Things to Do in Sikkim

Best things to do in Sikkim are many that captivates and grips the tourist from afar to quarry and explore the undiscovered and adventurous places. If you have the ardent desire to relish and enjoy the natural vicinity and ambiance of the place in entirety, Sikkim is definitely the best place to visit. One of the top most travel and tour destination spots in India, Sikkim is a polemically tranquil and stable places in India. Blessed with some of the most gripping landscapes like the fauna and flora makes the place a haven for the adventurist, naturalists and enthusiasts. Located at a height of about eight thousand five hundred and eighty six metres, the state’s highest pinnacle is the vertex of Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest pinnacle of the globe. Tourism in Sikkim has a lot to offer to the cultured and refined tourist. Here at this place in Sikkim, the foreigners can travel to places like Phodong, Pemayangtse, Rumtek and Gangtok. Sikkim proves to be one of the best tour package in india.

The tourist can also explore through places like Yuksom and Dzongri trekking routes. The licence to explore the trekking routes must be obtained because these routes also comprise of areas which are restricted. To explore and experience the entire radiance and rejuvenation, Sikkim is an ideal place that must be visited by the travellers during the holiday time. Sikkim offers distinct traditions and cultures attracting the tourist the endeavour this place and explore it. The majority of the people residing in Sikkim are of Nepali ethnic origin. The people of Sikkim include the Bhutias who had previously migrated from the district of Kham located in Tibet in the fourteenth century era. While the Lepchas residing in Sikkim are believed to have drifted from the Far East. The Tibetans in this place reside in the eastern and northern part of the state. The migrant and variant origin of the people residing in this place endeavours this place with versatility in tradition and culture. The Best things to do in Sikkim calls to be a major reason for attracting the tourist to witness the diverse tradition and culture in entirety.

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Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek
If you are a true mountaineer, you can’t miss the chance to be a part of this expedition. Due to high level of precipitation the peaks of Kanchenjunga is mostly glaciated. You can simple enjoy an epic scenery which is truly going to leave you jaw dropped.


: Preservation of the rich flora and fauna is also important and you will get to witness them too during trekking. It is difficult to comprehend the scale of both valleys and mountains here.

Difficulty Level
– High.

Best time to visit
: October and November.

: USD$985 per person.
Goecha La

Goecha La is a high mountain pass in the Himalayan range. The trek starts at the sleepy little town of Yuksom in West Sikkim. The town is very pretty with lush green surroundings and a salubrious weather to go with it. You can shop for all supplies at Yuksom before beginning the trek as this is the only place where you will get to buy all your necessary items.

Furthermore, before trekking the Goecha La, you will have to do two things, first make an entry at the local police station and second pay the permit fees at the forest check post. Usually the agencies take care of all these hassles and you will not have to bother about them.

Tsomgo Lake

Experience the enchanting beauty of Tsomgo Lake, a stunning glacial lake nestled amidst the mesmerizing landscapes of Sikkim, India. Situated at an altitude of 12,400 feet, this serene lake offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and pristine waters reflecting the azure sky. Tsomgo Lake, also known as Changu Lake, is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers, providing a tranquil escape amidst the natural wonders of the Himalayas.

Nathula Pass

Nathula Pass, perched at 14,140 feet in the Himalayas, connects Sikkim with Tibet. This historic pass was once a bustling segment of the Silk Route. It now offers visitors stunning views of snow-capped mountains and lush valleys. Open for trade and tourism, it embodies a mix of natural beauty and geopolitical significance.


  • Gaze upon the grandeur of the Indo-China border, flanked by massive gates and barbed wires.
  • Salute the bravery of soldiers at the Watershed War Memorial, commemorating their sacrifices.
  • Engage in a scenic trek to Tsomgo Lake, surrounded by high peaks and lush meadows.
  • Enjoy a unique Yak ride, a popular activity offering a memorable experience.
  • Discover the serene beauty of Menmecho Lake via a tranquil trek from Baba Mandir.
Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple

Visit the revered Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple in Sikkim, India, for a spiritually enriching experience. Dedicated to the legendary soldier, Baba Harbhajan Singh, this sacred site is nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Nathula Pass. Pay homage to the brave soul and witness the unique rituals performed in his honor. The temple's tranquil ambiance and breathtaking surroundings make it a must-visit destination for those seeking solace and a connection with history and spirituality in the heart of Sikkim.

Green Lake

Yet another of the least explored places to visit in Lachung, the mesmerizing Green Lake rests at the base of Mt. Kanchenjunga, at an altitude of 1,437 m. Towered by Mt. Kanchenjunga along with several other peaks, and its trail movies past beautiful thick forests and meadows carpeted by rhododendrons, blue poppies, and primulas.

The expeditions to Mt. Everest before the war were done through this part of North Sikkim, the post which, the trail seems to have been forgotten. It remains shaded from the majority of tourists, saves an adventurous few. Time your visit to the lake anytime between March to May for pleasant weather and clear views of the mountain ranges that cast a lovely reflection in the turquoise green waters of the lake.

North Sikkim, Sikkim

Gurudongmar Lake

One of the most beautiful, pristine lakes in Sikkim, Gurudongmar lake sits in close proximity to the Tibetan and Chinese border in the north. Nested amidst the mountains at 5,183 meters, the freezing alpine lake is amongst the major sources of the river Teesta. The lake takes its name after the eminent guru Padmasambhava, who is believed to have traversed this region during his visit to Tibet.

There’s even a temple of him near the lake. Flanked on one side by the incredible Kanchendzonga range, the lake freezes in the winter months, save a special spot that is said to have been blessed. The waters of the lake are believed to have been blessed by the gods and are revered all over by the Hindus.

North Sikkim, Sikkim

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand:
Approx 115 km

Buddha Park Ravangla
Buddha Park Ravangla is a peaceful garden in Sikkim featuring a giant statue of Lord Buddha, offering a tranquil atmosphere for visitors.
Bhim Nala Falls

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of Bhim Nala Falls, a captivating waterfall nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Sikkim, India. This natural wonder cascades down with grace and grandeur, creating a soothing ambiance and a perfect spot for relaxation. Bhim Nala Falls offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle, inviting visitors to revel in the tranquility of nature's allure. Nature lovers and travelers seeking a refreshing encounter with the Himalayan beauty will find Bhim Nala Falls a delightful destination to explore and unwind.

Fun fact - Bhim Nala Falls is also known as Amitabh Bachchan Falls amongst the locals! 

Location: Chungthang, Lachung, Sikkim 737120

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand: Approx. 15 km

Kanchenjunga Waterfall

The Kanchenjunga Waterfall, near Pelling in Sikkim, is a stunning waterfall fed by melting snow from the mighty Kanchenjunga mountain. This scenic waterfall is a favorite spot for many visitors, providing a peaceful getaway in the beautiful Himalayan region.

Yumesamdong / Zero Point

Yumesamdong, otherwise known as Zero Point, is one of the most frequented tourist's places in Lachung. It is located about 15 km away from Yumthang and sits at a mind-numbing altitude of 4,724 meters. Zero point marks the edge of civilization, and the road comes to a dead end here.

The vicuna China border is just beyond Zero points, though no tourists are allowed there. Despite the treacherous roads, Yumesamdong brings you exceptional rewards! Treat your eyes to the confluence of three magnificent rivers, flanked on either side by enormous, snow-clad peaks.

While yaks often graze here, the land is nearly competent devoid of vegetation. The place sits beneath thick, powdery snow, and brings extremely cold weather conditions. But there’s a great respite in the form of Hot Springs by the river Sebu Chhu!

Sikkim 737120

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand:
Approx. 50 km

Mt. Katao

Housed in North Sikkim, nearly 28 km away from Lachung, the magnificent peak of Mt. Katao is an ideal spot for adventurers and trekkers alike. Though getting there requires a permit from the Indian army. The mountain trail is lined with majestic alpine forests of rhododendrons, poppies, and primulas, along with a few serene waterfalls. These trails climb up to sweeping views of the neighboring peaks. Mt. Katao is one of the most beautiful and offbeat tourist places in Lachung and unveils its grand beauty to the selected few who stumble there.

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand:
Approx. 28 km

Yumthang Valley

Nested in the northern part of Sikkim, Yumthang Valley is also nicknamed as the 'valley of flowers' (not to be confused with the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand). It is perched at a dizzying altitude of 3,500 meters, and unmistakably one of the most scenic places to visit in Lachung.

True to its assigned nickname, Yumthang valley fosters countless floral species which criss-cross all across its lush green carpet. The valley also houses the beautiful Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, hosting over 24 different species of rhododendrons! The verdant pasture that is Yumthang valley is lapped by mighty mountains on either side, and the freezing river Teesta forms a crystal ribbon through the forested beauty of the valley.

North Sikkim District, Gangtok, Sikkim 737120

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand
: 25 km

From gushing waterfalls to sprawling forests, from solitary monasteries to austere mountains, Gangtok offers a range of awe-inspiring things to do for visitors

Lachung Monastery

Cradled by beautiful apple orchards of the Lachen Valley, Lachung Monastery is an ancient Buddhist monastery. Crafted with brilliant architecture, the monastery is perched atop 2,750 meters, near the confluence of the rivers Lachen and Lachung, two of the several tributaries of the Teesta river.

The gompa is also the base for the Green Lake trek. The edifice was installed in 1806 by the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism and harbors a majestic statue of Guru Padmasambhava. A prayer wheel stands guard near the entrance of the monastery, leading visitors to the resident Handloom and Handicraft Centre. The Lachung Monastery is one of the most tranquil places to visit in Lachung.

Lachung, Sikkim 737120

: 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM every day.

Entry charges:

Distance from Lachung Bus Stand:
Approx. 20 km

Hot springs Yumthang

Experience the blissful relaxation of Yumthang Hot Springs, a natural wonder nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Sikkim, India. Surrounded by snow-capped peaks and lush greenery, these therapeutic hot springs offer a rejuvenating escape for travelers seeking solace and healing. Immerse yourself in the warm, mineral-rich waters, known for their medicinal properties, and unwind amidst nature's soothing embrace. Yumthang Hot Springs is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and those seeking a revitalizing experience in the heart of the Himalayas.

Char Dham Temple Namchi

Char Dham Temple in Sikkim is a revered Hindu pilgrimage site, offering devotees a spiritually enriching experience. Situated in Namchi, it houses replicas of four sacred dhams from India - Badrinath, Rameswaram, Dwarka, and Jagannath Puri. This unique temple complex allows visitors to seek blessings and experience the sanctity of these revered destinations, all in one place.

Khecheopalri Monastery

Explore the tranquility of Khechuperi Monastery, a sacred Buddhist retreat nestled in the serene landscape of Sikkim, India. Delve into rich spiritual traditions as you admire the temple's intricate architecture and murals. Engage in contemplation amidst the peace and quiet of this revered space. Visit Khechuperi Monastery for an enlightening journey that weaves history, spirituality, and the natural world into an unforgettable experience.

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Sikkim Things To Do FAQs

What are the best adventure activities to do in Sikkim?

Sikkim constitutes to be the major foundation of all adventurous activities clambering and endeavoring a splendid base to the alpine meadows, glaciers, varieties of fauna and flora housing a lot of zealous adventures. In Sikkim, you might expect the unexpected while you decide to partake in water sports or in various other sports. Dream of a splash from the River Teesta to completely replenish you or a major cycling trek to offer you with few amazing sights to gaze through as you paddle your way – You can expect all of these in Sikkim. Explore through the great majestic pinnacles of the mountains and witness paragliding adventures accompanied with rock climbing activities to check your potential and capability. This is not enough, Sikkim has a lot more to offer than just this.
The best adventure activities to do in Sikkim are as follows:
• Paragliding
• Yak Safari
• Mountaineering
• Mountain biking
• River Rafting

What are the best things to do in Sikkim?

The best things to do in Sikkim are as follows:
• Shopping in MG Road
• Try Being Religious by visiting the old Buddhist Gompa
• Paragliding in Sikkim
• Try Going Organic by purchasing complete organic products from the Sikkim Market
• Attend Distinct Festivals in Sikkim like Tharpu Monsoon Festival, Losar Festival, and Gangtok Winter Festival
• Cuddle Local Lifestyle by staying near to nature
• Understand Tibetology
• Leisure Walk in Rinchenpong
• Caving in the North Lha-ri-nying phu
• Try Sikkimese Tongba
• Eat out in 9’INE Native Cuisine and relish the delicious food
• Relish the Sikkimese Nightlife
• Enjoy Mountain Biking between Gangtok and Rangpo
• Flower Exhibition at White Hall
• Visit Rumtek Monastery
• Enjoy the Yak Ride near Tsomgo Lake
• Enjoy Bird Watching in Kewzing
• Splendid River rafting on the Teesta
• Trekking in Goecha La Trek
• View the beautiful Kanchendzonga waterfalls
• Witness the alluringly captivating Khecheopalri Lake
• Visit the Ganesh Tok Temple
• Visit the exuberant Sikkim Zoo
• Explore the Temi Tea Garden
Relish Mountain Biking in Sikkim
• Relish the happening Sikkimese Nightlife
• Enjoy Bird Watching in Kewzing
• Explore and experience the wonderful River Rafting along the Teesta River

Which are the best places for water sports in Sikkim?

The best places for water sports in Sikkim are as follows:
• Rivers Teesta
• Guru Padmasambhava
• The Mystic Himalayas

Which are the best destinations for a wildlife safari in Sikkim?

The best destinations for a wildlife safari in Sikkim are as follows:
• Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary
• Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary
• Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary
• The Khangchendzonga National Park
• Kyongnosia Alpine Sanctuary
• Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary

Which are the best places to go trekking in Sikkim?

The best places to go trekking in Sikkim are as follows:
• Green Lake Trek
Singalila Trek
• Kasturi Orar Round Trek
Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek
• Varsey Trek
Sandakphu Trek
• Dzongri Trek
Rhododendron Trek
• Goecha La Trek

Where can I get a luxury train experience in Sikkim?

The luxury train experience in Sikkim are as follows:
• Palace on Wheels
• Heritage on Wheels
• The Golden Chariot
• Deccan Odyssey – A Captivating Luxury Train Tour

Which are the best places to do rock climbing in Sikkim?

Rock Climbing in Sikkim is considered to be challenging adventure sports that garner huge traction from the travelers and the tourist who colossally love adventures. Rock climbing in Sikkim involves clambering up a natural rock that may be naturally or artificially formed with a target or definite goal of reaching the peak or the summit of the pre-defined aim. Generally, it is differentiated on the basis of the need of the climber that he or she is competent enough to hold his or her weight so as to balance the sport in entirety. A mentally and physically demanding sport, Rock Climbing is characterized to be a sport that tests a person’s mental and physical strength.
The best places for rock climbing in Sikkim are as follows:
• Mt. Khangchendzonga
• Nakul Giri or Sikkim Mountaineering Association
• Satish Bardewa or TAAS

Which are the best places for an art and culture experience in Sikkim?

The best places for an art and culture experience in Sikkim are as follows:
• Zuluk
• Teesta River Rafting
• Namchi
• Ravangla
• Pelling
• Lachung, Lachen and Yumthang Valley
• Yuksom and the Dzongri Trail
• Flora and Fauna Sanctuaries
• festival in December/January
• Nathu La and Tsomgo Lake
• Monasteries like Rumtek, Pemayangtse, and Tashiding. Other monasteries of this place are worth visiting include the Karma Kagyu

Which are the best locations for rafting in Sikkim? What are the charges?

From a smooth riding or experience to an amazing mountain landscape to the most thundering and happening rapids that only the most experienced adventurist can navigate and witness. River Rafting in the midst of River Teesta can definitely bring about adrenaline rush pumping up your adventure and excitement to a whole new tangent or level. Meandering down the rough or rugged way that brings about a great deal of adventure. The riverbanks of River Teesta have deep woods, terraced cultivation, and little hamlets, making the place worthwhile for camping as well as for rafting.Sikkim offers great activities with affordable tour packages.  

The best locations for rafting in Sikkim along with the charges are as follows:
• Malli to Kali Jhora is about a distance of about twenty-four kilometers which takes around three hours to complete.
• Tarkhola to Malli is about a distance of about twenty kilometers which takes around two hours to complete.
• Tarkhola to 29th Mile is about a distance of about thirty-three kilometers that takes around three hours to complete.
• Rongpo to 29th Mile is about a distance twenty-eight kilometers that take around three hours to complete.
• Tarkhola to Kali Jhora is about a distance of thirty-seven kilometers that takes around five hours to complete.
• Malli to 29th Mile is about a distance of about eleven kilometers that takes about an hour to complete.
• Malli to Rayang is about a distance of about thirteen kilometers and takes about two hours to complete.
• 29th Mile to Kalijhora is about a distance of about eighteen kilometers and takes about two hours to complete.
Riverside Rafting and Camping involves the following costs:
• Rs. 2000 per pax above 20
• Rs. 2300 per pax above 11 to 20
• Rs. 3200 per pax above 6 to 10

Where can I go for bungee jumping in Sikkim?

The place where you can go for bungee jumping in Sikkim is as follows:
• Singshore Bridge: If you wish to push the art of bungee jumping to an extremely different level then you must try bungee jumping at the Singshore Bridge. This is an ideal sport that entertains the tourist to the extremes.

Where can I enjoy paragliding in Sikkim?

The places where you can enjoy paragliding in Sikkim are as follows:
• Paragliding Sikkim - This is located in Gangtok, Sikkim 737103
• Fly Sikkim Adventure – This is located in Lower Sichey Near the bhankari waterfalls by the Ranka Road at Gangtok in Sikkim 737101.
• Sikkim Paragliding - This is located in Sikkim Paragliding Adventure Sports Co-Operative Society Ltd at Gangtok in Sikkim 737103

Which are the pilgrimage sites which are a must visit in Sikkim?

The best pilgrimage site which you must visit in Sikkim are as follows:
• Buddha Park Ravangla
• Guru Padmasambhava Samdruptse
• Kirateshwar Mahadev Temple
• Solophok Chardham
• Samdruptse
• Phensang Monastery
• Tashiding Monastery
• Enchey Monastery
• Rumtek Dharma Chakra Centre
• Pemayangtse Monastery

Which are the best places to go on a honeymoon in Sikkim?

The best places to go on a honeymoon in Sikkim are as follows:
• Visit beautiful places like Zuluk, Tsomgo Lake, Pelling, Ravangla, and Gangtok.
• Visit splendid resorts like Summit Norling Resort & Spa (Gangtok), Ghonday Village Resort (Kaluk), Yarlam Resort (Lachung), The Elgin Mount Pandim (Pelling) and Magpie Chestnut Retreat (Pelling).
• Try sports activities like Paragliding, Yak Safari, Mountaineering, Mountain biking and River Rafting.
• Try delectable cuisines in splendid restaurants like 9ine Native Cuisine, Y.O.L.O Lounge & Bar, Jungle Café, Hotlix, Desi Bites, Yummy Tummy, Mu Kimchi, Thakali, Dynasty Wine and Dine, Food Court, Roll House, Snow Lion Restaurant, Shuffle Momos, Cafe Live & Loud, The Coffee Shop, Hotel Sher-E-Punjab, Taste Of Tibet, Parivar Restaurant, Chopstick, The-Cube, Wangdi Restaurant, Orchid Restaurant, Big Bowl Restaurant, Kafal Restaurant, South Indian Restaurant, Flavours Inn Bar And Restaurant, Taste of Ravangla Restaurant, Bailey The Restaurant, Apna Dhaba, Yalamber Bar and Restaurant, Tashi Tagey Hotel, Adonai Family Restaurant, Chingthang Hotel and Restaurant, Kookay Restaurant, Melting Point, Thoendel, Hotel Pomra, Wild Flower Retreat and Bamboo Retreat Hotel.
• Worth visiting historic places to visit in Sikkim are Budang Gari Fort, Dubdi Monastery, Sanga Chilling Monastery, Phensang Monastery, Dodrul Chorten, Enchey Monastery, Ralong Monastery, Tusk-La-Khang Monastery, Pemayangtse Monastery, and Rumtek Monastery.

Which are must try aerial activities in Sikkim?

The must-try aerial activities in Sikkim are as follows:
Along with activities like Canoeing, Hang gliding, Mountain biking, Trekking, Mountaineering and Rafting, other aerial activities in Sikkim are Yak Safari, Mountain biking, kayaking, and Paragliding.

Which are some best cycling trails in Sikkim?

Some of the best cycling trails in Sikkim are as follows:
• The trail between Gangtok to Bagdogra
• The trail between Kabi to Gangtok covers about one thousand five hundred and forty-seven meters or twenty kilometers.
• The trail between Rangrang and Kabi covers about one thousand five hundred meters or thirty-two kilometers.
• The trail between Chungthang and Rangrang covers about one thousand meters or thirty-eight kilometers.
• The trail between Lanchen and Chungthang is a twenty-seven kilometers long downhill cycling trail
• The trail between Choptag Valley and Kalapather and finally a visit to the Lanchen
• The trail between Lanchen and Thangu covers about three thousand and twenty meters or thirty-two kilometers.
• The trail between Chungthang and Lachen covers about twenty-seven kilometers or two thousand seven hundred and twenty-eight meters.
• The trail between Yumthang and Chungthang is a forty-five kilometers long downhill cycling tour
• The trail between Lachung and Yumthang covers around three thousand six hundred meters or twenty-four kilometers.
• The trail between Chungthang and Lachung covers around two thousand six hundred and twenty-four meters or twenty-one kilometers.
• The trail between Singhik and Chungthang covers around one thousand sixty-one meters or twenty-six kilometers.
• The trail between Phedang and Singhik covers around one thousand six hundred meters or thirty-three kilometers.
• The trail between Gangtok and Phedang covers around six hundred meters or thirty-one kilometers.
• The trail between Bagdogra and Gangtok

How is nightlife in Sikkim? Where can I enjoy it most?

The places where you can relish the nightlife in Sikkim are as follows:
• Denzong Cinema
• Cafe Live & Loud
• Chowrasta Stores Wines
• MAYFAIR Spa Resort & Casino, Gangtok
• Joey's Pub
• Golden Orchid-The Lodge
• MPH (Multipurpose Hall) NIT Sikkim
• Gatty's Café
• Aroma Bar cum Restaurant
• Cafe Live & Loud
• Officers Club, Zym, Type IV Quarters
• Roadways Karaoke N Bar
• Basement lounge & bistro
• The Circle
• F.L.Liquor Shop
• Basement Lounge & Bistro (Delam)
• Dai-Chi Bar and Restaurant
• Lenora Restaurant And Bar
• Lees Retro Bar & Lounge
• Bishal Pub
• Purple Restaurant & lounge bar
• FatMom Local Bar
• Tiyaaz Bar and Foods
• Desme office
• B.k. Pradhan F.l. Shop
• Resto Lounge Bar
• Merge Bar and Restaurant
• Hotel Orchid
• Garden Hotel
• Hotel Nana
• Thakali
• Vyanjan bar N Restaurant
• BBQ Restobar
• Mulukay Kingfisher Beer Factory
• Escape DISCO
• Lounge 31a

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Reviewed: 28 Dec 2023
Direct flight so was really good for time
Tanya Naik
Reviewed: 31 Mar 2021
This was my first paragliding experience and I was so thrilled and scared both at the same time. This March I was going to Gangtok and came to know about the paragliding activity there and booked the same with Thrillophilia and made the most of the thrills and spills of Paragliding. After heading to... Read More
Chanakya Prajapat
Reviewed: 17 Feb 2020
Most of the sightseeing was peaceful and relax which gave nice views. We even purchase some handicraft items during the tour and the price was fair... nice waterfall just near the main-road all and all it was really a nice tour. A must-go and witness these sights definitely you would love it for sur... Read More
Gajbaahu Prajapat
Reviewed: 26 Feb 2020
The place gave us stunning pictures, Nice walked on the glass and we enjoyed every bit of it. Worthy experience.
Annapurna Adiga
Reviewed: 15 Feb 2020
Must visit a place, The glass-topped skywalk was extremely great, you'll enjoy everything on this place and nobody misses the Buddha-idol and the monastery... the walked through the stair as well need to have stamina. The view was simply indescribable
Dhana Verma
Reviewed: 15 Feb 2020
Easy-booking, easy-location, exciting-activity, and what best was we were been treated well before-rafting and after-rafting too. Over the top service.

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