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About Ahmednagar
Ahmednagar is a beautiful city that is also the largest district in Maharashtra, India. This city was founded in the year 1490 by Ahmad Nizam Shah, and eventually, the city came to be named after him. As the city of Ahmednagar is situated in the rain-shadow-region of the Western Ghats, this region has a rugged natural beauty along with undulating stretches of lush greenery and mesmerising flower valleys.There are several attractions in this city. Some of the most remarkable places to visit are the majestic Ahmednagar Fort, Amruteshwar Temple, Shri Siddhivinayak Temple, Meher Baba’s Samadhi and much more.

There are also a number of natural attractions such as the mesmerising Sandhan Valley, Randha Falls, Bhandardara Lake, and the Umbrella Falls, all of which are ideal for trekking, picnics and nature walks. In fact, Ahmednagar is known for the many adventure activities that can be enjoyed when you are here. Hiking, trekking and rappelling are some of the most sought-after activities you can enjoy in the enthralling cliffs of the Sahyadri ranges.

Harishchandragad Trek and rappelling at Kokan Kada are some of the popular sports that are enjoyed by all visitors. Since Ahmednagar is situated on the side of the Western Ghats that receives less rainfall, the city generally experiences a hot and dry climate throughout the year. The summers are very hot and dry and rainfall, even during the monsoon season, is sparse. The winter mornings are cool and sunny and it is the best time to visit the city and enjoy its natural and historical beauty.

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Ahmednagar FAQ's

Which are the best places to visit in Ahmednagar?

1. Sri Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir: Sri Sai Baba was a Hindu Brahmin saint and a spiritual preacher of Hinduism who arrived in Shirdi around 1858 and preached here till his demise in 1918. He was buried in this temple which is built with pristine white marble.

A life-size statue of the saint adorns the temple which attracts thousands of devotees from all over the world. This shrine is considered one of the holiest shrines amongst Hindus.

- Location: Mauli Nagar, Shirdi, Maharashtra 423109
- Timing: Monday to Sunday (4:00 a.m. – 11:50 p.m.)

2. Ahmednagar Fort: The Ahmednagar Fort is one of the most majestic and historical places in Maharashtra. This fort was initially a mud-structure, which was converted into a magnificent stone fort by Malik Ahmed Nizam Shah I, who was the first ruler of the Nizam Shahi dynasty. It was built in 1427 to protect the city from external invasions.

The transformation from mud-structure to stone was started in 1559 and it took four years to complete its construction. Today it acts as both a historical attraction and a magnificent viewpoint.

- Location: M.I.R.C. Ahmednagar, Maharashtra- 414002
- Timing: Monday to Sunday (10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

3. Sandhan Valley: The enthralling Sandhan Valley, also known as the “The Great Canyon” is located near the famous fort of Ratangad and Kalsubai, amidst the majestic Sahyadri mountain ranges. This valley is situated at an elevation of 4,255 feet above sea level, with a depth of 200 feet and stretches over 2 km.

This valley is especially sought out by nature lovers, trekkers and adventure-seekers.

- Location: Sahyadri Mountain Ranges, Western Ghats.

4. Randha Falls: The Randha Falls is a natural wonder in Ahmednagar, and also one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. This picturesque waterfall has formed over River Pravara and cascades down from an altitude of 170 feet into a gorge.

The best time to visit the Randha Falls is during the monsoon season. The water swells up and increases in volume during this time of the years and the gushing waters that spill onto the surrounding countryside is truly a vision to behold.

- Location: Rajur, Bhandardara Road, Ahmednagar.

5. Umbrella Falls: The Umbrella Falls in the Bhandardara region is another popular tourist spot where you can relax and unwind with your loved ones. As the name suggests, the manner in which the water swells up resembles the shape of an umbrella before cascading down the mountain rocks.

This waterfall originates from the Wilson Dam and looks mesmerising during the monsoon season.

- Location: Bhandardara, Wilson Dam, Ratangad, Rajur, Maharashtra

6. Amruteshwar Temple: The Amruteshwar Temple is an exemplary specimen of the local ancient architectural brilliance. This temple is over 1,200 years old and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This magnificent temple was constructed by the rulers of the Shilahara Dynasty in the 9th century.

It was the 12th temple of Lord Shiva built during the rule of King Jhanj. This temple is famous for its intricate sculptures and carvings.

- Location: Ratanwadi, near Bhandardara, Ratanwadi, Maharashtra 422604

7. Shri Siddhivinayak Temple: The Siddhivinayak Temple is a 17th Century structure that is situated on the northern bank of River Bhima. This famous temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesh and is visited by thousands of devotees all over India. This temple is one of the 8 revered shrines of Lord Ganesha or one of the “Ashtavinayaka''.

The temple is built with black stone and the walls of the temple are adorned with amazing carvings and sculptures. The best time to visit this temple is during the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi when the temple comes alive with prayer sessions, festivals, events and much more.

- Location: Burhan Nagar, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 414002|

8. Bhandardara Lake: The famous Bhandardara Lake, also known as Lake Arthur, is situated near the Bhandardara Dam on the River Pravara. This vast lake is nestled amidst the lush greenery of Ahmednagar and the misty mountain ranges of the Western Ghats. The clear waters of the lake make for a beautiful sight.

It is also an ideal place for treks and picnics. You can also enjoy boating and other fun activities in the waters of the lake.

- Location: Bhandardara, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

9. Meherabad: Meherabad is situated in the tranquil village of Arangaon. Initially, Meherabad was an ashram founded by Meher Baba for his followers in the year 1923. Later, after the demise of the spiritual leader, he was given a burial in the ashram by his followers and eventually the ashram was transformed into a pilgrim centre for his devotees.

It is one of the most serene and tranquil places, where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends.

- Location:  Arangaon Village, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

What are the best things to do in Ahmednagar?

1. Kokankada Rappelling –Republic Day Special: The Kokankada Rappelling – Republic day Special is a group activity, which takes place each year on 26 January to commemorate the auspicious occasion of Republic Day in India. As part of this adventure, you can also explore the magnificent Harishchandra Fort which is a hill fort situated at an elevation of 4,671 feet.

Another remarkable activity is rappelling down the Kokangada Cliff in the Sahyadri ranges. It is one of the biggest cliffs with astounding panoramic views of the mountain ranges. While the trek is quite difficult, the final view you get from the top of the mountain is worth the effort.

- Location: Kasara, Ahmednagar
- Timing: Starts at 1:30 a.m. till 1:30 p.m. the next day

2. Harishchandragad Trek: The Harishchandragad Trek is a day-long trek of medium difficulty. Harishchandragad is situated in the Maslej region of the Western Ghats. It is one of the most mesmerising hill forts with a stunning view of the surrounding mountain ranges along with lush green flower valleys.

The trek starts at a base village and as it progresses, you will come across the divine shrines of Saptatirtha Pushkarini Temple and the Kedareshwar Cave featuring the famous Shiv Linga surrounded by water. The other famous temples you will come across during the trek include the Temple of Harishchandreshwar and Konkan Kada before you reach the topmost point of Taramati Peak.

- Timing: Pick up time at 12:30 a.m. and drop time at 8:00 p.m. at Kasara Railway Station

3. Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary Photography Tour: The Rehekuri Blackbuck Photography Tour is one of the most rejuvenating and refreshing activities you can indulge in while exploring Ahmednagar. This is a group tour that is conducted for a day. The trip includes breakfast, a sumptuous lunch and tea breaks.

This trip is the ideal way to interact with nature and even catch sight of the rare and beautiful Blackbucks that are native to India in their natural habitat. Along with the Blackbucks, you can also catch sight of animals such as the Indian Fox, Chinkaras and a variety of vibrant flowers and rare birds.

- Timing: Monday to Sunday (6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.)

4. Harishchandragad Overnight Trekking: The Harishchandra Overnight Trekking is an adventure that spans 3 days and 2 nights at an elevation of 1423 meters. The trek starts off from the rugged mountainous terrain and as you explore, the enthralling beauty of nature unfolds before you.

The mesmerising Konkan Kada, the ancient caves, the picturesque flower valleys of Tolakind along with the lush green landscape and the paddy fields are some of the natural sights that will leave you spellbound. As you finally reach Khireshwar- the topmost point of the trek, you can catch a stunning sunset. A vegetarian lunch and dinner is provided along with tea breaks. You must carry your personal sleeping bag on this trek.

- Timing: Starts off at 8:50 PM.

5. Rappelling and Flying Fox in Sandhan Valley: If you are an adventure junkie, then indulging in Rappelling and Flying Fox in Sandhan Valley is the perfect activity for you. This is a single-day adventure trip where you can enjoy this group activity and experience the natural beauty of the Sandhan Valley from a unique perspective.

This valley is 200 feet deep and covers over 2 km. Rappelling is conducted at an elevation of 120 feet and Flying Fox at an elevation of 300 feet.

- Location: Sandhan Valley, Ratangad.
- Timing: Starts at 5:00 a.m.

What is Ahmednagar famous for?

Ahmednagar is a popular city which attracts tourism mainly due to its agribusiness activities and watershed developments. Along with the bank, milk and sugar co-operatives, the city is also home to ancient forts and temples such as the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, which attracts thousands of devotees from all over the country.

What is the best time to visit Ahmednagar?

The best time to visit Ahmednagar is during the winter season, which starts from November and lasts till March. The average temperature during this time of the year stays at around 22 degrees Celsius, which makes it ideal for tours, treks, exploring the countryside and other fun adventure activities. Despite being located to the coast, the place doesn’t receive much rainfall and remains almost unbearably hot through the summer and monsoon seasons.

How to reach Ahmednagar?

By Air: The fastest and the easiest way to reach Ahmednagar is by air. The Lohegaon Airport in Pune and the airport in Aurangabad are the closest domestic airports, located at a distance of 113 km from the city. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport is the nearest International airport that is located in Mumbai.

By train: Ahmednagar has its own train station, with frequent and daily trains going to and from urban hotspots such as Mumbai (Dadar), Pune, Shirdi and many more cities.

By road: Ahmednagar can be accessed via road through transportation such as buses and cars. You can take the highway road from Mumbai and Pune, which are the two closest access points, and reach Ahmednagar, which is 258 km from Mumbai.

Does Ahmednagar have an airport?

The city of Ahmednagar does not have its own airport. However, the nearest airport to Ahmednagar is approximately 120 Kilometres away in Pune and the other one is 125 Kilometres away in Aurangabad.

How far is Shirdi from Ahmednagar?

The distance between Shirdi from Ahmednagar is 85 km on road via Solapur- Dhule National Highway. It takes approximately 1 hour 52 minutes to travel this distance via the shortest route between the two places.

How far is Ahmednagar from Pune?

The distance between Ahmednagar and Pune is 123 km via the Pune-Ahmednagar Highway, which takes approximately 2 hours and 36 minutes to travel on road.

Which are the best historical places to visit in Ahmednagar?

1. Ahmednagar Fort: The Ahmednagar Fort was built by Malik Ahmed Nizam Shah- the first ruler of the Nizam Shahi Dynasty. It was transformed from a mud structure into the Fort to prevent external invasions and is now an important historical attraction.

2. Cavalry Tank Museum: The Cavalry Tank Museum in Ahmednagar is the only historical museum in Asia boasting of 50 exhibits of vintage armoured fighting vehicles and the famous silver Ghost Rolls Royce Armoured Car (Indian Pattern).

3. Vishal Ganpati Temple: The Vishal Ganpati Temple features a 3.6-metre-tall statue of Lord Ganpati. This temple is 100 years old and is inspired by the famous Birla Mandir in Jaipur.

4. Amruteshwar Temple: The 1,200 years old Amruteshwar Temple was built by the rulers of the Shilahara Dynasty in the 9th Century. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is famous for its intricate carvings.

5. Salabat Khan’s Tomb: Salabat Khan’s Tomb was built by Salabat Khan II himself when he was alive. This is a unique octagonal, three-storeyed stone structure with the gumbaz reflecting Mughal architectural style.

Which are the best places to visit near Ahmednagar?

1. Rehekuri Blackbuck Sanctuary: Situated at a distance of 80 km from Ahmednagar, the Rehekuri Sanctuary is a safe haven for approximately 400 magnificent and rare Indian Blackbucks.

2. Pimpri Gawali: Inspired by Activist Anna Hazare, the model village of Pimpri Gawali is a major tourist attraction, famous for its Watershed and Agri-Business development activities.

3. Meherabad: Meher Baba Ashram in Arangaon Village was established by Meher Baba in the year 1923. Soon after his death, this Ashram was transformed into a pilgrimage centre accommodating thousands of devotees visiting this ashram each year.

4. Sandhan Valley: Sandhan Valley, also known as the Valley of Shadows is a mesmerising place to visit, where you can enjoy trekking in the Sahyadri Ranges and enjoy the panoramic views of the spectacular canyons.

5. Randha Falls: The cascading Randha Falls, situated near the Bhandardara Dam is a popular tourist spot, known for its enthralling natural and scenic beauty.

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Abirami S
Reviewed: 03 Jun 2024
This was my first trekking. Even though I was facing difficulty in climbing, really I enjoyed lot. , Really I enjoyed lot. The leaders are very knowledgeable and co-operative. Specially im thankful to Mr.Amey and Mr.pankaj for supporting and motivating to climb. Thank you once again team
Priyanka Kamila
Reviewed: 28 Dec 2022
Harishchandra trek was cancel so we were asked to shift to ongoing Treks. So I went to Kalsubai Night trek instead. Which turned out to be the best turning point in my life. Thank you Thrillophillia and team for offering this platform.
Abhirath Prajapat
Reviewed: 11 Dec 2019
Very demanding tour, the company I booked arranged everything for us...camping in the middle of the mountains was amazing, the trek was fun and the placed we visit truly worth it...I'm so glad that I did not miss this tour
Agniprava Malik
Reviewed: 06 Dec 2019
The whole tour was superb, I would like to commend our guide who really take care of us so well...the place will definitely shock you with the beauty of it...Overall, nice tents stay, great foods and great expereince it was.

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