Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Kuala Lumpur: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

The Sunway Lagoon is a vibrant theme park assembled in the mesmerizing city of Malaysia. This extravagant theme park was officially opened on 29 April, 1993, by then Prime Minister of the country, Tun Mahathir bin Mohammad.

Keeping up with its official slogan ‘Your Best Day Ever,’ Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is an adventurous blend of six different lands, including, water pools, wildlife, extreme sports, lost lagoon, scream park, and cement ground. This theme park is glorious with Malaysia’s first simulator ride known as the FlowRider in 2010.

It also fancies itself as the first home to Malaysia’s first 5D Waterplexx in 2012. Amongst the water rides, Vuvuzela is perhaps the most popular amongst the visitors. It’s the world’s largest vortex water ride.  Some other adrenaline pumping rides of this park include river-rapid rides, body slides, roller coasters, and tube slides.

The Sunway Nickelodeon Park is another extraordinary attraction for kids. If you think that the theme park is primarily for children, well, think again. This theme park is quite enthralling in nature. To begin with, the haunted houses located in the Scream Park will take your breath away, literally!

If that’s not enough, the wild adventures, such as bungee jumping, flying fox, archery, the Extreme Park will have you bite your nails with adrenaline rush! Witnessing the beauty of wild animals at the Wildlife Park is another reason to visit this park. There is just so much to do and experience here!

How to Reach Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is easily accessible from the city centre. There are many public buses running between the main city and the park. It is also the easiest and the cheapest way to travel between the two places. 
There is also a free shuttle bus service available every half an hour for the visitors to travel to the Park from the city centre.

The operating hours of this service run between 7AM to 9.30 PM on weekdays. On weekends and public holidays, these shuttles run from 9AM to 9 PM. Another way of reaching Sunway Lagoon from the city centre is via cab or taxi. There is a lot of parking space in the vicinity of the park. Thus, you can self-drive to the Park as well. 

You can also travel to the Park via KTM Komuter Train, which will drop you at the Subang Jaya Station and you can take a feeder bus from there. There are various expressways that connect the Park with the main city, such as, the Federal Highway, Damansara-Puchong Expressway, and New Pantai Expressway. The traffic runs smoothly on these roads as well. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the theme park from the city centre.

Best Time to Visit Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

The best time to visit the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is between October and January. The weather is quite pleasant at this time of the year and the park looks more vibrant at this time for some reason. Even August and September are good months to visit the place. There is less crowd and that helps in maintaining the aesthetics of the park. 

However, the best time to visit the park depends on the visitor as well. If you enjoy being around people all the time, then perhaps you should visit the park during weekends and public holidays in Malaysia. The last two months of the year are the busiest at this park and thus, invites a plethora of tourists from all parts of the world. 

If you are looking forward to spending some quality time with your family in this park, then try visiting it during weekdays, and in the months of March and April, when there is least amount of people present in the area. Also, do check the timings before visiting the park because the officials are very strict with the closing and opening of the park. You can check their website to learn more about this.

What Not to Miss at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Here are some of the best attractions in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park:

1. Amusement Parks
If you don’t like water and still want to have some fun at the theme park, you will love the amusement park at Sunway Lagoon. Get on the carousel with your little ones or enjoy bumping around on the Apache Pots. And if you are travelling with your whole family, do check out the Fun World where you can win plushies and soft toys for each other! 

If you are the adventurous kind, you will love the rotating ship  that is shaped like a galleon and that will turn your world upside down. Adrenaline junkies can also ride on the Lost Scream Roller Coaster to get a hit of endorphins, and enjoy some of the most spectacular rides at the Wild West section.

You can also check out the longest suspension bridge in the world here, where you can get a stunning view of the entire Lagoon Theme Park from 60 feet above. 

2. Wildlife park
For animal lovers, the Wildlife Park has more than 150 species of animals to get acquainted with. Indeed, the interactive zoo is perfect for kids as well as adults, because you will get to learn more about the animals here through wildlife encounters.

There is also a wildlife theater program that features performances by the star animals of the theme park, and a feeding station where you can get up close to the lovely creatures. Some of the most interesting attraction within the wildlife park include:

- Tiger Land:
Witness the beauty of majestic icy blue-eyed white tigers called Asha and Samson here. The exotic pair of tigers lives in a glass enclosure and it is truly thrilling to watch them living their life in the jungles. 

- Enchanting Exhibits:
Here, you can explore the life of many indigenous animals and check out the monkeys, the pet village, and the bird savannah. 

- Wild Encounters:
This attraction offers you the chance to witness the activities and antics of the animals from up close. You can meet meerkats, prairie dogs, sun bears, tigers, eagles, miniature horses, and pythons here. 

3. Water park
Beat the heat and get some respite from the scorching sun at the water park. You can go for a round at the African Pythons rise, or if you are feeling particularly daredevil-like, you can check out the Congo Challenge. You can also check out the Cameroon Climb where you drop into the water from 15 meters and then shoot back up in the air.

The thrilling rides at the water park offer you a chance to enjoy splashing around in the water, whether you are young or old, like some adrenaline rush, or just want to get some peace. 

4. Scream park
For the brave that dare to go beyond the traditional, Sunway Lagoon Park has some of the freakiest options. One of them is the Scream Park. The spine-chilling experience is truly meant only for those that want the extravaganza of being scared out of their wits. Inside the Scream Park, you can also check out the Sharknado Alive and Nights of Frights experience. 

5. Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon
Surrounded by lush green rainforests and natural gardens, the lost lagoon offers you a chance to be mesmerized by a lost civilization. The fantasy adventure is full of exciting attractions, and you get to explore it all through huge water rides and lovely playgrounds.

Walk through the meandering lanes, enjoy the canopy walks, and witness the breathtaking waterfalls. The recreational camp site is set in the middle of 10 acres of tropical rainforests and offers a mix of 12 adventurous rides and attractions. The Themed Adventureland is also the 1st of its kind in Asia, so don’t forget to check it out. 

6. Extreme park 
For those of you who will settle for nothing less than pure, extreme thrill of adrenaline, Extreme Park is an unmissable adventure.  Whether you want to enjoy the thrill of aerial adventure at Flying Fox, or try bungee jumping from a helicopter, Extreme Park has it all. You can also try Go Karting or try to conquer the wild jungles at ATV. Get some of the most heart-thumping, blood-pumping action at this park. 

Places to visit near Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

There are a lot of places to visit near the park. Some of the popular ones are listed below-

1. Sunway Pyramid
This grand mall is the greatest attraction near the park. The mall sprawls across an area of 90 acres, which is almost as big as the theme park itself, and has more than 900 outlets. The highlight of this mall is its ice-skating rink that attracts a lot of visitors.
2. Local market
You can also stroll through the local markets and buy souvenirs for your friends and family back at home. Lamps, skirts, bags, carpets and rugs, soaps, shampoos, and organic tea are some of the popular items to be found in these markets.
3. Dar-Al-Arab Gourmet Restaurant
Situated within Sunway Pyramid, this restaurant is a must-visit place for the visitors.  The place is known for its Lebanese food and grand décor. If you are a lover of authentic, middle-eastern food, you shall go for it.

Other Essential Information About Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Timing: 10am – 6pm daily

Entry Fee: 
- Adults (13 years and above): RM 202 
- Child (below 12 years): RM 170 (Free entry for children below the height of 90 cm)
- Senior citizen (60 years old and above): RM 170
- There are also exclusive packages available for the visitors. Contact the staff of the theme park to learn more about this. 

For Malaysian citizens, charges are different:
- Photography Charges: There are no photography charges if you take your own camera. There are photographers inside the theme park who are willing to take your pics. The charge for the same is somewhere close to RM 50.

Distance from city centre: 9.1 km (takes about 20 minutes)

Places to Eat in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Some of the popular places to eat in the park are listed below-
1. I Scoop For You
This grand ice-cream parlor serves a wide range of ice cream. From single to double to multiple scoops of literally all the colorful flavors on the planet, this place has it all.
2. Chill…Lah
The name is as chill as it sounds. The best meal to have in this snack parlor is to gulp down coke in freestyles and quench your thirst. There are various coke+snack combos available to buy depending on your taste.
3. Captain Jack
Named after the legendary Disney character, this place offers some delicious popcorn and soft drinks. Who knows, you might also find your beloved Captain Jack serving you some and if you do, don’t forget to take a picture.
4. Take 5
This vibrant place is known for its fresh glass of water melon. It is a must-try drink in the park, trust us!

Places to Stay near Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

There are some great hotels located conveniently close to the theme park. Some of the popular places to stay near the park are given below-
1. Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa
When you stay this close to the park, the fun gets doubled! You can reach your hotel in time after having an enthralling adventure at the park all day. Also, this 5-star hotel is one of the best in the city. It comes with all the modern-day services with a great view from all rooms and delectable food.
2. Sunway Clio Hotel
This 4-star is located a few steps away from the theme park. It comes with great rooms, pool-side area, in-house restaurant, fitness center, and meeting rooms. The mall and market area are located quite close as well.
3. Sunway Pyramid Hotel
It’s a maximum 5-minute walk from the park and offers a great stay to the visitors. Also, this hotel has incredible rooms that offer great views, friendly staff that’s available 24/7 for the guests, restaurant that offers delectable food, etc.

Medical Facilities in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Sunway Medical Centre is a private hospital located in the vicinity of the theme park. The facility offers the highest standard of medical treatment. The medical unit comes with modern-day medical tools and equipment. The facility is provided by the authorities that maintain the park.
Some of the other medical facilities located near the park are SunMed Clinic, Retina Specialists Eye Care Centre, and Klinik Mediskin. It is recommended to keep a first-aid box with yourself as well just in case you need it.

Travellers' Tip before visiting Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Some of the traveller’s tip to visit Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is-

- Make sure that you check the opening and closing time of the park since the officials are very strict about the same. 

Try to make the best out of your time by choosing to indulge in the activities that are a must-do on the list. 

It is highly recommended to get into the huge ride of Vuvuzela, which is only available in this theme park. 

Carry essentials, such as, camera, mobile phones, sunglasses, extra pair of clothes, and slippers.
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People Also Ask About Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

  1. How big is Sunway Lagoon Park?

    The Sunway Lagoon Theme Park sprawls across a massive area of 88 acre. It is built 150 feet above the ground on a wasteland. Currently, it is divided into 6 main lands, which over all have 90 attractions.
  2. How far is Sunway Lagoon Park from Kuala Lumpur?

    This popular theme park is located at a distance of 1.9 km from Kualalumpur. It takes about 15 km to reach the park from the main city. There are various modes of transport available to take you to the theme park from the city.
  3. How much is the ticket for Sunway Lagoon?

    The ticket to enter Sunway Lagoon is RM 202 for adults, that is, people above the age of 13. It is RM 170 for children (those 12 or below the age) and senior citizens (those whoa are above the age of 60).
  4. What is inside Sunway Lagoon?

    Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is an amalgamation of six lands, divided into different themes, namely, Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Scream Park, Lost Lagoon, and Park for Extreme Sports. There are also various restaurants and snack corners spread across the area.
  5. Can you wear sandals to Lagoon?

    Yes, it is. However, you will not be allowed to wear anything on your feet at the time of entering water. So, it is best to wear comfortable footwear like sandals or slippers.
  6. Can you bring water to Sunway Lagoon?

    Visitors are allowed to bring one water bottle in the park. However, no outside food is allowed in the park. In fact, you cannot even bring soft drinks, such as, coke, pepsi, cold coffee, etc. inside this unique theme park.
  7. How do I get to Sunway Lagoon?

    The best way to get to Sunway Lagoon is hire a taxi or drive yourself. It is quite close to the main city and thus, there are also buses running every minute in the direction of the theme park. There is also a free shuttle service available from the city centre for you to travel.
  8. Is food allowed in Sunway Lagoon?

    No, there is no outside food allowed in the theme park. You are allowed to get one bottle of plain water. However, there is no dearth of lip-smacking food in the park premises. From ice cream and soft drinks to local and international cuisines, you will find everything here.
  9. What is the fastest ride at Lagoon?

    G-Force X is the fastest ride at Lagoon. It propels at the speed of 120 km per hour. No wonder the experience on this ride is thrilling. It is also Asia’s highest slingshot ride and defines adrenaline rush in every sense of the word.
  10. What is the oldest ride at Lagoon?

    Lagoon’s Herschel-Spillman Carousel is the oldest attraction of this theme park. It was first introduced in the theme park in 1893, and since then, has been a favorite amongst the most favorite rides amongst the tourists. It is also one of the only three rides listed on the National Historical Register.
  11. How tall do you have to be to ride a cannibal at Lagoon?

    You have to have a height of minimum 1.22 m to ride a cannibal at Lagoon. Cannibal is a steel roller coaster at Lagoon. It’s beyond-vertical roller coaster drop is the tallest and most enthralling in the world. It is a must-do activity during your visit to Lagoon.
  12. How fast is BomBara at Lagoon?

    The speed of BomBara ride in Lagoon is approximately 50 km per hour or 31 mph. It is a vigorous rollercoaster that is quite popular amongst the visitors in the Lagoon. It is an intense roller coaster which has a groovy vibe to it.
  13. Has anyone ever died at Lagoon?

    The rides at Lagoon are safe and secure. There are no incidents in the recent past that have resulted in the death of someone. However, it is recommended to get on the ride only if you are confident in your ability to ride some adrenaline-rushing rides.

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