Snorkeling in Phuket

Snorkeling tours in Phuket are a must to be experienced by the travellers who love adventurous vacations. Phuket, also known as the Pearl of the Andaman is Thailand’s largest island. It has beautiful coastlines, long sandy beaches, amazing rock formations, and clear blue water. Tourists have been flocking this island for decades now. Even though some parts are highly populated, it still has a traditional side alive which makes it one of the best destinations to visit. The best time to travel to Thailand from India is from November to April which is the post-monsoon season and the sea is most placid during this time. Since it’s an island, water sports are the major adventure sport here. Snorkeling being the most famous mainly due to the presence of beautiful marine life as the water here is calm and clear. A lot of beaches here in Phuket provide snorkeling opportunities. The 200-metre-long Ao Sane Beach on the south island has distinct snorkeling areas. Clownfish, eel, and parrotfishes are few species that one can find in waters at this beach.

The Kata Noi beach also has abundant marine life and is one of the most aesthetic of beaches here. A lot of vivid corals form the marine life here. Paradise Beach is another amazing beach for snorkeling. It’s a 150-meter-long beach with large granite rocks on both the ends. The Coral reef is just 100 meters from Paradise Beach and is a good option to explore the marine life here. The Ya Nui Beach in the south of Phuket has a lot of brain coral in and around its rocky terrain. Heading out farther from this beach provides access to a lot more marine life which is worth exploring. The snorkeling equipment is also easily available at all these beaches. If you are visiting Phuket with your partner, friends or family, you must opt for snorkeling tours to experience the marvelous aquatic and marine life.

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Phuket Snorkeling FAQs

Which places are best to experience snorkelling in Phuket?

Ao San: This rocky beach on the Southwest coast of Phuket is an admirable secret, with beautiful trees lining around the perimeter of the beach that provide shelter from the rays of the sun.

Location: Tambon Rawai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83100, Thailand

Kata Noi: This beautiful bay lies along the west coast of Phuket and with its stunning scenery and soft sand, it is difficult to stay away from it. You can find an array of luxury resorts and restaurants on this beach. Some of the best sunset bars can be found on the road behind the beach.

Location: Adjacent to Kata Beach to the south.

Paradise Beach: The beach is located at a few minute’s distance from Patong beach. It boasts of white sand and crystal clear water. You can enjoy a number of water activities like Kayaking, snorkelling, and diving that you can do here. The beach activities are a perfect way to build memories while you are here.

Location: Muen-Ngern Road, Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150, Thailand

Ya Nui: This is the beach with excellent viewpoints – Phrom Thep being one of them. The popular water activities to enjoy over here are kayaking, fishing and snorkelling. For children, it can be delightful to collect shells on the beach with soft sands.

Location: Rawai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand Thailand

Laem Ka Beach: Popular for being the only Eastern facing beach in Phuket, you will have the best round of swimming while you are here. The beach also gives you a view of Koh Bon and Coral Island beaches and is an excellent spot for locals to come and relax on a day of holiday.

Location: Rawai, Phuket, Thailand

Merlin Beach: With a diverse view of the natural landscape around it, you will love the tranquillity that this place offers. The warm waters of this beach are excellent for someone who wants to go for snorkelling and have fun.

Location: 99 Muen-Ngoen Road Tri-Trang Beach, Patong Patong Phuket, Phuket 83150, Thailand

Banana Beach: While this beach is a thing of beauty by itself, it is mostly found deserted, which is why many like to call it the hidden gem of beaches in Phuket. The waves can be quite high here, which is why it is great for someone who loves thrill and adventure.

Location: Coral Island, Phuket, Thailand

Laem Singh Beach: Regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket, it is surrounded with palm trees and boulders, which add to the natural beauty of the beach. The tranquil waters of the beach are excellent for snorkelling all round the year.

Location: Kamala, Kathu District, Phuket 83120, Thailand

Naithon Beach: This relatively underdeveloped beach is a beautiful stretch of beauty which is not only great for swimmers but also for people who want to go for snorkelling in its charming blue waters. There is a dive shop on the beach road, where you can get the activity arranged.

Location: Nai Thon, Phuket, Thailand

Freedom Beach: You will find people in large number sunbathing here, on its strip of white sands and bay, which is dotted with granite rocks. The surrounding hills give the perfect view for those who want to relax and the water too is just perfect for snorkelling.

Location: Pa Tong, Kathu District, Chang Wat Phuket 83100, Thailand

Where can I get training for snorkelling in Phuket?

Eco Divers Phuket: Guests can avail SSI courses with them which gives you theoretical knowledge about Snorkelling in Phuket, different breathing techniques and diving, along with the knowledge for identifying fish. The course costs TBH 3200. Other courses vary depending on the duration of the course.

Raya Divers: Their courses specialise in the water sport of scuba diving and snorkelling. They also provide island tours for beginners around Raya Paradise, Phi phi islands, Snorkelling safari and a lot more. A tour with them can last for 6 to 10 hours and starts at TBH 2500 for one person. Included in this cost is a pick-up from the hotel, beverages and equipment cost.

SSS Phuket: They offer both, beginner level as well as advanced level courses for guests for snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing activities. The tour lasts for a day and takes you across Koh Phi Phi Islands, Similan Islands and Racha Yai Island. The cost of the tour starts at TBH 2500 and for children, it is TBH 1900. You can also ask for a private snorkelling tour.

Easy day Phuket: You can pick from a variety of day and night tours around Coral Island, Surin Island and a number of private islands around Phuket. These tours will cost you TBH 1900 per person and TBH 1200 for children.

Off Spray Leisure: With them, you can pick a course in diving, Phuket Snorkelling, sightseeing and more. The team leads expeditions of small groups around the Phi Phi islands and other places like Racha Yai Islands. You will have an experienced guide training you on the tour, the facility of hotel transfer and refreshments during the tour. The cost of the tour is TBH 3500 for a person and TBH 2400 for a child, which also covers the cost of snorkelling gear and entrance fees for the national parks. 

What is the best time to go for Snorkelling in Phuket?

The clear and calm waters of the Andaman Sea are just perfect for snorkelling, which can be done at any time during the year in Phuket. However, for the best experience, we recommend the post-monsoon months of November to April, when the waters are most placid.

After these months, the undercurrent tends to be quite strong and the temperatures rise considerably.

What things/tips should I know before going for Snorkelling activity in Phuket?

1. Make sure that your clothing is comfortable and able to protect you against the sun.

2. While snorkelling, take care not to touch any coral reefs, or marine animals since it can be unexpectedly dangerous for you and for them.

3. Your snorkelling gear should be of high quality and you should try it on, before heading to the waters to avoid any mishap.

4. Before taking the dip underwater, make sure that you are aware of the risks and dangers of Snorkelling in Phuket and take a fair idea about the oceanic conditions before heading for the activity.

5. Start the activity calmly and stay that way for the first few moments of the activity so that you do not waste your energy right at the start.

6. It is important to practice breathing while you are in the shallow waters with your snorkelling gear on you so that you may not panic while you are under the currents.

7. It might be a good idea to inquire about jet skis on the water, in advance.

8. In order to avoid foggy vision, make sure that your mask is defogged before you put it on.

Is there any medical restriction to go for snorkelling in Phuket?

You must understand during snorkelling, as an activity, you will have to display intense physical strength and flexibility. As a result, people with back pain problems and pregnant women are not advised to undertake these activities.

Further, you will hardly find any insurance provider who might cover such people since the incidence of accidental damage is greater in their case. People with extreme seasickness should also reconsider undertaking Phuket Snorkelling.

How deep do you go when snorkelling?

Snorkelling in Phuket usually does not involve going in deep waters. Usually, after a depth of one meter, the snorkel special mask on your face might start feeling uncomfortable due to the water pressure.

It is possible to get facial injuries due to this and hence, going beyond this is not recommended.

Apart from Snorkelling what other activities can be done in Phuket?

Scuba Diving: You can pick from a number of day trips which take you from Phuket to Phi Phi Islands for the best scuba diving experience. Diving at the Shark Point and the underwater scenery at the King Cruisers are some of the notable diving points to view. The decorated coral reefs and limestone crops under the sea are a sight to behold.

Location: Phi Phi islands, Racha Noi, Shark point and more.

Price: INR 12500/ THB 5300

Ziplining: Enjoy a complete fun-filled activity with your friends and family where you can soar across space between the skies and land with the safety equipment provided to you by experienced professionals. This activity is a must-try for those who have a thrill for adventure and crave for excitement while performing the activity.

Price: INR 2600/ THB 1100

Rafting: Rafting is an exhilarating activity that can make your heartbeat pump. This adventure activity gives you ample sights and view of the locations all around Phuket. Believe us when we say that it will be the best adventure of your life.

Price: INR 2300 / THB 980

Surfing Experience: Surf in authentic Thai style which gives you an actual experience of how it feels to be on top of the waves. This is another thrilling adventure activity which is filled with fun and is a perfect way to spend your vacation in Phuket.

Location: Patong Beach and Kata beach

Price: INR 2150 / TBH 919

Atv Adventure: Experience an offbeat activity in Phuket where you drive across the most haphazard terrain, surrounded by wilderness and greenery and muddy pathways. The endless twists and turns will keep your adrenaline high and curious. Later, you can also go for zip lining and elephant trekking as well.

Price: INR 1380 / TBH 580

Is snorkeling in Phuket safe?

Snorkeling in Phuket is an entirely safe adventure to enjoy by one and all. All the Phuket snorkeling sites have professional snorkeling experts to train you with the snorkeling basics so that you do not need to worry about your well-being. You will also be supplied with safety gear to take care of you while you enjoy your snorkeling experience. 

How much does snorkeling in Phuket cost?

Snorkeling in Phuket will cost you anything between 2000 INR to 5000 INR per head. If you opt for a couple package, the charges may go beyond 10000 INR. It is essential to understand that your Phuket snorkeling charges may differ according to the tour operator you opt for and the package you select. Sometimes, it may even be influenced by the Phuket location you choose to enjoy your snorkeling adventure. 

Which places are best to experience snorkeling in Phuket for couples?

The best snorkeling places in Phuket are - 
1. Coral Island: The untouched and secluded island, the Coral Island, is famous for both its crystal-clear waters and white shores. 
Water activities – snorkeling, banana boat riding, sea walking, and diving 
2. Similan Islands: Featuring a group of picturesque islands, the Similan Islands promises you a day filled with lots of experiences, adventures, and scenic views. 
Water activities – snorkeling and boating 
3. Racha Yai Island: Enjoy the scenic vistas of the freshwater lagoon at the Racha Yai Island while enjoying the water adventures. 
Water activities – sailing, speed boat riding, and sightseeing adventures 
4. Phang Nga Bay Island: Enjoy an enjoyable experience at the Phang Nga Bay Island, and rejuvenate yourself with the tranquil setting of the shimmering blue waters. 

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