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About Jharkhand

Jharkhand, the East Indian state is known for its natural beauty, cascading waterfalls, elegantly constructed Jain temples and wildlife, especially elephants and Tigers. A perfect place to be visited with your family, kids, friends as well as your partners, this place has a lot to offer, to each type of traveler.

The 17th century Jagannath Temple is also a very popular pilgrimage spot of importance to Hindus in the country. There are many Buddhist and Jain shrines which are visited by devotees all from all over the country. No matter what your faith is, you will surely enjoy visiting these sites as they are mostly located on high altitude where you need to each by trekking or by cable cars, which is a unique experience on its own.

The land of green valleys and forests is a heaven for nature lovers as well as adventure and wildlife enthusiasts. The natural bounty of this state is well preserved thanks to the tribal population which mostly dominates the state and works towards preserving nature at its best. So if you are looking for a vacation which will take you back to your natural and cultural roots, Jharkhand, the naturally and religiously rich land is a perfect place to visit.

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Jharkhand FAQ's

Travel Advice

  • If you plan to stay around the temples in Jharkhand, make sure that you pre-book your stay facilities.

  • Beware of scammers and fraud agencies which provide packages for tours.

  • Pre-book all your commuting facilities.

  • To avoid risks of thefts, do not carry a lot of cash with you.

  • Do not wear expensive jewelry, especially at crowded temples in order to avoid thefts.

  • Maintain decorum at religious places as well as on forest safaris and visits.

Drinking Laws

The minimum legal age to consume all types of alcoholic drinks in the state of Jharkhand according to its alcohol laws is 21 years.

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Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand is known as the ‘City of Waterfalls’ because of the multiple cascading natural waterfalls which will captivate your souls as soon as you witness their breathtaking beauty. This place is also rich in a lot of mineral resources and some of the top places to see in Ranchi are Hundru Falls, Dassam Falls, Jonha Falls, Birsa Zoological Park and the Ranchi Lake.


Also known as the ‘City of Temples’ is a famous pilgrim spot for Hindus and this holy towns has many temples and shrines, located in the backdrop of a scenic environment. Regardless of what faith you have, you will feel a different kind of divine positivity when you are in this land. Some of the must-visit spots are baba Baidyanath Temple, Trikuta Hills, Harila Jo and the Satsanga Ashram.


This is a home to some of the most unique flora and fauna of the state. This land, satiated at 2019 feet above the sea level, is a very well-known health resort and houses some of the best gardens of the state. Some of the must-visit sight-seeing places are Hazaribagh Lake, Canary Hills, Hazaribagh National Park, Isco Rock Art, Suraj Kund and Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary.


Giridih, also called as the ‘Land of Hills’, is the highest peak of Jharkhand and is also a land of Jain Pilgrims because of some of the most important places of holy importance located here. This place also boasts about scenic forests which cover the mountains and some of the spots which you need to visit are Parasnath Hills, Usri Falls, Madhuban, Khandoli Park and Jharkhandi Dam.


Sahibganj is not a very popular tourist place in Jharkhand but is totally worth a visit because of the breathtaking natural views, trekking routes and ancient sites located here. Hence, if you want to visit a place which is not excessively crowded by tourists and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of hectic life, this is an ideal spot for you.


Jamshedpur, home to the Tata Steel Industries which is the first private iron and steel plant in India, is also a place rich in greenery and flourishing forests. It is indeed a great thing to witness co-existence of industries as well as vibrant environment flourishing at the same place. Some of the must visit places here are Dalma Hills, Jubilee Park, Jubilee Lake, Jayanti Sarovar and Dimna Lake.


Known as the ‘Coal Capital of India’, this is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, which has many more attractions for tourists than just the coal mines. Located In the laps of lush green valleys covered with forests, the lakes, Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva Temple and Buddhist and Jain Temples are the main reason why tourists gather here regularly.


This mesmerizing destination is where tourists flock from all over the country. It houses a wildlife sanctuary, a national park and is a dream destination for nature enthusiasts, wildlife lovers and trekkers who are constantly seeking for an adventure and unique travel experience while on a vacation.

What you will like there?

Natural Serenity

The lush green forests, forest covered hills, wildlife and exotic flora and fauna make Jharkhand a state rich in nature. The magical wonders of nature in Jharkhand are beyond explanation in words and should be visited in order to sense their grandeur.

Pilgrimage Sites

There are many Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Pilgrimage sites located in Jharkhand and when you visit these, you will feel the unique positive aura of devotion at this place which will provide a different kind of solace to your mind.

Local Culture

The local culture of Jharkhand, where there are still many indigenous tribal and ethnic groups existing in harmony is worth witnessing. Despite of being an industrially progressive state, Jharkhand has still managed to maintain its ethnic charm without any modernization affecting the culture and traditions.


The climate of Jharkhand is not extreme in any way and hence, you can visit here in summer, winter and monsoon without having to worry about extreme climatic conditions. The weather here is always pleasant and serene and hence, it is ideal for a vacation.

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Jharkhand Reviews

Anshula Bharadwaj
Reviewed: 10 Jun 2020
I visited here with my family and tour was well organized, stay was very comfortable and we visited all the major atttractions from waterfalls to national park.

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