I City In Shah Alam Overview

I-City Theme Park is an extravagant amusement park in the urban hub of I-City at Shah Alam in Selangor. The theme park is divided into five different attraction zones, each of which features fun-filled rides and entertainment activities. In addition to these rides and games, there are also many food stalls and restaurants serving flavourful food. 

i-City is a business point at Shah Alam in Selangor that is built with residential, commercial and leisure components for a sumptuous lifestyle. It is a technopreneur campus where global lifestyle outlets like office towers, shopping malls, apartments and hotels operate on a 24-hour basis.

The i-City Theme Park is the major attraction of i-City that attracts thousands of tourists and locals.It is a huge exorbitant theme park built over 72 acres of land and encloses a multitude of carnival rides like ferris wheel, carousels, gamebooths and engaging activities.

The park features six distinctive zones - Waterworld, Snow Walk, Itsy Bitsy, City of Digital Lights, Red Carpet and Red Carpet 2.Waterworld is an outdoor theme park with numerous water rides and a jacuzzi. Itsy Bitsy is a children’s park with a plethora of rides exclusive for toddlers and tweens.

Snow Walk is an indoor arena full of snow that lets you experience a freezing climate. Red Carpet and Red Carpet 2 are wax museums showing off big wax statues of famous international celebrities. City of Digital Light is a significant attraction at i-City Theme Park for it displays a stunning scene fabricated with LED lights. 

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• Explore the six unique attractions at I-City Theme Park - Waterworld, Snow Walk, Itsy Bitsy, City of Digital Lights and Red Carpet.
• Enjoy a whale of time with family and kids in the water rides at Waterworld and fancy land rides at Itsy Bitsy amusement park.
• Evade the hot weather of the city and take refuge at Snow Walk where you can enjoy an icy cold climate in the midst of snow.
• Witness life-size wax statues of famous celebrities and take creative pictures of yourself next to them at the Red Carpet and Red Carpet 2 Wax Museum.
• Gaze at the beauty of ‘City of Digital Lights’ that is adorned with a large number of colourful bright lights creating a forest scene.
• Treat yourself with delectable Middle Eastern, Arabian, Mediterranean and authentic Malay food at the restaurants and alfresco food stalls.

How To Reach

You can catch Bus P701 from KL Sentral Station opposite Pasar Seni to Seksyen Shah Alam from where you can walk 30 minutes or take a Grab to reach i-City. There is no direct bus to i-City Shah Alam.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit i-City Shah Alam is during the summer from June to August and spring from March to May. The weather during these months are relatively warm and there are minimal chances of rain and snow. However, June to August is the peak tourism season and if you wish to avoid crowds, you can visit Shah Alam from December to February.

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Other Essential Information

Places to Visit near i City Shah Alam

  1. Islamic Arts Garden Complex: Islamic Arts Garden Complex is a heritage site that houses exhibits about Islamic Calligraphy, paintings, Quran manuscripts and architecture. 
  2. Shah Alam Lake Gardens: Shah Alam Lake Gardens is a man-made lake with lush green gardens and picturesque landscape. You can walk on the raised platform around the lake and enjoy the view of fishes and turtles or take a refreshing jog on the footpath. 
  3. Shah Alam Agricultural Park: Shah Alam Agricultural Park is a huge leisure park featuring a botanical garden, spice garden, swimming pool, high rope course and bike rentals.

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Places To Eat At i City Shah Alam

I City Shah Alam is the home to numerous fine dining restaurants and local food stalls offering authentic dishes from all over the world and tasty fast food.

  1. Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh: It is an open-air hawker style restaurant that serves delicious meals at reasonable prices.
  2. Mozer’s: If you wish to dine at a cosy cafe ambience, Mozer’s is the right place. The luscious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food served here are sure to soothe your taste buds.  
  3. Hadramawt Kitchen: This hotel provides a good dining environment with large tables for big groups. The Arab food here is definitely not to be missed as it leaves you craving for more.  
  4. Ti Chen Chinese Restaurant: It is the only Chinese restaurant in the surrounding neighbourhood that serves the yummiest lobster noodles and smoked duck.

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Places to Stay near i City Shah Alam

  1. TwinVilla Homestay: It is a villa-styled homestay with a private pool that can accommodate up to 14 people at a time. You can also host small events and celebrations.
  2. Hotel de Art: It is a humble stay option with small but modern rooms adorned with cheerful decor.
  3. Concorde Hotel Shah Alam: If you are looking for a plush accommodation with all basic amenities, Concorde is the best. It features a pool, gym, spa, breakfast buffet and airport shuttle 
  4. Acappella Suite Hotel: It is a luxurious hotel with large and clean suites for people who want to stay together in the same room. The rooftop garden and infinity pool are the major highlights.
  5. Wadi Iman Guesthouse: It is a simple and modest guest house with spacious and clean rooms for two people. The swimming pool and friendly owner will make you fall in love with this place.

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Point of Interest for I City In Shah Alam


Waterworld is a water theme park where you can have fun splashing with friends and family. The rides at Waterworld are best for both adults and kids. Get on rides like Tornado, Aladdin Adventure, Spiral Slide and Rainbow Racers for a thrilling experience, Your toddlers will enjoy sliding into the waters in the Kiddie Slide. Spend some time relaxing in the Giant Jacuzzi after indulging in the rides. 

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Snow Walk:

Snow Walk:

Snow Walk is an indoor snow centre to escape the hot and humid weather of the city. Enjoy a frosty climate at this winter wonderland where you can experience 5 degrees celsius. You can picture yourself next to a snowman, play in the snow slides and witness the inside of an igloo. Jackets and boots are provided inside Snow Walk while you can buy gloves if needed. 

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Red Carpet:

Red Carpet:

Red Carpet is Malaysia’s first all-star interactive wax museum that features huge life-size wax statues of renowned celebrities like Obama, Putin, Mother Teresa and Bill Gates.. The sculptures are arranged in different themed zones comprising world leaders, business icons, political heads, sports and movie stars. Props and seats are available near models to picture yourself next to famous people.

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Red Carpet Two:

Red Carpet Two:

Red Carpet Two is an extension of the Red Carpet wax museum that is bigger, brighter and more exciting than the former. This new museum exhibits a lot more wax models of movie stars, K-Pop stars, big shots of the tech industry, world leaders and heads of states. You can also witness that Red Carpet Two houses many more scenes depicting up to 100 different characters.

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Itsy Bitsy:

Itsy Bitsy:

If you are looking for a fine spot to hang out with family and kids, Itsy Bitsy is the ideal option. It is a children’s theme park that sports several enjoyable family rides that your little ones will love. Take your toddlers on simple rides like Car Drift, Jumping Frog and Mini Pirate Ship. For a dash of adventure, hop on Avatar Flight, Spinning Cup and Water Adventure. There is also a Fitness Junior arena where your kids can test their stamina.

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City of Digital Lights:

City of Digital Lights:

City of Digital Lights is a whimsical world illuminated with colourful and animated lights. It is a wonderland where millions of LED lights are used to create a lightscape set with jewel-toned luminosity depicting a forest full of pine and maple trees. There are also rides for young one like Disco ride, Space Walk, Moon Jellies and a Giant Ferris Wheel.

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