Best Tent Stays in Lonavala

Gilded with natural beauty and topography are the Tent Stays in Lonavala. One of the emerging accommodation options, the tent stays are a liked way to settle amid nature as well as have the comforts of a hotel. It is definitely one of the best ways to explore Lonavala and the Western Ghats during your fun escapade. Moreover, these tent stays are welcoming to all types of trotters, be it couples, families, young and old.

Many campsites around places like Pawna lake, Lohagarh, Viaspur and Aamby Valley have really cushy and comfortable tent stays in Lonavala. These places also offer a range of amenities needed for a relaxing vacation as well as many adventure activities at and around the area.

Not just that, the tent stays in Lonavala are also available for the heavy spenders as well as the more budgeted holidaymakers, making it a bankable experience for everyone. These tent stays in Lonavala remain operational all year long in every season. Giving the travellers a chance of witnessing this majestic hill-station in its every form and wonder. Thus, pack your bags and head to Lonavala for a different and lifelong experience.

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Lonavala Tent Stays FAQs

Which are the best tent stays in Lonavala?

These are some of the best tent stays in Lonavala.

1. Pawna Lake Camping: This is a lakeside camp which is located near Pawna Lake and offers dome tent accommodation with friendly staffing. The place is also fully equipped with all amenities as well as arranges activities, bonfire and more for the guests.

2. Saffron Stays Falcon Tents: These cottage style accommodations are located at Aamby Valley Road. This is a glamping site with comfortable and spacious tents along with many other facilities. The camp site also arranges many activities for the guests.

3. Visapur Lohagarh Adventure Camp: This campsite has different tent accommodations along with a range of facilities. The site is situated next to a lake, in an open area. Moreover, the guests during their stay can also engage in activities and games organized by the camp.

4. Camp Lakers Retreat: This campsite has comfortable tent stay accommodations. Moreover, they also arrange bonfires, have an in-house restaurant and coffee shop and a lakeside view. The place also comes with facilities like power-backup, activities and games, and mores.

5. Ofra Estate: The tent stays here are available in a variety, from cottages to Swiss Tents. Along with that the site offers facilities of a spa, conference area as well as many activities. Surrounded by Lonavala's natural beauty, the campsite comes well-equipped with amenities.

What is the Lowest & Highest Price of the tent-stays in Lonavala?

Here is a list of the highest and lowest priced tent stays in Lonavala. The lowest priced tent stays are around 1500 INR while the highest are at around 15,000 INR and even more.

-Mounty Midst of Lake Camping
-Saffron Stays Falcon Tents
-Flavours Camping
-Backwater Campers
-Visapur Lohagarh Adventure Camp.

-Camp Lakers Retreat
-Tikona Holiday Home and Camping Ground
-Pawna Lake Camping 
-Pawna Heritage Camping
-Fort view Camping.

How much does it cost for a tent stay in Lonavala?

Lonavala has many tent stays at different campsite locations as well as price points. The starting cost of the tent stays is around 1500 INR per night for one and the highest is around 18000 INR per night for one.

Is smoking and alcoholic beverages allowed?

No. The tent stays in Lonavala do not permit consumption of alcohol or smoking. This is done to prevent any inconvenience to the other guests some of whom may not have young children as well. However, you can get confirmation from the management of the tent stays by contacting them about this matter.

Can I get my own food in tent stays in Lonavala?

All the top tent stays in Lonavala are available with meal inclusions. This can be either only breakfast or all meals throughout the day. However, there are no strict rules against bringing personal Eatables and food. Moreover, it is best to check for the details regarding food before booking a stay. You can also contact the management to get further clarification.

Are tents waterproof?

The tent stays in Lonavala during the dry season, may or may not be waterproof. However, during the monsoon season the tents at the campsites are especially waterproof keeping in mind of the weather conditions. Moreover, the tent stays in Lonavala are available in different materials including nylon, polyester and others.

Are Pets allowed during the tent stay in Lonavala?

Many of the campsites with tent stays in Lonavala are pet-friendly and permit the guests to bring their domesticated animals along. Moreover, pet owners are advised to take care of the pets so that other guests don't have any inconvenience.

Is Tent stay in Lonavala safe for couples?

Yes. The tent stays are a safe accommodation option for couples in Lonavala. All the top campsites offer comfortable tents which also ensure complete privacy which gives the couples a chance to spend some romantic moments. Apart from that, the stays also come equipped with all amenities needed for a relaxing experience.

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