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The Blue Mountains National Park is the country's pride and heritage. It houses a number of endangered mammals, including Tiger Quoll. Situated at the heart of the Blue Mountains, this national park attracts more than 3 million visitors every year.

Highlights: The Blue Mountains National Park is a spectacular area, belonging to Australia. The national park offers a wide range of sports and activities to its visitors, which including mountain climbing, rock climbing, short walks, overnight adventure, long way lookouts, and Canyoning. The largest bird, 'Emu' flies into this park every summer, which is an absolute mesmerizing scene to witness.

Location: Blue Mountains National Part is located in the heart of Blue Mountain hills of New South Wales, Australia.

Price: Entry to the Blue Mountains National Park is free of any monetary value. But it costs $8 per day if you have vehicles parked in the parking lot. 

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