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Traveller Tales from Seychelles


Chandrakin Varma

20 September 2017

Just the perfect place for beach lovers and honeymooners. We went to Seychelles after 6 years of our marriage on October 2016 through Thrillophilia. It was such a well-organized trip, with all the arra...


Tanushri Trivedi

20 September 2017

Went on this amazing honeymoon trip to Seychelles with my husband in August 2017. It was one of the best trips ever. The package was really good with all the things included as mentioned. We got a very...


Tanirika Adiga

20 September 2017

It was one of the best trips I and my wife have ever done in our life. It has been two months after we have done this Seychelles honeymoon but still we cherish the beautiful landscapes and the activiti...


Girik Sinha

20 September 2017

I am not sure how to express my feelings about our honeymoon in Seychelles in mere words and it was more than just amazing or incredible. Every tiny piece of attraction here mesmerized both of us and f...


Tara Sharma

20 September 2017

Seychelles honeymoon package which I booked for 7 days was really a nice experience. Our honeymoon trip happened a few days after our wedding. Our first trip together came out really well. The blend of...


Ramesh Gandhi

20 September 2017

From the hassle free booking to the on time airport transfers, everything related to this Seychelles honeymoon package was brilliant. We thought it was overpriced first but the resort we stayed and the...


Gopi Ahluwalia

20 September 2017

I went on this trip to celebrate our 2nd marriage anniversary with my beloved. I loved the package but I think the price is a bit high for 6 days. But the arrangements were done really good. From our f...


Apsara Jain

20 September 2017

When we visited Seychelles, the weather conditions were not that great. It was raining almost every day. Except the dinner cruise on the fourth day, everything else lost its fun due to the rain. But I ...


Himani Dhawan

20 September 2017

It was a wonderful honeymoon trip for six days. Each of the days we had so much fun and adventure with lots of activities. My husband is a food freak, so we decided to taste various dishes here in Seyc...

What You Should Know More About Seychelles

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Avoid money exchange of all the money at once to the local currency of Seychelles at once.
    • Do not change foreign currency illegally with unauthorized traders.
    • Only stay at licensed tourism accommodations.
    • Do not wander in the night or go alone in the secluded places.
    • Carry sunscreen, shades, and hats and Seychelles has a very strong sun.
    • Do not litter on the beaches.
    • Do not collect shells from the beaches as they are used by crabs. Also, do not collect shells in the nature reserves as it is prohibited. Do not touch plants or pluck flowers from these reserves or marine parks.
    • The reefs have turtles, birds, and mammals. Walks carefully on these beaches.
    • Take off your shoes when you visit anybody’s home.
    • Tipping is officially called off in Seychelles. Do not tip anyone.
    • Shaking hands with men and women is a customary greeting in Seychelles.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age of drinking in Seychelles is 18 years and above. 

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Nature, adventure, and hiking

    Island of  Mahe and Praslin are great for hiking. There are activities like windsurfing, boating, and hiring a yacht that can be done on most of the beaches of this island. The time between May to October is ideal for water sports activities. Scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, and other extreme water sports can be done in Baie Ternay. You can also take boating tour at the Beau Vallon beach.

    You can find giant land tortoise and tiger sharks at the Aldabra Atolls.

    Markets and shops

    Seychelles has markets, shops, art galleries that sell artifacts gifts, and many other items. You can also buy spices, local produce, and other locally grown items from these markets. You will not find any branded items here, but local produce or locally made items are good to gift.

    Breathtaking beaches and islands

    Anse Bonnet Carré is great for walking swimming, and spending a quiet time. It has warm water and white sand. Anse Forbans is great for taking quiet walks, swimming, and surfing. The Anse Gaulettes has soft white sand and is great for walking, swimming, and snorkeling. Anse Georgette is a small bay with white sand and has many resorts in the vicinity. It is best for snorkeling and swimming. Anse Intendance beach has white sand and is favourite amongst surfers and those who love swimming. Anse La Réunion is a long beach and has landscape view. You can find food, drink, and washrooms on this beach. On this beach you can take a swim, walk, and do snorkeling activities.

    Anse Lazio is one of the most famous beaches of Praslin. It has golden sand and is excellent for snorkeling and swimming. It can be crowded and those who are looking for a quiet walk, this is not the ideal beach to be. Anse Pierrot is a private beach and is good for beach walking and swimming.

    Anse Royale is a white sandy beach that is good for snorkeling and swimming. Cote d'Or Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach and is popular for parties, walking, and swimming. Cousin Island has many tropical birds and tortoises. Curieuse is an island that has an eco museum and different species of mangroves. This place is ideal for small excursions.

    Museums and parks

    National Museum of History

    Seychelles museum has artifacts that depict the traditional lifestyle of the locals from the pre-colonial era. Seychelles Natural History Museum has exhibits on flora, fauna, marine life, and botanical and painting collections. Vallée de Mai National Park is one of the ancient forests in the world. It has more than 6000 species of plants. You can take walking and hiking trails here. You will find black parrots, vanilla orchids, and many rare species of birds and plants.

    Veuve Nature Reserve has rare black paradise flycatcher. Also, you can find rare birds that are near extinction in this reserve. It is also a home to one of the two rarest species of terrapin. Most of the tours within this reserve are guided tours for an hour or two. There are no free camping sites within the reserve. You will need permission to camp within these sites. 

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Water sports, adventure, and sightseeing

    This is not a tourist place to experience cuisine. You can get a taste of the local culture and cuisine. This is the island that is visited for its breathtaking scenic spots, water sports activities, adventure, nature trails, and scenic view. Rare birds and plants are the highlights of the nature reserves for those who love getting a glimpse of these species.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?
  • Q. Books

    Seychelles (Bradt Travel Guide) by Lyn Mair and Lynnath Beckley

  • Q. When is the best time to visit Seychelles?

    Seychelles exemplifies tropical climate to the tee. The islands get hot and humid in certain months before cooling off and welcoming the trade winds. Each month brings a different kind of weather and different kinds of events with it, making the islands hospitable year round.

    April-May: This is a quiet time for the island. The weather is warm and rainfall scanty. Temperatures are moderate, lower than summertime but higher than autumn.

    June-Sep: This is the most popular time with tourists swarming the islands. The weather is dry with low humidity and temperatures are cool and comfortable. This is the best time to enjoy the beaches.

    Oct-Nov: Temperatures are high and rainfall even higher. But even with the hot and humid weather, the islands are pretty hospitable with cheaper accommodation and airfare.

    Dec-Mar: The rainy season starts full-fledged with humidity levels going off the roof. The winter months again see a rush of tourists with prices soaring once again.

  • Q. How to reach Seychelles?

    Seychelles is an archipelago of islands that number 115. Of these Mahe is the biggest island and the best spot to enter the country from. The capital of Victoria also lies on this island.

    By air: One can fly down to the Mahe airport which has both national and international flights thus connecting you to all parts of Seychelles. While flying from India, one needs to take a connecting flight via Abu Dhabi.

    By water: Ships are a very plausible mode of transport to Seychelles. Cruise ships embarking from ports in India also arrive at Seychelles. These voyages can be undertaken from Mumbai, Chennai or Kollam.

  • Q. Do I need a visa for Seychelles? How does one get a Seychelles visa?

    An open and welcoming nation, Seychelles doesn’t require tourists entering its borders to have any visa. However, it is imperative that these nationals carry a valid passport. Upon their first contact with Seychelles, a permit is issued by the government here for people meeting the basic criteria and has arrived with the purpose of a vacation in mind. The permit is given to individuals only if they aren’t prohibited immigrants, have a ticket to return and enough fund for a comfortable stay here.

  • Q. What is the currency of Seychelles and where can I get my money exchanged?

    The official currency in use in Seychelles is the Seychelles Rupee. This currency is available in the form of both paper notes and metal coins of various different denominations. The exchange rate for the currency changes every day. Money of any form can be easily converted to Seychelles Rupee from any bank. Various different banks charge different nominal charges for this service.

  • Q. Which are the major tourist attractions in Seychelles?

    Seychelles is a tropical paradise, a dream come true for tourists. There are activities of all kinds for holidaymakers to engage in here. Ranging from water sports like surfing, swimming and scuba diving to wildlife tours, nature walks and experiencing the local culture. There is something for everyone here. Following are the top places to visit here.

    • Anse Lazio
    • Anse Georgette
    • Anse Coco Beach
    • Beau Vallon Beach
    • Curieuse Island
    • Moyenne Island
    • Felicite Island
    • Kenwyn House
    • Tempio Hindu
    • Victoria Market
    • Petite Anse
    • Mission Lodge Lookout
    • Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden

  • Q. What are the things to do in Seychelles?

    Things to do in Seychelles can be subdivided into various categories from relaxing activities like spa, sunbathing at the beach to adventure activities like hikes and trails, visits to nature parks and engaging in thrilling water sports to letting loose in parties at night. One can do whatever they want here. Following are must-do activities for tourists here.

    • Rock Climbing
    • Scuba Diving
    • Hiking around Islands
    • Victoria tours
    • Sunset cruises
    • View points of islands
    • Snorkelling
    • Tropical massages
    • Seychellios food
    • Visit Praslin

  • Q. What is the local food of Seychelles? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    Over 90% of the population here comprises of Creoles. Thus, there is a major influence of their culture here. The local cuisine here too is a form of Seychellois Creole cuisine which has elements of Asian as well European dishes. The generous use of widely available exotic ingredients coupled with the exotic orient flavours enables some of the most delicious seafood dishes to be prepared in this region. In addition, spicy gravies and sauces are also served here, not to forget the availability of exotic fruit the kind of which is rarely seen elsewhere. The local drink here is special Seychellios brew called Buka and Kalou Overall, a visit to Seychelles is a delight for one’s taste buds. Some of the best places to eat here are as follows.

    • PK's @ Pasquiere Restaurant & Gastropub
    • L’Indochine
    • Bravo restaurant
    • Surfers Beach Restaurant
    • La Perle Noir restaurant
    • Pirogue Restaurant & Bar

  • Q. What is the best public transport to commute around Seychelles?

    Seychelles is a collection of 115 islands. Best public transport to commute around Seychelles thus comprises of two kinds of transportation – first, inter island and second, intra island.

    By Air: Air Seychelles is a carrier that has several flights running in between the key islands thus, providing good connectivity between islands.

    By Water: There are also regular ferry boats shuttling between major islands for those who are not too fond of traveling by air.

    Inside the Island: Road transportation like bicycles and cars are the best form of transport within the island. Public transport in the form of buses and cabs are available and while the bus network is extensive and sufficient, cabs can prove to be quite expensive.

  • Q. Do I need to have any vaccinations before the trip to Seychelles?

    While traveling to Seychelles, all travelers are recommended to get vaccinated for typhoid fever and hepatitis B for sure. In addition to these, there might be other immunizations that one could take based on the time they are traveling and the travelers’ medical history.

  • Q. What is the local language in Seychelles and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    The local language most widely used here is Seychellois Creole owing to the high number of Creoles present here. The most commonly used phrases in this language are:

    • Good Morning – Bonjour
    • Good Night – Bonsoir
    • Hello – Allo
    • Thank You – Merci
    • Yes – Wi
    • No – Non
    • Sorry – Pardon
    • Help – Ed Mwan

  • Q. Which are the best shopping places in Seychelles and what are they famous for?

    When in Seychelles one must not think of shopping in grand malls. Instead, they’ll get to visit local markets with interesting shops and stalls hidden away in nooks and crannies of these exotic islands. Mahe the largest island in the collection of Seychelles also has the highest concentration of the population and is thus the best place to start one’s shopping spree from. Local handicraft items, specialty products like tea, perfume and gems are all available here. Even if one just goes to explore these shops it can prove to be a fun expedition, for their appearance itself is enticing and exhilarating. One of the best places to go to on the island to experience local markets is the Sir Selwyn Clarke Market – best place to buy native vegetables and fruits, spices and small gift items

  • Q. What are the best water sports activities to do in Seychelles?

    An archipelago of islands, there is no dearth of beaches and thus, no dearth of water sports to engage in here. Following are some of the best options available to tourists.

    • Diving – Seychelles is surrounded by some of the most beautiful coral reefs that can be appreciated only in this particular activity of diving. There are over 250 varieties of fish here and at least a 100 different types of coral reefs!
    • Fishing – Bird and Denis islands are the best places to set out fishing from. However, there are charters leaving the main island of Mahe as well. The activity of fly fishing is also popular in this region.
    • Snorkelling – Those scared of diving can engage in this activity and witness schools of various kinds of fish and beautiful coral reefs while underwater.
    • Others – Various other water sports like windsurfing, water skiing, dinghy sailing, paragliding and so on are commonly offered in various beachside resorts

  • Q. Which are the best wildlife experiences in Seychelles?

    Seychelles has a wide variety of wildlife existing within its premises. From a stunning variety of marine flora and fauna to that on the land – it is an exotic island through and through. While there are various spots for one to experience this wildlife, following are some of the best options for hikes and nature trails.

    • Morne Seychellois National Park
    • Snorkeling in Coco and Felicity Islands
    • La Digue Nature Veuve Reserve
    • Iles Des Palmes
    • Vallee De Mai

  • Q. What are the top romantic experiences in Seychelles?

    Tropical islands of Granite with a naturally pink setting (owing to the granite rocks), white sand beaches and crystal blue water, Seychelles is the heart of romance. Every activity done here can be given a romantic façade whether it be a serene boat ride over calm blue waters, a walk down a nature trail under the stars or an adventurous hike into the heart of a national park – everything is romantic in Seychelles! Following are some

    • Beachside dinner
    • Romantic walks along trails
    • Infinity pool experience
    • Romantic Hikes
    • Diving experiences
    • Sunbathing on the beach
    • Skydiving

  • Q. Which are the most amazing spots to go scuba diving in Seychelles?

    Seychelles with its azure blue waters and beauteous marine life comprising of coral reefs and swarms of fish of different species is the best spot to go scuba diving. There are various trainers to help newcomers to the sport. A unique scuba diving experience in Seychelles is shipwreck diving where divers witness schools of fish traveling through ruins of age-old ships buried in the seabed. Following are some of the best spots to try out scuba diving in.

    • Mahe
    • L’ilot
    • Wreck diving in Mahe
    • Brissare Rocks
    • Praslin Island
    • St. Pierre
    •    South Marianne island
    • Aldabra diving

  • Q. What are the best spots to experience nightlife in Seychelles?

    While we have already spoken of plenty activities to be undertaken in Seychelles, we are yet to touch upon the most exciting – it’s nightlife! Beach parties are no doubt the best. Bonfires and beer cans are how it begins and sands and stars are where it ends. Beside its infamous beach parties in shacks and shanties, Seychelles also has several exciting pubs and bars. Some of these are.

    • Katiolo club (Mahe)
    • Gran Kaz Casino Entertainment Centre
    • Level 3 Bar (Mahe)
    • Night movies in Deepam Cinemas (Mahe)
    • Discotheque The Jungle (Praslin)
    • Beach Bar and Grill (Praslin)

  • Q. What are the most beautiful beaches to visit in Seychelles?

    A cluster of numerous islands there is no dearth of beaches in Seychelles. There are ones with granite rocks or red and pink hues, ones with pristine white sand like talcum powder, ones with pebbles and shingles – you name it and Seychelles will most likely have it! Following are the top most beautiful beaches here.

    • Anse Source d'Argent
    • Anse Lazio
    • Anse Georgette
    • Grand Anse
    • Anse Intendance
    • Petite Anse Kerlan
    • Petite Anse
    • Anse Cocos
    • Anse Marron
    •    Beau Vallon

  • Q. Where to see the coconut plantations in Seychelles?

    Yes, Seychelles has coconut plantations as well. While many of you might wonder at the interest a coconut plantation would raise, others would know exactly why these vast green expanses of trees would be fascinating and even romantic. Leisurely walks under the shade of these trees enjoying the tropical climate can be a rare treat of tranquillity. Following are a few plantations one can attempt to visit.

    • Union Estate Park
    • Nice Vanilla Plantation
    • Alphonse group

  • Q. Which are the most scenic boating experiences in Seychelles?

    Seychelles has numerous beaches with pink romantic pink hued rocks bordering the shores. These make for some of the most scenic boating routes in the world. The clear blue water, white sand beaches, and the Pink granite rocks combine to produce an intoxicating effect. Ane Source d’Argent is the most common place for these pink rocks which are present in over 40 of the Seychelles islands.

  • Q. What are the islands to visit near Seychelles?

    Must visit islands of Seychelles are as follows:

    •      Mahé
    •      La Digue
    •      Petite Soeur
    •      St. Pierre
    •      Praslin
    •      Grande Soeur
    •      Cousine
    •      Curieuse

  • Q. Which are the best street markets to visit in Seychelles?

    Mahe, the biggest and most populous of all Seychelles islands also have the best options when it comes to street shopping. Following are a few stops that might be worth a visit.

    • Bazar Ovan (in Baie Lazare)
    • Victoria Bazaar (in Victoria)
    • Bazar Labrin (in Beau Vallon Beach)
    • Sir Selwyn Clarke Market (in Victoria)

  • Q. Where to go snorkeling in Seychelles?

    Several hotels and resorts offer snorkeling classes for novices. They even have pools to relax in after the activity. Following are few of the top choices when snorkeling in Seychelles.

    •    Constance Ephelia: This hotel is located close to Baie Ternay Marine Park which features some of the most stunning underwater plants and animals.
    • La Reserve: This hotel is in the Praslin island and offers the opportunity to snorkel close to pink granite boulders which the island is famous for.
    • Four Seasons Resort: Located in Mahe, this hotel gives the opportunity of an amazing snorkeling experience with varied kinds of marine life and coral reefs.
    • Others: There are several other good places in Seychelles that can be perfect for snorkeling. Some of them are at the La Digue Island, Coco Island and Felicite Island shores.

  • Q. What are the best places to get a tropical massage in Seychelles?

    One of the best relaxing experiences in Seychelles is the tropical massage available in the spa and wellness centers here. Following are some of the best places in Seychelles to get a spa or massage.

    • La Digue island – Eden Rock Spa
    • Mahe Island – Hilton Northolme Resort, Duniye Spa
    • Praslin island - Constance Lémuria Seychelles
    • Praslin island - Paradise Sun Spa

  • Q. What are the historical places to visit in Seychelles?

    In addition to being an exotic location with myriad flora and fauna for nature lovers and adventure sports for thrill seekers, Seychelles also has a rich heritage displayed in the various historical places for the more romantic visitors to enjoy. Some of these are.

    • Clock Tower (Mahe Island)
    • Tempio Hindu (Mahe Island)
    • Grande Case (Silhouette Island)
    • Cathedral of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception (Mahe Island)
    • St. Matthew Apostle Church (Praslin Island)
    • Eglise de Saint Roch (Bel Ombre)
    • Chateau des Mamelles (Mahe Island)
    • Diamond Jubilee Fountain (Victoria)

  • Q. Here are the best tips Thrillophilia has to offer for your trip to Seychelles

    The best tips thrillophilia has to offer for a trip to Seychelles is to carry loads of sunscreen, a bathing suit and forget all worries. Plan a long trip to be able to comfortably fit in the experience of all that the island has to offer. Visit as many of the 115 islands as possible and experience a different kind of beach in each one. Forget all inhibitions and let loose for the days you are in Seychelles.