Gunung Mulu National Park Overview

Gunung Mulu National Park is a beautiful national park situated in Sarawak that comprises caves and karst formations in the setting of the mountainous equatorial rainforest. This national park is highly renowned for its impressive collection of caves and rich dense rainforests. It is also home to a vast variety of flora and fauna, thereby offering a perfect escapade from the humdrum of city life close to the lap of nature.

Named after Mount Mulu, Gunung Mulu National Park is a breathtakingly gorgeous national park located in the Mulu World Heritage area of Sarawak in Malaysia. It is believed that the rainforests in the national park took around 60 million years to form. Hence, it has been considered one of the eminent attractions in South East Asia and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The highlights of the Gulung Mulu National Park are the several caves and mountains that are found in the pristine rainforest setting. If you are looking for a place away from the hustle and bustle of city life and want to experience some fun-filled adventure, no other place than Gulung Mulu National Park will give you this much-needed satisfaction. You can indulge yourself in trekking, caving, and camping activities with your group of friends and relish the beauty of nature in its lap.

You can either take a Showcaves tour, trek along the beautiful treks and trails, go for adventure caving with your friends, or opt for extreme adventure packages for an extra adrenaline rush. Nature lovers would definitely love this place due to the uniqueness and tranquility of nature while enjoying the adventure in the darkness of the night.

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• Take a tour of the numerous caves and mountains located amidst the pristine rainforest setting.
• Challenge your friends by indulging in trekking, camping, and caving activities at the Gunung Mulu National Park.
• Pay a visit to the Garden of Eden and the Lang Cave and catch a glimpse of wonderful stalagmites, stalactites, and limestone shawls.
• Float with the fishes in the waters at the picnic deck of the Clearwater & Winds Cave.
• Watch a plethora of cave fauna and some of the remarkable formations of Mulu in the Fastlane Cave.
• Go on a Night Walk and gaze at the vast variety of nocturnal species that are fond of night darkness to prevent themselves from predators.
• Watch beauty unfold in the form of flowing rivers below while walking along the treetops in the Canopy.
• Walk over ancient riverbeds to traverse the wonders of the underground world in the Lagang Cave.
• Opt for Extreme Adventures if you want to have an additional level of thrill and excitement on your trip to Gulung Mulu National Park.

How To Reach

The Gulung Mulu National Park in Malaysia can only be reached by flight. Maswings, a subsidiary of Malaysian Airlines, run daily flights from Kota Kinabalu, Miri, and Kuching to Mulu. You need to reach Kuala Lumpur first. From there, you can fly to Borneo Island to one of the mentioned ports.

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Best Time To Visit

Gunung Mulu National Park can be visited all year round. However, the best time to visit the park is between June and September as these are the driest months of the year. During this time, hiking around the national park becomes easier in comparison to the cooler months.

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Other Essential Information

Places for Treks and Trails at Gunung Mulu National Park

1. Canopy- The Canopy Track is a walkway of about 420 meters long that spreads across an area of 25 meters above the floor forest. It is regarded as one of the longest tree-based canopies walks on the entire planet. This trek allows you to walk in the luscious tree tops with serene river views below and contrast the vegetation of the riverine forest floor with the treetops, understory, and limestone cliffs.

2. Night Walk- Gunung Mulu National Park is home to a myriad of nocturnal species that loves the night darkness to preserve them from predators. The Night Walk at Gulung Mulu National Park is an excellent way to understand and catch the views of the park’s weird and wonderful creatures in the light.

3. Overnight Camping- Overnight Camping is one of the best things to do in Gulung Mulu National Park. It allows the visitors to stay at a basic forest hut at night where they will get a plethora of information about the environment until they return back to the park headquarters.

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Caves at Gunung Mulu National Park

1. Deer & Lang- Deer & Lang is the largest cave passage in the world that provides shelter to over 3 million wrinkle-lipped bats. This cave allows you to relish the sheer size of the limestone passage, an old riverbed, and watch the force of water creating a curve on the scalloped walls. You will also unique shower head formations of Adam and Eve that spouts columns of water 30 meters to the riverbed.

2. Clearwater & Winds- Clearwater & Winds takes you on an expedition to the Melinau river in a longboat and market at Batu Bungan. Moving further, you will come across the Cave of the Winds where you have to walk on a long ramp and a few stairs to reach Clearwater. Clearwater is the largest cave system across the globe, where the subterranean river appears from the cliff face.

3. Fastlane- You can reach the Fastlane cave on a boat ride allowing you to discover the surroundings for yourself. At the entrance, you can catch a glimpse of the cave fauna while glistening spider eyes catch your attention. Apart from this, you will also find blue racer snakes, white crabs, and the long antennae of cave crickets.

4. Racer Cave- The Racer Cave allows visitors to climb up and down the passageways with the help of ropes. Although you need a lot of strength to pass this cave, several people have successfully conquered the passage. Thus, the Racer Cave beautifully merges the feeling of your abilities with the physical challenge.

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5. Lagang Cave- Lagang Cave is a gorgeous cave with stalagmites, stalactites, and other remarkable instances of cave sediments. You can pass through the cave and scramble over the boulders and riverbeds with the help of helmets and torches. This cave will surely let you experience the excitement of watching the underground world and keep you anticipating on what is around the next dark corner.

6. Clearwater Revival- Clearwater Revival offers visitors a path to witness the ancient underground river that only advanced cavers would experience. The fun at Clearwater Revival starts with stepping off the show cave boardwalk and into the chilling and clear waters that create 200 kilometers of passageways in the Clearwater System more than 2 million years ago.

7. Clearwater Connection- Clearwater Connection is a trip of around 4.8 kilometers that takes the cavers into the wild chambers over rugged terrain scattered with boulders. This trip requires you to climb up and then scramble down muddy slopes and swim front and back across the underground river. The river is the highlight of the trip as it is relatively rewarding after hard caving.

8. Sarawak Chamber Overnight Camping- Sarawak Chamber Overnight Camping is a challenging tour that requires a good level of fitness and experience. It will take you around three hours to reach the opening of Gua Nasib Bagus (Good Luck Cave). Moreover, it is advisable to check the level of the water as high water levels can be unsafe.

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Tips to Visit Gunung Mulu National Park

- Carry enough money in your pocket as there are no banks, chemists, and shopping centers in the Gulung Mulu National Park.

- Pack a raincoat and torchlight in your camping backpack.

- Do not forget to take the insect repellent cream and first aid kit with you to the Gulung Mulu National Park.

- Face masks are essential to opt for any of the tours in the park.

- Keep a pair of hand gloves if you are planning to indulge in adventure caving or extreme tours.

- Wear light clothing for the tropical climate and carry a light shawl or jacket for the evenings.

- Do not forget to wear sturdy trekking boots if you wish to conquer Mulu Summit.

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Point of Interest for Gunung Mulu National Park
Treks and Trails

Treks and Trails

Gulung Mulu National Park offers some amazing treks and trails to have fun and adventure with your friends. Each of these trails evokes a feeling of thrill and excitement as you experience it. Canopy is one of the must-loved trails of the park that allows you to take a stroll in the luscious tree tops with a spectacular view of the tranquil river below. This trail gives you the best opportunity to witness the rainforest web of life closely. Night Walk and Overnight Camping are other treks that let you watch over the nocturnal animal species in the wilderness of the dark and camp at a basic forest hut with your friends or family.

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Adventure Caving

Adventure Caving

Adventure Caving is another fun point of interest in the eyes of the visitors as it takes you on a caving expedition to some of the remarkable caves of Malaysia. Racer Cave, Lagang Cave, Sarawak Chamber Overnight Camping, Clearwater Connection, and Clearwater Revival provide some of the astonishing adventure caving in the world. You can climb up and down the passageways with the help of rope at Racer Cave, enjoy the Searwak Chamber Overnight Camping for an advanced adventure, or scramble over the boulders and riverbeds at the Lagang Cave. Therefore, adventure caving in Gunung Mulu National Park is one of a kind experience for all people, no matter whether you are a beginner or a professional.

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Showcaves are the remarkably gorgeous caves in the Gulung Mulu National Park in Malaysia. These caves feature a plethora of different species of flora and fauna that belongs to ancient times. Deer & Lang, Clearwater & Winds, and Fastlane are the highlights of these showcaves. Deer & Lang house the sheer size of the limestone passage, an ancient riverbed, and the pressure of water creating curves on the scalloped walls. On the other hand, Clearwater & Winds are the trails that take you across the largest cave system in the world, where the subterranean river appears from the face of the cliff. Fastlane also lets you unfold the mysteries of different species of fauna.

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Extreme Adventures

Extreme Adventures

If you are an adventure enthusiast and want to give a boost to your excitement, you can indulge in the Extreme Adventures with your group of friends. Pinnacles and The Summit are the two fundamental attractions to the visitors. The Pinnacle climb is an extreme activity that includes a boat ride on the Melinau River for an hour or two. Since it is a high-risk activity, it is not suitable for children under 16 years. On the contrary, The Summit is another 24 kilometers trek to Gunung Mulu, starting from the headquarters of the park. Each of these attractions will surely unleash the extremity within you.

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