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 Explore Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Experience serenity at the Garden of Europe, Seep into the rich history of Netherlands at Anne Frank Museum, Spot the rarest animals at Artis Royal Zoo, Witness the Windmills at Kinderdijk, Attend Amsterdam Light Festival, Have a close interaction with nature at Hoge Veluwe National Park and many more.

Are you looking for the best things to do in Netherlands that will remain etched in your memory lane forever and will keep you coming back for more? If yes, satiate your wanderlust by exploring the cathedral-like caverns, soaking some vitamin D on the beaches, and cycling through the cobbled streets steeped in rich history and culture. You can see the spectacular flowers at the Garden of Europe, which is the largest flower garden in the entire world. If your heart is craving for more, you can attend Amsterdam Light Festival that has everything from art, culture, and food to lights. To satiate your shopaholic soul, you can enjoy endless shopping at Utrechtsestraat and Van Oldenbarneveltstraat. If you're a night monger looking for the best activities to do in Netherlands, you can eat, drink and dance at the famous nightclubs and bars or catch a lively show at the Het Muziektheater.

If you wish to spot the rarest species of animals and birds, you should head straight to Artis Royal Zoo that is home to around seven hundred and fifty species of animals. So get ready to have an authentic Dutch experience as you try these best activities that will make you feel crazy and will refuel your soul with excitement.
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Rijks Museum

Located in Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum is a giant and the most loved tourist attraction in the Netherlands, whose collection is regarded as the finest in the world of art. The museum includes 8000 art pieces in about 80 different galleries, including pottery, paintings, artworks, and history books. Some of the most cherished works displayed in Rijksmuseum are created by the 15th to 19th-century Dutch and Flemish masters.

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House is a museum that has been transformed from the hiding place of the Frank family, who were forced to hide in the house to escape the Nazis during World War II. Situated on a canal in Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, this biographical museum houses the personal belongings of Anne and possessions of the people who were in hiding with her during the war. 


Spreading across an area of 32 hectares, Keukenhof is a vast garden of 800 species of tulips and other flowers that come to blossom every year after the plantation of 7 million bulbs. This garden attracts the maximum number of tourists to witness the iconic tulip fields of the Netherlands, showcasing the color and contrast during the spring season. 

De Hoge Veluwe National Park

One of the best places to visit in Netherlands for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers is De Hoge Veluwe National Park, which consists of sand dunes, heathlands, and woodlands. It is spread across 14,000 acres and is the natural habitat for moeflon, wild boar, and deer.


Kinderdijk is a masterpiece of water management and a UNESCO world heritage site where you can discover the world's oldest windmills. The great architecture and stunning design of these windmills make them perfect for Instagram-worthy shots.

Alkmaar Cheese Market

If your guilty pleasure is cheese, then one of the best places to visit in Netherlands is Alkmaar Cheese Market, where the best quality of cheese is sold and bought since 1365. During late August and July, a miniature cheese market is held for younger children.

Canals Of Amsterdam

Walk down 400 years of history in 40 minutes at Amsterdam’s Museum of the Canals. A popular family attraction on the Amsterdam waterfront, the Museum of the Canals celebrates the city’s iconic canals. Witness six rooms filled with interactive multimedia exhibits that narrate how the canals became the classic urban feature of Amsterdam, and the city development project that brought them to life.

Madurodam Theme Park Netherlands

One of the best places in Netherlands that you must include in your itinerary is Madurodam Theme Park. It is a miniature park in The Hague that features miniature scale model replicas of famous Dutch castles and public buildings.

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Netherlands Things To Do FAQs

What are the things to do in the Netherlands?

1. Explore Rijksmuseum Amsterdam: One of the best things to do in Netherlands is exploring Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the most famous masterwork from the Dutch Golden Age. The collections here illustrate the rich history of Holland, from the present to the Middle Ages. It has eight thousand objects in eighty rooms that tell the story of eight hundred years of Dutch history and art. The museum's Gallery of Honour displays paintings from various painters such as Vermeer, Jan Steen, Frans Hals, and Rembrandt.

- Location:Museumstraat 1, 1071 XX Amsterdam The Netherlands
- Price:€17.50 per adult
- Timings:9 am- 5 pm

2. Experience serenity at the Garden of Europe: If you're confused about what to do in Netherlands, you must visit the Garden of Europe, which is the largest flower garden in the entire world. This garden was a hunting ground during the fifteenth century and a source of herbs. It has approximately seventy lakh flower bulbs, daffodils, multi-colored tulips, and medicinal herbs. A large flower parade called Bloemencorso Bollenstreek is conducted throughout the region. The garden is open only for a short time; it opens in March and is closed in late May.

- Location:Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse The Netherlands

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3. Seep into the rich history of Netherlands at Anne Frank Museum: If you're looking for the most interesting activities to do in Netherlands, you should visit the Anne Frank Museum, the iconic landmark of Amsterdam. The building is known to be the former home of writer and poet Anne Frank, who hid from the Nazis during the Second World War over here. It has a diary room where you can see the red-checked diary received by Anne Frank on her thirteenth birthday. The museum offers educational programs for secondary schools, vocational schools, and primary schools.

- Location:Prinsengracht 263 - 267 museum entrance Westermarkt 20, 1016 DK Amsterdam The Netherlands
- Price:€10 per adult
- Timings:9 am- 9 pm

4. Spot the rarest animals at Artis Royal Zoo: If you're confused about what to do in Netherlands, you should visit Artis Royal Zoo, home to around seven hundred and fifty species of animals. You can spot here giraffes, elephants, chimpanzees, and zebras in recreated natural habitats. It also has an aquarium section that features various diverse species like an eel, colorful tropical fish, and sharks. There are many tray bikes encircling the zoo selling Dutch pancakes called bitterballen.

- Location:Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, 1018 CZ Amsterdam The Netherlands

- Price:€18 per adult
- Timings:9 am- 5 pm

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5. Witness the Windmills at Kinderdijk: One of the best things to do in Netherlands is witnessing the nineteen monumental Windmills at Kinderdijk. These windmills date back to the eighteenth century and spin gloriously, making it an impressive sight for the visitors. Overwaard Mills and Nederwaard Mills are the oldest mills in this area used for grinding grain and pumping water. These windmills are also used to process commodities like tobacco, cocoa, dyes, spices, and paints. Kids, especially visit Kinderdijk to know about the functioning of these windmills.

- Location:South Holland, Netherlands

6. Attend Amsterdam Light Festival: One of the best activities to do in Netherlands is attending the Amsterdam Light Festival, a landmark of the city. The festival is hosted during the winter season and consists of everything from music, art, lights to world-class cuisines. Various artists from all around the world are given a chance to create light displays along the iconic canals of the city. The entire city converts into a fairytale world during this festival, with dazzling displays popping up beautifully along the canals.

- Location:From the Magere Brug to Muntplein, Amstel Canal, Amsterdam

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7. Have a close interaction with nature at Hoge Veluwe National Park: Your list of best things to do in Netherlands won't be complete if you don't visit Hoge Veluwe National Park that has a tremendous diversity of landscapes, including a mix of thick forest and sand dunes. It spans across an area of 13,750 acres and is the largest nature reserve in Netherland. This national park has several well-marked trails where you can enjoy hiking and cycling. It is also a paradise for the bird-watchers as you can spot here the rarest species of birds. The most notable feature of this park is that it houses an art gallery and sculpture park, the Kröller-Müller Museum.

- Location:Houtkampweg 9, 6731 AV The Netherlands
- Price:€10 per adult
- Timings:11 am- 4 pm

8. Experience the grandeur of Den Haar Castle: Enter into the royal era by visiting Den Haar Castle that was the private residence of the family of Van Zuylen, whose descendants still stay here. The castle is a medieval fortress with ramparts and towers, moats, drawbridges, and gates. It is the largest castle in Holland that features a rose garden, having over twelve hundred roses in seventy-nine different species. This historic monument remains alive with many year-round activities like guided tours, exhibitions, events, and theatre.

- Location:Kasteellaan 1; 3455 RR Haarzuilens
- Price:€6 per adult
- Timings:10 am- 5 pm

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9. Soak the sun at Zandvoort Beach: One of the best activities to do in Netherlands is enjoying the sand, surf, and the sun at Zandvoort beach. It has wavy sea waters, a huge sandy area, wide promenades, and several beachfront resorts. You can enjoy a picnic with your family along the shoreline, attend the hippest parties at night or take a dip in its cool water. During the warmer months, you can enjoy sunbathing, take a stroll along the shoreline and enjoy fishing. There are many food vendors selling tasty snacks and seafood and kiosk shops selling souvenirs.

- Location:Ingenieur Friedhof Plein 13, 2042 BN Zandvoort, Netherlands

10. Enjoy roller coaster rides at Attractiepark Slagharen: One of the best things to do in Netherlands with kids is visiting Attractiepark Slagharen, which is a holiday resort and an amusement park. It is one of the most popular amusement parks in Europe that features a water park called Aqua Mexicana. The amusement park has many traditional and roller coaster rides and a great selection of carnival-style games. This park also includes a beach-style outdoor pool, a 4D cinema, and an indoor Rocky Mountains-themed pool. If you wish to spend a night, there are various options of resort accommodations, including cottages, mobile homes, camping in a wigwam, and traditional campsites.

- Location:Zwarte Dijk 37, 7776 PB Slagharen, Netherlands

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What are the romantic things to do in the Netherlands?

1. Cruise through the canals: One of the most romantic activities to do in Netherlands is cruising through Amsterdam's canals with your partner. You can opt for a salon boat ride and indulge in a delicious meal while floating on the water. While cruising through the canals, you can enjoy the splendid views and get a sight of the glittering lights.

2. Enjoy a romantic stroll at Keukenhof Gardens: Get ready for a fairytale honeymoon experience as you stroll through the Keukenhof Gardens holding your partner's hand while enjoying the cool breeze. You can catch the splendid sight of the tulips that grow around this area. There is also a restaurant where you can stop by for a romantic meal.

3. Enjoy the sunrise at Frisian Islands: One of the most romantic things to do in Netherlands is visiting the Frisian Islands that is known as a honeymooner's paradise due to its white sandy beaches and endless stretch of coastline. You can relax on the sand and watch the sunrise or buy souvenirs from the tiny shops.

4. Watch a romantic film at Pathé Tuschinski: If you're looking for the most romantic activities to do in the Netherlands, you should watch a romantic film at Pathé Tuschinski, the most beautiful cinema hall in the world. You can watch here several Hollywood hits and indie arthouse films.

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Which are the best places to enjoy shopping in the Netherlands?

1. Utrechtsestraat: This is a trendy shopping district in Amsterdam City with a ton of specialty stores and boutiques that can keep you busy for quite a long time. You can buy here home solutions, bath accessories, tableware, and special linens. There are a lot of fine dining restaurants and cafes in this area where you can grab a delicious bite.

2. Van Oldenbarneveltstraat: This is the leading shopping street in Rotterdam with luxury boutiques, lively cafes, and fancy shoe shops. A lot of French, Swedish, and Danish brands are available here, and you can find here the works of designers like Monique van heist and Susan Bijl.

3. Nieuwe Binnenweg: This is the most popular shopping street in Rotterdam with old-fashioned barbers, artisan bakeries, fancy coffee bars, and fashion shops. You can find here high-end brands as well as street style stores guaranteeing you a memorable shopping experience.

4. Denneweg and Frederikstraat: Denneweg is the oldest street in Hague and Frederikstraat is the most outstanding shopping area in Hague city. You can find here some of the best antique shops, bookshops, jewelry shops, and clothing stores. It also has some hipster bars and clubs where you can chill out and relax.

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What are the best things to do in Netherlands at Night?

1. Catch a lively show at the Het Muziektheater: One of the best things to do in Netherlands at night is watching a fantastic show at the Het Muziektheater, which is located overlooking the Amstel River. Many Avant garde productions are held in this theatre. The visitors can marvel at the huge balconies and the eclectic art pieces positioned throughout the complex.

2. Night Walking Tour: End your search for what to do in Netherlands by enjoying a walking tour of this country's popular areas. You can see the city light up with artificial lights if you undertake a walking tour of Amsterdam at night.

3. Canal Cruise: One of the best things to do in Netherlands during the wee hours is embarking on an evening canal cruise in Amsterdam to have a splendid view of the Dutch countryside. During the cruise, you'll be served delicious food and drinks, and you can enjoy spectacular performances from the deck of your boat.

4. Enjoy frenzied dancing at a Nightclub: If you're a night owl looking for the best things to do in the Netherlands at night, you should head straight to Toffler, an exclusive nightclub. It has a cutting-edge sound system and lighting, and the DJ here churns out the wildest beats to make you feel crazy.

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Which are the famous canals of the Netherlands?

1. Prinsengracht: This is a 3.2 kilometer-long canal named after the Prince of Orange, its construction started in 1612, and it took fifty years to build it. Visiting Prinsengracht is considered one of the best activities to do in Netherlands as you get a chance to see narrow canal houses with beautiful gables, magnificent houseboats, and eccentric stores.

2. Giethoorn: Giethoorn is known as 'Venice of The Netherlands' due to its breathtaking beauty and impeccable charm. This canal system was initially built for transporting peat, but gradually people started building their houses between them with traditional boats as the only medium of transport. It flows past thatched cottages, and you can enjoy a cruise tour over here.

3. Derde hoofdgracht: This is a beautiful canal that was dug in the thirteenth century and runs through the Brabantse Turfmarkt and Achterom. A great way to explore this canal is to rent a canoe and spend an hour paddling between the islands.

4. Oudegracht: This is the most popular canal in Utrecht that cuts through the entire inner city and is lined by various shops. It is about two kilometers long and is renowned for its intricate gardens, charming waterways, and historic stone bridges.

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How can I reach the Netherlands?

- By Flight:Schiphol Airport is the major international airport in the Netherlands connected to many parts of the world through the airline KLM. Other budget airlines connecting the world to Schiphol include Easyjet,, and Transavia. From Schiphol, you can board a train to reach major cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Utrecht.

- By Water:There are 3 main ferry services to the Netherlands from the UK. P&O Ferries that run between Rotterdam Europort and Kingston Upon Hull, Stena Line that runs between Hook of Holland and Harwich and DFDS Seaways that runs between IJmuiden in Amsterdam and Newcastle upon Tyne.

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What is the best time to travel to the Netherlands?

March to May(Spring) is the best time to visit the Netherlands as the flowers are in full bloom and the entire nation seems to enliven with greenery. The country experiences pleasant weather during this time of the year, and the average temperature ranges around 4 to 17 degrees Celsius.

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What is the Netherlands famous for?

1. Windmills: It would be hard to imagine the Netherlands without windmills, from spoons to clocks, garden decor, and fridge magnets– you'll find windmills everywhere.

2. Beers: Heineken, Amstel, and Grolsch are the most renowned beers from the Netherlands.

3. Dutch Cheese: The Netherlands has a rich history of cheese making, and there are several types of farmer's cheese, Leiden cheese, or goat cheeses available here.

4. Tulips: The Netherlands is the leading exporter of vegetables, decorative trees, plants, flowers, and bulbs. Tulips are the most extensively grown flowers of this country.

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Is the Netherlands expensive for tourists?

Yes, Netherlands is a bit expensive for tourists, and according to the cost of living index, it has been rated as the sixteenth most expensive country in the entire world. A trip to the Netherlands will cost around €870 for one person for one week. On average, you'll have to spend €30 on meals per day and €22 on local transportation.

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What is famous for buying in the Netherlands?

- Dutch Cheese
- Dutch jewelry
- Nautical Decorative Oil Lamps
- Coffee set and cookie jar
- Stroopwafels
- Sambal
- Pelgrim Beer
- Candles
- Soccer Jersey
- Jigsaw Puzzles
- Jenever
- Designer Shoes
- Dutch Miniature Pancakes
- Dutch Process Cacao

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What are the famous attraction tickets in Netherlands that you can book via Thrillophilia?

What is unique about the Netherlands?

The unique thing about the Netherlands is that it is notoriously flat and around forty percent of the country lies below sea-level. Many Dutch cities and towns are built on top of artificial land that was dredged from lakes, rivers, or the sea. Many of the windmills here served as drainage stations, and it is the most urbanized place on Earth.

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What food is the Netherlands famous for?

- Dutch Apple Pie
- Drop
- Dutch Cheese
- Hutspot
- Kapsalon
- Pea soup
- Boerenkool met rookworst
- Dutch French fries
- Worstenbroodjes
- Kroket
- Frikandel
- Bitterballen
- Ossenworst
- Kibbeling

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What are the famous attraction tickets in Netherlands that you can book via Thrillophilia?

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