23 Activities in & Around Patna Which Are Getting Popular Among

Activities In & Around Patna

Kayaking in Ganga River, Paramotoring, Go Karting, River Ganga Cruise, Trek to Rajgir, Rafting in Valmiki Nagar, Hike to Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Visit Kakolat Waterfall, Jeep Safari in Valmiki Tiger Reserve, Rajgir Ropeway and many more.

Evoked with the recent wave of thrill seekers, the adventure activities to do in & around Patna have evolved as well. Even though the city is steeped with the magnificent tales of the past along its ruins and forts, the similar places have been providing some of the most adrenaline rushing trekking routes. From scuba diving to paramotoring and from cruising to enjoying a safari, this capital never stays behind in offering adventure.

Sitting along the shores of the mighty Ganga, Patna has ensured that its waters act as a perfect spot to indulge in numerous water based adventures. With playful evenings in the water parks, safari sessions in the national parks and hiking tours along the natural destinations, the range of activities offered here can satiate the adrenaline rush of anyone. Having a close vicinity to destinations like Rajgir, Ektara and Valmiki Nagar, Patna ensures that its visitors enjoy a hassle free tour to the outskirts and can get back to the city by the evening.
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Adventure Activities In Patna


Kayaking in Ganga River

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Take along your Kayak and set out on a voyage along the stream of Ganga. Kayak on the most sacred river of India and experience the bliss of its subtle water as well as random falls.

Among all the available adventure activities to do in & around Patna, Kayaking here is quite different as it does not just offer thrill, but also ensures that you settle in the peaceful vibes of surrounding ghats and aartis. For more fun, you can try this activity during “Ganga Kayak Festival”, as this is the time when most of the Kayakers visit here.

Timing: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Price: INR 2000 to INR 3000 per person
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Similar to paragliding, paramotoring also lets you suspend high in the sky from where you can marvel at the panoramic view of the whole city. While enjoying such adventure activities to do in & around Patna, the vendors ensure your safety and let you enjoy the best experience of your life.

The activity begins with riding a cycle like motor on the road which is connected to a parachute. Once the speed is increased, the parachute inflates which results in flying of the motor.

Location: Near Gangajal, Patna

Timing: 1:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Price: INR 1500 to INR 2500 per person
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Go Karting

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Experience the thrill of racing along with your loved ones while ensuring the safety at the Go Karting Track of Patna. Pass through innumerable laps filled with twists, turns, inclined areas and props to finally win the race.

Go Karting is truly one of the most people friendly adventure activities to do in & around Patna in which more than eight people can take part at once. The whole feeling is like “Fast and Furious” and anyone seeking fun and adrenaline can enjoy this.

Location: Near Gangajal, Patna

Timing: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Price: INR 500 to INR 1000 per person
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River Ganga Cruise

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One might have cruised along various waterways consisting of abundant nature as well as scenic beauty, but the cruise offered along the ganga River has no comparison. Other than the surrounding beauty, this cruise is also known for its tranquility and spirituality.

To cruise the river, two options are available, one of which is a boat and the other is a ferry like ship. Both offer different experiences, but the thrill of traversing along the water is truly worth a try.

Timing: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Price: INR 1000 to INR 2000 per person
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Paintball in Patna

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Try your hands on this once in a lifetime activity of shooting at your friends using a colour pellet filled gun. Among all the adventure activities to do in & around Patna, this one has been gathering most of attention among youngsters.

A session of paintball in Patna costs comparatively low, but the experience offered is worth trying at least once. From protective jackets to proper helmets, everything will be provided to you in the arena loaded with props and hideouts.

Timing: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Price: INR 500 to INR 1000 per person
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Have Fun at Hungama World Water Park

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Comprising around 4 different pools, each of different height and dotted with numerous slides and swings. Being the first and the biggest water[park of Bihar, Hungama World Water Park has been attracting loads of visitors on a daily basis.

From a food court to a souvenir shop, this place boasts of every fun element one can wish for. Apart from all this, daily live shows, activity centres and others make visiting here one of the best adventure activities to do in & around Patna.

Location: Danapur Bihta Road, National Highway, Patna, Bihar 800111

Timing: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Price: INR 400 for kids and INR 500 for adults
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Hot Air Balloon

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One of the most famous adventure activities to do in & around Patna is riding a Hot Air Balloon. This activity will provide you with a chance to fly like a bird and catch the bird's eye view of the whole town from a height of a hundred metres.

The whole activity spans for like ten to fifteen minutes only, but the thrill and the rush of adrenaline experienced during this time frame is worth a try. Once you reach the peak height, the balloon is made to stand still so the riders can enjoy photo sessions. The best time to opt for this activity is around sunrise and sunset.

Location: Near gangajal, Patna

Timing: 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Price: INR 1000 to INR 2000 per person
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Enjoy Rides at Funtasia Water Park

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From water slides to water playgrounds, the Funtasia Waterpark is known for being a home to an array of entertainment options and adventure activities to do in & around Patna. The watermark does not limit fun to water slides and pools only as it also has an arcade centre where people can enjoy various fun activities and games like shooting, archery and others.

The food court here is known to serve multi cuisine delicacies and can act as a perfect spot to relish on food after an energetic session of gaming.

Location: Parsa Bazar - Sampatchak Main Rd, Sampatchak, Bihar 804453

Timing: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Price: INR 400 for kids and INR 500 for adults
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Try The Rides at Chhapak Water Park

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Experience the wild splashes of water and treat yourself with numerous fun filled games and activities at Chhapak Water Park. Home to many thrilling and adrenaline pumping rides, this water park can turn out to be the perfect location for you to enjoy a fun and playful session with your loved ones.

The waterpark also houses a giant swing above the water, which is further the most famous aspect of it. Among all the famous activities offered in Patna, visiting here and indulging in fun and games is truly one of the best adventure activities to do in & around Patna.

Location: Patna-Bakhtiyarpur Road, NH30, near Sukulpura, Bihar 802156

Timing: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Price: INR 350 for kids and INR 450 for adults
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Adventure Activities Around Patna


Trek to Rajgir

While the surroundings of Rajgir are known for being a home to the world's oldest Cyclopean wall, it is also famous for its tricky terrains perfect for trekking. The route to the top starts from the lower station of the ropeway, after which one is required to pass through rocky pathways to finally reach Gridha Kut.

From Giridha Kut, a part of this cyclopean wall has to be covered to finally reach the top of the trekking spot, Ashokan Stupa. The whole session takes around three hours to complete and anyone having even a little knowledge of trekking can enjoy it.

Timing: 5:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Price: INR 1500 to INR 2000 per person

Distance from Patna: 94 KM

Rafting in Valmiki Nagar

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The Gandhak Barrage in Valmiki Nagar is known for offering a perfect spot to take a raft and battle with the stream. You will spot various rafting schools along the shore of this river, from where you can get an hour long training to balance a raft in the river.

Once the training is done, you can set into the stream and pass through various different rapids. Whether you are an adventure seeker or a wildlife lover, this activity will ensure that you get what you want.

Location: Valmiki Nagar, Bettiah

Timing: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Price: INR 1000 to INR 1500 per person

Distance from Patna: 290.2 KM
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Hike to Vishwa Shanti Stupa

Vishwa Shanti Stupa or the World Peace Pagoda is one of the holiest sites in Bihar, where people throughout the world visit to take in the preachings of Gautama Buddha. Other than being a holy site, the pagoda is also known to offer a perfect hiking spot where people can indulge in some thrill.

The way to the pagoda is loaded with various inclined slopes, rocky pathways and sprouts of water, thus making people hike their way through it. One the way, one might also spot various different species of florea, fauna and reptiles.

Location: Rajgir, Bihar

Timing: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Distance from Patna: 94 KM

Visit Kakolat Waterfall

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Climb more than 150 rugged stairs to finally reach the valley where the Kakolat waterfall is based. Sitting in the middle of a forest, this sprouting water stream has been a go to spot for locals as well as adventurers. From hiking to camping and from bird watching to swimming in a shallow pool, all kinds of activities can be done here.

The stream originates from a nearby dam, thus the waterflow remains similar throughout the year and one can visit here whenever they wish to.

Location: Kakolat Falls, Ektara, Bihar 805125

Timing: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Price: INR 200 for entry

Distance from Patna: 138.2 KM
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Jeep Safari in Valmiki Tiger Reserve

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Forming the easternmost part of the Himalayan Terai forests, the wide spanning Valmiki Tiger Reserve has been a home to a varied species of animals and birds. While offering  a home-like environment to the tigers, this reserve is quite famous for their sightings.

The tour guides and safari helpers have designated certain spots where sighting animals like tigers, elephants, barking deers and others is common. To enhance the experience, this reserve offers private tour options as well in which you are seated in a 4*4 jeep and can visit various locations as per your confort.

Location: Valmiki Nagar, Betiah, Bihar 845105

Timing: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Price: INR 400 to INR 800 per person

Distance from Patna: 286.2 KM
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Elephant Safari in Valmiki Nagar

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Experience a safari session in which you will be crossing river streams, big lakes and many dangerous terrains while being seated on an elephant.

The Valmiki Nagar Reserve comes under the part of Himalayan Terai Forest, thus all the animals living here are kept in their best natural habitat. If the time permits, various elephant safari tours will also let you play with baby elephants while feeding and bathing them.

Location: Valmiki Nagar, Betiah, Bihar 845105

Timing: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Price: INR 700 to INR 1500 per person

Distance from Patna: 286.2 KM
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Go for Jungle Safari in Udaypur Wildlife Sanctuary

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Udaypur Wildlife Sanctuary is famed for being a home to more than 300 species of different wild animals and reptiles which can only be spotted by taking up a jungle safari. In this safari session, you will be driven in a 4*4 jeep who will take you through some of the most challenging pathways and slopes to let you explore the best of what nature has to offer.

The safari will take you towards many famous points where animals like tigers, elephants, sloth bears and deers are frequently spotted.

Location: Bettiah, Bihar 845438

Timing: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Price: INR 400 to INR 600 per person

Distance from Patna: 187.9 KM
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₹ 800 ₹ 600
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Starting Point/Ending Point: Valmiki Nagar, Bihar
Timings: 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

About the activity:
Border hiking in Nepal takes you through the undulating terrains of this beautiful region. Get ready to witness the grand beauty of majestic mountains surrounding this beautiful place from all sides. Trek through narrow pathways that provide you with the best views of the lofty mountains, green pastures, and stunning valleys that will further make your trip worth remembering!

This trekking program takes you on a trekking spree through a well-acclaimed Nepal tiger reserve – get ready to witness exotic wild animals roaming freely in the jungles. For a nature lover, this place is certainly a true paradise – apart from the diversified animal kingdom, you can also get the best views of beautiful birds and butterflies adorning this region. Border hiking in Nepal takes you through lush-green thickets crowned at a height of around 900-1200 m.

Hike through winding trails, listen to chirpings of the birds on distant mountain ranges and explore the treasure of silence while trekking here with friends and family. A perfect getaway destination, away from the humdrum of city life prepare yourself to get dazzled in the lap of Mother Nature like never before with an enthralling Border hiking in Nepal.

The many activities that this tour covers are Elephant and Jeep Safari, Trekking on the foothills of the Himalayas, Birdwatching in Valmiki Tiger Reserve, and a visit to the wooden watchtower that overlooks the majestic views of river Manore and the wildlife that surrounds it with the snow-clad Himalayan peaks in the backdrop.

How to reach?
Valmiki Nagar is about 265 km away from Patna and is easily reachable by both public and private transportation.
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Explore The Telhar Waterfall

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Originating from the Durgavati River, the Telhar Waterfall is a small stream falling from a height of 70 metres. Since the waterfall is located amidst lush green forests, the surroundings of it act as a spot for animals to drink water too.

While reaching the waterfall is an adventure in itself, people have also been camping here to satiate their thirst of adventure. Among all other adventure activities to do in & around Patna, exploring this exotic falls is truly worth it.

Location: Bhabhua - Adhaura Rd, Karar, Bihar 821102

Timing: 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Price: Rs. 499

Distance from Patna: 219 KM
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Trek to Manjhar & Dhua Kund Falls

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One of the finest and prettiest waterfalls in India, the Dhua Kund Falls has been attracting flocks of tourists throughout the world. On the way to the waterfall, you will pass through various distinctive landscapes consisting of forests, rock stairs as well as sandy, slippery slopes.

The whole trek takes around 3 to 4 hours to get complete, and Due to its expansive height and the thundering stream, the waterfall has become a regional attraction and a place where locals as well as tourists come for picnics.

Location: Mahua Dihra, Bihar 821312

Price: INR 400 to INR 600 per person

Distance from Patna: 152.9 KM
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Enjoy at Tutla Bhawani Waterfall

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A visit to Tutla Bhawani Waterfall will let you enjoy a scenic as well as an adventurous getaway. Also known as “Tutla Dham”, this place is a sacred location among Hindus and has a temple based at the very bottom of the fall. Around the stream lies a small pool which people use to cool off in summers.

The water here is considered to be sacred and is believed to be a cure of many diseases. Falling from a canyon like boulder, the waterfall also acts as a perfect location to click some beautiful pictures.

Location: Rampur, Bihar 821304

Timing: 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Price: INR 400 per person

Distance from Patna: 163.1 KM
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Ride in Rajgir Ropeway

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Taking you to the top of Vishwa Shanti Stupa, or the World Peace Pagoda, this ropeway will make your journey peaceful, scenic as well as thrilling.

The most different aspect of this ropeway is that the carriers in it are designed in a way that only one person can ride it at a time. The ropeway is like specific chairs connected to a rope which takes you 2KM up towards the World Peace Pagoda.

Timing: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Price: INR 50 for one side and INR 75 for round trip.

Distance from Patna: 94 KM
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People Also Ask About Patna

  1. What are the best adventure things to do in Patna?

    1. Scuba Diving: One of the best adventure activities to do in & around Patna, scuba diving has been inviting people throughout the country to explore the marine life of Ganga. The activity is done along Gandhighat, from where people are taken to the diving site in a boat/ferry.

    2. Paramotoring: Just like paragliding, the activity of Paramotoring also lets you fly like a bird in the sky. You are attached to a motor-like setup which runs with a thrust and inflates the parachute.

    3. River Cruising: Cruising the deep blue waters of the Ganga will let you explore this beautiful river stream in a totally different way. In addition to cruising its pious waters, you will also get a chance to engage in aarti by the shores.

    4. Paintball: Unlike any other adventure activity, Paintball in Patna is known for its risk free surroundings as well as unlimited fun. In this activity, you get to shoot the opposite team with paint filled pellet guns.
  2. Which are the best places to visit in Patna?

    1. Bihar Museum: Exhibiting the history of development in Bihar, this museum is dedicated to age old art, culture and religious significance of Bihar. Various relics related to the first university of the world can be seen here.

    2. Patna Planetarium: With numerous high tech gadgets and many informational documentaries on a display, this planetarium is dedicated to the development of science and technology. The place is specifically designed for kids to experience different rare natural phenomena related to astronomy.

    3. Gandhi Ghat: Overlooking the majestic Ganga river, the Gandhi Ghat is a renowned go to place among the locals. This is the place from where you can relish scenic views of nature, in addition to freshly prepared snacks by the local vendors.

    4. Japanese Peace Pagoda: Inducing the preachings of Gautam Buddha among visitors, this pagoda is more like a monastery. In the middle of it lies a stupa where people often come to pray.
  3. What is the best time to visit Patna?

    The best time to visit Patna is the winter season, which falls around October to March and the spring season, which falls around the month of September. This is the peak time when one can experience the perfect climatic conditions and can take part in various sightseeing tours and activities without any hassle.
  4. How to reach Patna?

    - By Road: Patna District is well connected to all other cities of Bihar as well as other states through national and state highways.

    - By Air: Patna has its own airport where flights land frequently including the ones from Air India as well as Jet Airways.

    - By Railway: Patna has two major railway stations, one within the city and the other lies on the outside.
  5. What is Patna famous for?

    Patna is famous for being a hub of religion for many different religions including Jainism, Buddhism as well as Hinduism. From historical landmarks to an array of age-old museums, Patna has preserved various items related to the development of humankind.
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