15 Places to Visit in Ahmednagar, Tourist Places & Attractions

Ahmednagar Tourist Places

Ahmednagar Fort, Tomb of Salabat Khan II, Cavalry Tank Museum,  Meherabad, Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary, Pimpri Gawali, Farah Bagh, Siddheshwar Temple, Kapurbawdi Lake, Vishal Ganpati Temple, Bagh Rauza Fort, Randha Falls, Damdi Masjid, Bhishtbag Mahal, Avatar Meher Baba Samadhi Meherabad.

There are innumerable historical and natural places to visit in Ahmednagar, which will make you vacation enriching and memorable. Irrespective of whether you are travelling with your family, or with a group of friends, alone or with your partner, you will find some nook or cranny to explore when you are in Ahmednagar. The city is full of historical forts, temples, nature parks and viewpoints that are special, unique and worth exploring. If you are fond of exploring the architectural history of a place you are travelling to, you will not be disappointed in Ahmednagar.

Places like the Ahmednagar Fort, Tomb of Salabat Khan II and Bagh Rauza Fort are all specimens of historical Ahmednagar tourist places. However, if you are looking for places to visit near Ahmednagar that offer nature views and adventure, then you can also check out locations such as Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary, Randha Falls and Umbrella Falls, which are ideal for picnics, treks or simply for taking in the surrounding natural beauty.

Here is the list of best places to visit in Ahmednagar:

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The Ahmednagar Fort is one of the most enthralling places to visit in Ahmednagar. This fort is a fine example of the architectural brilliance and prowess of the ancient natives of the place. While the fort was, initially, constructed with mud in the year 1427, it was later transformed into a majestic fort built with stone by Ahmed Nizam Shah I- the first ruler of the Nizam Shahi Dynasty. Re-constructing the fort from the mud structure to stone started in 1559 and it was finally finished in the year 1562.

The purpose of the fort was to protect the city from the external invasion of enemies of the kingdom. Today, it is a historical and natural attraction for all those who visit Ahmednagar.

Location: M.I.R.C. Ahmednagar, Maharashtra- 414002

Timing: Monday to Sunday (10:00am – 5:00pm)

Entry fees: INR 5 per person
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Salabat Khan II was a great statesman and a minister in the court of the 4th Nizam Shah Murtaza. Today, the spectacular tomb of Salabat Khan is one of the famous places to visit in Ahmednagar. This magnificent tomb is a three-storeyed stone structure built in signature Mughal architectural style.

The tomb is situated at an elevation of 3,080 feet and is visible from any part of the city. The tomb is based on an octagonal structure covered by a dome supported by three piers of brilliantly sculptured pointed arches.

Location: Sonewadi, Maharashtra 414002
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The Cavalry Tank Museum is a military museum and one of the most popular places to visit in Ahmednagar.  It was established in 1994 by the Armoured Corps Centre and School and it is a one-of-a-kind museum in Asia which exhibits 50 different vintage armoured fighting vehicles. The collection includes war tanks, self-propelled guns, armoured cars and specialist vehicles.

This unique museum also exhibits the famous Ghost Rolls-Royce Armoured Car which dates back to the First World War. The Nazi German 88mm armour field gun is also one of the most sought-out exhibits, which was retrieved from the Pakistan military camps during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965. All these exhibits, along with the other fascinating displays, makes this an incredible experience to have in Ahmednagar.

Location: Iwale Nagar, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 414001

Timing: Tuesday to Sunday (9:00am- 5:00pm)

Entry fees: INR 10 per person
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The word “Meherabad” is derived from the Iranian word ‘Mihir’ meaning ‘a friend’. Likewise, the Sanskrit word “Mithira” means ‘a prosperous settlement’. Initially, Meherabad was an ashram established by the spiritual leader Meher Baba in 1923. While still alive, Meher Baba decided to transform his ashram into his Samadhi centre. After his demise, the ashram turned into one of the most popular pilgrim centres.

Today, devotees from all over India and from all walks of life visit the Samadhi of the Holy Shrine to pay their respects. It is one of the most serene and tranquil places to visit in Ahmednagar. You can spend some quality time with your friends and family, taking in the spiritual ambience of the ashram.

Location: Arangaon Village, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 414001.
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The Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary is one of the most perfect places to visit in Ahmednagar for those who are fond of nature. Spread over an area of 2.17 square km, this vast sanctuary was established in 1980 and is presently a safe ecosystem for rare varieties of flora and fauna. The most striking of them is of course a herd of 400 magnificent Blackbucks or the Indian Antelopes.

They are also known as “Kalvit” in Maharashtra. This sanctuary also houses some rare species of birds, making it a wonderful place for bird-watchers to catch a few rare breeds. The sanctuary offers walking tours and photography tours that you can sign up for.

Location: Bargewadi, Maharashtra 414402

Timing: Monday to Sunday (8:00am- 6:00pm)

Entry fees: INR 200
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Located at a distance of 25km from the main city, the small village of Pimpri Gawali is one of the most fascinating places to visit near Ahmednagar. Despite being located in rural Maharashtra, it is a seat of modernity and development, with several watershed development programmes and agro-business schemes being conducted successfully here.

The village was personally chosen by Anna Hazare due to its prime location and enthusiasm of the locals to conduct development activities here. While it is fascinating to explore the many ingenious development programmes that have thrived here, it is also a haven for nature-lovers to move away from the city and explore the beautiful and peaceful countryside with activities like trekking, hiking and much more.

Location: Parner Taluka, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India.
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Built by the Nizam Shahi rulers who presided over the area in the 13th and 14th centuries, Farah Bagh is undoubtedly, one of the most fascinating places to visit near Ahmednagar. The quaint building used to be a retreat for Murtaza Nizam Shah, who used the complex and its gardens to take walks and play chess.

While most of the building is in ruins now, it is interesting to walk around the gardens and the complex and learn about the colourful history of the place, and the activities that used to be conducted in this complex.

Location: Iwale Nagar, Morchudnagar, Maharashtra 414110
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The Siddheshwar temple is one of the famous places to visit in Ahmednagar. This temple is situated at a distance of 40 kilometres from the main city of Ahmednagar, in the taluka of Parner. This beautiful temple with intricate architectural designs is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Pilgrims visit this place for worship and also for a picnic and touring, as this temple is set amidst the misty hills, natural ponds and waterfalls, creating an enchanting natural ambience. The best time to visit the temple is during the festive months of ‘Sravan’.  The place thrives with the fervour of festivity and cultural performances. Pilgrims gather in hundreds, to celebrate together.

Location: Tarakpur, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 414001

Timing: 6:00am – 10:00pm
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Kapurbawdi Lake is one of the most tranquil tourist spots amongst Ahmednagar tourist places. This lake was built by Nizam Shah near Baneshwar Temple. The vast and picturesque lake is a perfect spot to relax with your friends or to enjoy a quiet and peaceful picnic.

Nestled amidst the misty ranges of the Sahyadri hills, it is also a natural retreat where you can explore the beauty of the country. You can spend some quality time birdwatching and boating on the lake as well. The Samadhi of Reverend Tilak, the famous Marathi poet, is situated on the banks of this lake.

Location:  Burhannagar, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra- 414001
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The Vishal Ganpati Temple is a much-visited structure amongst all Ahmednagar tourist places. It is believed to be a 100-year-old temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The architectural design of this temple is inspired by the famous Birla Mandir in Jaipur. A 3.6 metres tall statue of Lord Ganesha adorns the main shrine of the temple.

According to mythological beliefs, this temple was built by one of the ardent devotees of Lord Ganesha, when was presented with the vision of Lord Ganesha, sweating. Bewildered by the miraculous event, he decided to construct a temple for the Lord. The best time to visit this temple is during the festive time of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Location: Behind Old Bus Stand, Old Maliwada Road, Maliwada, Ahmednagar- 414001
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The historical monument that is Baugh Rauza Fort is one of the most famous Ahmednagar tourist places.  This fort is also known as “Garden of Shrine” as this monument is also the burial ground of Ahmed Nizam Shah, who was the founder of the city of Ahmednagar.

The fort is a beautiful example of Mughal architecture and intricate carvings. The fort is built with fine black stone and the scripts from the holy book of Koran are scripted in gold on the domes of the fort. Even today the sculptural work of the tomb has withstood the test of time and remained untarnished.

Location: Sudke Mala, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 414001

Timing: Monday to Sunday (9:00 am- 6:00 pm)

Entry fees: INR 20
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Situated at a distance of 10 km from the Bhandardara Bus Stop, Randha Falls is one of the more mesmerising Ahmednagar tourist places. Formed over River Pravara, the water cascades down from a height of 170 feet and splashes down into a deep gorge below. The best time to watch this magnificent waterfall in its full glory is during the monsoon season.

The rainwater feeds the waterfall and it swells up in volume as it gushes down the rocky edges of the mountain. It is definitely an out of the world sight to behold for any visitor.

Location: Rajur- Bhandardara Road, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra- 414001

Timing: Monday to Sunday (6:00 am – 6:00 pm)

Entry fees: INR 50 per person
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While exploring the city, you must visit the Damdi Masjid, which is amongst the more enthralling yet underrated places to visit near Ahmednagar. The architectural brilliance of this masjid is undeniable. According to popular belief, this structure was built by a noble named Sahir Khan, but it was most likely constructed by Chandi Bibi, the Muslim Queen.

The mosque was initially constructed for Shia Muslims, but later after the conquest of the Deccani Kings of Ahmednagar, this mosque was transformed for the Sunni Muslims. The intricate carvings and calligraphy in this mosque are astonishing. Damdi means lowest denominated coins and it is said that this mosque was funded by the Sufi fakirs and labourers with the lowest denomination of their coins.

Location: Mukundnagar, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 414001
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Another fabulous specimen of Nizami architecture that can be found in the vicinity of Ahmednagar is the Bhistibag Mahal. It is located in the same complex as the Tomb of Salabat Khan II. Despite the fact that the actual building is in ruins now, there is no denying that walking through the complex will give you a keen sense of understanding about the history and architecture of the place.

The structure of the building was heavily influenced by Mughal architecture, and the surrounding gardens also emulated the geometric style that was popular in all the famous Mughal gardens. You can walk around the complex and enjoy a quiet picnic here if you are looking for unique places to visit near Ahmednagar.

Location: Phanase Nagar, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 414003

Timing: Monday to Sunday (6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.) (open 24 hours on Tuesday
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Located on the top of a small hill, the Meher Baba Samadhis is one of the highlights of Meherabad. Despite it being a historical attraction, it is also a cultural hotspot, with regular film screenings, meets, cultural programmes and other events being conducted on the complex on a weekly basis. There is also an adjoining museum that you can explore.

Location: Meherabad, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 414006

Timing: Monday to Sunday (6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.)
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People Also Ask About Ahmednagar

  1. What is the best time to visit Ahmednagar?

    Winter is the best time to visit Ahmednagar. You should plan your vacation to this place between the months of November and March, which is when the weather is pleasant and cool, and you can freely explore the historical and natural attractions of this beautiful district. The summers and monsoon season are hot and dry, which is not ideal for travelling.
  2. Which are the best historical places in Ahmednagar?

    1. Ahmednagar Fort: The majestic Ahmednagar Fort is a work of art that was built by Malik Ahmed Nizam Shah, who was the first ruler of the Nizam Shahi Dynasty.

    2. Amruteshwar Temple: The famous Amruteshwar Temple is amongst the most incredible places to visit in Ahmednagar. This temple is 1,200 years old and is known for its intricate sculptural brilliance. It was constructed by the rulers of the Shilahara.

    3. Vishal Ganpati Temple: The Vishal Ganpati Temple in Ahmednagar is believed to be 100 years old. It is one of the most visited temples that is home to a 3.6 tall sculpture of Lord Ganpati.

    4. Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir: The Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir is one of the most revered places to visit near Ahmednagar. Devotees from all over the world visit this holy shrine to offer prayers to Sri Sai Baba.

    5. Meher Baba’s Samadhi: Meher Baba – the Hindu spiritual leader was buried in his ashram after his demise. Since then, the ashram has been transformed into a pilgrim centre for all his devotees and followers.
  3. What is Ahmednagar famous for?

    The city of Ahmednagar is mainly famous for its agribusiness activities and watershed developments. But this city is also popular for the famous Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and numerous other historical forts and ancient temples.
  4. What are the best things to do in Ahmednagar?

    1. Rappelling in Sandhan Valley: Sandhan valley is one of the most visited Ahmednagar tourist places. Enjoy a fun-filled day rappelling down this picturesque valley, which is 200 feet deep and stretches for over 2 km.

    2. Trekking in Sandhan Valley: Trekking in Sandhan valley is a memorable and rejuvenating activity in which you can embark on a picturesque 5-hour trek through valleys, waterfalls and hills.

    3. Camping in Sandhan Valley: You can spend a night in the enchanting Sandhan Valley and enjoy the thrill of camping under the starry night with a bonfire and delicious local food.

    4. Konkan Kada Rappelling in Harishchandragad: The historical Harishchandragad Fort is situated at an elevation of 4,671 feet. You can rappel down the most gorgeous cliff of Konkan Kad which is also a wonderfully unique way to take in the views.

    5. Trekking to the top of Harishchandragad Fort: Experience the thrill of trekking to the top of the historical fort of Harishchandragad at an elevation of 4,671 feet, from where you can catch an unparalleled view of the Western Ghats.
Newly Added Ahmednagar Experience
06 March 2020
Dayaananda Varrier Harishchandragad Trek
Our trekking experience was great it was my first trek from Thrillophilia and that was satisfactory good. I am a solo traveler and this was one of my best trips, everything was perfectly managed and I enjoyed a lot.
03 March 2020
Dinesh Mukhopadhyay Harishchandragad Trek
We have an amazing guide on our side, this place is very nice to visit in the early morning, the guide instructed us well about the path and also tells us the historical stories about this place. We enjoyed our time here and the breakfast was also good. Carry some glucose powder and drink that in mid will be helpful to you. Good to go.
Govinda Pandey Harishchandragad Camping
Amazing experience, all we get from this trip it was absolutely new for us which we really appreciated and unforgettable.
Mangala Menon Harishchandragad Camping
Such a nice trip which worth every penny...driver picked-up us on-time...the vehicle was good...the host took a good session about the entire plan of the tour, fun hike, comfortable camping, can describe no-more, it was just an enjoyable tour throughout.
Strongly recommended!!! this is the best getaway in a holiday with family and friends, this tour was properly organized and managed by the staff. Our guide was patient and polite always there with us while camping and trekking, In the middle of no-where we had a great stay with a bonfire after sunset. Overall it was really a great experience.
09 March 2020
Hiranya Tandon Harishchandragad Trek
It was a wonderful experience with a super funny guide, he instructed us well and involve us in the various activities during the trek. The temple was beautiful and we completed our whole trip on time.
14 March 2020
Ambar Shukla Harishchandragad Trek
Very beautiful place and very adventurous trek. We enjoyed our whole night there. Must carry enough water in a water bottle. Our guide was good and we have an awesome group, the guide showed us the hidden places in the way and we get goosebumps when we first saw Kedareshwar temple. We will definitely be going to visit again Highly recommended.
06 March 2020
Hari Kaniyar Harishchandragad Trek
This trek was on my list for a long time, and finally, I booked it from Thrillophilia and it turns out to be the best trekking experience I ever had. We enjoyed the way and the temple to, get some time to rest and enjoy the beauty there. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
03 March 2020
Shivakari Talwar Harishchandragad Trek
It was an amazing experience, we were 5 in total and booked this trek from Thrillophilia. The guide was good and briefing was nicely done. Kedareshwar temple was very beautiful and more special in the early morning. We were on time so we get to sit there for awhile and relax. The breakfast was nice and we had a memorable trek.
12 March 2020
Daksha Bhattathiri Harishchandragad Trek
We did this trek yesterday and was an excellent adventure. The guide was good and polite, the early morning looks very calming and the trek was thrilling. konkankada was very beautiful and the view we get from there is amazing.

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