Everest Base Camp Trek Distance, Length and Elevation - 2021
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What is the distance of Everest Bas Camp trek?

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What is the distance of Everest Bas Camp trek?
One of the most iconic treks in the world, the Everest Base Camp trek is of a lengthy distance of 130 Km, that is 65 Km each way. A lot of experienced, as well as novice trekkers, complete this trek with ease. But of course, trekking continuously at a high elevation can get pretty strenuous. Because of this, the trekkers regularly take adequate breaks to gradually get acclimatized to the high altitudes. 

So, usually, this trek is divided into 12-14 days. Out of these, around 8-9 days are for hiking where you will be walking for 6-8 hours, that is, approx 15 Km per day through the lofty mountains and uneven terrains. The other few days are fitted in between for your acclimatization. Even though 15 km in a day is not much for a person with normal physical fitness, the rugged terrains and the unreliable weather can slow you down.

If you are doing this trek during the winters, you will have to be more gradual and more careful as the stunning snow-clad trails can turn out to be challenging.  If you are going with a trek operator, they will make sure about all the meticulous planning for the whole trek. You just have to take care of packing the appropriate clothing and equipment.

The walking will perhaps be easier as the porters hiking along with you will be carrying your luggage the whole time. But if you are going on your own or with your own group of friends, keep in mind that you will have to prepare, plan out and execute the trek carefully to prevent any mishaps from occurring. Covering the total distance of 130 Km also depends on your experience as a trekker.

If you have done this trek or similar high altitude treks before, then you can expect your body to support you better in the trek. You may complete this difficult trek without much strain and exhaustion. 
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What is the length of Everest Base Camp trek?

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What is the length of Everest Base Camp trek?
The length of the Everest Base Camp is carried out for 12-15 days depending on the trek you choose. There are several other routes as well like Jiri to Everest Base camp or Gokyo treks. Although, these generally take longer days. It would take a minimum of 10 days to reach the Everest Base Camp by any route as there difficult rises and steeps, and around 3 days to Lukla, as the descend is comparatively easier.

If you are looking for an easier option and avoid this laborious trek from Nepal, you can take the road from Tibet. One drawback of this route is that you cannot travel independently. You will have to book a planned tour with a registered tour operator.

Day 1: Reach Kathmandu where you will be spending the night.
Day 2: Fly to Lukla and then walk till Phakding ( 9 Km- approx 3.5 to 4 hours)   
Day 3: Trek from Phakding to Namche Bazaar (12 Km- approx 5-6 hours)
Day 4: Acclimatization day at Namche. No walking, but maybe a 20-minute hike above Namche for a view of Mt Everest and Lhotse.
Day 5: Hike from Namche Bazaar to Tengboche (10 Km- approx 5 to 6 hours of walking)
Day 6: Continue your trek from Tengboche to Dingboche (12 Km- approx 6 to 7 hours)
Day 7: Acclimatization day at Dingboche
Day 8: Trek from Dingboche to Dughla/ Thukla (4.5 Km- approx 3 to 3.5 hours)
Day 9: Keep going from Dughla/ Thukla to reach Lobuche ( 3 Km- approx 3.5 hours)
Day 10: Resume your hike from Lobuche to Gorakshep then to Everest Base Camp and trek back down to Gorakshep (15 Km- approx 8 hours)
Day 11: Start hiking to Kala Patthar and then descend to Pheriche ( 13 Km- approx 7 hours)
Day 12: Commence your trek from Pheriche to reach Namche Bazaar (14 Km- approx 8 hours)
Day 13: Descend from Namche Bazaar to arrive at Lukla (15 Km- approx 8 hours)
Day 14: From Lukla, touchdown Kathmandu by flight (138 Km- approx 35 minutes flying time)
Day 15: End your journey and depart from Kathmandu for your onward flight.
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What is the Elevation of Everest Base Camp Trek?

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What is the Elevation of Everest Base Camp Trek?
Everest Base Camp is a high elevation trek with multiple altitudes. This is the most crucial part of your trek. The lowest point from where you start trekking will be Lukla at 2800 meters and the highest point from where you can get a clear view of Mount Everest peak, is Kala Patthar elevated at a staggering 5645 meters. As you climb up, you will be able to feel the effects of the ascent in your body.

Each day, you will gain an elevation of approx 400-500 meters as you trek towards the Everest Base Camp. You will be given days of rest in between your journey when you won’t have to hike so that you get acclimatized to the higher altitudes at a steady pace. That doesn’t mean you can sleep in your lodge. Now mind you, that can have opposite effects on your body.

It is necessary for you to be active during the acclimatization days as well. You can go out, explore the region and most importantly get used to the altitude. These days in between the trek are important as you will be able to reduce the chances of suffering from Acute Motion Sickness. Below you will be able to see the various altitudes that are increasing day by day in the standard trek.

Day 1: Kathmandu (1400m)
Day 2: Lukla, Phakding (2800 m, 2652 m)
Day 3: Namche Bazaar ( 3440 m)
Day 4: Acclimatization at Namche Bazaar
Day 5: Tengboche (3860 m)
Day 6: Dingboche ( 4360 m)
Day 7: Acclimatization at Dingboche
Day 8: Dughka/Thukla (4620 m)
Day 9: Lobuche (4940 m)
Day 10: Gorakshep- Everest Base Camp- Gorakshep (5170 m, 5364 m)
Day 11: Kala Patthar, Pheriche (5645 m, 4940 m)
Day 12: Namche Bazaar (3440 m)
Day 13: Lukla (2800 m)
Day 14: Kathmandu (1400 m)
Day 15: Departure
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03 May 2017
Having trekked in the Sahayadris for over 4-5 years now and after doing two himalayan treks in the previous season, I wanted to do a more challenging trek. So finally I decided to climb the base camp of the highest mountain in the world. The majestic mountain range had been in my bucket list for many years. Now seemed to be the right time, and so I set off in search of the "Everest". I always thought how difficult could it be to climb mountains, after all, it just takes putting one step ahead of the other. I was wrong, it indeed turned out to be more difficult than I imagined. This is due to the rarefied air in the atmosphere, that makes breathing difficult. Even a nominal gradient while ascending seems to be a task. But thankfully I wasn't hit by any symptoms of AMS ( Acute Mountain Sickness ) which makes the mountaineer's job tremendously difficult at high altitudes. On the trek, it was the promise of some awesome photos, that helped me carry through many steep climbs. But, the sheer beauty of the barren mountains with clear blue sky in the backdrop and the ferocious Dudh Koshi River inspired me not to give up but to keep climbing. During the climb of Kala Patthar, I learnt the importance of balance and concentration, even when you are exhausted beyond limit. On the Kala Patthar summit day, I set out at 4 in the morning, climbing through the mountain with a 50-70 degree gradient; sub zero temperatures, chilly winds and freezing weather. It was total dark and the only thing I could see through my head torch was the next step. From this moment till 6 am in the morning, I only thought about the awesome feeling of summiting and achieving my goal. As the air was thin, I concentrated on breathing properly and adequately and took synchronized baby steps. And, finally at 6:30 am I reached the Summit (5643m)! The view of the sunrise on Everest was just spectacular and the feeling of having summited, exhilarating!! The Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar expedition made me realize that to achieve a goal, it is important to believe in your own efforts and strength (Both Physical and Mental).But more than that, we should be grateful towards the ecosystem around and factors beyond our control which play an equally important role in our journey to achieve anything.
30 July 2018
Trekking the adorable Himalayas is always a must on the “to do” list of an avid trekker. After trekking over the Sahyadris and taking a few treks in Karnataka I decided to place my foot on the Himalayan Mountain Ranges. Going through the various options from Chadar, Sandakphu, Roopkund, Hampta Pass, etc. I finally narrowed down to the Everest Base Camp. The very thought of following the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay thrilled me to the core. The sight of having a close encounter with the highest point on earth just pushed further my excitement levels. After a series of e-searches and consulting with other fellow trekkers, I finally made up my mind to enroll for the 14 day EBC Trek with Thrillophilia. The EBC Trek was by far my best trek so far. Though the thin air made the ascent difficult and more challenging, I am glad that I was able to complete the trek. The amazing view of snow clad mountains, the vast greenery and above all the company of similar fun-loving folks made the trek a memorable one. Kudos to the team at Thrillophilia. The trek was not only organized well but the pricing was also reasonable. All the questions, concerns, doubts and apprehensions I that had were properly attended by the travel consultant at Thrillophilia, Miss Madhuri Mathur despite some of them being repetitive. The representatives Mr. Subid Sahoo and Mr. Nitish Singh as well as the trek Guide Mr. Bijay along with his assistants were all friendly and helpful. I will definitely suggest my pals to go for this trek. I wish to do it again sometime soon. Cheers, Vignesh
20 October 2014
A good trek at a very reasonable price is what I need to say about this trek first of all. I had a comfortable and good stay at the base camp. The camping was a great fun and I enjoyed to the core. Heard that this was the most challenging trek of Nepal and so I decided to try this out. This was obviously challenging but I could make it out till the end. it was just out of the world experience
23 September 2015
The mountains were brilliant and nice, the clear sky after the summer monsoon had dusted away the dust and we hence got a chance to have a clear view of the whole peak and the adjacent places. The days we spent at the camp base was cooler even though it could have been more long.
10 May 2015
Everest Base Camp Trekking In Nepal is one of the best camp trekking that I have ever taken. Everest has been in my wish list of places to trek for so long. When it did finally happen, I was getting sceptical. However, thanks to the organizers for making this whole process a smooth one for me. I am so glad and happy to have actually taken this trek. Also, visiting Nepal was a splendid experience. Viewing Everest from Nepal is the best part of this trip. I just wish I can do this again soon.
Nepal has the most attractive architecture of old times and the modern designs. We visit different -different places with enough time to explore them too.
We booked this trip to Kathmandu it was a beautiful place, the team coordinated well with me knowing we were a large no. of people travelling as a family. Loved their work and dedication towards it.
05 March 2020
Thrillophilia has the best operator in the market. The trek guide was professional and was friendly. The tea house's stay was comfortable and we trekked in November and the terrain was covered in snow and the guide guided us well how to trek in the snow without having much trouble. The experience was amazing and would love to book for other treks as well.
18 February 2020
It was an all-inclusive package from Thrillophilia and everything was arranged properly. They had informed us about the insurance and rest of the permits and guide and stay is being arranged by them. It was a great experience.
01 March 2020
I want to go there in the month of May and was sceptical about it, as I had heard it was not the best time to go for it but after a talk with Oshin from Thrillophilia, I had my doubts cleared and finally, I had trekked in May and it was the best experience I had and will definitely go for difficult treks every year.

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