Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple Overview
The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located 3 kms from Diu in Fudam Village. Situated at the Arabian Sea, the temple is surrounded with scenic beauty and ataraxy.
It is a cave temple located amid rocks on the seashore and is an essential religious site in Diu.

The statues of Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, and Goddess Lakshmi can be found at the entrance of the temple. It is an over 5000 years old temple that has the presiding idol of Gangeshwar, who is considered to be the Lord of River Ganga and a form of Lord Shiva whose tresses descend the river on earth. The temple possesses five Shiva Lingam of different sizes that are believed to be built by the Pandavas. These lingas are submerged in the sea during high tides and only during the low tides are the tips visible.

Location- Fudam Village, Diu, Daman and Diu 362520

Price- No entry fee

Timing- 6 AM - 9 PM

Best Time to Visit - October - February
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