15 Best Things to do in Koh Chang
If you are looking for some real adventure then one would find many things to do in Koh Chang. The place is full of incredible water sports. Take a deep plunge and try out all the water sports from snorkelling to swimming with elephants in jungle.

 Apart from water sports one can also try cookery schools to jungle trekking, waterfalls and much more. The attractive sports that the place provides makes your stay interesting. Diving off Koh Chang is perhaps one of the most incredible experience you can have which is well complemented by many diving sites at the coral reef of Koh Chang.

Here are some of the best things to do in Koh Chang:

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This is also one of the best ways to explore the beaches of Koh Chang Island. As you paddle along the exotic beaches of this place, you get to explore places that you never knew existed. Kayaking is one of the favourite pastime-activity of guests who come here.

Highlights – You get to explore lots of unearthed places when you indulge in kayaking in the Koh Chang Island, adding to your delight. All leading kayaking operators in Koh Chang are qualified with necessary safety and insurance certifications.

Location – Klong Prao Beach, Kai Bae Beach, Klong Son, Bailan Beach, Bang Bao Beach and Wai Chek Beach.

Best Season – Just like all other water sports activities, kayaking too is best enjoyed from October to April.

Approximate Price – Kayaking packages start from THB57000 (which includes charges for all kayaking equipment, food, accommodation and other related expenses), THB1500 for half a day kayaking trips per person.

Difficulty – Medium

Scuba Diving

As Koh Chang in Thailand is one of the famous holiday destinations in the world for beach lovers, scuba diving is one of the must-do things here. Highlights – Two famous diving centres of the place, Scubadawgs and Dive Adventure, offer fun & adventure diving courses for skilled divers and beginners.

The hardware used by these two diving clubs is best in the world and you can be assured about your safety when you use their services.

Scuba Diving
Image Credits : volleyballref

Location – HTMS Chang Wreck, which offers a 30m deep diving.

Best Season – Scuba diving can be done all through the year. However, night dive courses are available only from November to April.

Approximate Price – Prices vary for fun and adventure. It costs minimum of THB2700 for a couple of fun dives, THB1000 for a fun dive package, THB1100 for adventure dives and THB30000for hiring diving master. Additional charge applicable for equipment.

Difficulty level – Available for all levels.


With its emerald green waters and abundant presence of coral reefs, Koh Chang is a paradise for snorkelling. Highlights – There are full-day and half a day snorkelling trips available for guests to suite their time preferences and budget constraints. Similarly private and group speed boat trips are available for the convenience of guests.

Image Credits : leafbug

– Koh Rang National Marine Park, Koh Thang Lang, Koh Yak, Koh Nok and Koh Wai.

Best Season - October to May is the peak season for snorkelling as the climate is great during this time.

Approximate Price – Close to THB500 for half a day trips and THB1400 for full day trips. Additional costs will be charged if guests want to cover more islands.

Difficulty level – Easy, as the sea is usually calm here.

Crocodile & Snake Show

If you are looking for some adrenalin-raising adventurous activities in Koh Chang when you come here for your vacation, you should try out the Crocodile & Snake show. It is a show where you watch experts play with dangerous crocodile and snakes in the most professional manner.

Crocodile & Snake Show
Image Credits : TomSpinker

Highlights – Guests get to have a feel of adventure too, as they are permitted to try dangerous stunts here. However, remember to opt for it only if you are fully ready. This show can definitely cause heartaches if you are not mentally strong.

Location – Chai Chet. Best Season – October to April, as the climate is cool and perfect to go sight-seeing.

Approximate price – Price per person is THB400 (adults) and THB200 (kids).

Difficulty level – It is definitely adventurous and once you start getting the feel of the show, you can come out of your fear and start enjoying the same.

Zip Lining

One of the adventurous activities that you have to try out when you come to Koh Chang is zip lining. This activity is filled with excitement and infinite enjoyment; therefore it is enjoyed by guests of all age groups.

Highlights – When you enrol yourself for ziplining, you will literally keep jumping from tree to tree, suspended through pulleys and hanging precariously from above. These activities are believed to bring a great deal of rejuvenation to one’s body and mind.

Location – Tree Top Adventure Park, Thailand.

Best Season – October to April is the best time for zip lining in Koh Chang.

Approximate Price – Approximately THB1250 per person during peak seasons.

Difficulty level – Easy courses are categorised as “blue” and the more adventurous, complex courses are categorised as “red”. However there are professional instructions for both of these courses, who ensure that you complete your 2-hour ziplining activating safely.


Are you tired with all the sight-seeing in Thailand? Do you want to indulge in a fun, yet relaxing activity? Try out Zorbing when you come to Koh Chang. This is a game where guests get to keep rolling in an inflatable ball, thereby providing unlimited fun and entertainment to people of all age groups.

Highlights – Try out the 150feet Zorb Run that is open for kids above 5 years of age.

Location – Zip ‘N’ Zorb Adventure Park – this is the place known as the zorbing destination of Koh Chang. As people keep rolling downhill with the ball, there are shouts of joy all around.

Best Season – Available all through the year, except Wednesdays, from 10AM to 6PM.

Approximate Price – Approximately THB500 for rolling for four times.

Difficulty level – Very easy, as even kids above 5 years of age can do this with lot of fun.

ATV Ride

The best way to explore the natural extravaganza of Koh Chang Valley is through 2-seater ATV vehicles. These are high quality vehicles imported all the way from the US, where you can climb hills, go downhill, drive past lush tropical gardens and get first-hand feel of the natural abundance here.

Highlights – Apart from ATV tours, you can also just get to learn how to ride an ATV from certified agencies.

Location – All over Koh Chang valley across the Klong Plu River.

Best Season – ATV tours are available in various batches in a day. While day tours can be availed anytime, evening tours can be taken up only during bright seasons.

Approximate Price- THB2800& THB2500 for 90 minute & 60 minute trips for front seat and THB1800 & THB1500 for 90 minutes & 60 minutes for rear seat. THB450 for learning how to drive ATVs.

Boat Tours

Your trip to Koh Chang is definitely incomplete if you have not tried out the speed boat tours at the island. Taking you across the exotic marine life and coral reefs, speed boat tours are the best possible ways for you to unwind and get a first-hand feel of the beaches of the island.

Highlights – Experienced & professional guides are available on these tours, so that guests can feel safe while undertaking these.

Location – There are five main islands covered here in these tours – Kai Bae, Koh Hong Rang, Koh Nok, Koh Yak and Koh Wai and then come back to the island of Koh Chang.

Best Season – Between October & May.

Approximate price – For 5 Islands, the price is THB1200 per adult and THB800 per child less than 6 years.

Difficulty level – Easy, as there are guides on each of these trips.


Though there are other famous places in Thailand for sailing enthusiasts, the island of Koh Chang, is one of the most preferred by guests who wish to have some privacy.

The companies that offer sailing course and sailing trips are Sailing Koh Chang and Gulf Charters.

Highlights – There are close to 15 to 20 sailing yachts found in Koh Chang during peak seasons. Location –Salakphet Bay and Island View Pier are the reputed sailing hubs in this island. Sailing enthusiasts can also find decent sources of accommodation in these places.

Best Season – October to May is the best season for tourism in Koh Chang.

Approximate Price – Roughly around THB69000 to THB95000 for a week. Prices do vary based on the kinds of boat that you choose. Keelboats cost around THB120000 (per week), Catamarans cost around THB175000 (per week) and skippered charters cost around THB42000 per day.

Difficulty level – Medium.


With its vast stretch beaches, Koh Chang, the second largest island in Thailand, is one of the perfect spots for camping lovers. Most of the eastern and western sides of Koh Chang are apt for camping sites. There are lots of tropical jungles here that can be uncovered during camping.

Visitors can explore around the island and stay in various tree houses and accommodations amidst jungles when they come here for camping.

Image Credits : Saipan_Jack

Highlights – Try out the tree houses and secluded accommodation options near Lonely Beach, if you want some remote and less=travelled locations for camping.

Location – Almost all the beaches in Koh Chang provide excellent camping facilities.

Best Season – October to May. Approximate Price - Close to THB200 for basic facilities. There are lots of cafes and restaurants nearby, where you can pay extra for food and drinks.

Difficulty - Easy.


Image Credit : pianowow
With the vast expanses of beaches available in Koh Chang, can fishing be left far behind? Lots of companies provide fishing tours for guests twice in the day – in the morning and in the evening. There are dedicated boats that are used for these tours.

Most of these boats are fully air-conditioned and contain all kinds of latest technology like GPS and fish locating sensors in them. Highlights – If visitors are lucky, they can catch barracuda, king mackerel, red snappers and the like. Watch the art of using live squids as bait while fishing in the dark.

Location – Almost all the beaches of South West Koh Chang. Trips may or may not start from Bang Bao.

Best Season – Since the climate is pleasant, October to May is most ideal for fishing.

Approximate Price – Around THB1300 which includes brief fishing lessons, food (lunch or dinner based on time), beverages and water.

Difficulty level – Easy, as guests are accompanied by multiple language speaking guides.



Visit the excellent resort of Siam Royal View (winner of many property awards) in Koh Chang if you are a golf lover. The resort’s 9 hole golf course is the only place in this island to play golf. Though it is quite small, compared to many golf courses across Thailand, it provides unlimited entertainment and excitement to guests.

Image Credits : Ian D

Highlights – Ensure that you take a note of the resort’s instructions and golf playing guide properly, so that you don’t flout any rules. It is the resort’s ultimate discretion to reject any player from entering the golf area, if found surpassing rules.

Location – Siam Royal View Resort, Koh Chang.

Best Season – Golf can be played in the resort on all days of the year.

Approximate price – Green fee of THB200, THB300 and THB100 for locals, foreign nationals and kids less than 12 years of age respectively.

 Difficulty level – Intermediate.

Elephant Trekking

One of the activities that you must do when you come to Koh Chang is elephant trekking. You will travel through dense jungles, lush farmlands and exotic waters on these elephants and hence get to see nature at its best form from as close as possible.

Highlights – You get to spend a wonderful time with the friendly pachyderms, which are more than happy to introduce Koh Chang to you.

Location - There are 3 treks to choose from – Ban Kwan Chang (travels through the rain forest of Klong Son), Meechai (travels from Kai Bae village) and Ban Camp Chang (starts from Klong Prao beach).

Best Season – October to May.

Approximate Price – THB700 to THB800 for an hour and THB1200 to THB1300 for a couple of hours. The prices are reduced by 50% for kids.

 Difficulty level – Easy, as mahouts will be accompanying you and guiding you at each and every step.

Bird Watching

Koh Chang, the second largest island in Thailand, is becoming one of the most favourite destinations in the world for bird-watching. With its large number of tropical jungles, waterfalls and a national park, Koh Chang is definitely a haven for ornithologists.

Some birds to spot here are night jars, sea eagles with white bellies, egrets from Pacific, swallows and sun birds.

Bird Watching
Image Credits : Cath in Dorset

Highlights – When visited during the right season, you will be able to spot migratory birds that come here all the way from Serbia. Ensure that you take up these trips in the early mornings as this is the peak time for migratory birds.

Location – Forests of Klong Plu.

Approximate price – For groups (2 or more people) round THB800 and for single person trip, it is around THB1300. The prices include pick-up from respective resorts during early mornings and drops on the way back.

Difficulty level – Intermediate, as it requires guests to travel through forests that are quite tricky.

Mountain Biking

Did you think that there is nothing in Koh Chang, if yo8u take away its beaches? You are definitely wrong, because there are roads that provide you an absolutely wonderful view of the island that you never knew existed.

Highlights – As you travel along the roads of the island, you get to observe the local culture and hence are in a position to appreciate the beauty of the island like never before. Try to take your tours early in the mornings, as it can get pretty hot in the afternoons here.

Location – East Coast of Koh Chang is less-explored and presents a remarkable view of the island with its beaches, waterfalls and national park.

Best Season – October to April.

Approximate price – Mountain bikes can be hired from various resorts across Koh Chang. Charges vary as per durations and kind of bikes. Comes up to THB45000 for 5 days.

Difficulty level – Intermediate.

Firefly Watching

Image Credit : sahadeva
One of the exciting activities that can be enjoyed in Koh Chang is taking a tour during the night hours to view the bright display of fireflies at specific areas.

The wonderful sight of these fireflies nestled nicely within the dense mangroves is a must-try here.

Highlights – All the resorts and hotels guide guests to areas where fireflies can be spotted and arrange boat tours in the night as well for their guests.

Location – Mostly areas around Iyara Restaurant and Sea View Resort.

Best Season – November to January, as this is when the magical lights of the fireflies are in full form.

Approximate price – Varies as per resort; however prices come up to approximately THB100 per person per hour.

Difficulty level – Easy.

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