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The beautiful Malay Archipelago has lots of tiny islands to explore, visit and discover the local life beyond the tourism industry. After having rebuild itself post Tsunami, the beautiful country relies mostly on travel industry, fishing and farming industry for its socio-economic means while still trying to retain its cultural heritage and old world charm. The beautiful cruises and sailing tours in Malaysia offer plenty of activities like taking you on a mangrove cruise through the river, experience of the different beaches and many small islands and then there are private jet boat cruises for the utter romantics as well. You can also make a trip from Koa Kinabalu to experience the wildlife in Weston in Sabah. With such a long list of activities to enjoy from these cruises, try and customize the way you want to experience Malaysia.


The rustic beauty of the villages are still intact and makes for a novel experience for most city dwellers and enthralls you with the simple basic life of the locals and their friendliness warms the cockles of your heart. Discover the fishing villages of Kuala Lumpur and enjoy the trip to the Batu caves with sightseeing along the way and experience feeding of the eagles for the first time on the boat tour. Discover the famous Langkawi Islands on your sailing tour in Malaysia which will allow you to explore these beautiful islands like never before while taking care of all your needs. You can enjoy a tapas meal on board during the cruise ride with your friends and family or enjoy a luxurious dinner cruise on board while watching the amazing sunset over the ocean and experiencing the joyful myriads of colors playing on the water; a sight to behold and embrace in your memory bank for a lifetime.

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Malaysia Cruises FAQs

Which are the best cruises in Malaysia?

1. Costa Fortune: Considered to be the world’s third largest cruise, Costa Fortune is a super splendid cruise Malaysia. The cruise showcases a very joyful ambiance that is guaranteed to offer a delight to the travelers as soon as they enter it.

Featuring a plethora of contemporary amenities and assuring comfort and safety, Costa Fortune has been attracting travel enthusiasts for over two decades. The cruise takes the culinary needs of its patrons very seriously and hence has elegant restaurants on-site that serve delicious global cuisine. The travelers can also relish flavoursome BBQ while they are cruising onboard. The cruise also has arrangements for karaoke for the entertainment of its guests.

Highlight: Multi-cuisine restaurants, swimming pool, spa, barbecue.

2. Royal Caribbean: Also famously known as the “Allure of the Seas”, The Royal Caribbean happens to be a gorgeous fleet of lavish cruises by Star Cruises. This magnificent cruise has been designed to offer every element a traveler would need for an idyllic vacation, including leisure, adventure, and luxury.

With its elegant on-site shops and terrifying Casino Royale, the Royal Caribbean cruise takes enough care to offer the travelers top-class entertainment. The cruise even allows its patrons to enjoy a wide range of sports activities, including golf, inc-skating, and basketball. Furthermore, the cruise also has a spa and treatment center, which lets the travelers take care of their health and wellness even on their trip.

Highlight: Broadway-style Main Theatre, 3-floor dining hall, 6 whirlpools.

3. Genting Dream Cruise: Genting Dream Cruise is a very popular cruise in Malaysia that resembles a floating resort, offering a broad spectrum of world-class amenities, entertainment, and activities. This luxury cruise has been designed in accordance with the changing requirements and expectations of the travelers and features an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, and a kids’ play area.

Known for its heart-warming hospitality, Genting Dream Cruise also offers 24 hours refreshments to the travelers. The cruise also has on-site duty-free shops, offering the tourists the opportunity to shop for their favorite souvenirs on the go. Genting Dream Cruise also has upmarket arrangements for the recreation of its patrons, including a discotheque, a photo gallery, and a performance lounge.

Highlight: Poolside bar, massage parlour, karaoke lounge.

4. Norwegian Spirit: Norwegian Spirit is a spectacular fleet of cruises by Norwegian Breakaway that regularly sail to exotic destinations. Established back in 1993, Norwegian Spirit is designed to be the most luxurious and innovative cruise in Malaysia.

This lavish cruise features world-class facilities, including an on-site casino, a spa retreat, and a full-fledged fitness center. There is also a mesmerizing theatre onboard that manifests many brilliant performances for the entertainment of the guests. The cruise is also facilitated with 14 elegant dining options and 11 gorgeous bars to cater to the gastronomical desires of its patrons.

Highlight: Stardust theatre, outdoor hot tubs, Tivoli pool.

5. Sarawak River Cruise: Considered to be the most budget-friendly cruise in Malaysia, Sarawak River Cruise fits into the pocket of every traveler and lets you enjoy a comfortable Malay vacay without weighing it heavy on your wallet. Onboard this cruise, you can spend your evenings basking in the spellbinding sunset views while sipping a delicious drink.

Floating on the serene Sarawak river since 1990, this cruise also arranges starlight parties for its guests, that lets them savour scrumptious spread of dinner and shake a leg to some good music. The lower deck of the boat features a rustic ambiance and a mini bar, while the upper deck offers stunning views of the Kuching skyline.

Highlight: Karaoke, bar, BBQ, snackbar.

6. SuperStar Aquarius: SuperStar Aquarius happens to be a mid-size ship that has the ability to accommodate 1500 passengers at a single time. This cruise Malaysia lets you enjoy a stroll around the promenade deck that offers you the opportunity to soak in the spectacular views of the sea.

The cruise also has excellent arrangements for the entertainment and recreation of its patrons. While on this cruise, the travelers can enjoy brilliant magic shows and fascinating live band performances displaying Mandarin, pop, and rock melodies. SuperStar Aquarius also features 24 hours restaurants and cafes to make sure the culinary needs of its patrons are met.

Highlight: Poolside bar, karaoke lounge, duty-free shops, children’s playroom, discotheque, fitness center, massage parlour.

7. Star Clipper: Featuring 85 well-appointed and luxury cabins, the windjammer of Star Clipper has the ability to accommodate around 170 passengers.

This splendid cruise offers its patrons spacious accommodation facilities coupled with huge teak decks to unwind and relax. The cruise is also facilitated with huge sparkling swimming pools that will let you enjoy a rejuvenating swim while soaking in the awe-inspiring views of the high seas.

Highlight: Swimming pools, luxurious accommodations, spacious decks.

What can you not do on a cruise in Malaysia?

1. Never Abuse the Crew: When you are on a Malaysian cruise, treat the crew members with respect, so that they are happy to serve you. Learn their names, talk to them with a smile, and thank them when they offer you any service.

2. Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen: When you are on a cruise Malaysia, it is very likely that you would want to go enjoy some leisure time on the upper open-air deck. A sunscreen with good SPF can safeguard your skin against sunburns and bad tans.

3. Don’t Get Over Drunk: While you will always want to relish some good beers and cocktails on your Malaysia cruise tour, it is always advisable to take control over your drinking level to avoid potential accidental mishaps.

4. Don’t Take Outside Food Onboard: The Malaysian cruises serve good food and beverages to their guests and do not allow their patrons to carry outside food and drinks onboard.

5. Don’t Pack too Much: Pack according to your requirement and do not overpack for your Malaysia cruise. The cabins come with limited space and laundry services are available onboard to let you reuse your attires.

What is the policy for infants and pregnant women?

Any child under the age of 18 should be accompanied by an adult. The cruise package Malaysia is not advisable for pregnant women, owing to their potential health concerns.

Is food included on cruises in Malaysia?

Yes, food comes included in almost all the Malaysian cruises. Food offered on the cruises usually include rice, noodles, and soup.

Many cruises also serve scrumptious buffets and BBQ dinners onboard. The guests can also avail 24 hours refreshments including snacks, tea, and coffee.

What are the passport and visa requirements for my Malaysia cruise?

Travelers planning a Malaysia cruise tour have to carry their passport, employment pass, or immigration card. In addition to this, they will also have to get visas of the countries in which their cruise will be taking a halt in the course of its planned journey.

What are the different types of accommodation available on board?

In general, the Malaysian cruises come with 5 kinds of accommodation options - Standard Cabins, Suites, Oceanview Cabins, Solo Cabins, and Balcony Cabins.

- The standard cabins lie in the ship’s interior part and pose to be the cheapest amongst all.
- The suites are larger in comparison to the standard cabins and also offer extra perks, like personal butler service.
- A balcony cabin comes with a sliding glass door that lets you enter the balcony and enjoy a personalized ocean view. This kind of cabin is generally larger than a standard cabin and smaller than a suite room.
- As its name suggests, Ocean view cabins let you wake up to the mesmerizing view of the azure waters of the vast ocean.
- Solo cabins are independent cabins that are usually recommended for the solo travelers.

What type of food will I get on board? Will I be able to get Indian vegetarian meals?

In general, most of the Malaysian cruises come with excellent restaurants that serve delicious Malay as well as international cuisine to the onboard guests. You can avail scrumptious vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

Indian meals are available. Many cruises also offer a wide selection of buffets to its guests to savour lavish meals while they are cruising. Now-a-days most of the cruises also offer 24 hours refreshments to its patrons, which usually include alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and quickbites.

Apart from cruises, what are the other things we can do in Malaysia?

1. Go Tandem Skydiving: Head for tandem skydiving at Kuala Lumpur and soak in the panoramic views of the underlying vistas of the capital city while you float in its skyline.

2. Spend Time at Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park: Pay a visit to Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park and enjoy island hopping onboard a ferry. Some of the islands here including Gaya Island will offer you amazing trekking and hiking experiences.

3. Experience Underwater Activities: Enjoy adrenaline-fueled underwater activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea walking at Kota Kinabalu, which is known popularly for its colourful coral reefs and exuberant marine life.

4. Enjoy Mangrove Boat Safari: Experience kayaking through the 100 spread of lush mangrove forests of the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park. Spot a number of endangered wildlife including mud crabs and monitor lizards on your boat safari.

5. Go Caving: Enjoy an exploration tour through the intriguing limestone caves of Malaysia, like Gua Tempurung Cave, Gua Kelam, Batu, and Tong Cave Temple and witness the mesmerizing topographic features, such as stalagmites, stalactites, and halectite.

6. Walk through History at Malacca: Visit the former Portuguese colony and historic state of Malacca and enjoy exploring its wide array of spellbinding architectural marvels, including its galleries, museums, and red lacquer buildings.

7. Relish the Authentic Malaysian Cuisine: Take a local food tour and try out the delectable Malaysian delicacies, such as Nasi Kandar, Nasi Dagang, Roti Canai, Rojak, and Sang Har Mee from the street food stalls.

How do I pay for onboard purchases?

In general, most of the Malaysian cruises come with on-site duty-free shops that allow you to enjoy shopping onboard. These shops usually accept cash as well as digital payments for your purchases.

I am travelling alone. Are there any special prices for a single person in a cabin?

Yes, you can definitely get special prices for your solo cruising tour on booking a separate individual cabin. You can check and avail the offer at the time of your booking and go ahead to enjoy additional privacy and a peaceful cruising experience.

I already have travel insurance. Should I take extra insurance coverage for my Malaysia cruise?

No, guests who have their travel insurance already, do not really need to avail an additional insurance coverage for their cruise Malaysia. However, in general, most of the cruise packages come with a pre-included insurance policy for your cruising trip, from the operator.

Are there any special prices for children and infants?

Yes, the cruise package Malaysia comes with special price concessions for children and infants. While children aged between 3 to 11 years are required to purchase a special child ticket, infants aged below 3 years can enter without any charge.

Is it possible to get a senior citizen special price?

Yes, senior citizens can get a special concession on their cruise package Malaysia. They can avail special discounts and better deals at the time of their booking.

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