Sin Sze Si Ya Temple Overview

The Sin Sze Si Ya Temple is known to be the oldest Taoist temple situated in Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur. This temple was built way back in 1864 and the two supreme deities Si Sze Ya and Sin Sze Ya, from Kapitan Yap Ah Loy are prominently worshiped here. He claimed both deities helped him to earn the status of Kapitan during the war of 1870s. The temple has a majestic memorial plaque of Yap Kwan Seng, Yap Ah Loy, Yap Ah Shak, and Chan Sow Lin.

Sin Sze Si Ya Temple is a place that witnesses the city's growth and birth. The temple entrance has an acknowledgement engraved on it that mentions the temple was founded in 1864 by Kapitan Yap Ah Loy. The temple is dedicated to Si Sze Ya and Sin Sze Ya, the patron deities.

Both the deities - Chung Lai (Yap Ah Loy’s loual Lieutenant) and Sheng Meng Li (Kapitan Cina of Sungai Ujong), are real personalities. The shrine of Yap Ah Loy sitting among the gods can be witnessed with a closer look.

This temple is famous for being the oldest Taoist temple in Kuala Lumpur. The temple is stormed with people during famous events, namely, Chinese New Year. It is also observed that during exam time, students also come here to seek blessings and good luck from Wenchang Dijun, the God of Academia.

It is also said that if three circles of the main altar are taken, good fortune surely comes your way. Tourists and locals also come here to know about the future via fortune-telling sticks (Kao Chim). The fortune code via Kao Chim can be deciphered for you at RM1 by Madam Wong. She is among the few living women among temple caretakers who can still understand the prophecy of Kao Chim.

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• The temple is based on real personalities, i.e., Chung Lai and Sheng Meng Li.
• The entire temple is colored in red and comprises open-air pavilions.
• Devotees come here to get rid of bad luck and reverse dark magic.
• You can read about your fortune here with a small fee of RM1 only, which is the cheapest price offering almost accurate fortune results.
• People come here to pray to Tai Sui Ye, known as the master of deities, for good fortune, health, and prosperity.
• Other deities in the temple are Tan Goan Xian Si – Deity of Health & Medicine, Hua Guang Da Di – Deity of Artists & Craftsmen, Cai Shen Ye – Deity for Good Luck and Fortune, Bai Hue Ye – White Tiger, Guan Di Wen Chang – Deity of Education, etc.
• Here all kinds of custom-made rituals and traditional rituals are offered, like bowering of wealth, stopping defamation, and changing luck.
• There is a table in front of the Si Sze Ye and Sin Sze Ye statues. Crawling under this table will lessen the burden worshippers currently endure. The temple is considered to eliminate all problems and change one’s destiny.

How To Reach

By Train: You can opt for the LRT train to reach Pasar Seni Station of Masjid Jamek Station. You need to walk 10 minutes, and you will reach the temple. 

By Bus: You can also travel in line 722 bus via Kuala Lumpur Sentral station to reach the temple, witnessing the local cacophony.

By Taxis: Tourists can also avail taxis throughout their journey. The temple is only 5 minutes walk from Sri Maha Mariamman Temple.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit here is from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm, when you will find the place almost empty, and you can worship peacefully. The temple is open between 7.00 am to 5.00 pm for all the devotees. 15 – 20 minutes are enough for a casual visit. During the morning, you will find more crowds and thus you can’t perform rituals in peace.

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Other Essential Information

Places to Visit Near Sin Sze Si Ya Temple

- Central Market

The central market of Kuala Lumpur, located at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock was founded in 1888 was initially the wet market. The pedestrian-only section of Jalan Hang Kasturi is a few minutes away from Petaling Street. Now it is full of Art Décor style buildings done in 1937 and the central market has been classified as a Heritage site by the Malaysian Heritage Society. The market is 0.11 KM away from Sin Sze Si Ya Temple, and the tourists usually explore this market after visiting the temple.

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- Petaling Street Market

The Petaling street market is only 0.12 KM away from Sze Si Ya Temple. It is a bustling shopping district in Kaula Lumpur’s Chinatown. In this market, you can find pirated/imitation branded goods, fake DVDs, watches, pens, T-shirts, shoes, bags, etc. You can practice your bargaining skills by visiting this market in the daytime.

The most famous item in this market is Chinese tea, and you will find lots of shops selling it on the side street. The entire market turns into its magical, vibrant, and lively form at night with hundreds of stalls selling various stuff at very cheap rates. Due to this, it is one of the most happening night markets in Malaysia.

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- Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

Located at a distance of 0.24 km from Sze Si Ya Temple at the edge of Chinatown in Jalan Bandar, the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple was founded in 1873 and is one of the oldest Hindu temples situated in Kuala Lumpur. 

A new temple structure was built in 1968, that featured the ornate ‘Raja Gopuram’ tower in the South Indian temple style. From the beginning, a temple was an essential place of worship for early Indian migrants which has now gained national heritage and cultural importance in Malaysia.

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Tips for visiting Sin Sze Si Ya Temple

1. Photography is allowed in the temple, and it will become your best photography location. So, it would be best if you carry an excellent quality camera for beautiful clicks.

2. There are various market areas around the temple where you can explore various local shops and other items at a meager rate.

3. You can also visit the nearby Hindu temple Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, located within 10 minutes of walking distance from Sze Si Ya Temple.

4. Come prepared as in this temple you can know your fortune and future at only RM1.

5. If you want to explore the entire temple peacefully, you should visit the temple in the evening as it will be less crowded and you can explore it thoroughly.  

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Day Wise Timings
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Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Normal Timings:
07:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Point of Interest for Sin Sze Si Ya Temple
Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling

The most prevalent practice of Sin Sze Si Ya Temple is telling fortunes. It has been considered a religious practice since the 19th century. The devotees here engage in rattling a box filled with sticks, known as fortune sticks or Kao Chim until one of the sticks falls off the box to determine fortune. You can take help from the staff members present in the temple. With their help, you can interpret the prophecies told by fortune sticks and get them translated into your language. You can see various devotees determining their fortune based on these fortune sticks.

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It is among the 13 temples in the peninsular region of Malaysia that worships Xian Shi Ye, depicting the Chinese tradition and culture of Kuala Lumpur. The temple was by the craft of Southern China and the compound has ornamented roof ridges, two adjacent side halls for devotees, and one elaborate main hall. You can see 100-year-old sedan char, which represents the glorious past of the temple culture. It is surrounded by open-air pavilions and decorated panels. The structure of this temple is among the few remaining old monuments in Kuala Lumpur.

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