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The charismatic beauty and picturesque panorama of Sikkim will make you wonder. If you are planning to visit the amazing place, be ready mentally to explore some blissful locales of the country. The entire north eastern wedge of the Himalayas is one of the kaleidoscopic tourist destinations in the state. Whether you are looking forward for thick frondescence, serene water beds or beautiful sacred places, Sikkim embraces it all. Adventures like camping as a recreational and travel activity has been very popular in the western world. Here, in India, the trend of participating in camps especially amidst children is fast catching up. With its rustic beauty and alluring aura, you can experience the best camping tours in Sikkim under the thrilling package. Innumerable camps are being organized in western Himalayan region every year. For wildlife adventurists, Sikkim offers a number of wildlife reserves that are replete with rare animal and bird species. Besides, camping and other adventurous sport, what catches the eye the most is the prestigious culture and delicacies which will remind you off the typical traditional opulent heritage of Sikkim.


During winters, when the chilliness in the ambience is at its best, hot and peppery delicacies plays tonic to the travellers. Mouth watering snacks to frozen desserts, Sikkim has it all. The harmonic diversity of Sikkim can also be witnessed in its food habit, contributed by trio-sections of the people. The state offers a blend of dishes that can make any mouth drool. Shifting focus from Hinduism, do pay a visit to some beautiful monasteries embraced by Sikkim whose artistically carved walls are uninterruptedly struggling to convey the gist to their visitors. The state also has a boon of natural hot springs like Borong and Raolong that possess therapeutic properties. A perfect way to jump into the typical ambience of Sikkim is to scrutinize the lives of the people residing there in the villages. And the villages like Dzongu and kewzing have kept their doors open to encourage tourism and also proffer homestay facilities. Embark on the best rafting tours in Sikkim and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience.

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Camping, activity, foods, accommodation, and the entire staff really deserve a 5-stars rating. My experience was plentiful with good memories.
Everything went great as we expected, cool river and cool experience, Nice location with no pollution, a Nice spot for staying in the tent. Toilet and the other thing at the camp are with proper cleanliness. The operator and the whole staff were very friendly, Nice nature walk and fun bonfire with all the nice people in the camp. MUST-VISIT...
Pretty far away from Darjeeling, the location is good with the picturesque scenic beauty of the river, riverside with white sandy, and the forest. The really good-experience there with the amazing service from the supportive local operator and the staff.
Really a cool place and the best place for nature-lovers, The campsite was really beautiful we had a great nature-walks near the place with the help of the staff, we spend our leisure time at the river site and sometimes we played by splashing water at each other, The night was really fun we sat and mixed with the other group we sing and dance around the bonfire... From the start till the ending of the tour was perfectly well-organized.