Damdi Masjid Overview
While exploring the city, you must visit the Damdi Masjid, which is amongst the more enthralling yet underrated places to visit near Ahmednagar. The architectural brilliance of this masjid is undeniable. According to popular belief, this structure was built by a noble named Sahir Khan, but it was most likely constructed by Chandi Bibi, the Muslim Queen.

The mosque was initially constructed for Shia Muslims, but later after the conquest of the Deccani Kings of Ahmednagar, this mosque was transformed for the Sunni Muslims. The intricate carvings and calligraphy in this mosque are astonishing. Damdi means lowest denominated coins and it is said that this mosque was funded by the Sufi fakirs and labourers with the lowest denomination of their coins.

Location: Mukundnagar, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 414001
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