Suwan Khiri Wong Temple (Patong Temple) Overview

Situated at the bottom of a hilly road, that storms across Kathu and Phuket town, Suwan Khiri Wong Temple, or Patong Temple represents the entrance to Patong.

Suwan Khiri Wong Temple, commonly known as Patong Temple, is a mesmerizing Buddhist sanctuary nestled in the vibrant town of Patong Beach, Thailand. The temple's intricate architecture and vibrant hues make it a captivating spiritual and cultural attraction. As visitors explore its grounds, they'll be greeted by stunning views of the surrounding landscape. For those seeking a memorable journey, consider embarking on a Thailand tour package from India. This tailored experience ensures a seamless and enriching exploration of Thailand's diverse offerings, blending cultural immersion with the allure of breathtaking destinations like Patong Temple. 

Highlights: The area near by the Patong temple will remind you of the fusion of the old and new Phuket. Inside the temple, you can witness the old Phuket, but as you come out, you can have the view of a well-developed and brand new Phuket. Surrounding the temple are the communities, older houses, and local people. The Patong temple itself is a little haven of peace in the area with a bell tower, dining hall, monks’ quarters, etc. You can have the sight of the monks only in the early morning hours when they walk along the temple road to the older Patong.

Location: Phuket.

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