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Excellent relaxing Hill station, also Pachmarhi has waterfalls like Bee Fall & Dutches Fall, Big Falls etc. Besides Nature for Shiva devotees there is Jata shankar & Mahadev Hills. Climate is also very good not so cold but not hot also a moderate climate. Stay was very good with specious rooms, a garden, specious bathrooms & very good service.
20 October 2018
Pachmarhi is one of the best places to visit on the holidays. It is very beautiful and the atmosphere of the place is superb. It has got a lot of greenery, ghats and it has even got a waterfall. Pachmarhi can be easily reached by roadways, it is very beautiful on a road trip. There are many ghats while traveling to Pachmarhi. It is fun traveling to Pachmarhi by roadways and it is quite easily reachable. There are a lot of beautiful spots in Pachmarhi to visit. There are waterfalls and even a much more, beautiful place for sightseeing. Overall the place is safe but it is better to take more care in ghat areas and near waterfalls. Overall the place is worth visiting. Once in a lifetime visiting is a must.
Pachmarhi is a beautiful place and located near pipariya district Hoshangabad and it is only a hill station in central India. I want to go there since childhood and I read many of the lessons in my school books about Pachmarhi and its beauty and Pachmarhi is famous for "SATPURA KI RANI.