *Once a week from Delhi as well as Trivandrum.*Go Air: *4 times a week from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.*Indigo: *Delhi - 4 times a week and Kochi/Mumbai - twice a week.*Maldivian: *Twice a week from Trivandrum.
Local Transport
  • Cabs are available for all the tourists outside the airports and are timely sanitised.

The Maldivian government has published guidelines to restart safe tourism. The guidelines are followed by all the vendors to provide the tourists a safe travel experience. With the opening of various Resorts & Hotels, Thrillophilia advises tourists to follow the guidelines provided to them by the government and ensure personal hygiene to stay safe.

Maldives open for global tourists Updated: 08 Feb 2021

Entry to Maldives is open for all kinds of travellers, however all the passengers (including children and infants) travelling to Maldives are required to have the following documents:

  • A negative COVID-19 report/test which has to be administered 96 hours prior to the date of boarding.
  • A valid air ticket to Maldives
  • Proof of purchase of a travel package which includes accommodation, on a full board basis.
COVID negative test result mandatory to enter Maldives Updated: 08 Feb 2021
  • A negative COVID-19 report/test which has to be administered 96 hours prior to the date of boarding is mandatory for all tourists.
Prior booking at a registered tourist facility required for entry to Maldives Updated: 19 Nov 2020

As per the newly issued guidelines, a confirmed booking at a registered tourist facility is mandatory for entry to Maldives. The entire holiday in the Maldives should be booked at the same hotel, except for transit purposes. You will also need a confirmed hotel booking for your tourist visa.

A confirmed return ticket is mandatory for entry to Maldives Updated: 19 Nov 2020

Under the newly issued guidelines, a return ticket a confirmed hotel booking, proof of sufficient funds and 2 health declaration forms are mandatory for the VISA application to Maldives.

Budget Maldives Trip

Despite being an epitome of luxurious traveling, the Maldives on a Budget is possible. There are plenty of ways in which one can cut down on their expenses and yet have an amazing trip to Maldives. Keep an eye for the best deals on flights and opt for the wet season (May to October) to enjoy hefty discounts on the resort prices.

Speaking of budget local islands in the Maldives, you must plan a trip to the Guraidhoo island, Maafushi, Dhiffushi, Rasdhoo islands, and many more, to experience local culture, sun, turf, salt, relaxation. Regardless of whether you are a solo traveler or a honeymooner, you can make a reasonable trip to the paradise with the bluest waters by braving it, and making your bookings in the wet season as early as six weeks or twelve months in advance.

A Budget Maldives trip is in many ways more superior than a trip that involves staying in the opulent resorts. You can expect to live in affordable accommodation with rooms having garden views, are easy on the pocket and potent affordable alternatives. Eat at the popular local outlets and use ferries for transfers as they are comfortable and cheap. Also, every week new guesthouses spring up on the islands offering economic travelers an inexpensive way to explore the local beauty.

What’s fascinating is that even in a shoestring budget you can book excursions like fishing trips, wave-surfing, diving, and snorkeling. Yes, and there is much more that Thrillophilia promises as you go island hopping and cruise through the sunny islands with no worries.

Here are some of the tips to plan a Maldives budget trip:

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Cheapest Month to go to Maldives

Cheapest Month to go to Maldives

The cheapest month to go to Maldives is during the low season. The months from May through to October are the most reasonable because of the monsoon season. This season means that you have the opportunity to have an entire beach all to yourself!

You will find hotels and flights to be cheaper. And though you may experience periods of storms and heavy rain, they quickly disappear in no time. So if you do not mind the heavy spontaneous rains and are more than willing to explore Maldives on a Budget, then make bookings during May to October.

When it is about vacationing in Maldives, the most significant factors are always price, crowds, and sunshine. And thus keeping everything in mind, you must skip the high season that starts from December to March. That is because during this time the guesthouses charge exorbitant rates.

But if you make bookings within six weeks of your travel, then as the time of departure approaches, many resorts inclusive of the top-end luxury ones drop their rates to maximize the levels of occupancy. Also, you would not want to miss out on visiting the other Maldivian islands that are pretty quiet during August to September.

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Finding Budget Accommodation

Finding Budget Accommodation

When you desire to explore the Maldives on a Budget, you must keep in mind that there won’t be any super cheap accommodation options. There aren’t dorm rooms or crappy five-dollar beach bungalows but there are budget guesthouses galore. The Maldives is an epitome of luxury and is dotted with the chain of international hotels, one after the other all over its mini atolls. Most of these are extremely promising, extravagant and the best accommodations that offer personalized services.

But for those that do wish to live in low-cost lodgings, there are many independent guesthouses for them as five years ago the government of Maldives relaxed its rules of accommodation.

You will be enthralled to know that for just thirty to sixty dollars, you can stay in a spacious, modern, and clean room that is air-conditioned, and has a hot shower. Most of these budget accommodations are cleaned twice daily, offer you free breakfasts, snorkeling gear, and water.

The easiest method to find economical accommodation is through Thrillophilia. Here you can simply search for a list of the hotels, alongside your dates, and sort the prices in ascending order. Start searching from over three hundred guest houses that can charge you anything between fifty to 100 dollars (INR 3751- INR 7354), per night. 

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Finding Budget Transport

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Finding Budget Transport

Transport is cheap in the Maldives and when you are all set to explore the Maldives on a Budget, you will find that there are local ferries that offer bang for the bucks. They may have an infrequent schedule but all you have to shell out is two to four dollars for a journey of three hours.

If you had to travel to Male from the Male Airport then you may have to pay as less 0.60 dollars, while three dollars to reach Maafushi from Male. It is indeed commendable how you only have to shell out four dollars to reach Fulidhoo from Maafushi and pay only two dollars to reach Guraidhoo from Maafushi.

Remember that the local ferries do not stop at any of the resort islands, so if you are headed for a resort visit, you have to board a speedboat. These speedboats can charge anywhere between forty dollars to two hundred dollars for nearby locations and are hence too expensive.

Also when on a budget, you must avoid the seaplanes at all costs. They can charge you anything around 500 dollars for a journey that spans twenty minutes. 

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Finding Budget Food

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Finding Budget Food

For those that have a Budget Maldives Trip and have chosen to go the route of the local island, you will be delighted with the plethora of classic Maldivian dishes that guesthouses have to offer. You can expect plenty of fish in any form, and rice and curry aplenty for less than ten pounds (INR 1000).

If you go to Maafushi, which is a comparatively larger island, you would be amazed as much because many local restaurants offer a lot of varieties of Maldivian delicacies and barbecued gigantic fish. You must never miss out on the incredible breakfasts that Maldives offers because the bowl of chili, coconut, finely chopped onion and tuna that is served with freshly baked roshi is divine.

Expect to shell out anything between five to ten dollars for a fish-based meal that comprises tuna thoroughly depending on the accommodation you choose. Say if you choose a resort-style vacation then bargain price for drinks and dinner each night could amount to anywhere close to 100 pounds (INR 9508). And, finding cheaper alternatives once when you have checked into a one-resort island is not easy at all. So, think wisely and choose well.

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Finding Cheap Excursions

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Finding Cheap Excursions

When on a budget Maldives trip the cheapest method to opt for an excursion is to make bookings for it through a guesthouse that you selected through Thrillophilia. Of course, you can shop around to bag better deals by wandering into over four guesthouses and enquire about the rates before arriving on a conclusion. Much to your relief, most guesthouses will include extras like diving and snorkeling.

You can also arrange the excursions through any of the dive shops present on the island and pay anything between fifty to a hundred dollars for dives. Mind you, that the cheapest diving option in the Indian Ocean islands is to opt for a live-aboard trip.

If you are at Guraidhoo you may have to pay fifty dollars per person for 12 hours of snorkeling. The price can feel like it's on the higher side but after you witness a swarm of tropical fishes, and lovable sea turtles swimming by your side, you will have no regrets. 

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Maldives Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Maldives
One of the best places to visit in Maldives. Locations are breathtaking. The resort is very clean and service is prompt. Enjoyed different kinds of food in restaurant. They won't charge extra after reaching there. They will inform you in advance if you are taking any extra services and charge you for that. The kind of price provided by Thrillophila is far better than others. Thrillophila guided us in each step during our journey and their response is amazing. Will definitely trust thrillophila for my future trips.
10 January 2021
The recent trip to the Maldives was awesome, we had an amazing time at the resort, the rooms were so big and spacious, cozy and comfortable beds, the sea view from rooms was so beautiful, they maintained proper hygiene and sanitization, great hospitality, the staff was very kind there and the food served at the Taj was amazing, especially the seafood was superb... we even enjoyed the snorkeling activity. Great place to stay and spend some quality time. I would like to thanks Thrillophilia for such an amazing deal and for organizing the entire package so well...
16 December 2020
The resort was awesome it has about 50 beach bungalows, we stayed there for 4 days. Facilities were also good. The service staff which was appointed to us was very friendly. The meals provided in the package were delicious. All thanks to Thrillophilia.
15 January 2021
Definitely, it was a great experience booking a stay with Thrillophilia... booking was easy, the payment method was secure. Such a beautiful experience at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, they have an amazing staff who was there to help with all your needs and their services were fast and clean. The sunrise water villa was pretty with a beautiful private pool & Jacuzzi. the room is comfortable with all modern amenities, the foods here was good with amazing options and taste yummy... in short, we get everything mentioned in all section above...3-nights stayed was splendid. Perfect vacation at a reasonable price
10 January 2021
All appreciation goes to the Thrillophilia team, The trip they planned for us was well-organized and well-executed. . The resort was beautifully-built and super clean, the rooms we stayed in were very sizeable, with amazing beds, furniture, and a bathroom... Talking about their staff and services was top-notch... We thouroughly. enjoyed all the foods and activities provided by this resort... The management was good and the staff was very hospitable... Everything went just perfect
Wonderful place to stay. We came here for our honeymoon and we really felt blessed to come here and stay. This place is paradise. First of all, Maldives is so beautiful and then Taj Coral Reef is so amazing. The staff, the food, the rooms, the ambiance, the vibe everything is so nice. I would suggest people who are coming to the Maldives to stay here at the Taj. We booked this hotel package via Thrillophilia and it was really a great deal. Thank you Thrillophilia for making our honeymoon beautiful.
06 January 2021
Nice Island.. peaceful.. not far from airport.. room is beautiful where you can see the crystal clear water from your bed and also the sunrise.. buffet dinner incredible with so many choices of food. Highly recommended, a beautiful island with good food and hospitality
08 January 2021
We stayed at Arena Beach Hotel in Maldives. The resort was very beautiful. We enjoyed many activities like Snorkelling, Dolphin Watching and Night fishing trip. The buffet meals provided in the package were delicious. Staff was amazingly friendly. All Thanks to Thrillophilia.
We booked this package from Thrillophilia and we went to there for my honeymoon. The stay was very comfortable and the meals provided were delicious. Our stay was for 4 days, which was just right; not too short or long. Staff was also friendly. Will visit here again. Thanks Thrillophilia.
17 December 2020
Thrillophilia planned well about this package as their itinerary was satisfying not only that even their price and support is far better than the other websites I had been experienced before...The Saii Lagoon Maldives Resort was really gorgeous and what makes the place more beautiful was the nice behavior of the host and the entire staff they were disciplined and warm...All meals were surprisingly delicious...This resort has everything we need, Worth every rupee I spend...

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People Also Ask About Maldives

  1. What is the cheapest month to go to the Maldives?

    If you are on a Budget Maldives Trip then the cheapest time to visit the Maldives would be during the offseason. This season extends from May and goes up to October. You can save big bucks during this season by making the most of the discounts and slashed deals off Thrillophilia.

    You can also pay a visit from April to June as the weather is not that wet during this time compared to months, May onwards. Even during this time, you can find comfy accommodations that are cheaper. However, make a booking for your flight after comparing prices.
  2. How much does a trip to the Maldives cost?

    A Maldivian vacation depends on the time you intend to spend there. If you plan a week’s stay with your family and friends, then may have to shell out 6455 MVR (INR 30725.8) so a trip for two can be anywhere around MVR 12, 910 (INR 61451.6). And simultaneously, for two weeks, the trip total may be equal to INR 122903.2.

    The price break-up is an aggregate of airfare, accommodations you choose, local transportation, random spending, drink, food, and nearby attractions that you visit. So you may have to shell out anything between 5000 to 5800 USD (368,050.75 INR) or less if you make your bookings through Thrillophilia.
  3. Which is the cheapest island in the Maldives?

    The cheapest Maldivian island is Maafushi as it caters to all kinds of trippers that have decided to travel on minimum budgets. It is a budget island in the Maldives and compared to the other local islands nearby, is the cheapest. Maafushi offers the most competitive prices for the most decent guesthouses.

    During the low season, per night charge is close to 40 USD in these guesthouses. Along with budgeted accommodations, the island houses the wonderful bikini beach that offers many water sports like surfing excursions, fishing, snorkeling, and diving, at budgeted rates.
  4. How many days are enough for the Maldives?

    Unless you have specific activities in mind that are tedious like deep-sea fishing or diving, Maldives is ideal for a brief stay. Anything that exceeds seven days would be too much, so 4 to 5 days would be more than sufficient for the Maldives. During these four to five days of stay you can visit the most iconic locations like the Male Atoll for its urban vibes, HP Reef for the caves and corals, the stunning and spectacular Vaadhoo island, and Bioluminescent Beach to indulge in star gazing with your beloved.
  5. When should you not go to the Maldives?

    The Maldives is the quintessential all-year-round destination which means you can travel throughout the year. But, since the country faces two monsoons, a damp monsoon in the southwest, and a wet season characterized by strong storms, you can avoid the latter.

    The wet season extends from May - November, and is known for intense, infrequent showers that you can avoid as seas are rough this time and it is not recommended to go for watersports and other activities.

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