20 Historical Places in Patna for History Buffs

Historical Monuments in Patna

Golghar, Ruins of Pataliputra or Kumhrar, Agam Kuan, Patna Museum, Naghol Kothi, Harmandir Takht, Begu Hajjam Mosque, Padri Ki Haveli, Jalan Museuma and many more.

Are you a history buff looking for the best historical places in Patna that you can add to your bucket list? If yes, you'll be glad to know that Patna is filled with some of the most breathtaking historical wonders that will satiate the wanderlust in you. If you're looking to unveil the tales related to Buddhism, you can visit Kesariya Buddha Stupa that is considered the tallest stupa in the entire world. You can also visit Golghar, a huge granary known to have a fantastic confluence of natural beauty and rich history. Get ready to have a faint glimpse of the glorious past of Pataliputra by visiting the Ruins of Pataliputra.

There are also some of the best historical places near Patna that depict the tales of bravery, battles, and ancient civilization. You can visit Dungeshwari Cave Temples, where Lord Buddha is believed to have meditated for six to seven years. If you wish to bask in spirituality and bliss, you can also visit Vishnupad Temple that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. So rush to see these amazing historical gateways that were built more than hundreds of years ago and tell the way humans evolved throughout time.
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Historical Places in Patna



Golghar is a huge granary constructed in 1786 as per the innovative idea of Captain John Garstin. It is an iconic structure in Bihar known to have a fantastic confluence of natural beauty and rich history.

This building was made to store pulses and grain when the problem of flu hit Bihar, but later it was declared a tourist attraction. The winding staircase around this monument offers a breathtaking view of the entire city and the River Ganga flowing nearby.

Location: Gandhi Maidan, Patna, 800001 Bihar, India

Timing: 10 am- 5 pm

Entry fees: Rs 5

Ruins of Pataliputra or Kumhrar

Situated around six kilometers away from Patna railway station, the Ruins of Pataliputra give a faint glimpse of the glorious past of Pataliputra. Three of the greatest Indian emperors, Chandragupta, Ashoka, and Ajatshatru, housed their capital in this city between the 600 BCE to 600 CE periods.

It has undergone various excavation operations to unearth architectural ruins like the Anand Vihar, Arogya Vihar, Assembly Hall, and the Durakhi Devi Temple. The most prominent remnants are of eighty-pillared-hall that was known as Ashoka's market hall, palace, etc.

Agam Kuan

Agam Kuan is one of the most famous historical places in Patna that was built during the reign of the Mauryas. It is also known as 'unfathomable well' as it was once a part of the infamous Hell chambers of King Ashoka used for torturing people.

It is considered by the locals that king Ashoka had killed his hundred brothers and dropped them in this well. People now throw coins and flowers in the well to get their wishes and prayers heard. This place is also used for conducting various religious ceremonies and Hindu weddings.

Location: Near Shitala Devi Temple, Patna, Bihar, India

Patna Museum

If you're looking for an epic historical experience, you must visit the Patna Museum that houses a wonderful collection of Rajput and Mughal eras. The museum houses over seventy-five thousand antiquities, including more than four thousand stone sculptures and terracotta and twenty-eight thousand coins ranging from, British-era.

This museum's highlights are its Geological gallery, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Gallery, National History Gallery, and a Persian manuscript called Shahnama. Another prized possession of this museum is an exquisite collection of British-period paintings.

Location: Vidyapati Marg, Patna India

Timing: 10 am- 4:30 pm

Entry fees: Rs 100

Naghol Kothi

Naghol Kothi is one of the most popular historical places in Patna that is regarded as evidence of Mughal influences. It was owned initially by Raja Babu and was later sold to Mr. Akhtar Hussain, who was the sole caretaker of this building.

The building is an excellent example of medieval time's breathtaking architecture and has beautiful paintings on its walls. It is also known as the most photogenic place in Patna, surrounded by a lush green garden. You can discover the rich history of this building, take a stroll in the garden, and learn more about the culture and traditions of the Mughal rulers here.

Harmandir Takht

This is a famous Gurdwara in the Patna Sahib built-in fond memory of the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh. The site where the Harmandir Takht stands presently was called the haveli of Salis Rai John in the ancient era.

It was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh and is considered the holiest of five Takhts of the Sikh authority. Some relics of Guru Gobind Singh, along with his pair of sandals and sacred sword, are also preserved in this shrine.  Hukamnamas of Guru Gobind Singh contained in a book also have been kept in this holy Gurdwara.

Location: Patna - Aurangabad Rd, Mithapur Farm Area, Patna 800001 India

Timing: 2:30 am- 10 pm

Begu Hajjam Mosque

This is the oldest mosque in Patna tucked at the eastern side of Khwaja Kalan Ghat. The mosque has been named after a Barber Begu Hajjam, who renovated this mosque in the middle century. It is revered to be a place of great spiritual significance for the Muslims and reflects Gaur-style architecture.

The distinctive feature of this mosque is its glazed tiles and the doorway with fine carvings. The mosque attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year, but during the season of Ramadan, it turns into a sea of celebration.

Location: Nr. Khajekalan Ghat, Patna

Padri Ki Haveli

This is one of the most famous historical places in Patna, also known as St. Mary's Church.  It is known to be the first Catholic Church in Bihar renowned for its intricate details and grand architecture. The church is forty feet wide, seventy feet in length, and fifty feet in height, and the most striking feature of this church is its huge cathedral bell with inscriptions.

One of the rarest photographs of Mother Teresa of her young age is kept at this church. It is also believed that Mother Teresa got her training at this church before starting her noble work for society.

Location: Fino Payments Bank, Ashok Rajpath, Sadikpur, Patna, Bihar 800008, India

Timing: 6:00 am- 8:00 pm

Jalan Museum

Jalan Museum is one of the main private historical centers in Bihar situated on the river Ganga banks. The museum was established by Diwan Bahadur in 1919 and is massive in size. It houses a splendid collection of antiques and artful objects mostly belonging to the modern period.

You can also find here furniture, symbols, and figures made of stone, metal, glass, earthenware, porcelain, and ivory. The Jalan family still lives in one part of this palatial building; that is why you will have to take special permission before visiting this museum.

Location: Sher Shah's Fort, Patna, Bihar

Timing: 9 am- 11 am

Gandhi Maidan

This is a historic ground in Patna spanning an area of about sixty acres on the banks of the Ganges river. This park was frequented by various influential leaders of the Indian Independence Movement to launch freedom rallies, political campaigns, religious ceremonies, and parades.

The ground houses the tallest statue of Mahatma Gandhi that rises to over seventy feet. Several fairs and exhibitions are also held here, the most famous one among them being the fortnight-long Book Fair. Cricket matches are also held here, and people gather here to meditate and enjoy a morning walk.

Location: East Golghar Falls Near Bank Of Ganga River, Patna 800001 India

Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library

This is one of India's national libraries declared by an Act of Parliament as an autonomous Institution. It was opened on 29 October 1891 to the public and is governed by the Central Government. The library is known for its rare collection of Arabic and Persian manuscripts and hosts beautiful paintings made during India's Mughal and Rajput eras.

It is a unique repository of the ancient heritage, preserved in the form of palm-leaf, deer-skin, sundry materials, and cloth. The library has two spacious reading rooms, one for scholars and researchers and the other for readers.

Location: Ashok Raj Path, Patna

Historical Places near Patna


Ashokan Pillar

This is one of the most popular historical places in Patna, where you can trace the achievements of Emperor Ashoka. King Ashoka erected this pillar after the massacre of Kalinga to memorialize the last sermon of Lord Buddha and communicate Buddhist messages.

The pillar represents the axis on which the entire world spins in both Buddhism and Hinduism. The stones that have been used in the construction of the pillar are white and red sandstone from Mathura and fine grain sandstone from Varanasi.

Location: Near Buddhist monastery, Vaishali, India

Distance from Patna: 30 kilometers

Nalanda Mahavihara

This is a revered Buddhist monastery in north-eastern India that was established under Rajendra Prasad in 1951. It is a seat of academic and religious learning and comprises the remains of a scholastic and monastic institution dating from the third century BCE to the thirteenth century CE.

This archeological site includes shrines, viharas (residential and educational buildings), stupas, and important artworks in stone, metal, and stucco. It is spread over an area of twenty-three hectares and testifies Buddhism's development into a religion.

Location: Nalanda, Bihar, India

Timing: 9:00 am- 5: 00 pm

Distance from Patna: 85 kilometers

Kesaria Buddha Stupa

This is one of the most famous historical places in Patna that was discovered during an excavation in 1958 led by Archaeologist KK Muhammed. It is dedicated to Lord Buddha and is known to be a striking architectural wonder of the world.

Rising to a height of one hundred and four feet, it is considered to be one of the tallest stupas in the entire world. It is a six-floor structure that stands as a reminder of Lord Buddha's last days and his humanitarian approach.

Location: Kesariya Road, Tajpur Deur, Bihar 845424

Timing: 6:00 am- 6: 00 pm

Distance from Patna: 110 kilometers

Vishwa Shanti Stupa

If you're looking for the best historical places in Patna, you must visit Vishwa Shanti Stupa that has been erected to disseminate peace and love and to create a "pure Land" on the earth. This is the largest stupa of white color, with statues of Gautam Budhha mounted in four directions on the stupa.

It has been constructed atop Ratnagiri Hill with white marble and several precious stones. The relics of Lord Buddha have been enshrined on the top and foundation of the stupa.

Distance from Patna: 100 kilometers

Vishnupad Temple

Located on the bank of the river Phalgu, Vishnupad Temple was erected by Queen Ahilyabai in 1787. It is a sacred place for the Hindus, surrounded by water on one side and rugged rocks on three sides.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and consists of his footprint, also known as Dharmasila. It has eight embossed pillars, and a fifty-one-kilogram golden flag stands on the top of this temple. The temple is especially famous for being the main center for pind daan.

Location: Chand Chaura, Gaya 823001

Timing: 6:30 am- 9: 30 pm

Distance from Patna: 100 kilometers

Buddha Stupa

This is one of the most famous historical places in Patna that is known for housing sacred relics related to the Buddha and other saintly people. After the remains of Buddha were cremated, they were distributed and divided among eight kings of those times, and this stupa is one of them.

There are two Stupas here, Stupa 1 and Stupa 2, that have been named based on their excavation and discovery. The primary Buddha Stupa here contains one-eighth of the slag of Buddha in a stone coffin. The second Buddha Stupa houses a coffin containing debris of Buddha.

Location: Vaishali 800001, India

Distance from Patna: 55 kilometers

Chhoti Dargah

This is a three-storied mausoleum situated in Maner, where Makhdum Shah, who was a Muslim saint, was buried in 1616. It is an architectural marvel and one of the best historical places in Patna that is visited by both non-Muslims and Muslims.

It has the exquisite tomb of Shah Daulat and has been a pilgrimage site for a long period of time. You'll also find a huge tank in front of the mausoleum that is known to hold great spiritual significance. Mughal emperors Babar and Sikandar Lodi also visited this mausoleum during the ancient era.

Distance from Patna: 30 kilometers

Dungeshwari Cave Temples

If you wish to know about Buddhism, you must visit Dungeshwari Cave Temples that is located twelve kilometers north-east of Bodhgaya. There are three caves here containing Buddhist shrines, where Lord Buddha is believed to have meditated for six to seven years. In one of the cave temples, you'll find a beautiful Buddha statue that is about six feet tall.

The caves here also feature Hindu shrines that are called Sujata Sthan by the natives.

Location: Mahakala, Gaya, Bihar

Distance from Patna: 101 kilometers

Vishal Garh

If you're hunting for the best historical places in Patna, you must visit Vishal Garh, which is a historical monument protected by the (ASI) Archaeological Survey of India.  It is a massive mound with a circumference of about one kilometer and two meters high walls with a forty-three meters wide moat around them.

It is believed to be the parliament house where all the federal assembly representatives assembled to discuss the problems and legislate. There is a Coronation tank here called Abhishek Pushkarn, where all the elected representatives were anointed.

Location: Near Coronation Tank, Vaishali, Bihar

Distance from Patna: 55 kilometers

People Also Ask About Patna

  1. Which are the best historical places to visit in Patna with family?

    1. Gandhi Ghat: One of the best historical places in Patna that you can visit with your family is Gandhi Ghat, situated on the banks of the Ganges river. It is believed that Mahatma Gandhi's ashes were immersed here. The highlight of this place is the Ganga Aarti that is attended by devotees all around the world.

    2. Gandhi Sangrahalaya: This is a public museum that displays Mahatma Gandhi's visual biography with the help of pictures from his childhood to death. There are audio-visual materials and books about his principles, struggle for freedom, and life as well.

    3. Agam Kuan: This is an important archaeological site associated with Mauryan king Ashoka. It was once a part of King Ashoka's infamous Hell chambers used to torture people before embracing Buddhism.

    4. Shahid Smarak: This is a bronze statue that commemorates seven brave men who sacrificed their lives trying to unfurl India's national flag during the Quit India Movement.
  2. Is Patna worth visiting?

    Yes, Patna is absolutely worth visiting as it has some of the best historical attractions, cultural masterpieces, and natural wonders. It is also a spiritual hotspot having some of the best religious spots, such as Patan Devi Temple, Mahavir Mandir, etc. With monasteries, museums, and churches, the city gives a thousand reasons to explore every corner of this city.
  3. What is Patna famous for?

    1. Srikrishna Science Centre: It is known for showcasing a huge collection of unique exhibits related to the well-demonstrated principles of science.

    2. Bihar Museum: Spread across 5.6 hectares of land, this museum has a dispersed-scheme of buildings, including galleries, administrative and educational areas.

    3. Patna Planetarium: Patna Planetarium is the largest and the oldest planetarium in Asia.

    4. Japanese Peace Pagoda: It is a 125ft tall statue that was built by the Buddh Vihar society.
  4. What is the best time to visit Patna?

    October-March(Winters) is the best time to visit Patna as the weather remains cool and pleasant for visiting the places of interest and important monuments. Festivals such as the Sonepur Animal Fair are celebrated from October to November.
  5. How many days are enough to visit Patna?

    Two days are enough to visit Patna. On the first day, you can visit historical places in Patna like Kesaria Buddha Stupa, Nalanda Mahavira, and Gandhi Maidan. On the second day, you can visit temples like Durakhi Devi Temple, Patan Devi Temple, and Mahavir Mandir.
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