Best Tent Stays in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal Tent Stays Packages

Duration Price
Camping Amidst Pear Orchard in Kodaikanal1 day
INR 2,199
Camping for Nature Lovers Kodaikanal1 day
INR 1,814
Scenic Trek to Canopy Hill Vattakanal3 days & 2 nights
INR 4,200

Kodaikanal Tent Stays

The Pear County Camps, The Misty Mountain Hop Campsite, Circles Camping, Kodai Camp, Black Forest Tent & Trek, Campers Valley Camping,  Apache Adventure Camp,  Gaia Camp and many more.

Retreat into the realm of nature by enjoying one of the exciting tent-stays in Kodaikanal on your next vacation. Presenting one of the most scenic locales in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is a paradise for camping lovers. A popular activity to look forward to when you are in Kodaikanal, tent stay is a great venture to enjoy with both friends and family.

Camping in tent stays in Kodaikanal offers the luxury of admiring the natural beauty and escape the hubbub of city life. While coffee lovers get to sample a delicious cuppa of their favorite beverage in the morning, nature lovers can admire a variety of flora and fauna on their visit. The activity is an ideal pick for tourists who just want to sit back and relax in the lush green surroundings along with indulging in various adventure activities. Some of the thrilling things which you can do in Kodaikanal while camping is hiking, bird watching, barbeque dinner, etc.

Camping lovers can choose from a number of tent-stays for their vacation in Kodaikanal. The accommodation is offered in tents with private bathrooms and meals are also provided with the option of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Surrounded by pine forests and the serene ambiance offered by the lake in Kodaikanal, camping is a refreshing activity that you must not miss out upon when you are there.

A few of the popular places to enjoy camping in Kodaikanal are The Misty Mountain campsite, Kodai Mountain camp, Pear Orchard Camping, etc. An ideal tent stay in Kodaikanal is for 2 days and 1 night to help you soak in the best experience of camping. The outdoor experience is an enthralling way to enjoy the breathtaking outdoors and relish some amazing time with your loved ones on your next escapade.
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Kodaikanal Tent Stays FAQs

Which are the best tent stays in Kodaikanal?

1. The Pear County: This charming campsite, located amidst lush pear orchards and terraced vegetable gardens that house bison, wild boars, flying squirrels, wild dogs, peacocks, etc. is one of the best tents in Kodaikanal to rejuvenate amidst the beautiful countryside.

It offers rustic eco-friendly tents with basic amenities like changing rooms, attached washrooms, double beds, etc. Some of the fun activities that can be enjoyed here to take you away from the monotony of daily life are bullock cart rides, hiking, mountain biking, archery, etc. Nature lovers can enjoy bird watching, pear plucking, and organic farming.

Location: SGJ Farms, Senbahanoor, Tamil Nadu.
Price: Approximately Rs. 1,680 per camper.

2. The Misty Mountain Hop Campsite: This offbeat and off-road Kodaikanal tent stay and campsite surrounded by forests and valleys that remains shrouded in misty clouds almost throughout the year offers a truly rustic experience.

This is a campsite in its truest form where you need to cook and do your dishes on your own, make your bonfire, and put your own tents. What’s provided is drinking water, charging points, washrooms, and kitchen space. The most fun thing to do here is finding your own hiking trails and trying to spot wildlife on your way.

Location: Prakasapuram Village, Kodaikanal.
Price: Approximately Rs. 1,680 per camper.

3. Circles Camping: Located amidst picturesque greenery and mountains in the backdrop, this is the perfect tent stay in Kodaikanal to relax and re-energise yourself amidst the serenity of nature. Watch gorgeous sunrises & sunsets, soak in the calm breeze, enjoy hiking and also bonfire & music at your own pace. The campsite offers 2 garden-facing bedrooms equipped with double beds, WiFi, indoor fireplace, hot water, etc. You can enjoy delicious South Indian home-cooked meals here.

Location: Vattakanal, Kodaikanal.
Price: Approximately Rs. 6,600 per camper.

4. Kodai Camp: One of the best tent stay in Kodaikanal, this property offers a rustic stay experience in tents amidst the quietude of nature. Surrounded by greenery, waterfalls, and lemongrass forests, this eco-friendly family-run resort promises to make your getaway memorable.

You can visit the site’s dairy and chicken farm, go for waterfall trekking, enjoy campfire, explore elephant trails, river-crossing, etc. The facilities here include home-cooked food, WiFi, running water, double beds, etc.

Location: W1/1214, Post Dindigul, Tamil Nadu.
Price: Approximately Rs. 3,000 per camper.

Which are the best budget tents in Kodaikanal?

1. Kodai Fruit Orchard Campground: Located in 200 acres of orchards growing coffee, orange, avocado, etc. in Dindigul, this Kodaikanal tent stay offers a private waterfall, valley views, and access to the wildlife sanctuary. Besides comfortable tents equipped with charging points, WiFi, shower area, etc. the campsite arranges trekking, campfire, and bird watching.

2. Black Forest Tent & Trek: Located close to Berijam Lake and Guna Caves, this Kodaikanal tent stay lets you enjoy a fun tent stay without burning a hole in your pocket. The tents have double beds, shower areas, and hot water. It customises activities like local sightseeing, waterfall trekking, and bird watching, etc.

3. Campers Valley Camping: A beautiful property that offers comfortable & airy tents, garden area, children’s playground, and a multi-cuisine restaurant. You can enjoy treks to the nearby Bear Shola Falls, Fairy Falls, and Guna Caves.

4. Apache Adventure Camp: While this is a budget Kodaikanal tent stay, it promises to leave you with great memories. Not only can you enjoy the closeness to nature but also super fun activities like zip-lining, trekking, bonfire, and rope crossing. Enjoy delicious home-cooked food under the open skies with views of the Western Ghats and cool breeze here.

5. Gaia: Located in Kukkal, this tent stay in Kodaikanal is surrounded by beautiful gardens and views of mountains and valleys. The tents are minimalistic and have hot & cold running water, 2 single beds, and lounging areas. Guests are served simple vegetarian meals and offered free parking.

6. The Misty Mountain Hop Campsite: This ‘you-do-it-all’ campsite where everything is self-service is the perfect place to enjoy camping without spending a bomb. You need to carry everything, pitch your tents, cook your own food, and create your own itinerary. Surrounded by lush forests and valleys, the place gives you amazing opportunities to see the local exotic wildlife, trek, and enjoy farm activities.

Which are the best tents in Kodaikanal for couples?

1. Spice Valley Campground: This scenic eco-friendly campsite, located 5000 ft. above sea level on a hilltop in Perumalai, is one of the most romantic tent stays in Kodaikanal. Surrounded by the lush shola forests and the Western Ghats, this is the best place to enjoy time with your partner as you swim in the nearby ponds, watch the local wildlife, and rejuvenate with yoga & meditation sessions.

2. Kookal Eco Farms: Perfect for couples that enjoy staying in the rustic wilderness and want to enjoy the solitude of nature, birdsong, views of the freely-roaming wildlife, this is the best place to do so. The tents are spacious and fitted with double beds, attached shower areas, and running water.

3. The Nature Trust’s Campers Club: Nestled in the misty Bison Valley, streams, and meadows, this camp is the perfect place to enjoy a serene romantic break. Spend the day sighting birds and animals and round off the day soaking the views of a beautiful sunset, enjoying a bonfire, and music. Trek to the nearby villages and try the local food and pick up coffee and spices to take back with you.

Which luxury tents in Kodaikanal are good for families?

1. The Fern Creek: Perfect for travellers who like a bit of luxury amidst wilderness, The Fern Creek offers luxurious Swiss garden-facing tents equipped with air-conditioners, TV, attached baths, and running water. It offers delicious food and arranges for activities like guided shopping, trekking, and local sightseeing.

2. Kodai Mountain View: Enjoy your stay in luxury tents equipped with free WiFi, private baths, seating areas, and fireplace amidst the scenic beauty of Kodaikanal. Its proximity to the Silver Cascade Falls and Kodaikanal Lake makes this one of the best tent stays in Kodaikanal.

3. Campers Abode: The spacious luxury tents fitted with the best of comforts promise to make your Kodai vacation memorable. The property is popular for its delicious home-cooked meals and warm hospitality. Make the most of your time here visiting close-by attractions like the Kodaikanal Lake, Moir Point, and the Solar Observatory.

4. The Pear County: Rediscover yourself and enjoy customised adventures like pear plucking, private barbecues, organic farming, mountain biking, bird & wild animals spotting, etc. at this luxury heritage campsite.

The spacious tents here offer amenities like private washrooms, hot showers, multi-course meals, etc. Luxuriate amidst fragrant pear tree orchards and views of misty valleys and mountains in the background.

Can I prepare my own food in the tent stays in Kodaikanal?

Yes, cooking your own food is a quintessential camping experience that everybody must try. Almost all the camps provide shared kitchen spaces, utensils, and facilities like refrigerators, etc. to let you cook your own meals. Most of them even help you with the groceries and a staff member to assist you with cooking.

Are tents waterproof?

Yes, all the camping sites offer weather-proof tents for a comfortable stay experience. These tents not only save you from sudden uncomfortable drenching but also the accompanying humidity and keep the air fresh inside the tent space.

Are pets allowed during the tent stay in Kodaikanal?

There are several tent stays in Kodaikanal that welcome pets and offer pet-friendly amenities. These include The Misty Mountain Hop Campsite, Circles Camping, Kodai Camp, The Fern Creek, etc.

Is a tent stay in Kodaikanal safe for couples?

Yes, it is absolutely safe for couples to stay in tents at Kodaikanal. The campsite owners ask for government-approved IDs at the time of checking in. They are mostly non-interfering and let you enjoy your stay in privacy and peace provided couples adhere to the policies of the campsite.

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