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About Little India or Brickfields

Little India or Brickfields is a completely different world than the places situated in its proximity like the Bangsar. Known as the Malaysia’s official Little India, it once used to be a small residential neighborhood just outside KL. Not too long ago, this residential town was metamorphosed into a wide street filled with Indian restaurants and stores that are run by the Indian community of the country. In the shops of Brickfields you can get everything from the traditional Indian clothes to spices, Bollywood movies, spices and local delicacies such as vadai, thosai and so much more. Ever since the transformation of Brickfields to Little India, it has become a major tourist spot not just for the Indian stuff found here but also because of its proximity to the KL Sentral station.

Location: Situated just outside the city center in Kaula Lampur.

Transport: To reach Brickfields you can take the KL monorail or the Putra LRT

Best Time: 10.00hrs to 21:00 hrs

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