15 Places To Visit Near Raipur: 2024 (Updated with Distance)

Tourist Places Near Raipur

Durg, Bilaspur, Kanker, Bhilai, Barnawapara, Amarkantak, Dandek caves, Chitrakoot falls, Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, Jagdalpur, Champaran, Bandhavgarh, Kanha National Park and many more.

There are numerous places to visit near Raipur within 100 km that can make you forget the urban woes with their untarnished beauty. These places are a hotspot of historical marvels, cultural divinity and natural galore, and you’re bound to have a memorable vacation here. Durg is the most famous weekend getaway near Raipur that seems to be brimming with some of the best cultural establishments that make it an amazing spot for religious souls. Bilaspur is another popular haunt that is known for its dams and ancient monuments that mark its legacy.

It is also known as the Rice Bowl of the country and is laden with spell-binding sites. Kanker is an offbeat destination near Raipur that is known for being the land of celebrations. Whenever you visit this place, you’ll get a chance to indulge in its vibrant festivities. So get ready to be shrouded into layers of memories by visiting these popular places near Raipur.

Here are some of the best places to visit near Raipur:

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Image Credit : 3.bp.blogspot.com
Durg is a major city in the state of Chhattisgarh which is a part of the Durg-Bhilai urban agglomeration. It is located in the southwestern part of Upper Sheonath-Mahanadi valley and the surrounding hills in the south and the southwest. Visiting the district of Durg is an entertaining part of your trip to Chhattisgarh and is connected with many other places to visit near Raipur.

Activities and Places to see: It has numerous places that attract tourists and present the natural side of the state. Maitri Bagh is a famous zoo in the city and an amazing place that you cannot miss. Tandula dam is another beautiful attraction where one can enjoy the amazing view and relax with a fresh breath. Some of the famous temples in Durg include Pasharwanath Tirth, Shiv Mandir, Ganga Maiya Temple, Chandi Mandir, Sita Maiya Temple, Siyadevi Temple and much more.

Type of Destination: The city of Durg houses a lot of beautiful religious establishments which make it an amazing place to visit for religious people and also photographers.

Distance from Raipur: The city is located at a distance of only 39 km from the state capital, Raipur.



Image Credit : bilaspur.gov.in
Bilaspur is the second largest city in the state after the capital of the state, Raipur. The city is recognized in India for featuring an excellent quality of rice. Chhattisgarh has gained immense popularity for being a ‘rice bowl’ of the country and this fame is attributed to the district of Bilaspur which is why it is one of the best places to visit near Raipur.

Activities and places to see: The city is known for its ancient temples, monuments and forts. The top places to visit in Bilaspur include Deorani Jethani temples, Ratanpur Fort, Ram Tekri temple, Pataleshwar Kedar temple, Kutaghat dam, Khadia dam and many more ancient monuments.

Type of Destination: The city has become one of the chief travel destinations due to its rich cultural background and countless attractive spots.

Distance from Raipur: The district of Bilaspur is located at a distance of 133 km to the north of Raipur.


Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary

Image Credit : visitortrip.com
The Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Mahasamund district of Chhattisgarh and is known for its diverse wildlife and rich vegetation.

Activities and places to see: There are mostly Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests and Bamboo trees spotted in the sanctuary. There are numerous attractions available near the sanctuary which include mainly temples like Surang Tila (14kms) and Gandeshwara Temple (14.7kms) and Lakshman Temple (14.5kms) and other places like Nandanvan Garden (18kms) and Bhainsa Tal (34.8kms) are also there.

Type of destination: The sanctuary is an amazing reflection of how nicely the state has conserved its flora and fauna and this is why it is one of the amazing places to visit near Raipur for photographers from around the world.

Distance from Raipur: The reserve is located at about 100km from Raipur.


Image Credit : 1.bp.blogspot.com
The district of Kanker is located in the southern region of Chhattisgarh. The city has a monsoon type climate due to the five rivers, including Mahanadi River, Doodh River, Hatkul River, Sondur River and Turu River that flow through this district.

Activities and places to see:
The district is known for various festivals that are celebrated in it throughout the year. Not just Indian festivals like Diwali or Dussehra but diverse festivals like Mati-Tihar, Gobar-Boharani, Ramnavami, and Navakhani are celebrated in the district. Numerous places which are worth visiting in Kanker include Kanker Palace, Gandiya Mountain, Charre Marre Falls, Malanjhkudum Falls and much more.

Type of Destination:
The tour of Kanker is a memorable experience for families because of its amazing cultural aspects.

Distance from Raipur:
The district is located at a distance of 140 km from the state capital.


The peaceful and quiet city of Bhilai has also become a major tourist attraction destination in Chhattisgarh.

Activities and places to see:
The city houses the biggest steel plants in India, the Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP). Its rich cultural heritage attracts a lot of visitors. The top places to visit in Bhilai include Ganga Maiya temple, Tandula Dam, Uwasaggharam Parshwa Teerth, Maitri Bagh, Dhamdha and much more.

Type of Destination: Located in the district of Durg, in eastern central India, the city of Bhilai is known for being one of the best places to visit near Raipur when it comes to having a religious harmony between the people of different castes and tribes.

Distance from Raipur: The city of Bhilai is located 32 kms west of the state capital, Raipur.



Image Credit : speakzeasy.files.wordpress.com
Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary is located in the Mahasamund district. It is that part of Chhattisgarh which presents you the actual flora and fauna a tourist might be looking for in the state. The state’s untouched beauty is situated all the way in this segment.

Activities and Places to see:
This amazing sanctuary is one of the best places to visit near Raipur and is known for its lush green forest cover. It is the second most popular sanctuary of the state and has a considerable population of common leopards. It has a thick vegetation which mainly includes bamboo, teak and Sal. It also supports diverse wildlife like four-horned Antelopes, Barking Deer, Porcupine, Gaur, Muntjac, striped Hyaenas, Chinkara, Sloth bears, Bison, Jackals, leopards and tigers. A jeep safari at this sanctuary is an unforgettable experience for all tourists.

Type of Destination:
Barnawapara is a wildlife type location most optimum for adventurers and photographers.

Distance from Raipur:
The Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary is located at a distance of 85 km from Raipur.

Dandak caves

The Dandak caves have two chambers with the larger one showing exotic examples of flow stones and the smaller one opening into a big room. The caves are cool cavern and are located on a hillock. To enter these large spacious caves, tourists need to ascend about 500 steps. They are also known for its room with a beautiful play of stalactites and rare soda straws.

Activities and Places to see: The Dandak caves are the well preserved caves located near Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh in the Kanger Valley National Park.

Type of Destination: These caves are also a favorite spot for researchers and speleologists.

Distance from Raipur: The caves are located at a distance of 314 km from Raipur.

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Image Credit : wikimedia.org
The pilgrimage tourist center for Hindus, Amarkantak is situated at a height of 3500 ft. in the Maikal Mountains of Chhattisgarh. This unique natural heritage is also the source of one of the most venerated rivers of Central India, the holy river of Narmada.

Activities and Places to see:
The Narmada starts its journey from the prettiest place in Amarkantak, Mai Ki Bagiya where one can find a diverse variety of mangoes, bananas and other fruits. A number of places to visit in Amarkantak include Narmada Ugdam, Dudh Dhara, Dhuni Pani, Bhrigumandal, Jwaleshwar Mahadev, making it one of the best places to visit near Raipur.

Type of Destination:
The waterfalls of Dugdha Dhara and Kapil Dhara also attract a lot of people to visit this beautiful center. It is an optimum place to be for families because of its religious aspects.

Distance from Raipur:
It is located at a distance of about 200 km from Raipur.

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Chitrakoot Falls

Image Credit : apnachhattisgarh.in
Popularly known as the “Niagara Falls of India”, the Chitrakoot Falls is the largest waterfall in India. It falls from a height of around 100 feet and is 150 meters wide during the peak season. The falls are visited by thousands of pilgrims who come to pay their homage to the God Hari. One needs to visit this religious place at least once.

This horseshoe-shaped fall is located in the vicinity of Jagdalpur which is a small city in the state of Chhattisgarh at the Vindhyachal Ranges. The ranges are stretched between Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh state.

How to Reach:
These amazing falls are located at a distance of 274 km from the state capital, Raipur so tourists may hire a taxi to reach there.

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Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Image Credit : 3.bp.blogspot.com
Located in the Dhamtari District of Chhattisgarh, the Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is a famous tourist spot which sees a lot of tourists every year. It is named after Sitanadi River which originates from the sanctuary and joins the Mahanadi River ahead in Deokhut.

Activities and places to see:
The lush green flora and unique rich fauna of the sanctuary make it one of the finest wildlife places to visit near Raipur in Central India. The variety of fauna in the sanctuary include tigers, leopards and jackals. Others Chital Axis, Sambar, Nilgai, Gaur, Wild Boar and Dog Cuon Alpinus are also found in abundance in the sanctuary. Places to visit near the Sanctuary include Gangrel Dam and Madamsilli Dam.

Type of destination:
The sanctuary is an adventurous location and is an optimum vacation spot for not only photographers but also families.

Distance from Raipur:
The Raipur airport is located at a distance of 170 km from the sanctuary.

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Image Credit : wikimedia.org
Jagdalpur, the tourism capital of Chhattisgarh is a city in the district of Bastar. It is the third-largest city in the state and is very popular as one of the top places to visit near Raipur. The city is known for its exuberant festivity, greenery, streams, waterfalls, dense forests, caves, natural parks, natural resources, herbs and peaceful solitude.

Activities and places to see:
Some of the places to see include Chitrakoot Waterfall, Kailash and Kotumsar Cave, Kanger Valley National Park, Danteshwari Temple, Anthropological Museum, Ganga Munda Lake and much more.

Type of destination:
If someone is looking for the tribal phase of the state then this is the place you need to be. The city hosts a market every Sunday which is visited by tribes for buying and selling stuff. Some villages where the Adivasis can be seen are extremely remote and can be visited with a guide only.

Distance from Raipur:
The city is located at a distance of 245 km from Raipur.

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Image Credit : budgetindianvacations
The village Champaran lies in the Raipur District in the state of Chhattisgarh. The place has a religious significance as it is the birthplace of Saint Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya, the founder of Pushtimarg. There is also a famous temple constructed in his name and there’s another temple near it constructed in the name of Champakeshwara Mahadev. An annual fair is also held in the month of Jan-Feb to celebrate the birthday anniversary of Saint Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya.

Activities and places to see:
The attractions to visit in Champaran include Rajiv Lochan Mandir, Ghatarani Waterfalls, Arang, Vivekanand Sarovar, Dudhadari temple and much more.

Type of destination:
Champaran village is an amazing location with its historic significance and is great for researchers, history lovers and even families to visit.

Distance from Raipur:
It is located at a distance of 80 km from the state capital.


Image Credit : wildsafariindia.com
Bandhavgarh is located near the border of Chhattisgarh. With a large biodiversity, the Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the famous national parks of India. It is also known to provide you a tiger sighting within 2 or 3 days but only in the months of February to June.

Activities and Places to see:
Not just that, the Bandhavgarh National park also has rarely seen leopards and animals such as deer, wild boar and langurs which can be commonly seen. The park is set in the highly rugged terrain with numerous hills.

Type of destination:
Bandhavgarh is a great vacation spot with a wide range of sightseeing places available with the wildlife sector at its best.

Distance from Raipur:
Bandhavgarh is located at a distance of 365 km from the state capital, Raipur.

Kanha National Park

Image Credit : wikimedia.org
Located in the Maikal range of Satpuras, Kanha National Park is considered to be one of the greatest wildlife reserves in India. It is home to hundreds of species of birds and animals, including tigers. The river valleys and the woodlands give it a spectacular picturesque view.

Activities and places to see:
The flora and fauna sightings are a must for any visitor and jeep safaris are available to take you through this amazing experience. Not just the jungle safari but the bird watching is also a must at the park.

Type of destination:
This adventurous location is an amazing place to visit for photographers and families.

Distance from Raipur:
The park is at a short distance of 180 km from Raipur and hence is one of the great places to visit near Raipur.

Pench National Park

Image Credit : visitortrip.com
Located in the districts of Seoni and Chhindwara on the southern boundary of Madhya Pradesh, the Pench national park is a very famous undulating topography which is visited often by tourists from around the globe. Its name has been derived from the Pench river that flows through the park from the north to the south.

Activities and Places to see:
The park supports diverse vegetation ranging from moist and sheltered valleys to open and dry deciduous forests. It has a whopping 1200 species of plants and a rich wildlife too. The park is famous of jeep safaris and also rafting. With its mixed forests, open grassy patches and open canopy, the park is also the setting for the Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.

Type of destination:
This adventurous location is one of the best places for photographers.

Distance from Raipur:
The Pench national park is located at a distance of 315 km from the state capital.

People Also Ask About Raipur

  1. Which places are near to Raipur for weekend trips?

    1. Durg: One of the best offbeat destinations near Raipur, Durg is located on the banks of the River Seonath and has a rich heritage evident in its architecture with Ashoka, Maratha, and British influences. With over 35 indigenous tribes residing here, the place hosts several dance & music festivals at famous temples like Chandi Mandir, Uwassaggaharam Parshwa Tirtha, and the Jain Temples here.

    2. Bilaspur: Famous for its eco-tourism and archaeological sites, the almost 4000-year-old Bilaspur is quite an intriguing place to visit. One of the most mineral-rich states of the country, it is famous for its temples like Ram Tekri, Devrani-Jethani, Pataleshwar Kedar temples, etc. It is also the home to chital, striped hyenas, sloth bear, tigers, etc. residing at the Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary.

    3.Bhilai: A beautiful combination of natural beauty and heritage architecture, Bhilai is one of the best destinations for an offbeat journey. Visit the holy place of Dhamdha for seeing the ancient temples & forts, Maitri Bagh Zoo for exotic animals & musical fountain shows, the beautiful Tandula Dam, and the most important of all-the Bhilai Steel Plant.
  2. What are the best day trips from Raipur?

    1. Barnawapara: This short drive will take you to one of the lushest locations in Chattisgarh of Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary. You can see rare animal species like antelopes, striped hyenas, chinkaras, tigers, bison, etc. This drive is quite popular for the mixed terrain that one has to drive through, consisting of hills, streams, and dense forests of bamboo, sal, and teak.

    2. Ghatarani Waterfall: Drive down to this largest waterfall in the state of Chattisgarh to spend time amidst tranquil greenery and to lose yourself amidst nature. The drive to the place is equally beautiful as it takes you through thick forest cover and patches of wildflower with beautiful stopover points. 

    3. Kevalya Dham Jain Temple:
    Head out for a serene road trip to visit this heritage landmark that consists of 24 temples representing every 24 tirthankaras. The temple, made in stark white marble, juxtaposed against lush gardens is a beautiful sight.
  3. What are the best places to visit near Raipur within 300 Kms?

    1. Kanker: One of the most intriguing places to visit here, Kanker’s history goes back to the Stone Age. The place is famous for widespread Buddhism and other beautiful attractions like the Kanker Palace, Charre Marre waterfalls, Gadiya Mountain and its natural caves, and the lush Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary.

    2. Amarkantak: This unique hill station is not only known for its scenic beauty but is also popular for being one of the most revered places in the country. This is where the holy river of Narmada originates and the majestic Satpura & Vindhya ranges meet. People visit from all over the country to attend the massive Shivratri Mela.

    3. Mahasamund: This serene and spiritual place is famous for the scenic Pithora and its ancient tribal customs & rituals, the Buddhist temple of Anand Prabhu Kudi Vihar, the Gondeshwar Temple located on the banks of the Mahanadi River, and the hot water springs of Swet Ganga. 
  4. What are the best places to visit near Raipur for long drives?

    1. Nandan Van Zoo: This drive will take you to this zoo that is famous for its diverse & unique landscape of hills, plains, and streams. The zoo houses bears, tigers, lions, chitals, blue bulls, blackbucks, barking deer, etc.

    2. Champaran: Drive to one of the most offbeat places in Chhattisgarh, divided into the West & East zones, to see the massive Valmiki Nagar Barrage, the confluence of Gandak, Panchanand, and Sonaha rivers, and Bhawanigarh that houses around 52 forts. Don’t miss to visit the Bhitiharwa Ashram where Mahatma Gandhi started his Champaran Satyagraha.

    3. Balod: This small but charming place houses the ancient Ganga Maiya Temple, Siya Devi waterfalls that are considered to have been visited by Lord Rama and his family, and the Tandula Dam that supplies water to the Bhilai Steel Plant. This is one of the best places to view a beautiful sunrise and sunset and enjoy a picnic after the long drive.
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