15 Beaches in Portugal to Explore on Your Next Vacation

Portugal Beaches

Praia do Camilo, da FalesiPraiaa, Praia do Amado, Quinta do Lago Beach, Praia do Guincho, Praia da Rocha, Nazare Beach, Carcavelos beach, Praia do Martinhal, Praia do Canto Marinho, Praia do Almograve, Porto Santo beach and many more.

Portugal, with its assortment of stunning beaches, is a top destination for those seeking a seaside vacation. You may expect to see Portugal Beaches sandy surrounded by turquoise waters, quiet coves snuggled next to towering sea cliffs, and dune-backed stretches fronting some of the world's most spectacular surfing breaks.From the sizzling sands of the Algarve to the cool waves of the Atlantic off the coast of Porto, people flock to Portugal's coastline to experience the best beaches in Portugal. 

The greatest wave ever surfed was caught here, making it a must-see for every serious surfer. You can also  visit Praia da Falésia, a huge beach in Portugal known for its orange cliffs, crystal clear water, and golden sand dunes. The Praia do Amado on the Costa Vicentina is another magnificent beach that you simply must see. Hundreds of surfers can be seen in the Atlantic Ocean here on any given day, making it a popular destination for ecotourists, families, and water sports enthusiasts.

Here is the list of the best beaches in Portugal:

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Praia Do Camilo

  • Among the many wonderful Portugal Beaches, Praia do Camilo ranks high in Lagos. 

  • At Praia do Camilo, you may dive into the ocean and discover a whole new aquatic world while snorkeling or any other activities. 

  • Rent a kayak, which you can do in a number of places, and paddle in the lovely sea close to the beach.

  • This beach is ideal for swimming because the water is a gorgeous shade of green and is nearly clear.

  • Get there early to beat the crowds, or stay late to enjoy the breathtaking sunset views from the cliffs above.

Location: Estrada da Ponta da Piedade, Praia do Camilo, 8600-544 Lagos, Portugal

Activities: Snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming


Praia Da Falésia

  • Get to Praia da Falésia, one of the best Portugal Beaches and fantastic spots for a day.
  • With its golden sands, clear water, and striking orange cliffs, this is one of the Portugal Beaches that has it all.
  • Pine trees and pink spiky thrift flowers grow at the top of the cliffs, while white sand lilies carpet the ground below.
  • Enjoy the pure aesthetic delight that is created by the contrast of the clear blue sky and the shimmering waves. 
  • You can sunbathe, swim in the Atlantic, and engage in any number of water-based activities.
  • Paragliding, diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, and some of the greatest surfing in the Algarve can all be found in this area of the beach, which is located toward the eastern end.

Location: Albufeira, Algarve, southern Portugal

Activities: Paragliding, snorkeling, jet skiing, and diving


Praia Do Amado

  • Reach Praia do Amado which is a wide, one of the best Portugal Beaches that has some of the top surfing spots.
  • This sandy beach draws families and nature lovers thanks to its gentle waves and intriguing rock formations.
  • Up north, find cliffs that are a rich crimson and ochre, but down south, find the rugged gray schist rocks take center stage.
  • Amado Beach is constantly staffed by surfing schools due to the beach's legendary, varied waves. 
  • Stroll down the beaches long enough, you'll discover some quiet spaces. 
  • The beach is connected by a series of walkways that allow you to access different sections and lookouts.
  • All along this shore, there are scenic overlooks where you may take in the breathtaking views.
Location: Near Carrapateira, on the west coast of thenear Carrapateira, on the west coast of the Algarve

 Surfing, fishing

Quinta Do Lago Beach

  • Explore one of the beautiful Portugal Beaches, Quinta Do Lago, set in one of the Algarve region's most prized natural areas.
  • There are many places to stop and take in the breathtaking beauty along this section of coast.
  • On Praia da Quinta do Lago, you can participate in a variety of water activities like jet skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, and banana boating.
  • Discover a wonderful nature trail close to Quinta do Lago that is excellent for biking, hiking, and birdwatching.
  • Get to the beach by crossing a wooden bridge high above the river mouth, where you'll get to see lime groves and people collecting shellfish.
Location: located in front of the Ria Formosa

Birdwatching, biking, hiking, banana boating, stand-up paddle boating

Praia Do Guincho

  • Kiteboarding, surfingSet against the dramatic backdrop of the Serra de Sintra hills, Praia do Guincho is one of the magnificent Portugal Beaches.
  • The 750-meter-long Guincho beach is located in a dip to the south of the Serra de Sintra hills. 
  • Surfers from all over the world go to Guincho beach because of the massive waves it consistently produces because of its location directly on the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • The mighty ocean has carved out a sandy beach in this valley, and the persistent winds have driven the sand inland, giving rise to sand dunes and a vibrant coastal environment.
  • Guincho is a fantastic spot for water sports like surfing and kiteboarding. 
  • Sea breezes may be rather robust, and the Sintra hills serve as a funnel for onshore winds, amplifying their force.
Location: Located on Portugal's Estoril coast

Activities: Kiteboarding and surfingSet

Praia Da Rocha

  • With one of the best Portugal Beaches right outside its Algarve’s front door, Praia da Rocha is a bustling tourist hotspot. 
  • Relax on the beach, indulge in some tasty cuisine, and then dive headfirst into the beach bars and clubs. 
  • The vibrant nightlife complements the many other attractions, such as gorgeous hiking routes, historic villages, waterparks, and more. 
  • Praia da Rocha is upscale thanks to its harbor and NoSoloAgua beach club, and it's enjoyable thanks to the busy theme bars on the beach's western end. 
  • Trek up to a 17th-century fort of Fortaleza de Santa Catarina during sunset to take in the view from the top while admiring the gleaming cannons and clouds of bougainvillea.

Location: On the Algarve coast, Portimao town

Activities: Surfing, scuba diving, trekking


Nazare Beach

  • Nazaré's half-moon shaped beach is one of the most photogenic Portugal Beaches, thanks to its brightly painted beach shacks, helpful dry fish vendors, and breathtaking scenery.
  • Praia da Nazare is a long stretch of sand that is often considered to be among the greatest on the Silver Coast. 
  • Spend the day reading or playing with the kids, or stroll down the beautiful walkway that drops down from the beach to the fishing harbor.
  • Soak in the beauty of the Forte de Sao Miguel Arcanjo’s interior features that comprise an outstanding collection of surfboards, while the fort's battlements offer breathtaking views over Praia do Norte.
Location: Nazare, Portugal, Leiria district

Fishing and surfing


Carcavelos Beach

  • Between Lisbon and Cascais, Carcavelos is one of the largest Portugal Beaches off the Lisbon coast.
  • The beach's consistent waves and surf schools make it a popular destination for surfers and bodyboarders.
  • While the beach's more than a kilometer of sand is frequently used for beach sports like volleyball and beach soccer, for which nets are conveniently placed.
  • Popular eateries and bars often keep their patios and decks operational year-round where you can sample food and make merry.
  • Visit Forte de So Julio da Barra, a massive military fortress built in the 16th century and located at the eastern extremity of Praia de Carcavelos, providing a historical setting.

Location: Located halfway between Lisbon and Cascais. 

Activities: Swimming, surfing


Praia Do Martinhal

  • Go to one of the expansive Portugal Beaches, Praia do Martinhal, which is close to Sagres.
  • Dunes in the background of the main beach provide additional protection from the regular coastal breezes. 
  •  Similar to the grottoes and inlets seen in the Algarve rock formations, these islands are composed primarily of limestone.
  • From Sagres Harbour, visitors can set sail towards the islands, which are a favorite destination for divers and snorkelers thanks to the clarity of the water.
  • Visit Praia dos Bolinhos which is a tiny pebble beach located immediately to the east of Martinhal (Pebble beach). 
  • Explore this deserted stretch of coastline which was previously the site of Roman pottery and known for its untamed scenery.

Location: Located to the east of Sagres

Activities: Windsurfing, surfing


Praia Do Canto Marinho

  • Canto Marinho Beach is a place to experience the wild beauty of nature in peace and quiet. 
  • Close to Viana do Castelo, this beach is an ideal getaway for people in search of quiet time by the sea, far from the noise and distractions of urban life. 
  • This is one of the Portugal Beaches that is unsuitable for swimming  but provides a succession of small pools that are great for paddling and beachcombing. 
  • The dunes behind the beach are interlaced with marram grass and sea holly.

Location: R. do Lumiar 58, Portugal


Praia Do Almograve

  • One of the Portugal Beaches is Praia de Almograve, which is wild and dramatic. 
  • The beach is a wide stretch of golden sands broken up by crags of black rock that have not been worn away by the raging waves. 
  • The Atlantic Ocean roars relentlessly against the exposed headlands and basalt rocks of Almograve. 
  • Visit beach in the southern part is distinguished by spectacular black shale rocks protruding from steep cliffs. 
  • The beach at Praia Almograve is in the path of the powerful Atlantic Ocean, and the northern beach is ideal for body boarding or surfing thanks to its big waves and blue flag-certified water quality. 
  • Drop by numerous inexpensive hotels and restaurants nearby the beach to sample authentic Portuguese cuisine.

Location: Just south of Vila Nova de Milfonte

Activities: Surfing


Porto Santo Beach

  • Porto Santo is one of the tiny, arid Portugal Beaches known primarily for the stunning coastline that runs along its southern shore.
  • Spend the day doing something unusual if you're like cultural and historical sights, like checking out Christopher Columbus's actual home.
  • Experience the island's natural splendor by making the trek to Pico Castelo, 
  • From a viewing platform 437 meters above sea level, you can take in a breathtaking panorama of Vila Baleira and the remainder of Porto Santo.
  • View Pico do Facho, Porto Santo's tallest hill, which rises to a height of 516 meters and is situated in the western part of the island.

Location: 40 kilometers north-east from Porto Santo 


Odeceixe Mar Beach

  • The quiet, warmer, and shallower water of the tiny river that flows into the ocean to the north of the Odeceixe Mar Beach is perfect for kids. 
  • For the most part, the waves at the main beach are refreshing rather than dangerous, and lifeguards are on duty throughout the summer. 
  • Towards the south, just past the cliffs, you can have their own private strip of beach that is accessible at low tide. 
  • Eat and drink on the cliffs above the beach like Bar da Praia, where you are served delicious tapas and refreshing drinks to the tune of soothing music.

LocationWithin the Municipality of Aljezur, in the Algarve, Portugal.

Activities: Surfing, swimming


Benagil Beach

  • Benagil Beach is one of the best beaches in Portugal that appears picture-perfect with its turquoise waves and rocks that range in hue from white to gold.
  • Relax in the sun and swim in the water, or take a boat tour to see the caves, coastal cliffs, and magnificent rock formations in the area.
  • Take a boat over to the heavily photographed Benagil sea cave, known for its open dome ceiling, while lounging on the beach's golden sands.
  • Explore the famed Benagil sea cave, which can be found about 490 feet (150 meters) to the east of the main beach. 
  • The cave's arched entrances and natural "skylight window" in its ceiling allow light to flood the interior, coloring the water a brilliant aquamarine.

Location: East of Carvoeiro, on the beautiful Algarve coastline



Plage De La Figueirinha

  • During the summer months, Figueirinha becomes one of the most popular Portugal Beaches in all of Arrábida. 
  • This sandy beach with clear placid water  has a sandy strip owing to the recurring low tides it gets which is perfect for windsurfing training. 
  • Due to the relatively tranquil waters, it is a great place to take kids.
  • Additionally, there is a wooded area along the brook's edges, which is frequently used by families for end-of-day picnics.

Location: Arrábida Mountain, Setúbal, Portugal

People Also Ask About Portugal

  1. Which are the popular water sports to do in Portugal?

    • Parasailing: Parasailing is a novel way to experience some exhilarating pleasure and gain a bird's-eye view of this stunning area of southern Portugal. For instance, from the Albufeira Marina, parasailers will be carried out onto the open Atlantic coast waters before being lifted into the air.
    • Kayaking: A kayak expedition along the coast and into the caverns in Albufeira or Benagil is possible thanks to the custom-built boat that will transport you there. The trips will take you along the picturesque Algarve Coastline and then into the hidden caverns where you may kayak and explore the amazing caves.
    • Flyboarding: Discover the new water activity of flyboarding, which is ideal for people of all ages and skill levels, and be among the first in Portugal to try it out. You'll be able to practice stunts, soar up to 10 meters above the water, and even plunge into the sea with the controls after just a few flyboarding sessions.
    • Scuba diving: Take a dive excursion with a professional along the coast of the Algarve and see what lies beneath the surface.The Algarve is home to some of the world's best wreck diving and cave diving, making it a desirable destination for divers of all skill levels.
    • Snorkeling: In the Atlantic Ocean's pristine waters, you can go snorkeling and see the marine life that lives there. In Portugal's Algarve, some of the most thrilling and environmentally rich areas may be found if you go diving with a divemaster to a particular site called Joo d'Arens.
  2. Which are the most famous beaches in Portugal?

    • Camilo: Camilo Beach, in the western Algarve, is one of the best beaches in Portugal's southern region. A long wooden staircase leads to this beautiful, secluded stretch of white sand that is framed by sandstone cliffs and oddly shaped rock formations.
    • Falesia: Falesia Beach, located in one of the best beaches in Portugal’s Algarve, which is a stunningly beautiful stretch of sand that stretches for almost six kilometers. It is possible to find a peaceful, uninhabited sunbathing place even in the middle of the summer here.
    • Amado: When visiting Portugal, you must go surfing at Amado Beach. This is one of the best beaches in Portugal with its half-moon stretch of sand, that is bounded by undulating dunes and located within the protected Natural Park, is well-known for its consistent and varied surf conditions.
    • Quinta do Lago: Praia da Quinta do Lago is one of the popular beaches in Portugal among tourists because of the abundance of birds in the area; numerous waders make their home in the marshlands, and majestic storks and flamingos are frequently spotted there.
    • Nazare: Nazaré, a bustling town in central Portugal, is a fishing port with one of the best beaches in Portugal that attracts many sunbathers. Most surfers and visitors, however, head to the much calmer Nazaré Beach, a beautiful strip of sand that runs down the town's spacious, mosaic-patterned boardwalk.
  3. Are there swimming beaches in Portugal?

    Yes, there are swimming beaches in Portugal. Some of them are Praia da Manta Rota, Praia da Rocha, and Praia da Marinha.
  4. What is the best time of the year to visit beaches in Portugal?

    If you want to go swimming, the best time is between July and September, when the weather is hot and the water is a comfortable temperature. Visit the Algarve, Azores, or Madeira in the summer, when water temps are milder, for a more pleasurable swimming experience.
  5. Are beaches in Portugal worth visiting?

    Yes, the beaches in Portugal are definitely worth visiting. For instance, Nazare, a former fishing community, is a wonderful town and beach besides Praia De Odeceixe, one of the most protected beaches, where locals enjoy amazing surfing and risk-free swimming.
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