15 Beaches In Mahe (Seychelles) For A Perfect Sunny Getaway
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Mahe Beaches

Beau Vallon Beach, Petite Anse Beach, Anse major Beach, Anse Intendance Beach, Anse Louis  Beach, Anse Forbans Beach, Carana Beach, Police Bay Beach, Anse Takamaka beach, Baie Lazar beach, Baie Ternay Beach, Pointe Au Sel beach, Anse Nord d'Est Beach, Grand Anse Beach, Anse Soleil Beach.

Want to spend your vacation in a paradise? The beaches in Mahe with their turquoise blue water and rocks are among the most beautiful on the planet. Be it a romantic break, family vacation, or time for few adventurous water sports then this is the best destination.

Apart from its sparkling turquoise waters, abundant sea turtles, and an underwater world of flora and fauna, the white sand on these Mahe beaches is so soft, that it soothes your sore feet. Mahe has a stunning backdrop of lush green forests, giant rocks,  vibrant green hills, and you'll begin to grasp yourself in the lap of nature.

Mahe is not just about the beaches and nature but the accommodation here is again another reason to visit Mahe . It has accommodations according to everyone’s pocket which includes beautiful villas, resorts that too with enchanting views and private pools.

Here is the list of best beaches in Mahe:

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Beau Vallon Beach

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Beau Vallon is presumably quite the most popular Mahe beach. The sandy beach is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba, fishing, jet skis. At the Beau Vallon, there are many alternatives for accommodation, from paying guests to 5-star lodgings.

There are a couple of cafés accessible, or you can likewise get supper from one of the stalls or takeaways during the day.

Beaches in the northwest Mahe

It's famous for its safety due to low tides and grounded waves.
                  - It offers multiple water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing etc.
                  - It has varied accommodation from paying guests to 5 star stays.
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Petite Anse Beach

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Petite Anse beach is even less occupied than Grand Anse Beach, with not many guests on most days, making it extraordinary for an isolated outing or for sunbathing. It isn't protected to swim at Petite Anse.On the off chance that you do choose to wander into the water, don't go far out, and have somebody watching you.

The beach is a perfect spot for games, sunbathing, and picnicking. Because of its lovely surface, as ample shade, it's an incredible beach for families to play on, away from the water. The driftwood sanctuaries and trees guarantee that youngsters will not need to remain in the sun for a long time.

Location:  South West Mahe

Highlight: - Famous for sunbathing and beach games.
                 - Best for a less crowded outing.
                 - It’s shady due to drift wood sanctuaries and trees.
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Anse major Beach

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This simple path winds its way along the rough northwestern coastline of Mahe beaches. The view is astounding here, and the water is additionally appropriate for swimming.

The nightfall sees likewise make Anse a significant ideal for picture-perfect or sentimental walks around the sand. Its unique flora adds up to the beauty of the beach.

Location: In the northwestern coastline of Mahe

Highlight: - It’s famous for swimming and snorkelling.
                  - It’s loaded with flora.
                  - It offers a perfect night view.
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Anse Intendance Beach

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The Anse Intendance is the most excellent Beaches in Mahe are situated in the southwest around 30 km and a 50-minute drive from the capital Victoria. The beach is steep and it tends to be breezy, particularly in the mid-year months.

Swimming here can at times be risky and precluded. Seaweed is accessible from June to September, the tides can be felt! Encircled by rock developments, turquoise water, and palm trees, this background makes the heartbeat quicker! The beach is especially mainstream with surfers!

Location: In the southwest Mahe

Highlight: - It's known as the wildest beach of Mahe.
                  - It’s surrounded by beautiful rocks.
                  - It offers seaweed gazing from June to September.
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Anse Louis Beach

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Anse Louis is a lovely, beach situated close to Anse Boileau on the west bank of Mahe . At the beach, the waves are higher than the rest beaches in Mahe. It is hence that Anse Louis is a famous beach in Mahe among surfers. The landscape is stupendous here, and the water is likewise reasonable for swimming and other water sports.

The dusk sees additionally make Anse Louis ideal for photographic artists and sentimental walks around the sand. Anse Louis offers a lot to Mahe holiday, making it a delightful experience for anybody staying here.

Location: In West Bank of Mahe

Highlight: - Its High waves make it famous among Surfers.
                  - It’s famous among the night owls.
                  - It offers the best walking grounds.
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Anse Forbans Beach

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Anse Forbans is situated in the south-east of Mahe, along the coast. Anse Forbans has a seaward coral reef that shields it from the vast sea, guaranteeing a quiet surface to the water and a shallow profundity, making it a brilliant spot for families and youngsters.

Anse Forbans imparts many attributes to its adjoining beaches, and this entire stretch of coastline has a lot to bring to the table, visiting the zone well beneficial for anyone planning a holiday.

Location: In Southeast of Mahe

Highlight: - It's the most familiar beach among families as it's safe for kids.
                  - It has a seaward coral reef.
                  - Its shallow water makes it an idle spot for families.
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Carana Beach

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The delightful landscape here comprises great vegetation, clear water, and perfect white sand. Carana beach is best for introverted couples who need to come and unwind under the tropical sun, far away from different sightseers and individuals.

The water at Carana Beach isn't especially profound, and it is protected to swim near the shore here. The best ideal opportunity to come is between October and May when the ocean is more settled. Carana beaches in Mahe are regardless of a delightful beach.

Location: Northern tip of Mahe

Highlight: - It's isolated and calm so that you can rejoice yourself without any hustle-bustle.
                  - It offers delightful landscape and great vegetation.
                  - It offers a peaceful outing for introvert couples.
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Police Bay Beach

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Police Bay is situated at the southernmost finish of Mahe. Though the beach has a reef before it, the ocean is profound here and the waves are high, which makes swimming risky. The wild and regular scenery is great and a decent differentiation to the quiet and delicate environment in Mahe beaches.

From June to September, the sands vanish because of the flows in the ocean, uncovering an antiquated coral reef on the shore making it Wild, bright and desolate.

Location: In the southernmost tip of Mahe

Highlight: - It’s famous for the reef.
                  - It has a great scenic view.
                  - Its known as the wildest beach
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Anse Takamaka Beach

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Anse Takamaka is referred to as 'beautiful', 'staggering', and 'stunning beaches in Mahe . The excellent view, clear water, and lovely sandy surface join to make a fantastic beach in the south-west of Mahe. Anse Takamaka is most appropriate to swimming because of its completely clear water and plenitude of marine life.

The water is shallow enough that kids and unconfident swimmers can in any case wash in the sea unafraid. you might also find turtles around the beach.

Location: In Southwest Mahe

Highlights: - It's famous among non-swimmers and kids due to shallow water.
                    - It has a large number of turtles.
                    - It offers a splendour view.
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Baie Lazar Beach

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Once at the beach, you might be struck by the wonderful shades of the sand and the sea here. The water is perfect and turquoise, while the sand is a beautiful splendid shade that differentiates the sea. This interchange of tones implies that the straight is astounding for photos, with the noteworthy rock developments adjusting the view.

The water here isn't profound by any means, so swimming is no issue. Different exercises that Baie Lazare beaches in Mahe allow you to indulge in are swimming and windsurfing. It is named after the French voyager Lazare Picault, yet Baie Lazare Seaweed can be found from June to September.

Location: Southwest Mahe

Highlights: - It's famous for its shades of sand and water among photographers.
                    - The rocks here add beauty to the beach.
                    - It's safe for swimming.
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Baie Ternay Beach

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Baie Ternay is located on the west shoreline of Mahe. The beach is additionally a decent spot for dusk sees, while the biodiversity here is another genuine feature. The beach is a piece of the Baie Ternay public park, which offers a couple of excellent beaches and staggering landscape.

The recreation center is famous among snorkelers and scuba jumpers for its view. The beach itself offers shallow secured water guaranteeing it is ok for families and unconfident swimmers.

Location: In the west shoreline of Mahe

Highlight: - It's famous among the night owls for its dreamy starry view.
                  - It’s surrounded by a beautiful landscape.
                  - It offers recreational activities like swimming and snorkelling.
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Pointe Au Sel Beach

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The water here is shallow and quiet, making it ideal for swimmers and kids to paddle in as well. The beach is likewise ideal for swimming, and surfing. The beach is calm, making it all the more appropriate to a quiet excursion, a night walk, or a spot of sunbathing under the tropical sun.

Location: On the eastern bank of Mahe

Highlight: - It's calm making it perfect for evening walks after a hard day.
                  - It’s famous among swimmers due to shallow water.
                  - It’s ideal for sunbathing.
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Anse Nord d'Est Beach

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Anse Nord d'Est is the name given to an assortment of more modest beaches in the north-east of  Mahe. This significant length of coast has a more stunning air than different beaches in Mahe. The waves here are heavier and choppier.

The water can likewise be somewhere down in certain spots, so swimming is potential at some points. The best thing about Anse Nord d'Est is the combination of various views here. This two-kilometer stretch is an assortment of more modest coves, and each is unique to the last. If you're in search of multiple spots at a glance then  Anse Nord d'Est to be an extraordinary expansion to your Mahe holidays.

Location: In north-east of Mahe

Highlight: - You can explore multiple spots simultaneously.
                  - The waves are heavier and choppier.
                  - Have few spots for safe swimming.
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Grand Anse Beach

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Grand Anse is the longest beach in Mahe . This rambling narrows is lovely, with great sand and a stunning turquoise sea. The water here is appropriate for swimming and surfing, even though guests ought to be cautious, as the momentum under the water can now and then be very solid, and the water is generally contrasted with other Mahe beaches.

The beach itself offers a ton of room for unwinding, sunbathing, family games, walking around the sand, and more other than.

Location: South western Coast of Mahe

Highlight: - It’s ideal for family time as it's the best beach for sunbathing and playing.
                  - It’s the longest beach.
                  - It offers a perfect beach view.
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Anse Soleil Beach

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Anse Soleil is an excellent, brilliant inlet with exquisite brilliant sand and the turquoise-blue water. Swimmers ought to be cautious, as the water can be very profound here, particularly at the elevated tide, and there is a profound drop-off not a long way from the shore.

Indeed, the landscape here wouldn't allow you to exit, with excellent white sand and clear water, making it justified regardless of a visit during your Mahe.

Location: Southwest coast of Mahe

Highlights: - It has an astonishing view.
                    - It has high tides.
                    - It has clear white sand to sit and relax.
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Mahe Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Mahe

People Also Ask About Mahe

  1. Which are the best Mahe beaches?

    The best beaches in Mahe are:

    1. At Anse Takamaka you will love the turtles between your feet.

    2. At Fabulous Anse Beach the longest as well as the most loved among kids as it has many activities.

    3. At Pointe Au Sel ideal beach for swimming among all age groups
  2. What are the best water sports to do on Mahe beaches?

    The best watersports in Mahe are:

    1. Cruising and Snorkeling: An entire day of cruising and swimming all around the Island of Mahe where you may notice ocean turtles, little white tip sharks, sting beams, and loads of beautiful fishes.

    2. Boating In A Glass-Bottom Boat: Step on board the Glass Bottom Boat and investigate the astonishing reef.
  3. How long is Beau Vallon Beach?

    The Beau Vallon Beach is 1.7 kilometers long on the northwest coast.
  4. What is the best time to visit Mahe?

    July and August have moderate climatic conditions so that is the best time to visit.

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