20 Beaches in Seychelles For A Sun-Kissed Getaway in 2021
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Seychelles Beaches

Petite Anse, Anse Georgette, Anse La Passe, Anse Major, Anse Intendance, Anse Source d'Argent,  Anse Lazio, Anse Louis, West Beach, Grand Anse, Beau Vallon Bay, Anse Forbans, Anse St. Sauveur, Anse Volbert, Petite Anse Kerlan, Anse Cocos and many more.

Pack your bags and take off for a mini-vacation by venturing out the most picturesque Seychelles beaches that are a getaway riddled with adventure, extreme sport, and oodles of fun. You and your significant other could go island hopping together or spend your day in the water, marveling at the rich aquatic life at these beaches.

Beau Vallon Bay, Mahé and Anse Georgette, Praslin are the Instagram-worthy beaches with azure blue water, groves of swaying palm trees, and golden sand. If you wish to enjoy water sports activities like swimming, parasailing, kayaking, and snorkeling, you can visit Anse Louis, Mahé.

There are also some of the best beaches in Seychelles where you can enjoy sunbathing and souvenir shopping. Anse Intendance, Mahé is a beautiful beach with incredible granite formations, turquoise blue water, and a mangroves' backdrop. If nightlife is what you prefer, you can enjoy moonlight parties at Petite Anse, Mahé.

Here is list of best beaches in Seychelles:

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COVID-19 : SEYCHELLES is in Green Zone
Last Updated: 06 Mar 2021
Latest Information on Travelling to SEYCHELLES?
  • All the incoming visitors need to submit a negative RT-PCR report at the time of arrival, which must not be older than 72 hours at the time of departure.
  • The Seychelles Islands allows entry to all vaccinated visitors. It is important however that your departure date is not less than two weeks after taking your second dose of the vaccine.
  • Visitors under 18 years of age are exempted.
  • Unvaccinated visitors are also welcomed, if they are traveling from a country on the permitted list. Refer to www.tourism.gov.sc
  • Visitors transiting through countries not on the permitted list will be allowed into Seychelles if they do not exit the airport during transit.
  • Visitors from non-permitted countries who have stayed 14 days or more in a country on the permitted list are permitted to enter the Seychelles.
  • Non- vaccinated visitors from non-permitted countries travelling by private jets or in first class will be allowed entry but their stay will be limited to certified island resorts or onboard super yachts subject to prior approval of the Health Authorities.
  • Visitors travelling by sea and not vaccinated may enter the Seychelles but will require prior approval of the Health Authorities.
  • A Health Travel Authorization (HTA) is required for every passenger entering Seychelles. Application for the (HTA), must be submitted for approval through the designated platform at: www.seychelles.govtas.com
  • Visitors must submit the following with their application.
  • Passport copy
  • Certificate of vaccination
  • Negative PCR test results,
  • Return airfare.
  • Confirmed accommodation bookings for their entire stay
  • Visitors must comply with all airline protocols throughout their journey. Once landed in the Seychelles disembarkation will be done in an orderly manner.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times within the airport terminals.
  • Visitors will be subjected to a health check i.e., temperature screening, symptom checks, document checks etc. prior to border security screening. Random testing may be conducted upon arrival.
  • Visitors having the “connecting domestic flights to other islands” should remain in the airport terminals until the departure of their flight.  They may overnight in a certified establishment if their connecting flight is the following day.
  • Visitors must ensure that they stay in licensed and certified accommodation establishments or live aboard during their entire stay in the destination. Refer to www.tourism.gov.sc for a list of accommodations.
  • For the first six (6) nights of their holiday non vaccinated visitors must stay in one accommodation establishment. While vaccinated visitors are free to enjoy the hospitality of various products.

Only tourists who are vaccinated or the ones who have a negative RT-PCR report can enter Seychelles and they do not have to undergo the 14 day quarantine.


Frequent flights will be functioning from Mumbai to Mahe, Seychelles from the 8th of April, 2021

Local Transport

Local transportation has been running fully in and around Seychelles including ferries as well.

Flights from Mumbai Airport to Seychelles - Mahe Airport will begin from 8th of April, 2021 Updated: 06 Mar 2021

According to the recent travel updates, Air Seychelles has begun the functioning of flights between Mumbai and Mahe Airport. These flights will run twice a week, booking of which have already been started. The first flight is going to run from 8th of April, 2021.

No quarantine needed upon arrival at Seychelles Updated: 06 Mar 2021

Providing the tourists with more good news, the government of Seychelles has lifted quarantine restrictions for the visitors. Anyone who has provided a negative RT-PCR report and does not show any symptom is free from being quarantined for 14 days.

A negative RT-PCR report needed to enter Seychelles Updated: 06 Mar 2021

Any tourist visiting Seychelles for tourism will have to bring a negative RT-PCR report from an authorized institution. This report must not be older than 72 hours from the departure and needs to be deposited on the tourism counter at the airport or the location of arrival.

Hotel facilities like swimming pools, play areas and common areas are also open from now on in Seychelles Updated: 06 Mar 2021

In hotel/resort facilities like swimming pools, and other common areas will now be open to all while making sure that all the COVID-19 guidelines are followed.

Seychelles now open for tourism Updated: 06 Mar 2021

The Africal Island Republic of Seychelles is now open for tourism and will be welcoming tourists from all over the world. Irrespective of your COVID-19 vaccination status, you can now enter Seychelles from 25th of March, 2021 and enjoy a fun filled beach vacationing experience.

No minimum stay required for travellers visiting Seychelles Updated: 06 Mar 2021

All the tourists visiting Seychelles need not to book according to the minimum stay criteria. No minimum stay is needed to visit Seychelles from now on.

No Restrictions on visiting the nearby islands of Seychelles Updated: 06 Mar 2021

All the visitors can now easily travel to the nearby islands of Seychelles without any restrictions.

A Health Travel Authorization (HTA) is required for every passenger entering Seychelles Updated: 06 Mar 2021

All the incoming tourists need to upload a HTA application including the documents like Passport copy, Certificate of vaccination(if vaccinated), Negative PCR test results, Return airfare and  Confirmed accommodation bookings for their entire stay on www.seychelles.govtas.com


Petite Anse, Mahé

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Petite Anse, Mahé should be your go-to place if water adventure, lip-smacking delicacies, and lots of sunshine are on your mind. It is the property of a luxury hotel group named Four Seasons Resort Seychelles and can be easily accessed by visitors.

You can spend a day swimming in the sea, lazing in the sand and getting the perfect tan. Get ready for a burst of adrenaline and make your heart thump with excitement as you try snorkeling here.

Location: Baie Lazare

Best Time: July/August

Highlights: snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, night parties
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Anse Georgette, Praslin

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Surrounded by takamaka and palm trees, Anse Georgette is one of the best beaches in Seychelles, where you can lounge around and watch the sun go down. This idyllic beach is worth a visit in itself just to view the fabulous yachts and luxury boats moored there.

Several laidback beach shacks and restaurants line the beach, and as you go further, you'll be greeted by groves of swaying palm trees. The gentle waves make it ideal for swimming; there's also an option to indulge in kayaking here.

Location: Anse Lazio, Praslin, Seychelles

Best Time: October to January

Highlights: Beach shacks, restaurants, boating, swimming.
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Anse La Passe, Silhouette Island

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Anse La Passe is the third largest beach in the Seychelles archipelago, with white sand and picture-worthy sceneries. It is part of the Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa, and you can enjoy here activities like biking, fishing, and sailing. Feel the knots in your neck dissolve when you sign up for a traditional massage at the beachside spa centers.

You can also partake in some mindful meditation at the beach as it is not crowded. When the sun sets, this family-friendly beach transforms into a buzzing nightlife haven making it one of the best beaches in Seychelles. When the tide is out, you can spot stingrays to lionfish and eels without the aid of a mask and snorkel.

Location: Silhouette, Seychelles

Best Time: June, September and October

Biking, fishing, meditation, sailing
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Anse Major, Mahé

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Anse Major is one of the most stunning beaches in Seychelles surrounded by towering limestone cliffs. The beach is incredibly beautiful, with pale powdery sands washed by magnificent blue waters and fringed by coral reefs playing host to an incredible diversity of marine life.

As you descend, you can sight colorful coral, yellow striped snappers, and turtles. Its lush green jungles, calm waters, and tranquillity make it one of the best Seychelles beaches for swimming. Hiring a boat or walking through the Anse trail are the only few ways to reach this place.

Location: Bel Ombre, Mahe Island, Seychelles

Best Time: May and September

Highlights: Sunbathing, boating, swimming, meditation
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Anse Intendance, Mahé

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Anse Intendance is a wild beach located in the south of Mahé that is considered a perfect place to take a break from the city life's hustle and bustle. It truly captivates the senses with its incredible granite formations on each side, turquoise blue water, and a backdrop of mangroves.

The beach shore encounters large waves making it ideal for swimming and diving. It features only one resort known as the Banyan Tree, a luxury paradise for the guests.

Location: Chemin Grande Police Road, Seychelles

Best Time: October to March

Highlights: Diving, turtle sighting, swimming, meditation
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Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue

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Anse Source d'Argent is one of the most photographed beaches in Seychelles, with clear turquoise water, soft white sand, and granite boulders sculptured by time itself. Immerse yourself in the torrent of turquoise blue waves crashing over the shores, have lip-smacking food at the beach shacks, and have a pint of beer while strolling across the beach.

The sea is sheltered by the colorful reef and is very shallow and calm, with only sand underfoot, making it safe for children. You can enjoy the azure waters, lounge around in the sun, and enjoy a starry night by the beach.

Location: La Digue Island Seychelles

Best Time: May and September

Highlights: Beach shacks, prolific marine life, colorful reef, granite boulders.
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Anse Lazio, Praslin

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For those who like the wind on their face and the sun on their back, Anse Lazio should be a must-visit destination. It is the second-largest beach on Mahe island, situated on the north-west coast of Praslin. Fine powder sand, crystal clear water, and lush green vegetation make it look like an earthly wonder.

The ends of this beach are lined with limestone and granite rocks making it ideal for snorkeling. Behind the center of this beach, there is a souvenir shop where you can buy fancy items.

Location: Praslin Island Seychelles

Best Time: March

Highlights: Souvenir shop, beach shacks, lush green vegetation, snorkeling.
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Anse Louis, Mahé

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Allow yourself to be swept over by the ravishing seascape of Anse Louis, which is one of the most photographed Seychelles beaches. Teeming with crystalline blue waters and evergreen foliage, this idyllic beach packs a punch of paradisiacal environs.

Luxuriate along the spotless shores of this beach or indulge in a soothing spa ritual, or enjoy local cuisine at the beach shacks. Relatively higher waves and deep water make this beach the perfect spot for surfers. Unravel the secrets of the beach as you make a splash underwater and navigate your way through the marine world.

Location: Anse Louis, 722, Mahé

Best Time: April to May

Highlights: Diving, swimming, beach shacks, deep waters, snorkeling.
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West Beach, Bird Island

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West Beach is a beautiful, remote and quiet place to relax and unwind at the end of the day. It has the finest and softest sand, and you can sit with a sundowner to view the spectacle of a tropical sunset. This Instagram-worthy beach comes with bars, infinity pools, restaurants serving world cuisine, and, of course, a pristine beachfront.

Laze at a breezy seaside shack as you savor your favorite tipple, or take a refreshing dip in its azure blue water to freshen up your body and mind.

Location: Bird Island, P.O. Box 1419, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles

Best Time: April to May

Highlights: Restaurants, bars, seaside shacks, swimming.
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Grand Anse, La Digue

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This serene beach offers a welcome break from the bustle of the mainland, boasting a character that is distinctly it's own. It is one of the longest Seychelles beaches with crystal clear waters and a wide white sand stretch.

With no strong currents and coral reefs, this beach is ideal for experienced swimmers. You can enjoy an intimate picnic with your family or friends or take a plunge in its crystal clear water to get up close with exotic marine life.

Location: Grand Anse, Mahe, Seychelles

Best Time: May and September

Highlights: Diving, swimming, picnic, sunset, white sand stretch, beach shacks.
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Beau Vallon Bay, Mahé

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Beau Vallon Bay is a tranquil oasis where sparkling green waters are hemmed by swaying date palms and sprawling gorges. It is one of the best Seychelles beaches with a year-round soothing climate, beautiful sceneries, and extensive activity options.

You can try some of the best water-based activities here, like surfing, kitesurfing, jet skiing, or windsurfing. Watch the sunset from your vantage point on an international-class sailboat. There are also ample opportunities to unwind here, comprising sessions of yoga, meditation, and other wellness practices.

Location: Beau Vallon, 550

Best Time: February, July and August

Highlights: Surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, jet-skiing.
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Anse Forbans, Mahé

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Anse Forbans is one of the most picturesque Seychelles beaches, with its living coral reefs of varied and brilliant hues glistening through the crystal clear waters. It benefits from an offshore coral reef that protects it from the ocean, ensuring a shallow depth and a calm surface to the water, making it an excellent spot for children and families.

Catch a dreamy sunrise, or count the mild waves and discover the hypnotic effect of the crystal clear waters of this alluring beach. So splash, swim or just sit quietly on the sand, soaking in the ubiquitous beauty and serenity. The beach is also flanked by many flea markets from where you can take home quaint souvenirs.

Location: Anse Forbans, 00000 Takamaka, Seychelles

Best Time: March to April

Highlights: coral reefs, sunbathing, swimming, sunrise, calm water.
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Anse St. Sauveur, Praslin

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Boasting sparkling waters, endless stretches of pristine sand, and splendid resorts, Anse St. Sauveur is one of the best beaches in Seychelles for beachgoers. You can see palm and coconut trees overhanging the beach, and it becomes full of seaweed in October and May.

The underwater coral reefs make it a splendid spot for snorkeling and fishing. The shallow and calm water here makes it ideal for swimmers who wish to enjoy the warmth of the Indian Ocean without worrying about strong waves or currents.

Location: Anse Forbans, 00000 Takamaka, Seychelles

Best Time: March to April

Highlights: Coral reefs, shallow water, swimming, snorkeling, fishing.
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Anse Volbert, Praslin

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If you want to get the best of the sun, sand, and surf, you should definitely visit Anse Volbert beach. It is a two-mile-long gently arching beach resplendent with trees and exotic birds. It is a sight to behold for the visitors with its seemingly infinite number of intricately carved houseboats.

Explore the stunning world of beautiful coral reefs and watch life go by in that suspended moment as you enjoy scuba diving in the shallow waters of Anse Volbert.

Location: Anse Volbert Village, Praslin Island, Seychelles

Best Time: June to October

Highlights: Exotic birds, trees, swimming, snorkeling, houseboats.
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Petite Anse Kerlan

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Petite Anse Kerlan is one of the best Seychelles beaches with plenty of seaweeds, manageable waves, and a rock-studded stretch of white sand. It is a private beach that sets a dreamy picture for travelers looking to get away from the city's cacophony.

Photography enthusiasts will have a fun day soaking in sceneries that look straight out of a documentary. The coral reefs, turquoise lagoons, tranquil skies, and the big yellow sun may turn you into a beach baby over here.

Location: Petite Anse Kerlan, Seychelles

Best Time: May and September

Highlights: Sunbathing, lagoons, seaweeds, snorkeling.
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Anse Cocos, La Digue

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Anse Cocos is one of the most beautiful Seychelles beaches with golden-white sand promenades, permanent sunshine, turquoise seas, and the lightest of breezes wafting through your face. The beach spans over an area of half a kilometer, with striking cerulean waters, golden sands, and boulders adorning the coastline.

It looks straight out of a postcard and is renowned for its splendid sunset views. You can swim with a sea turtle over here and spot the colorful coral and feed Manta Rays by diving in the shallow waters.

Location: La Digue Island Seychelle

Best Time: May and September

Highlights: Sea turtles, swimming, cerulean waters, sand promenades.
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Anse Marron, La Digue

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It is one of the most scenic and serene beaches in the world, and it looks like a landscape coming right out of a fairytale book. You can relax on the golden stretches of sand, snorkel in clear, warm waters, or put on your swimsuit and take a splash into the water's edge.

There is no coral on the beach, but the water gets deep quickly, so you should avoid getting deep down under the sea. It is one of the best Seychelles beaches with a shallow saltwater pool perfect for paddling.

Location: Anse Marron-Seychelles

Best Time: March

Highlights: Swimming, shallow saltwater pool, palm trees, snorkeling.
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Beau Vallon

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Beau Vallon is one of the most popular Seychelles beaches known for its wide bay and shimmering waters. It is considered to be a base for snorkeling and diving due to its coral reefs and clear waters.

The beach offers an enchanting sunset view and is considered ideal for swimming. You can also find here fishermen selling a variety of fish for a scrumptious snack.

Location: Northwestern coast of Mahe, Seychelles

Best Time: June, September and October

Highlights: Swimming, sunset, snorkeling, diving.
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Anse Aux Poules Bleues, Mahe

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Anse Aux Poules Bleues is a small beach located in Mahe island that mostly disappears during high tide. It is a quiet beach with greenery forming the backdrop and azure blue waters washing the shores.

Its absence of corals and breakwaters makes it one of the best Seychelles beaches for swimming and surfing. During midsummer, this beach thrives with beachgoers to watch the sun going down the horizon.

Location: Anse Aux Poules Bleues, Mahe, Seychelles

Best Time: June

Highlights: Swimming, sunset, surfing, golden sand.
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People Also Ask About Seychelles

  1. Which are the best beaches in Seychelles to visit for couples?

    1. Beau Vallon: A secluded getaway overlooking the northwestern coast of Mahé, Beau Vallon is a perfect beach getaway for couples. You can laze around with your partner on the sundeck, enjoy the beautiful sunset, and indulge in swimming and fishing.

    2. Anse Major, Mahe: This is a low-key beach renowned for its tranquility, calm water, and lush green jungles. Couples seeking a memorable adventure can go on a sunset catamaran cruise or enjoy a lavish dinner at the beach shacks.

    3. Anse Volbert, Praslin: This is one of the most popular beaches in Seychelles, with azure waters and dazzling white sand. You can enjoy water sports activities like swimming and diving and make some romantic memories in the process.

    4. Anse Source d'Argent: Crowned as the most photographic beach in the world by National Geographic, Anse Source d'Argent is renowned for its pink sand, surrounding coral reef, and granite boulders. It is perfect for a rejuvenating swim with your partner.
  2. What are the best activities to do on Seychelles beaches?

    1. Sunbathing: The sun-kissed shores of Anse Georgette, Anse Source D'Argent, Anse Lazio, and Beau Vallon beaches are ideal for sunbathing. Get a tan while enjoying the splendid sceneries and having a pint of beer.

    2. Scuba Diving: Due to the spectacular topography of marine walls, coral reefs, and wreckages, the beaches in Seychelles are perfect for scuba diving. Bay Ternay and Anse Volbert are the best Seychelles beaches for scuba diving.

    3. Swimming: The gentle waves, calm water, and low coral reefs make the beaches in Seychelles ideal for swimming. Petite Anse, Anse Georgette, and Anse Intendance are the best spots for swimming in Seychelles.

    4. Birdwatching: Some of the Seychelles beaches like Anse Georgette are a paradise for birdwatchers, and here you can spot very rare birds like Fruit Pigeon and Seychelles Bulbul.
  3. Is Seychelles beaches safe to visit?

    Yes, Seychelles beaches are absolutely safe to visit; you should, however, take the basic safety precautions during the night. The lifeguards are present on the beaches to ensure the safety of the visitors. You should not go beyond the restricted area of the beach as the water level can be high beyond that.
  4. Can you swim at Seychelles beaches?

    Yes, you can swim at Seychelles beaches as the waves are gentle, the water is calm, and there are very few coral reefs.
  5. What is the best time to visit Seychelles?

    The shoulder season (April to May & October to November) is considered to be the best time to visit Seychelles as the temperature ranges around 28 degrees Celcius and the water temperature is perfect for swimming.