Trekking in Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country with diverse topographical features. From its rocky coastline to evergreen tropical forests, beautiful shopping malls there is a lot that a tourist can do in Malaysia. Langkawi is the most popular tourist hot spot of Malaysia. The pristine beaches and jungle area of this place tenders the most scenic sightseeing opportunities. If you are trekking enthusiasts you can book for the best trekking tours in Malaysia to Mount Kinabalu. This mountain located at altitude of 4092 meters is highest in the country. The trip to the summit is not that easy. You first need to go to Kota Kinabalu and from there you can begin your trek uphill. Carry adequate gear for trekking as hiking this mountain is not meant for untrained people. The area offers few of the best sun rises which you will see in your lifetime. You cannot visit this mountain sans any planning.


Firstly you have to get yourself registered for the trek. This can be done via a travel agent. Malaysian government just allows 150 people on this mountain in a day, this connotes that 75 people trek up in a day; and other 75 can begin with their descent time. So, it is prudent that you make required arrangements well in advance. Another of the best trekking tours in Malaysia is the Frim forest Tour. Walking amidst thick canopy of trees is simply amazing. You can go for this trek in a group or even alone as per your wish. The fresh air of the environs will make you feel rejuvenated and happy. This trek is actually a maze of trails, which enables you to travel around different paths inside the jungle. Trekking through Taman Negara rainforest is also a popular trekking tour in Malaysia.

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