20 Netherlands Places to Visit in Summer You Must Visit in 2024

Places to See in Summer in Netherlands

AmsterdamDelftRotterdam, The HagueMaastricht, Edam, Middelburg, Volendam, Kinderdijk, Thorn, Breda, EindhovenLeidenGiethoornLeeuwardenUtrechtHaarlemand many more.

Famed for having a flat landscape full of canals, cathedrals and piazzas, you will find a plethora of places to visit in Netherlands in Summer. If you are planning a summer visit to The Netherlands and wondering what to do in a little but great country, you will stumble upon many tours to depart for and places to explore. The weather in this country is frequently pleasant and mild during the summer season, hence making it a great time to head for an expedition.

The Netherlands, Europe's crown jewel, is one of several fascinating holiday destinations throughout the world that catch the hearts of all tourists. It's a veritable treasure mine of history, legacy, culture, and art. From the luxe life of Amsterdam to the serene ports of Rotterdam, every city here is filled with treasure troves in the form of local attractions. Explore these local attractions and holiday special destinations of Netherland with our E
urope trip packages.

If you are confused about which places you should cover in the Netherlands, here's a brief rundown of some of the best Netherland places to visit in summer that will have you packing your bags as soon as possible. From vast flower fields and tall windmills to lovely water canals and picturesque buildings, the Netherlands has it all.

Here is the list of some best Netherlands places to visit in summer:

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Amsterdam also referred to as the “Venice of North” is the capital of the Netherlands, and it is full of historic landmarks, significant buildings and interesting sights.  It is truly a global city that makes you feel at home no matter where you hail from. You can spot here a melting pot of various cultures and religions. It is a gastronomical paradise for visitors and has an unmatched infrastructure that makes it a destination like none other. The city is lined with various canals that contribute to its glorious stature in the world. Bask in the shimmering skyline of the city, gasp at the cityscape punctured by staggering skyscrapers twinkling in the night’s sky and enjoy it’s effervescent nightlife. It offers experiences around every turn, making it a destination that finds a sweet spot in the heart of every visitor.

Beauty is something Amsterdam was gifted in multiple forms, and its magical landscape is definitely something that you must explore. Amsterdam is packed with cobbled streets and hidden gems that are a treat for the eyes and your soul. The sky touching skyscrapers, historical architectures and mystical canals titillate your senses in more than one way. It is dotted with various attractions like museums, parks, architectural marvels, and theatres. You can also find here some of the most beautiful tulip gardens that can evoke your senses with a fragrant smell. It’s cannabis-cafes, and the red light area further attracts the visitors to have a glimpse of this beautiful city. The churches and palaces further leave the visitors spellbound with their grandeur and architectural magnificence.

Amsterdam is the hotspot for some of the most thrilling activities like zip lining, biking, canoeing and rock climbing. If you’re someone who wants to engage in something unusual, then you can have a tour of this city on a bicycle. You can also visit the renowned museums that will transport you back in time and heritage that you would love to frequent. But the best way to explore this city is by discovering the lesser-known nooks and crannies where your feet can wander on cobbled streets and your heart can feel free.

Amsterdam has a largely oceanic climate strongly influenced by its proximity to the North Sea. It also witnesses snowy winters and hot and humid summers. It is almost as if the city beckons you to come and see it, no matter what your preferences are.

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Delft is a beautiful city in North Holland, Netherlands, located between The Hague, to the northwest and Rotterdam, to the southeast. It is located along the north-south railway line that connects Netherland's largest cities — including The Hague, Haarlem, and Rotterdam.

Delft is a picturesque town renowned for its artistic heritage and monumental buildings. It is also home to some of the most beautiful, intersecting canals and residential squares. Known to be one of the most scenic cities in Northern Europe, Delft will greet you with gorgeous, unexpected views at every corner.

From fantastic shopping streets and bouquets to art galleries and cathedrals, there is no shortage of splendid attractions in Delft. You can visit Nieuwe Kerk, a six hundred-year-old church, and take a tour of the Museum Het Prinsenhof that displays the Netherlands' history.

You can also try some of the best activities in Delft for the feeling of ultimate joy and excitement. If you're a shopping enthusiast, you can stroll through Beestenmarkt that has cafes and street-style stores. To know about the city's rich heritage, you can head to Oostport, which is the only surviving gated tower.

Delft experiences a cold, rainy, and temperate climate with average winter temperature ranging around 4 degrees and average summer temperature ranging around 18 degrees.

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Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands in the province of South Holland. It is located at the mouth of the Nieuwe Maas channel and leads into the Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt delta in the North Sea. It lies about nineteen miles from the North Sea and is linked by the New Waterway canal.

Rotterdam is a surreal destination with captivating landscapes and rich flora and fauna. It is the land of contrasts with stunning beaches and golden dunes that will keep you awe-inspired with their beauty.

Rotterdam is a bustling city in the Netherlands worth making a detour because of its art-dominated streets, striking architectural landmarks, influential design studios, and lively restaurants and bars. It has eighteen gigantic windmills that are collectively recognized as a World Heritage Site. The city has a high concentration of institutes and art galleries, including Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art, Kunsthal, and TENT.

There are endless things to do in Rotterdam for each kind of traveler. You can climb Euromast to have a stunning view of the city, indulge in a unique shopping experience at Pannekoekstraat, and get up-close and personal with the rarest flora and fauna at Rotterdam Zoo.

Rotterdam experiences an oceanic climate with 2 major seasons, cold winter and warm summer. During the months of December and November, you'll usually experience the wettest weather in Rotterdam.

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The Hague

The Hague is located on a coastal plain in the Netherlands, and it is the country's administrative capital. It lies at the southwest corner of the Randstad conurbation, which is one of the largest conurbations in the entire world.

The Hague is the green lung of the Netherlands dotted with beautiful gardens and parks. It is an ideal place to escape the fast-paced city life and take a much-needed break. A vibrant nightlife, delectable cuisine, and rich heritage are the cornerstones of the Hague experience.

The Hague is home to numerous government embassies and ministries and has the headquarters of major international organizations, like the International Court of Justice. It has some of the most iconic museums, such as the Louwman Museum Mauritshuis, that give you a glimpse of Dutch history. You'll also find here amusement parks, art galleries, sports centers, and lush green parks.

Some of the best activities you must try in The Hague are riding the huge Ferris wheel at Scheveningen Pier and marveling at the Peace Palace's splendid beauty. You can also gaze along the canals and feel like royalty by visiting Noordeinde Palace.

The Hague experiences a warm and temperate climate, and it receives a significant amount of rainfall even in the driest months. The average annual temperature ranges around 10.9 °C.

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Maastricht is situated on the southern side of the Netherlands and is the capital of Limburg's province. It touches Belgium on its west, and to the east, it is a few miles away from Germany. Maastricht is situated on both sides of the Meuse, at the point where Jeker joins it.

Maastricht is known for its whitewashed landscapes, colorful alleys, and blue domes. Its futuristic skylines, colorful historical buildings, and tree-lined canals will make you fall in love with it at first sight. Added to that, swathes of green spaces and storied red-brick facades make it Europe's most gorgeous cultural epicenters.

There are many places to Visit in Maastricht, ranging from art galleries, museums, and cathedrals. It has beautiful churches and lively restaurants with a menu full of tasty sensations. You can visit Fort Sint Pieter, an excellent example of a defense fortification, and walk across the St Servaas bridge.

There are endless things to do in Maastricht, ranging from witnessing the religious artifacts at the Basilica of Our Lady and shopping at Market Square. You can also trace Maastricht's
rich history by visiting the Bonnefanten Museum and admire the beauty of Boekhandel Dominicanen.

Maastricht generally has warm and mild weather, and the average annual temperature ranges around 51.2 °F.

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When Edam was mentioned, didn't your mind immediately go to 'cheese!' You'd be absolutely correct in terms of Edam and cheese, as the town is famed for its yellow and red sealed cheeses, as well as its traditional cheese market.

It is known for its Wednesday cheese market, which attracts a large number of tourists. Edam is well-known for manufacturing the world-famous Edam Cheese, which is distributed all over the world and is one of the most popular summer destinations in the Netherlands. Edam is also a historically noteworthy town which is why it is to be definitely present on the travel list in the Netherlands.

How to reach: The best and quickest method to travel to Edam is to fly through Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. Edam is 25 kilometres from the airport. Travel by rail or bus from the airport to Amsterdam Centraal Amsterdam Central Station.

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Middelburg is the oldest town in the Netherlands, and it was founded to survive Viking raids. Middelburg is also one of the most popular Netherland places to visit in summer. On your journey to the Netherlands, you will not want to miss out on this culturally and architecturally fascinating city.

Middelburg has a wide range of average temperatures. Temperatures feel chilly for roughly half of the year, but generally pleasant. The months, August, July and June are the warmest months.

How to reach: From Amsterdam Centraal, board the intercity train (yellow train) in the direction of Vlissingen. At Middelburg station, get off the train. This assignment will take you about three hours to accomplish.



Volendam is a charming fishing town only 12 kilometres north of Amsterdam. Apart from Amsterdam, this is one of the most attractive Netherlands places to visit in summer. It's a must-see for foodies because of its local specialties, seafood, and cheese.

It would be a waste of time to leave Volendam without experiencing its wonderful food. Volendam has a varied climatic condition, however, the best time to visit Volendam is during the summer months.

How to reach: Book a day trip from Amsterdam: the most convenient method to see Volendam and other nearby places is to book a day trip from Amsterdam online.

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Kinderdijk is a masterpiece of water management and a UNESCO world heritage site where you can discover the world's oldest windmills. The great architecture and stunning design of these windmills make them perfect for Instagram-worthy shots.

As you step into this idyllic Dutch village, you'll find everything here below sea level. The windmills and waterways here tell the tale of the highs and lows of the Netherlands. Hunters and fishermen come here in summers when the water level is low.

Location: Nederwaard 5, 2961 AS Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Highlights: Windmills, waterways
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Thorn, one of the most amazing Netherland places to visit in summer, should be seen by every Instagrammer and photographer because of how lovely and beautiful it is. The location is close to the Belgian border.

The cobblestone walkways, white-washed brick houses, and picturesque surroundings make it difficult not to fall in love. The summer months from May to September are probably the best suited months to take a tour through this amazing place.

Best way to reach: You have to arrive at the Amsterdam airport and then taking a drive to Thorn would be the cheapest and fastest way to reach there.

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Breda, one of the intriguing Netherland places to visit in summer, is a fascinating medieval city that is also a must-see site for everyone interested in the city's architecture and history. This was fortified at one time and has always held a key strategic location.

It also boasts a historic centre that has been properly conserved to this day. In Port quarter, there are several storehouses and Gastespoort, one of Breda's three iconic mediaeval gates.

Best way to reach: If you're flying in, you'll land at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. Since the airport has a rail station, you won't have to travel into Amsterdam to catch the train most of the time. If you use the high-speed Fyra train, the travel from the airport to Breda should take no longer than an hour.

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One of the best places in Netherlands that you must include in your itinerary is Madurodam Theme Park. It is a miniature park in The Hague that features miniature scale model replicas of famous Dutch castles and public buildings.

There are various hands-on experiences that the visitors can have at this theme park. You can load containers onto a cargo ship in Rotterdam's miniature port, learn how a plane takes off at Schiphol airport, or prevent a flood by operating the storm surge barrier.

Location: George Maduroplein 1, 2584 RZ, The Hague The Netherlands

Highlights: miniature versions of cities like Rotterdam, The Hague, and Amsterdam.
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Eindhoven is a bustling municipality of the Netherlands located in the southern region of the country. Its neighbouring towns and cities include Nuenen, Son en Breugel, Geldrop-Mierlo,  Heeze-Leende, Waalre, Helmond, Veldhoven, Eersel, en Oirschot.

Eindhoven is blessed with the world's most awe-inspiring vistas, ranging from towering volcanoes to cascading waterfalls and beautiful gardens. It is the Dutch design capital, and it conducts the biggest design event in the entire Northern Europe.

There are many top tourist attractions in Eindhoven that signify the rich history and culture of this city. You can visit Van Abbemuseum, a museum of contemporary arts, and Speelpark de Splinter, a public park where you can indulge in an active workout. There are also petting zoos, cycling trails, churches, and art galleries where you can have the best time of your life.

There is no dearth of interesting activities to do in Eindhoven, ranging from catching a spectacular performance at Plaza Futura and ice skating at Ice Sporting Center. You can also attend the Glow Eindhoven festival to celebrate this city's art and architecture and have a shopping spree on the streets of De Bergen.

Eindhoven has an oceanic climate and the summers are partly cloudy and pleasant, and winters are very windy, cloudy, and cold.

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Leiden is situated on the Oude Rijn, at around twenty kilometers from The Hague and forty kilometers from Amsterdam to its north. The Kaag Lakes lie to the northeast of Leiden, and it forms densely connected agglomeration with Leiderdorp, Voorschoten, and Zoeterwoude.

Leiden is an extraordinarily diverse city, featuring lush, green countryside, medieval towns built on canals, wild shorelines, and beautiful skyscrapers. Leiden also features beautiful green spaces and dozens of small canals, which give it a charismatic appearance.

If you're on the hunt for some of the best places to visit in Leiden, you must head to De Burcht, which is an old castle with two beautiful canals. You can also visit the Museum Boerhaave to take a look at the history of science and medicine through the centuries. If this doesn't seem enough, you can Hortus Botanicus Leiden, the oldest garden in the world.

When it comes to enjoying some of the best activities, you can take a tour of The Molen de Valk Windmill Museum that has authentic living quarters and windmills. You can also have an impressive view of the city from The Old Observatory and feel like royalty at Duivenvoorde Castle.

Leiden has a temperate and warm climate with daily high temperatures ranging around 43°F and daily low temperatures ranging around 35°F.

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Utrecht is a municipality of the Netherlands located on the eastern side of the Randstad conurbation. It lies in the center of the country, bordering the Gelderland in the southeast, the Eemmeer in the north-east, South Holland in the west, and North Holland in the north.

Utrecht promises a unique perceptual experience with its iconic Dutch houses, sand drifts, grasslands, and lush green forests. It is a photographer's paradise with colonial-era landmarks that can give your Instagram feed a distinguished look.

Utrecht has some of the most fascinating attractions, including the ancient Dom Tower and Tivoli Vredenburg. It also has some of the most beautiful cathedrals, such as St. Martin's Cathedral and St. Salvator's Church. You can also visit Oudegracht, which is the oldest surviving canal in Europe. There are also several museums such as Railway Museum, Museum Catharijneconvent, and Miffy Museum.

There are several things to do in Utrecht for unlimited fun and excitement such as encountering the rarest plant species at University Botanic Gardens and climbing the Dom Tower. You can also enjoy a canal boat cruise and buy everything from bulbs to plants from Flower Market.

Utrecht experiences a temperate climate with warm days and cool nights. July and August is the best time to visit Utrecht as the temperature ranges around 20-25 degrees Celsius.

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Giethoorn is a bustling town in the province of Overijssel, and it lies within the De Wieden nature preserve. It is situated in the Steenwijkerland municipality, about five kilometers southwest of Steenwijk.

Giethoorn is a fairytale Dutch village dotted with beautiful reed beds, lakes, and forests. It has many farms with thatched roofs and wooden bridges. From glorious seaside promenades to grand architecture and nostalgic charm, Giethoorn has it all.

Think of Giethoorn, and the sights and sounds of sputtering tuk-tuks, street food carts sizzling with Dutch fare, and markets teeming with tourists looking for budget buys, instantly come to mind. For an added thrill, you can visit Weerribben-Wieden National Park that is home to the rarest flora and fauna.

Some of the best things you can do in Giethoorn are cycling around the village to experience its splendid beauty and enjoying a canal cruise ride. You can also enjoy lip-smacking delicacies at the canal-side restaurants and seek solace at Grote of Sint Niklaaskerk church. If this doesn't seem enough, you can head to Museum Het Gildenhuys, which recounts Blokzijl's lucrative timber trades.

Giethoorn experiences warm and humid climate with a good amount of rainfall throughout the year. In summers, the daytime temperature is around 30-35 degrees, and the nighttime temperature is 22 degrees.

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Leeuwarden is a municipality and city in Friesland located around 1.7 kilometers from Holland Casino Leeuwarden. It is situated in the Netherlands north-western part, about a ninety-minute drive from Amsterdam.

If you're looking for a unique destination with urban pleasures and man-made and natural beauty, you should head straight to Leeuwarden. It offers a combination of breathtaking vistas and magnificent architecture, nature, and art in perfect harmony. Its magical scenery is breathtaking and fascinating at first sight, making you feel like you've entered the setting of a real-life fairy tale.

There are tons of attractions in Leeuwarden, ranging from museums to shopping streets and art galleries. You can visit Oldehove, which is an unfinished church tower situated in the center of Leeuwarden. Other important attractions that you must visit include Saint Boniface Church and Fries Museum.

Some of the best activities that you can try in Leeuwarden include exploring the De Groene Ster nature park and taking a tour of Ameland Island. You can also enjoy cycling at Prinsentuin Park and enjoy swimming and sunbathing at Terschelling Island.

Leeuwarden experiences pleasant weather all year round with a good amount of rainfall. The warmest month is July when the average temperature ranges around 17.6 °C.

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Haarlem is the capital of North Holland and is located at the northern edge of the Randstad. It is bounded by Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Morningside Park, and St. Nicholas Avenue on the west; 155th Street and the Harlem River on the north and Fifth Avenue on the east.

Haarlem creates a beautiful and romantic atmosphere with its waterscapes, architectural elegance, boats, and delicious cuisine. It is renowned for its charming landscape, the annual carnival, and laid-back vibes.

Haarlem is dotted with many tourist attractions that globetrotters and vagabonds love to visit during their trip to this city. This medieval age city has some of the most beautiful frescoes, sculptures, palaces, churches, romantic restaurants, and trendy bars. Some of the popular attractions include Frans Hals Museum, The Old City Hall, and Teylers Museum.

Your trip to Haarlem won't be complete if you don't stroll around Proveniershuis, which has a collection of old buildings. You can relax and unwind at Sauna van Egmond, a wellness resort, and explore the history of windmills and shops from the boutiques in the Gouden Straatjes.

Haarlem experiences very cold and long winters and comfortable and pleasant summers. May is the sunniest month, and during August, June, and July, you are most likely to experience pleasant weather.

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People Also Ask About Netherlands

  1. Which are the best places to visit with family in Summer in the Netherlands?

    1. Amsterdam: The Dutch capital meets and exceeds all expectations. It's enchantingly lovely and a lot of fun, extremely friendly, easy to get around, and practically all of the big attractions are in the centre or within walking distance. Amsterdam is one of the greatest cities in Europe for a short stay, but it also works well as a foundation for visiting the rest of the Netherlands.

    2. Rotterdam:
    Rotterdam is a beautiful modern city with some of Europe's best contemporary architecture and is within a half-hour drive from the Netherlands' beautiful North Sea beaches.

    3. Eindhoven:
    Eindhoven, the Netherlands' design hub and one of the country's oldest towns, is ideal for older children and teens. Festivals, magnificent museums, shopping, and cycling are all well-known.

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  2. Which are the romantic things to do in the Netherlands?

    1. Canals in Amsterdam: Couples should make their way through canals and take in the scenic sights from the water, since it is one of the most beautiful sites to visit in Amsterdam. Hiring a private boat and guide can enhance romance between couples. You may also take your significant other to the salon boats, where you can have a private supper or simply a glass of champagne.

    2. Vesper Bar: If you're in Amsterdam late at night and don't know what to do, head to Vesper bar. This bar delivers some of Amsterdam's best drinks. This makes it one of the greatest sites for couples to visit in Amsterdam.

    3. Vondelpark: There are several spots in Amsterdam where one may get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life but Vondelpark is regarded as the most peaceful place among the Netherland places to visit in summer and is a great area to go for a long stroll or ride your bike. When you have nothing else to do in Amsterdam, bring a blanket, some food for a picnic, and relax on the grass with your better half or read a book. During the summer, open-air concerts are a must-see.

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  3. What are the activities we can do in Summer in the Netherlands?

    1. Visit Zaanse Schans: Zaanse Schans is a 15-kilometer drive north of Amsterdam and designed as an open-air museum. A shipyard, grocery shop, a pewter foundry, and a variety of delicate green wooden dwellings are just a few of the attractions.

    2. Stroll around the garden of Europe:
    The Garden of Europe is one most popular tourist attraction among the Netherland places to visit in summer. The 70-acre property is home to thousands of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses. Visitors can enjoy restaurants, flower shows, and a vast range of flora and fauna.

    3. Take a trip to Madurodam:
    Travel to Madurodam in The Hague if you want to visit the entire Netherlands but don't have time. You can view all of the county's best sites, including adorable windmills, significant landmarks, and ornamental elements like bridges, in this 1:25 scale model of the Netherlands. This model city has its own harbour, as well as a train system and an airport.

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  4. What is the Netherlands best known for?

    The Netherlands is recognized for its windmills, tulips, and capital city, Amsterdam. The Netherlands is also noted for being the second-largest food and beer exporter in the world. Locals in the Netherlands are avid bikers with a laid-back attitude and odd customs. There dwell the world's tallest people, who enjoy cheese and soccer!

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  5. How many days are enough to visit the Netherlands?

    A 10-day visit to the Netherlands is sufficient for your first visit. Enough for you to fall for it and desire to return.

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  6. What are the Famous Attractions & Activities to Do in Netherlands that you can book via Thrillophilia?

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A perfect Amsterdam Red Light District walking tour. everyone should look forward to availing while in amsterdam. We went past all the places including Oude Kerk which made the tour perfect one. Having small group size made the tour personalised.
From the begining of the tour from the airport we received with a warm welcome, the tour start and we are very excited, the tour manager was very communicative and informative plus helpful, The accommodations were amazing with nice service and hospitalities, the foods were good qualities, sightseeing was incredible, breathtaking and unforgettable. The activities were fun and exciting... The entire experience worth the money we spend... Wow... this is what we are expecting and it satisfying us with everything.

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Peruvian Sol
Papua New Guinean Kina
Philippine Peso
Pakistani Rupee
QAR - ر.ق
Qatari Riyal
Russian Ruble
SAR - ر.س
Saudi Riyal
Seychellois Rupee
SEK - kr
Swedish Krona
SLL - Le
Sierra Leonean Leone
SOS - Sh
Somali Shilling
Salvadoran Colón
Swazi Lilangeni
THB - ฿
Thai Baht
TTD - $
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
TZS - Sh
Tanzanian Shilling
UYU - $U
Uruguayan Peso
UZS - so'm
Uzbekistan Som
Yemeni Rial
South African Rand
JPY - ¥
Japanese Yen
Vietnamese dong