Boating in Pattaya

Boating in Pattaya is such an enthralling experience that a day can solely be dedicated to this sport. From taking private speedboats to public ferries, the sight of land eventually draining into the vast stretch of an ocean is an adventure worth indulging. For those planning to travel to Thailand from India, this boating escapade adds an extra layer of excitement to the overall journey. A thrilling speedboat ride to Koh Larn Coral Island which is located around a few kilometres west of Pattaya Beach is one of the ‘must-do’ boating tours in Pattaya. The bright cerulean blue ocean water, the endless horizon void of skyscrapers and the idyllic and picture-perfect beaches at Koh Larn Coral Island are incomparably breathtaking. While Boating in Pattaya, one can even opt for a glass bottom or semi-submarine boat ride to witness the diverse marine life of fishes such as parrotfish, clownfish and sea sponges with old corals and marine plants.

Another marvellous boating location in Pattaya is Koh Samet Island which boasts of amazing seascapes and sun loungers. The beautiful island of Koh Samet has ample sunshine with an exotic tropical environ and it can be reached by an hour-long ferry from Pattaya Beach. Boating being the genesis, Koh Samet can also offer you a throng of sports such as parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat riding and swimming etc. Koh Samet tour by a speedboat is an incredible way of exploring the different shades of ocean and it can be coupled with the local fishing at Ban Phe. Ban Phe is a small and old seaside village in Rayong Province which is famous for its dried seafood like prawns and squid and is frequented by the Thais mostly. Pattaya is a tropical destination with some highly engaging boating expeditions that take you to different islands dotted with glimmering white sand stretches and bright blue ocean water diminishing in the horizon.

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