Skydiving in Pattaya

Skydiving in Pattaya is one of the most popular adventure activities for locals as well as tourists. For many people who travel to Thailand from India, skydiving is one of those things that they like to cross off their bucket list. Pattaya is one of these places where the sweeping views and natural beauty of the city underneath you will make you want to chase the thrill of jumping again and again.

There are two types of dives conducted in Pattaya – one is the tandem jump, directed with an experienced instructor, and the other is a solo jump. Most first-timers and novices prefer tandem jumping for obvious reasons. This activity lets you enjoy the rush of free fall without putting yourself into any danger.

You can enjoy tandem jumping at Bird’s Paradise. Bird’s Paradise also offers solo jumps, if you have a license for doing it. It is one of the most popular places to try adventure sports in Pattaya. Freefall Thailand is a few hours away from Pattaya, but the mesmerizing views of the Rayong coastline make it worth driving here. Thai Sky Adventures is perfect for novices - they have highly trained instructors to make your jump easier.

Also, Skydiving in Pattaya price varies according to the type of jump you are making. Solo jumps are cheaper, whereas tandem jumps add the cost of the instructor. Whichever method you choose, the truth is that this thrilling sport is an essential part of all Pattaya Tour Packages. You will sorely regret not indulging in this fun-filled adventure if you pass on it.

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