Seychelles National Botanical Gardens Overview

Being established in 1901 by Mr. Paul Evenor Rivalz Dupont, the Botanical Gardens is situated in Mont Fleuri, on the outskirts of Victoria. It is home to a large variety of mature, native, and endemic plants spread within 5 acres of lush green manicured gardens. Besides the palm trees, the garden houses a large range of spices and fruit trees.

An additional bonus is the community of gigantic Aldabra tortoises, many of which are approximately 150 years old. Fruit bat colonies can also be observed sitting on the tall trees and the most popular and new edition is the orchid house where one can witness the ever so lively and vibrant colored orchids.

The key goal of these botanical gardens is to add to national initiatives in the fields of environmental awareness, plant conservation, landscape maintenance, passive recreation, and eco-tourism. Nevertheless, the purposes have changed significantly, and nowadays the garden is being used as a park where tourists come to witness and explore the centuries of life.

The Biodiversity Center, however, has been established with the goal of preserving and propagating the local flora. Tourists on a Seychelles tour package will have the chance to explore the multitude of plants found in the diverse habitats of Seychelles. Currently, the Ministry of Environment has taken control of the Botanical Gardens and is known to have its headquarters in it.

How To Reach

The nearest airport to Seychelles Botanical Garden is Victoria-Seychelles Airport, which is just 9.2 km away via Providence Hwy. It is around 20 minutes away from the Victoria City Centre and one can also reach the gardens via means of buses and taxis, out of which, taxis can be a little expensive affair.

Best Time To Visit

Seychelles Islands is popularly known to have comfortable weather throughout the year. Being blessed with a tropical climate, different months of the year invites travelers with varied interests. If you want to enjoy a wind-free climate, then April and October would be the best months. If you want to witness the breeding season, then April is the month you should plan on visiting the islands.

Other Essential Information

- Location: Victoria, Seychelles

- Timings: Mon-Sun, 8 AM - 5 PM.

- Entry fee: 100 SCR (Around USD 8)

Fauna at the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

From bats colonies to giant land tortoises to terrapins, you will experience rich flora and fauna that are immaculately tended for and nourished right starting from the outset. As a tourist, there are going to be several places that you can see in the Botanical Gardens that will have you amazed. One such location is the mysterious bat colonies scattered across the gardens. The diverse fauna present at the gardens makes this place a paradise for wildlife lovers.

Flora at the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

A popular spot for exploring is the Thai and Chinese Gardens, with their elaborate architectural design, along with the flora present in the area which is a haven for nature lovers. You may also locate the orchid house where one can witness the ever so lively and vibrant colored orchids. Apart from these exotic plants, the abundant range of spices and fruits makes this place stand apart.

Tips for Visiting Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

- Carry a mosquito repellent.

- Be prepared for 1-2 hours of walk.

- Feed the turtles by your hand.

- Enjoy snacks at the garden cafe.

- Witness the iconic giant turtles.

- Explore the fruit bats colonies.

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