Phuket Shopping Tours

Shopping in Phuket is like a dream come true for a shopaholic. Surely, Bangkok would come to your mind when you think of shopping in Thailand, but Phuket is equally brimming with ample of marketplaces. The island is always bustling with a variety of shopping options- from the smallest of the shopping stalls to the most elaborate and extravagant shopping malls. The lively bars, fancy boutiques, and the peppy flea markets are equally famed. For those seeking the ultimate shopping experience in Thailand, exploring the best Thailand packages that include Phuket can unlock a world of vibrant markets and unique finds.

There is something or the other for everyone. You can get traditional handicrafts, unique clothes, jewelry, antiques, and much more to choose from. You can buy several popular souvenirs like Thai soap flowers and fruits, Thai silk, elephant and frog sculptures, spa products. If this is your first trip to Phuket, then remember, Phuket shopping involves a lot of bargaining, especially in markets like Dao Aungkhan Market and G Market. The shopkeepers here generally hike the prices for tourists and expect you to counter-offer by 30-50%. So don't be shy and get into the fun of bargaining and shopping.

There is a tremendous variety of affordable and vibrant fresh food markets like the Banzaan market and Public Fresh Market 1, where you can shop, explore and savor the fresh local cuisine. The fresh markets are an important part of the Thai lifestyle. These show you a glimpse of how the local Thai society works. You will get to see and taste the exotic fruits, vegetables, and seafood which you have never seen or heard of before.

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Phuket Shopping Tours FAQs

What are the best places for shopping in Phuket?

There are a number of Shopping places in Phuket, out which these are the best ones.

Jungceylon Shopping Mall: Located close to the Bangla road, this huge structure is a paradise for the shoppers. With more than 200 stores in its complex, this place has all things be it entertainment or luxury brands.

Phuket Weekend Market: Love to shop, but still wish to pay less? Then this is the best place as it has a wide platter of second-hand things which are available at a very low cost, that the original.

Chillva Market: If you are a hippie and like the bohemian vibe, then this is your place to be. This trendy market is based on an entirely new concept and is also a night market. Be it food, fashion, or anything else you like you can find everything

Old Town Handicrafts Shops: Heading to Phuket and missing out the beautiful handicraft market is just out of question and here you can find the pretty little things curated by the Thai people.

Phuket Walking Street: Strolling along the markets, is one of the best ways to shop. You can go shopping on from one shop to another and buy things from the one who sells it at the lowest cost.

Central Festival Phuket: If you like to be pretty comfortable while shopping and want all air-conditioned place, then is your place to be as it has perfect ambiance and several shops selling clothes, footwear and a whole lot more.

Karon Market: Located right in the heart of the Karon beach, this market is a very popular shopping place in Phuket. Here you can find cheap

Indy Market: This market of Thonburi is more for the hipsters and has small tented shops which have almost everything, ranging from jewelry to the handicrafts.

Which are the best places for shopping at night in Phuket?

Royal Paradise Night Market: Opening after the heat of the day, this night market is located at Patong Beach. For a great experience of shopping in Phuket, it offers a wide variety of hand made products, natural cosmetics, and unique souvenirs. It usually opens at 6 in the evening and closes later at 10 pm every day.

Location: 143/6 Thanon Ratuhit Songroipi Road, Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat, Phuket

Dao Aungkhan Market: Dao Aungkhan Market is pretty popular for its street food among other shopping places in Phuket. Try a delicious platter of seafood, roast chicken, sushi, smoothies, candies, pastries and a lot more. For shopping, it mostly provides everyday goods and second-hand items on sale. It takes place every Monday & Tuesday, from 4 pm to around 9 pm. 

Location: 6/10 Chao Fah Tawan Tok Road, HomePro Village, Chalong Circle, Phuket

Fun Friday Avenue Market: This Friday night market has a lot of interesting cafes, shops, and food stalls. Some shops are located near the live music zone where various artists perform each week. Some of the things you can buy for your friends and family while your Phuket shopping here are handmade goods, handicraft items, and pretty souvenirs are 

Location: Bandon-Cherngtalay Rd, Tambon Choeng Thale, Amphoe Thalang, Chang Wat Phuket 83110

G-Market (Lard G): This small market is an interesting place for young teens. It offers a variety of clothes, bags, and other items every Sunday from 4 pm onwards. Food lovers will find a variety of delicious local and international dishes while having a great experience in Phuket shopping.

Location: Talat Yai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000

Lumduan Market: A part of Talatsod Phuket, Lumduan Market is a colourful market that is open only on Sundays from 3:30 pm to 10 pm. It is pretty famous among the locals and tourists for international clothing items, footwear, and second-hand items along with other shopping places in Phuket.

Location: Thalang Rd, Tambon Talat Yai, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket 83000

Naka Weekend Market: Spread over a large area near town, Naka Weekend Market is always abuzz with tourists & locals. It is open from Friday to Sunday from 4 pm to 11 pm. You can buy various clothing items and accessories as well as have sweet and savoury Japanese, Chinese, and local Thai cuisine.

Location: Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket

What should I buy in Phuket?

Thai products are often loved by the people since ages and speaking about shopping in Phuket this place is true paradise and awaits you with its products. From basic organic oils and aromatic soaps to the golden cup lip balms, here you can pick anything you like. Also, there is a wide range of good quality cosmetics for ladies and various other things. Here you can also shop for the authentic Thai tea, which is just one of its kind and homegrown in Phuket. Beyond all this, you can buy handicrafts, trinkets, souvenirs, chocolates, and various other things you wish to take back home.

What are the famous shopping malls in Phuket?

Banzaan Market: This mall among other Phuket shopping malls is basically the indoor version of a Thai local market. There is a wide variety of fresh produce on display like tropical fruits and fresh veggies, exotic fruit juices, and seafood. You can also buy the super fresh fish and get it cooked at the food court for a small fee.

Location: Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150

Banana Walk: This is the newest shopping centre in Patong. This three-storeyed mall offers you with an ample of variety to choose from food and beverages on the first floor, affordable wines & groceries on the second floor and fashion & sportswear on the third floor. It is open from 11 am to 11 pm from Monday to Sunday. All in all, Banana Walk is a great beachside mall to shop, dine and have fun.

Location: 124/11 Thawewong Rd, Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket 83150, Thailand

Malin Plaza Patong: This place offers almost everything like other markets in Phuket. It is actually a market covered and protected with a metal roof and has semi-permanent shops. This is a good place to start exploring if you are a beginner for shopping in Phuket.

Location: 162/51-52 .4055 Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150, Thailand

Big C: This huge store is quite famous for its electronics and groceries among other Phuket shopping malls. You can get an enormous variety of each and every type of electronic gadgets, appliances and much more in this three-story mall. It even has a super huge indoor parking space on the second floor. There is a food court as well, in case you get hungry. 

Location: 5 72 Wichit, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket

Index Living Mall: You can call the Index mall as the Ikea of Phuket shopping. Located on the same road as Big C, it is a one-stop-shop for a huge variety of furniture and home decor.

Location: Soi Chaloem Phrakiat, Tambon Wichit, Chang Wat Phuket 83000, Thailand

Which shops in Phuket are open 24x7?

Looking where to go for shopping in Phuket? There are various shops which will serve you on each and every tick of the clock. The Chillva market is always open for the night crawlers and has various shops where you can not only buy but you can also eat. This trendy night market has the local feels and has several stalls where you can buy anything you wish for.

What is the famous flea and street market in Phuket?

Public Fresh Market 1 (Nam-Pu Market): Awa Market: Also known as the Vintage night market, is a small market located in Kathu, between Phuket Town and Patong Beach. For shopping, you can find the usual items of clothing and accessories but it has a lot of variety of street food like som tum (spicy papaya salad), tilapia fish, fried chicken, kanom jeen (rice noodle with curry), ka- moo (pork knuckles) and the list goes on.

Location: 2/112, Kathu, Kathu District, Phuket 83120, Thailand

Karon Bazaar: Situated in the centre of Karon beach, this shopping centre has all sorts of items like accessories, shoes, clothing, home decor, fresh and preserved products, flowers and whatnot. It is a huge covered market-like shopping centre which is pretty famous among the shopping places in Phuket. It opens every day at 10 am till late at night.

Location: Karon, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83100, Thailand

Mae Somchit Kata Market: Located on Kata beach, this market offers a variety of fresh-cut meat, fish, seafood like crabs and other crustaceans. The fresh exotic fruits are worth a try once you are here. It opens early in the morning by 6 am and closes by 2 pm.

Location: Patak Rd, Mueang Phuket, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket 83100, Thailand

Amulet Market: This market is one of the unique places among the places for shopping in Phuket. Nestled in a tiny alley in Phuket town, the market specializes in small amulets of Buddha and Buddha images. A lot of tourists, as well as Buddhists from other countries, flock here to buy these amulets for their faith and religion.

Location:  Ratsada Rd, Tambon Talat Nuea, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket 83000, Thailand

What are the cheapest markets in Phuket?

If you are up for shopping in Phuket but don’t wish to burn your pockets with it, then you can stroll along these markets which are pretty light on the pocket.

Phuket Walking Street: Walking along the markets, is one of the best ways to shop. You can go hopping on from one shop to another and buy things from the one who sells it at the lowest cost.

Phuket Weekend Market: This is one of the cheapest markets in Phuket and has second-hand items which are sold at a very low cost.

Karon Market: Seated right in the heart of the Karon beach, this market is a very popular shopping place in Phuket. Here you can find cheap stuff.

Indy Market: This market of Thonburi is more for the hipsters and has small tented shops which have almost everything, ranging from jewelry to the handicrafts.

Old Town Handicrafts Shops: Touring Phuket and skipping the handicrafts is not done, here you can buy elegant crafts at a pretty low cost.

Is Phuket expensive for shopping?

Shopping in Phuket is perfect for people who are on a shoestring budget. It has an impressive number of markets with reasonably priced products and still, you can bargain your way out of it. You can easily indulge in discounted shopping for any item imaginable and also munch on some local cuisine which is super cheap.

Which are the famous markets in Phuket to have the best food?

Apart from shopping, you also look for food to satiate your craving stomach and the markets like Malin Plaza Patong are your saviors. Whether you wish to have the authentic Thai food from the stalls or wish to sit back at a restaurant and eat, here you can opt for anything you like. This low budget market has various stalls where the trained cooks serve lip-smacking food, which is just unique to Phuket. Be it vegetarian stuff or a non-vegetarian delight, here you can have all of it. Love Chinese food? Well, here you can even spot food joints which serve traditional Chinese cuisine.

What is famous in Phuket for shopping?

Thai Handicrafts: Wickered products are famous among the locals as well as the tourists.

Stylish Clothes, accessories, and shoes
: Clothing and apparel are pretty popular and tourists always buy a few stylish ones from the street shops, stalls, and malls.

Makeup products: You will get an impeccable amount of quality makeup products like foundation, compact powders, eyeliner, bronzers and what not. Girls would definitely go crazy after seeing such an impressive range of makeup products.

Local Snacks: There is a lot of variety of local snacks which you will like such as Shrimp Chips and Tom Yum Mama, dried durian, coconut candy, Rambutan Jam

Hand-made soaps of different shapes and fragrances: These intricate hand made soaps will seem like the real deal when you see them for the first time. They mostly come in the shapes of various fruits and flowers.

Antiques: Thailand is pretty famous for its antiques. You can buy these.

Thai Silk Garments: There is quite a lot of popularity of Thai silk and most tourists who come here to buy either scarves, shirts or just a raw silk cloth. 

Spa products: Thailand being the home to the famous Thai massages and spas, there is no doubt that it produces some of the best spa products as well

What are the famous malls in Phuket?

If you wish to do shopping in Phuket, then you’ll be amazed to know that this place owns a remarkable count of malls and elite brands. From the Jungceylon Shopping Mall which has all the luxury brands to Central Festival Phuket, which has is at an extremely convenient location, where there is no dearth of luxury malls. Whether you are looking for a classic watch or trendy apparel this place is jam-packed with all of it and awaits you with its charm.

Which place in Phuket has the maximum number of shopping malls?

There are a lot of huge shopping malls scattered across Phuket. A few of the malls for shopping in Phuket such as Jungceylon, Central Patong Phuket, Bangla Mall, Banana Walk, and SB Plaza Patong are lined up in the Patong area. Another area is the Phuket town which is on the Western outskirts of Phuket. You can go to Central Festival Phuket.

Limelight Avenue, which is in the heart of Phuket is worth a visit. On the north-western outskirts of Phuket, there is the Premium Outlet Phuket which sells branded items at rock-bottom prices.

Which are the night markets in Phuket?

Yes, there are numerous shopping places in Phuket which are open at night is the best for the night crawlers, whether you wish to taste the authentic Thai delicacies or wish to buy the handcrafted artifacts from the markets, you can enjoy all of it even when the sun goes down.

Chillava Market: When it comes to this market, it beats all other concepts as it has most of the shop front made out of shipping parts. At this market, you can buy apparels, jewelry, and various other things.

Phuket Weekend Market: Though it is there only on the weekends, but it has one of the best stuff in all over Phuket. From the basic antiques to trendy clothes here you can find every little thing.

Phuket Walking Street: Walk and shop! This is what the concept is of this market. Here you can see vendors right on the footpaths selling footwear, bags and various other things,

Indy Market: This market of Thonburi is more for the hipsters and has small tented shops which have almost everything, ranging from jewelry to the handicrafts.

Malin Plaza Patong: Are you a foodie! Well, this place is a haven for you as it is all packed with food stalls which serve authentic Thai food!

What should I take as a souvenir from Phuket?

Clothes, bags and accessories: Phuket’s markets have a variety of t-shirts, tank tops, hats, bags and a lot more at a very affordable price.

Thai Spa products: There are a lot of street-side shops as well as shops in the malls which sell a variety of good quality spa products at a reasonable price.

Soap flowers and fruits: These are some unique fragrant soaps carved in shapes of flowers and fruits and are great for gifting.

Wooden sculptures: Hand-carved wooden trinkets, key chains, sculptures, and even furniture can be found in Phuket markets.

Thai Silk Products: Get a variety of Thai silk items of clothing like scarves, shirts or even raw silk fabric at Jim Thompson retail shops which is a trusted Thai silk company.

Thai Cookbooks: These are unique souvenirs for a person who loves cooking. You can get these at various malls in Phuket.

Traditional Thai Tea
: You can buy the most popular ones; the rose-infused tea or chamomile tea. If you want something unique, you can buy a box of Butterfly pea flower tea.

Which shops in Phuket are open 24/7?

Tesco Lotus Phuket: This is a popular supermarket in Phuket mostly for groceries.

King Power Phuket Airport: It is a duty-free store at the Phuket International Airport. 

Canal Village Laguna Shopping: This mall is home to approx 30 high-end shops and cafes. You can browse around the mall, shop for Thai silk at Jim Thompson shops, relax at Glow Beauty Salon, refuel yourself at Albatross Pub and Cafe.

Which are the famous food markets in Phuket?

Banzaan Market: It is a 2 storeyed fresh market that sells fresh meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables. It also has clothes, toys, and gift items. 

Phuket Town Central Markets: Two markets are opened every day here- Talad Sod Satarana and Downtown Market which offer a variety of fresh and dried food items for sale. They are located in front of each other on Ranong Road, Phuket Old Town.

Kata Market: This is a quaint market held twice a week on Monday and Thursday. It has a great choice of fresh products like fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, as well as a section for clothing, toys, souvenirs and other items like massage oils.

Kamala Village Market: It is a lively fresh market held every Wednesday and Saturday which shows a glimpse of Southern Thailand's daily life.

Cherng Talay Market: This is a busy fresh market where the main articles are of course fruits and vegetables. It gives you an insight into the local life of Phuket.

What is the best time to visit Phuket?

The best time to visit Phuket is between November and April which is the peak season. The weather is cool and dry and is ideal for doing various activities like swimming and snorkelling. Among these months, November to February is the coolest. You can relax on the pretty beaches during day time and party till late at night. The temperature may vary from 23-30 degrees.

The monsoon season between May and October is good if you are coming here on a shoestring budget. The accommodation prices drop quite low. Even shopping in Phuket gets cheaper. Although water activities are mostly closed due to dangerous water conditions. The average temperature is 27-29 degrees.

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