55 Places to Visit in New South Wales & Top Tourist Places
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Sydney, Australia’s most vibrant urban destination is amongst the top fifteen most-visited cities in the world and why not! Surrounded by the blue mountains to the west, it is one of the most multicultural cities in the world with vibrant suburbs, world’s largest natural harbor, and iconic Sydney Opera house along with the harbour bridge. Offering the best tourist places in Sydney, it is one of the most sought after locations among the tourists.


Sydney has a warm climate and offers 300 perfect summer days suiting every tourist activity. Whether you decide strolling around the Bronte Beach, going on a shopping spree at the Westfield, admiring a dazzling sunrise from the top of the harbour bridge, or watching the sun set against the spectacular sydney skyline while sipping cocktail from the iconic opera house, the climate of sydney makes every activity a pleasant one.


Sydney beaches are world famous. Throng any beach from Bondi to Coogee and one is sure to be greeted with a lot of recreational activities. The spectacular views of the ocean, turquoise clear waters and beautiful beaches lined with coconut palms weaves magic and transforms you into a relaxed village feel.


And who doesn’t love shopping. From weekend markets at the Rocks to the luxury boutiques in Queen Victoria Buildings, Sydney shopping has it all! It is especially famous for its weekend markets. Hop to any of the Bondi markets, Paddington markets, Rocks markets and Paddy’s markets and you can find plenty of local Australian apparels, souvenirs, latest fashion and beautiful gifts.


Sydney is a perfect combination of old world charm and glamour. Visit it in January and you can revel along at the stunning Sydney Carnival or around May to witness the famous Australian Fashion Week. Cuddle a koala, feed deadly sharks from your glass boat, go whale watching, enjoy the scintillating nightlife of central business district, or scuba dive in the great barrier reef, anything you do in Sydney, is an unforgettable experience in itself. The tourist places in Sydney will offer you an experience of a lifetime.

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Places to Visit in Sydney
Manly Beach
Manly Beach is a part of the northern beaches of Sydney. It covers three parts- Queens cliff, north steyne and south steyne. It's main street for shoppers and diners, runs through the ferry wharf and harbor to the peninsula to Manly beach, the boundary between north and south steyne. Manly Lifeguards work the entire year at South Steyne, and work from October to April at Queens cliff and North steyne. After an energy filled day at exclusive Aussie beaches, unwind from unwinding by exploring the insane night acne at this beach. The nightclubs on this beach will keep you on your toes all night. Before that do remember to shop till you drop and try the sumptuous cuisine at one of the restaurants.

Location: It is located at Manly, NSW 2095, Sydney.

Highlight: Manly Beach is known for its restaurants, nightclubs and dive bars.

Best time to visit: September to November, March to May.
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Darling Harbour
Darling Harbor, located close to the Sydney City Centre has developed as the most popular tourist spot in Australia. Stretching from Cockle Bay and Kings Street to Pyrmont, it has innumerable attractions to offer to the tourists. As a result of being Sydney's commercial port once, Darling Harbor has seen a thorough intermingling of various cultures that are best exhibited through its tourist spots.

Being located at the heart of Sydney, this tourist waterside destination can leave you spoilt with the number of attractions and activities for tourists to explore. Known as one of the most favourite shopping and dining spots in Sydney, Darling Harbor hosts a number of events for its tourists all year long. 

Starting from high end shopping centres, Madame Tussauds Museum and to the most popular Sydney wildlife world, Darling harbour has a lot to offer to its tourists. Get to dine at some of the world’s famous restaurants as you enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings, sail over the ocean in luxury cruises and explore the enchanting aquatic life all in this place.

Explore the Australian Maritime Museum on the Western side of the Pyrmont bridge to get a detailed illustration of sea wars that took place several years ago. Not only that, Darling Harbour being located at the center of Sydney is well connected through to the main cities by road and water, which makes connectivity easier.

It is located 10 minutes away from major shopping centers, 25 minutes from the Sydney International Airport and has frequent bus and ferry services running to and fro. Stay in some of the finest hotels and resorts around this area and have a memorable and mesmerizing holiday.
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Blue Mountains

The beautiful Blue Mountains are situated in New South Wales, in Sydney, and are one of the most remarkable attractions in Australia. This mountain range, which is spread over an area of 11,400 square kilometres, was formed from a sandstone bedrock from a dissected plateau.

It is situated in the Sydney Basin and after millions of years of evolution, they are now a series of ridge-lines, separated by gorges as deep as 760 metres.The Blue Mountains are fringed with the Hawkesbury and the Nepean rivers in the east, and Lake Burragorang in the south and the Cox river in the west.

The Colo River flows on the north side of the mountains. Several popular towns, like the Blackheath, Mount Victoria, Springwood and Katoomba are situated in the intersections of this region.The most striking natural feature of the Blue Mountains is the vast expanses of eucalyptus rainforests.

The name of the mountain range is derived from the brilliant blue haze of the mountains, which is created by tiny, suspended droplets of eucalyptus oil released from the eucalyptus trees that grow on the face of these hills.

The Blue Mountains have been declared a World Heritage Area in 2000 by UNESCO due to the significant role of the eucalyptus forest, which have been stabilizing the environment and climate of Australia since prehistoric times.

There are many interesting places you can visit in and around the Blue Mountains, including the Three Sisters rock formation, which you can observe from the Echo Point Lookout at Katoomba.

This place is a confluence of many thrilling walking trails and valleys, which is why it attracts a number of tourists from all over the world. The ancient Jenolan Cave can also be found on the Blue Mountains, which has spectacular limestone crystal formations and underground rivers dating back to 340 million years.

Another key aspect of the Blue Mountain Range is that it is home to almost 400 different species of indigenous animals, the most predominant being koalas, spotted-tailed quoll, grey kangaroos, long-nosed potoroo, yellow-bellied glider, Blue Mountain water skink and several rare reptiles.

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Bondi Beach
The iconic stretch of the fine white sand along Bondi makes Bondi Beach one of Australia’s most popular beach destinations. The sand that glistens in the sun and the curling waves make it a paradise for surfers and deep-sea swimmers. The beach is framed with a beautiful sandstone peninsula that is popular among tourists and locals for walking, whale watching, and golfing.

The splendid Bondi Beach is not only flooded by foreigners, but also by the hardy locals who love to swim in the ocean pool all year round.  The beach also has ample public showers to wash away the salty water after a great swim in the sea. Just grab some finger-licking fish and chips from the Campbell Parade and enjoy them as you gulp on some cocktails while getting tanned under the sun.

The easy-going beach culture of Australia has always attracted travellers making Bondi Beach a buzzing place from dawn to dusk. It is not just for the water babies and beach lovers but eating out at one of the award-winning restaurants at Bondi is one of the much-admired attractions. Lively cafes and bars surround the beautiful Bondi Beach offering some amazing dining options that overlook the milky white coastline.

The promenade around the beach is flooded with shops having fashionable beachwear and places to stay ranging from hostels to trendy apartments. The scenic beach bustling with surfers during the day turns into a sparkling picture as the sun sets, making it the best place to cool off and enjoy some drinks.
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Queen Victoria Building
One of the grandest structures housed on mainland Australia, the Queen Victoria Building is a magnificent shopping plaza sprawling across the length of an entire block. The beautiful Romanesque structure was built in the year 1898, and its elaborate design was specifically planned in order to employ a large number of workmen for its construction, in a time when Australia was going through recession. 
The Building was named thus to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the long reigning monarch. The glorious structure is characterized by its beautiful stained-glass panels, its magnificent domes, pillars and arches. The building premises also houses a number of architectural wonders, such as the bronze statue of Queen Victoria and other similar sculptures.
The grand shopping plaza houses more than a hundred different shops, including retail stores, galleries and diners. Queen Victoria Building is especially well known for its dining options, offering more than 20 cafes and restaurants for grabs. Among its many dining options stands out the Tea Room, a heritage diner built in the concert hall once housed here.
There are several charming exhibitions scattered across the Queen Victoria Building premises. Along with the portraits of the eponymous Queen, the building also houses a secret sealed letter by the Queen, a Town Hall Palace, a Royal Wishing Well and two magnanimous clock structures.
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Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo is located on elevated land in the suburban area of Mosman on the banks of Sydney harbor, in New South Wales, Australia. Australia’s largest zoo, opened on 7th October 1916, is divided into 8 geographic regions and has a zoo shop, a café, and an information center.

The iconic zoo, spread over 69 acres of harbor land, is habitat to some of the exotic flora and fauna which include, but not limited to Australian Kangaroos, Koalas, Wallabies, Sumatran Tigers, Asian Elephants, Platypus, etc. A long list of additions to the Taronga Zoo includes a giraffe house in 1923, a marine museum or fish tank in 1927, Tahr hummock in 1932, and tiger dens in 1939. 
The 4,000 strong brigade of animal kingdom belonging to 350 species delights the wildlife enthusiasts. The scintillating views of Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, and the City’s Skyscrapers fascinate the visitors.

A range of experiences like tiger trek, elephant trail, serpentarium, and tours such as keeper-guided Wild Australian tour, VIP Aussie Gold tour, Nuara Diya tour, Roar & Snore tour, etc, captivate and entertain visitors. Shows such as Seal show, Chimpanzee keeper talk, Penguin talk, Sky safari, and Wild ropes attract droves of visitors throughout the year. Every year 1.5 million tourists visit Taronga zoo.
The zoo, which supports wildlife conservation, has had success in breeding exotic and endangered species like a pygmy possum, the koala, brush-tailed bettong, and parma wallaby. Its rainforest bird sanctuary is habitat to lyrebird, bowerbirds, honeyeaters, fruit pigeons, Australian parrots, and New Zealand Kiwis.
The “rustic bridge” opened in the year 1915, is described as the romantic tract sequestered by the trees.
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Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House is a topmost favorite spot that tourists look forward to visiting during their Sydney trip. Located on the east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (Port Jackson), New South Wales, Australia, the Opera House was even designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007.

Its architecture is a fusion of modernist, and ancient influences, which attracts over 8.2 million visitors every year. The eye-grabbing roof structure that looks like a white sail-shaped shell makes it the best-known landmark. It is a multipurpose place used for various performing arts facilities.

It can seat only about 1,500 people during one show to offer an exceptional experience to the audience. The 2,679-seat Concert Hall is the most abundant space here that hosts choir performances, symphony concerts, and famous music shows.

You can head to the Opera Theatre to watch popular Opera, dance performances and ballet shows. Further, the building houses three different sized theaters for presenting film screenings, stage plays, and shorter musical acts.

On the southeastern end of the building is the Forecourt that hosts outdoor performances. There are also a professional recording studio and restaurants in the complex. Thus, if you ever plan to take a tour of Sydney, the Sydney Opera House is worth a visit to witness impressive structure as well as performances.
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The Rocks
Cobblestoned laneways, earliest pubs, upscale restaurants, bustling markets and cosy cafes- all these make a perfect setting for the historic precinct of  The Rocks at Sydney. Nestled on the edge of the spectacular Sydney Harbour, The Rocks is one of the most sought after places in Sydney offering a wide range of accommodations, attractions and natural gems to marvel at.

Among the highlighted attractions of The Rocks, you can check out The Rocks Discovery Museum, Argyle Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and many more. If you are interested to know the history of the place, take a tour around the oldest pubs, heritage buildings and laneways, each of which has a long history to its credit.

It is also a great destination for adventure junkies. Whether you want to soar over the city on a scenic tour or explore the wildlife on a day trip or surf the golden beaches, The Rocks has it all for you! Apart from these, the Rock Market is a great place for tourists and Sydneysiders for spending happy hours of shopping and enjoying mouth-watering local platters from the roadside stalls.

You can also buy collectables and gifts from the market where more than 200 stalls are put up for displaying a wide range of products. There are luxury to mid-range hotels at The Rocks offering comfortable accommodation and sometimes great views of the surroundings. Some of the best hotels here are Park Hyatt, Quay West Suites, The Langham and others.
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Harbour Bridge
The grand and beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge has become an architectural symbol that is instinctively a signifier of not only Sydney but also Australia. It has been a quintessential icon of Sydney and an important part of the city’s landscape since 1932.

The construction of this iconic bridge took almost seven years, and it is made with 52,800 tons of steel. Since the shape and the angles of this bridge match that of a regular coat hanger, it is also known as coat hanger in the colloquial language.

It is renowned all over the world for being the largest steel arch bridge that serves as a primary medium of transportation. It is fully functional and carries not only rail and vehicular traffic but also pedestrians and cycles.
Maintained by the government of New South Wales, the Sydney Harbour Bridge has eight lanes and is 134 meters in height.

The southeast pylon of this bridge is often used by the tourists for legal bridge climbing. It holds an extremely special place in the heart of the locals as well as the tourists alike.
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SEA LIFE Aquarium

A crystal clear glass tunnel, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is one of the most visited places in Australia. The site was established in the year 1988, housing an alluring world of aquatic creatures in their real marine life. This entire family of sea creatures consists of more than 13,000 fish of 700 species from around the world.

Replicating the shape of a humongous wave, it took two years to bring this design from paper to reality. You can travel through the wavy tunnels to witness the wide variety of exotic tropical fish to bulky sharks, peppy penguins, and furious stingrays along with many other fish.

Besides this, you can also get engaged in various events organized by the aquarium or hire the venue for hosting one on your own. These events range from New Moon Underwater Parties to Private get together with all your near and dear ones in the company of colorful reefs and playful marine creatures. 
You must also know that the large establishment is divided into 14 parts, which have their unique theme for facilitating the visits of all the tourists. These zones include Jurassic Seas, Discovery Rockpool, Shark Walk, and the world’s largest Great Barrier Reef on display.

Each zone has its essence, and you can encounter various types of animals in their natural habitat. You must dedicate a day to the aquarium as it owes more than 50% of its traffic to the international visitors proving its worth. It is a fun, educational and exciting place to be at and take your little toddlers on to a journey with the lively aquatic life.

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Byron Bay
1574140448 shutterstock 504317278.jpg

Byron Bay’s reputation of being the beach town precedes to it to such an extent that the very first impression of it may leave you wondering as to what is this fuss all about. The beaches are not only great but they are spectacular and lie all along the coast. So, what makes Byron Bay so special? To sum it up, it is the very vibe of the place that makes it so special. It is only and only in Byron that the coastal surf area flows into the hippie tide washing down from the hinterland. As a result of this, it leads to the formation of one great barefooted proxy lifestyle mélange.

Town center of the Byron bay is laid back and low lying. Locals of the town are only adamant on preserving the essential small town soul of this coastal town nestled in the south eastern state of New South Wales in Australia. This does not mean that Byron is secluded or sees no tourists rather it does gets cramped with several off-the-leash teens who come here to live the lax life. Yet the unique atmosphere of Byron has the ability of transforming even the most cynical tourists with its raucous nightlife, balmy days, ambling milieu, reliable surf breaks, endless beaches and fine food.

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Other Attractions

Blue Mountains National Park
The Blue Mountains National Park is the country's pride and heritage. It houses a number of endangered mammals, including Tiger Quoll. Situated at the heart of the Blue Mountains, this national park attracts more than 3 million visitors every year.

Highlights: The Blue Mountains National Park is a spectacular area, belonging to Australia. The national park offers a wide range of sports and activities to its visitors, which including mountain climbing, rock climbing, short walks, overnight adventure, long way lookouts, and Canyoning. The largest bird, 'Emu' flies into this park every summer, which is an absolute mesmerizing scene to witness.

Location: Blue Mountains National Part is located in the heart of Blue Mountain hills of New South Wales, Australia.

Price: Entry to the Blue Mountains National Park is free of any monetary value. But it costs $8 per day if you have vehicles parked in the parking lot. 
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Art Gallery of NSW
Art Gallery of New South Wales is one of the most iconic public gallery and among the largest art museums in Australia. The gallery was established long back in 1874, over a century ago. It's one of the best galleries to explore the beautiful artwork from across the world.


Location: It is located in Art Gallery Road, The Domain in Sydney, Australia. Public transport is easily available to reach this amazing place.

Highlights: Extensive collections like Australian art, Aboriginal art, Asian art, Contemporary art, European art are displaced in the art gallery. One can also enjoy various programs and facilities that are held in the gallery. Tourists love to visit the art gallery to come close to Australian culture and heritage.

Best time to visit: The place is open everyday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm except on Wednesday when it's open till 10:00 pm. The Art Gallery is closed on Christmas Day and on Good Friday.

Price: The entry to this Art Gallery is completely free, both for adults and kids.

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Westfield Warringah Mall
If you want to go out shopping, then it is best for you to visit Westfield Warringah Mall. It has a large indoor and outdoor shopping centre. The shopping mall encompasses some good brands such as David Jones, Myer, Target, Big W, Bunnings, Woolworths and more.

Highlight: It has approximately 50 speciality store. As an add on delight you will find outdoor play area for toddlers too which will leave you from a lot of stress and concentrate on your shopping.

Location: Condamine St, Old Pittwater Road, Brookvale
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