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Malaysia Scuba Diving

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Owing to a splendid location in the coral triangle makes scuba diving in Malaysia one of its most famous attractions that draws diving enthusiasts from across the globe. Visit the country to enjoy the most spectacular and rewarding dive sites on earth and experience the exotic underwater life up and close. 

Scuba diving in Malaysia opens up an amazing world under the sea which gives you a chance to unravel the deep mysteries and vibrant kaleidoscopic wonders that thrive here. It also boasts a breathtaking bio-diversity comprising aquatic flora and fauna that can be accessed from various diving sites across the country. From witnessing extraordinary coral gardens, macro species, and marine life to enjoying night scuba diving, discovering untouched corals, and exploring the resorts, Malaysia scuba diving offers a whole range of experiences. 

So head to Sipadan, Lankayan, Tioman, or Tenggol islands if you are craving diversity in diving spots and looking for a rich underwater life. If you want a PADI certification, visit Redang Island, while a trip to the Perhentian Islands will give you the perfect opportunity to learn if you are a novice. Moreover, if you wish to have the unique experience of a night scuba dive, you can satiate your desire at Lang Tengah. The diving scene in Malaysia is varied and multi-faceted which makes it very attractive among hard-core scuba divers. 
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Malaysia Scuba Diving FAQs

What is the best time for scuba diving in Malaysia?

October to April is the best time for scuba diving in Malaysia as the water and air are comfortably warm and the currents are low. There is no chance of rainfall during this time of the year, so the visibility is also good.

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Can kids do scuba diving in Malaysia?

Kids above nine years can do scuba diving in Malaysia under the assistance of an expert trainer or scuba diving expert. They will be accompanied by a professional scuba diving expert who'll ensure their safety during the diving session.

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What is the age limitation for scuba diving in Malaysia?

SSI minimum age limitation for scuba diving in Malaysia is ten years. The divers at this age group are usually referred to as junior divers, and they are allowed to upgrade once they reach fifteen years. Diving with a certified adult is necessary for divers between twelve and fourteen years old. They will become independent divers automatically when they are fifteen years old without doing any professional diving course. There is no upper age limit required for scuba diving in Malaysia.

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What is the duration of scuba diving in Malaysia?

Dive permits are limited for Sipadan, so you'll have to book a certain number of dive days to dive there (in the high season, about four to five days).

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What is the average price for scuba diving in Malaysia?

A one-day scuba diving session in Malaysia will cost you around RM. 340.86 to RM 397. 67. An open water diving session will cost you around RM 1,280 for four days, and an advanced open water diving session will cost you around RM 1,080 for two days.

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Can a non-swimmer go scuba diving in Malaysia?

Yes, non-swimmers can go scuba diving in Malaysia, but you shouldn't go deep inside the water. A certified trainer will accompany you during the scuba diving session to ensure your safety. You'll also be provided with the proper equipment to have an enjoyable scuba diving session.

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What are the important things to remember when going scuba diving in Malaysia?

- Never hold your breath while scuba diving in Malaysia. Use your fins to move forward in the water.
- If you're diving for the first time, don't go deeper in water.
- Be in a horizontal position as it helps with buoyancy, and this way, you won't be fighting the natural ocean current. 
- Don't carry anything your trainer didn't ask you to take with you as you'll be adding unnecessary weight, and this could end up catching or falling onto the corals around you. 
- Always attend the initial briefing and learn all the sign languages.
- Respect the underwater creatures and don't touch or harm them.

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