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Byron Bay’s reputation of being the beach town precedes to it to such an extent that the very first impression of it may leave you wondering as to what is this fuss all about. The beaches are not only great but they are spectacular and lie all along the coast. So, what makes Byron Bay so special? To sum it up, it is the very vibe of the place that makes it so special. It is only and only in Byron that the coastal surf area flows into the hippie tide washing down from the hinterland. As a result of this, it leads to the formation of one great barefooted proxy lifestyle mélange.

Town center of the Byron bay is laid back and low lying. Locals of the town are only adamant on preserving the essential small town soul of this coastal town nestled in the south eastern state of New South Wales in Australia. This does not mean that Byron is secluded or sees no tourists rather it does gets cramped with several off-the-leash teens who come here to live the lax life. Yet the unique atmosphere of Byron has the ability of transforming even the most cynical tourists with its raucous nightlife, balmy days, ambling milieu, reliable surf breaks, endless beaches and fine food.

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People Also Ask About Byron Bay

  1. Travel advice

    • You can find different locals as well as the foreigners in messy clothes. Such people can be drug addicts. It is better to stay off them.

    • If you find a stranger who offers you food to eat, no matter how hungry you are, do not eat it. People here tend to trick the travelers and serve them drugs in different forms.

    • Never trust anyone with any of your valuables. It could be a trap.

    • Make sure, you safely put your valuables and cash in a room safe.

    • Do not leave your valuables anytime in the hotel room.

    • If you are carrying a huge sum of cash with you, it is better to not go in crowded areas. In case there is no alternative, make sure you stay alert throughout. Avoid keeping the cash in your back pocket and rather keep it in your jacket or the front pocket.  

    • There are several street stalls here. Most of them serve quality food. However, a little check on the quality does no harm. But it is always a good idea to check the quality before ordering a meal.

    • Never, drink non filtered water. It is always good to carry with you bottled mineral water. You can easily find mineral water in Byron Bay but make sure the bottle that you buy has its seal intact.

    • Never overlook the importance of the safety gear especially when you try out some water sports or adventure activities.

    • Don’t get over friendly with any stranger or hotel staff.

    • Even if you are staying with someone in a group (as part of package trips), do not trust them with your money.

    • Cross check the bills you get – restaurants, hotels, food, etc

    • Be wary of the touts.

    • Never entertain the beggars.

    • Carry at least one ID proof.

    • Never get involved in any physical fight.

    • Do not let anyone mislead you.

  2. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking is 18 years.

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

    Heart of the Bay

    Byron Bay has several places to see which are interesting. You can visit the Heart of the Bay that is basically a 200 square feet warehouse which manages crystals. This landmark is located in the industrial estate of Byron Bay. You can access a large variety of crystals, fossils, meteorites and jewellery that is made in Australia and other areas from around the world.

    Cape Byron Marine Park

    Cape Byron Marine Park preserves a large variety of marine habitats in Byron Bay. The surrounding area is full of natural elements which makes the park a wonderful sightseeing destination for tourists. This park covers an area of 22,000 hectares which expands in the north from Brunswick Head to Lennox Head present in the south direction. You can visit this region to check out some amazing species of marine plants, fishes, seabirds and even dolphins. One would be amazed to know that, this Marine Park also has several endangered species of sea turtles, little terns and grey nurse sharks.

    Lake Ainsworth

    This dunal lake is a pleasant location where people can enjoy several water activities. Water sports like kayaking and canoeing can be easily accessed in this region. The place is famous among locals as well as tourists due to the availability of picnic and barbeque facilities.

    Wategos Beach

    It is one of the top tourist places in Byron Bay which attracts a large crowd every year. You can relax yourself at Wategos Beach since the atmosphere here is quite peaceful. It is a popular place for picnic and paddling. There are free beachside barbeques that can be used for cooking lunch. The lighthouse present in this area should be visited as it offers a fascinating view of the whole beach.

    Main Beach Byron Bay

    This beach has a serene setup that is liked by tourists who visit Byron Bay. The fabulous natural views from the Main Beach will stupefy your senses and keep you stuck. The white sands along with the jumping dolphins and whales in the sea would fill your heart with joy and excitement. The Surf Club at this beach is quite active. Visitors are allowed to swim but only between the flags. It is mandatory to wear a cap when you hit the water.

    Boggy Creek Walk

    Byron Bay is a gorgeous destination which makes New South Wales look magnificent. Boggy Creek Walk is a short walk that covers several interesting locations. You will get to cross the rainforest that is present between Rummery Park and Minyon falls. Tourists can access this walk anytime without worrying about the season. This adventure walk must be initiated during the early hours.

    Minyon Falls

    Probably one of the renowned tourist places in Byron Bay, Minyon Falls are surrounded by lush subtropical rainforests. Tourists have to access a walk from Rummery Park which will lead them to Minyon Falls after crossing the Boggy Creek. You will get to examine a number of small waterfalls and natural pools present in the creek region.

  4. What you will like there?

    Laid Back Environment

    Want to relieve some city stress? There is definitely no better place than Byron Bay. It is a mellow, funky and a walkable town that has just the ideal mélange of relaxation and activity. Believe me, this would never change. Locals are every bit committed to keep the small town feel of the Byron Bay alive.

    The Rich History

    Primitive people have been swamping the bay for thousands of years to find marriage partners, swap stories and trade goods.  The rich European history of this bay goes back to 1770 when Captain James Cook discovered a safe dock and named Cape Byron after his navigator, Lord Byron. This is just a small chunk of the vast history of Byron Bay.

    Surf Lessons

    In Byron Bay, there is no dearth of surf schools or surf instructors here. You can easily find classes to learn how to surf all by yourself, in a huge group or even a small group. So, Surf Up!

    The Nightlife

    Byron Bay has no dearth of things to do even when the night gets dark. Right from the dance clubs to the laid back bars, music venues and the restaurants, there is so much to enjoy the nightlife of Byron. No matter whether you are 16 or 64, you’ll enjoy the night fun this place offers.


    Byron Bay has technically nine different beaches that you can opt from. Good Luck making that decision.

    Hot Air Balloon Rides

    In the hot air balloon ride in the Byron Bay, you can get some of the most mesmerizing views of the city, breathtaking views and the green hills rolling into the Mt. Warning volcanic caldera. This is indeed one big deal.     

    Horse Back Rides on the Beach

    How about taking a horseback ride on the beach? Sounds unique? Oh, you simply cannot imagine how much fun it is going to be! Pass through the shallow waves with wind fluttering your face and sun giving just the right degree of shade on your face.

    Kayaking in the Bay

    How about kayaking right next to the turtles, whales and dolphins in the ridiculously blue waters in the proximity of the pristine beach? You will get to do all this and more at the Byron Bay.

    Skydiving above Byron

    Soar high above the Byron Bay just the tandem style. When up in the air, you can fixate your eyes on one of the green patch or the beach front here. What could have been a more ideal way to explore this city?

    The Incredible Lighthouse

    Lighthouse of the Byron Bay is the eastern most point of Australia. It is indeed beautiful. You can take a nice walk down the rocks to get a good view of the lighthouse. If you are lucky, you can even spot whales here.

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