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There are plenty of tourist places in Seychelles as it is an archipelago of islands containing around 115 granite and coral islands, located close to Africa situated on the western part of the Indian Ocean. It is a land full of pristine beauty and a luxurious destination. It lies east of Kenya, beside the equator. They have adequately protected land areas, and many atolls and islands support marine sanctuaries.

Seychelles is a stunning, unspoiled country with countless tropical islands. It has spectacular boulder-brew beaches, exquisite natural beauty, clear turquoise water, thriving coral reefs, and many more. It is a hub of endemic wildlife spotting and ecotourism, containing an incredible flora and fauna collection. You also get to see exotic birds, trees, and marine life. It is a perfect place for solo as well as a family trip or enjoying holiday with friends; the location will provide you something every time.

The three most famous attraction places where people visit in flocks are Praslin, La Digue, and Mahe. However, do not miss out on seeing the country's capital Victoria and Seychelles Creole cuisine. Apart from these, visit the jaw-dropping Curieuse Island, Morne Seychellois National Park, the famous Bird Island, and the Anse Lazio, popular for its soft blond sand and hiking trail.

Speaking of hiking trails, there are many more activities to try in Seychelles. If you are an adrenaline seeker, you will enjoy diving, rock climbing, surfing, snorkeling, and sailing. Also, go Island hopping, photographing the uniqueness of flora and fauna, and encompass the richest fishing ground worldwide.

The place is perfect for lying down on the white sand beach and taking sunbathes as Seychelles is blessed with a warm climate throughout the year. It is a hotbed for water, so you don't have to think twice before starting your sports activities. As it is near the equator, the temperature remains around 24 to 32 degrees.
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COVID-19 : SEYCHELLES is in Green Zone
Last Updated: 06 Mar 2021
Latest Information on Travelling to SEYCHELLES?
  • All the incoming visitors need to submit a negative RT-PCR report at the time of arrival, which must not be older than 72 hours at the time of departure.
  • The Seychelles Islands allows entry to all vaccinated visitors. It is important however that your departure date is not less than two weeks after taking your second dose of the vaccine.
  • Visitors under 18 years of age are exempted.
  • Unvaccinated visitors are also welcomed, if they are traveling from a country on the permitted list. Refer to
  • Visitors transiting through countries not on the permitted list will be allowed into Seychelles if they do not exit the airport during transit.
  • Visitors from non-permitted countries who have stayed 14 days or more in a country on the permitted list are permitted to enter the Seychelles.
  • Non- vaccinated visitors from non-permitted countries travelling by private jets or in first class will be allowed entry but their stay will be limited to certified island resorts or onboard super yachts subject to prior approval of the Health Authorities.
  • Visitors travelling by sea and not vaccinated may enter the Seychelles but will require prior approval of the Health Authorities.
  • A Health Travel Authorization (HTA) is required for every passenger entering Seychelles. Application for the (HTA), must be submitted for approval through the designated platform at:
  • Visitors must submit the following with their application.
  • Passport copy
  • Certificate of vaccination
  • Negative PCR test results,
  • Return airfare.
  • Confirmed accommodation bookings for their entire stay
  • Visitors must comply with all airline protocols throughout their journey. Once landed in the Seychelles disembarkation will be done in an orderly manner.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times within the airport terminals.
  • Visitors will be subjected to a health check i.e., temperature screening, symptom checks, document checks etc. prior to border security screening. Random testing may be conducted upon arrival.
  • Visitors having the “connecting domestic flights to other islands” should remain in the airport terminals until the departure of their flight.  They may overnight in a certified establishment if their connecting flight is the following day.
  • Visitors must ensure that they stay in licensed and certified accommodation establishments or live aboard during their entire stay in the destination. Refer to for a list of accommodations.
  • For the first six (6) nights of their holiday non vaccinated visitors must stay in one accommodation establishment. While vaccinated visitors are free to enjoy the hospitality of various products.

Only tourists who are vaccinated or the ones who have a negative RT-PCR report can enter Seychelles and they do not have to undergo the 14 day quarantine.


Frequent flights will be functioning from Mumbai to Mahe, Seychelles from the 8th of April, 2021

Local Transport

Local transportation has been running fully in and around Seychelles including ferries as well.

Flights from Mumbai Airport to Seychelles - Mahe Airport will begin from 8th of April, 2021 Updated: 06 Mar 2021

According to the recent travel updates, Air Seychelles has begun the functioning of flights between Mumbai and Mahe Airport. These flights will run twice a week, booking of which have already been started. The first flight is going to run from 8th of April, 2021.

No quarantine needed upon arrival at Seychelles Updated: 06 Mar 2021

Providing the tourists with more good news, the government of Seychelles has lifted quarantine restrictions for the visitors. Anyone who has provided a negative RT-PCR report and does not show any symptom is free from being quarantined for 14 days.

A negative RT-PCR report needed to enter Seychelles Updated: 06 Mar 2021

Any tourist visiting Seychelles for tourism will have to bring a negative RT-PCR report from an authorized institution. This report must not be older than 72 hours from the departure and needs to be deposited on the tourism counter at the airport or the location of arrival.

Hotel facilities like swimming pools, play areas and common areas are also open from now on in Seychelles Updated: 06 Mar 2021

In hotel/resort facilities like swimming pools, and other common areas will now be open to all while making sure that all the COVID-19 guidelines are followed.

Seychelles now open for tourism Updated: 06 Mar 2021

The Africal Island Republic of Seychelles is now open for tourism and will be welcoming tourists from all over the world. Irrespective of your COVID-19 vaccination status, you can now enter Seychelles from 25th of March, 2021 and enjoy a fun filled beach vacationing experience.

No minimum stay required for travellers visiting Seychelles Updated: 06 Mar 2021

All the tourists visiting Seychelles need not to book according to the minimum stay criteria. No minimum stay is needed to visit Seychelles from now on.

No Restrictions on visiting the nearby islands of Seychelles Updated: 06 Mar 2021

All the visitors can now easily travel to the nearby islands of Seychelles without any restrictions.

A Health Travel Authorization (HTA) is required for every passenger entering Seychelles Updated: 06 Mar 2021

All the incoming tourists need to upload a HTA application including the documents like Passport copy, Certificate of vaccination(if vaccinated), Negative PCR test results, Return airfare and  Confirmed accommodation bookings for their entire stay on

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People Also Ask About Seychelles

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Seychelles?

    1. Mahe: Mahe is the largest island of Seychelles and is rich in economic activity and culture. The island is famous for its idyllic beauty containing 90% of the country's population. It has around 3000-foot mountains that you can explore, multiple gorgeous beaches, several unique orchids, and excellent Mahe's shores. It contains many other attractions which people love to visit, like the Botanical Garden, Seychelles Natural History Museum, the Codevar Craft Centre, and the charming city Victoria.

    - Location: Northeast of the Seychelles Nation

    2. Victoria: Victoria is the capital of Seychelles and the smallest city in the world. You can just walk and take the tour of the town. The town is flanked by gorgeous palm trees and has the ultimate relaxed atmosphere. The two most attractive centers of the city are Clock Tower and Sir Selwyn Clarke Market. There are several administrative buildings, luxurious cuisine restaurants, and other landmarks. Make sure to visit the other main attraction center as well; it is a magical place to walk and shop. Other notable locations include Botanical gardens, Bel Air Cemetery, Kenwyn House, and the history museum.

    - Location: North-east of Mahe, Seychelles

    3. Morne Seychellois National Park: It is like a paradise to nature lovers and hikers. It is the largest national park of Seychelles, covered with lush green boundaries at the mountain chain's foot. The highest point is Morne Seychellois reaching a height of 905 meters. You get to witness the remarkable species of birds and wildlife, including bulbul, sunbird, scops-owl, and notable varieties of greenery varying from endemic palms to pitcher plants, ferns, and pandanus. Moreover, the island contains the best hiking trail starting from the village Danzil passing the awe-inspiring views of Mahe. There are other hiking trails too that you can explore.

    - Location: Mahe Island, Seychelles
    - Timing: Monday to Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm

    4. Praslin: Praslin, also known as Ile de Palme, is the must-visit place of Seychelles. It contains the world-famous heritage site of Vallee de Mai, the biggest forest of coco de mer. It also contains the two attractive tourist spots which are the heart of most tourists are Baie St Anne and Grand Anse. The valley contains six endemic palms of Seychelles and rare species of bird-like black parrot and national bird. Apart from this, the island also has spectacular beaches that you can visit  like Anse Lazio which people find the best beach in the world.

    - Location: Seychelles, the western part of the Indian Ocean

    5. La Digue: La Digue Island is the fourth largest island in the archipelago of Seychelles. It is the favorite spot of a nature lover and covered with stunning white-sand beaches. Here the adventure seeker likes to carry out activities like rock climbing, diving, and hiking in the famous La Pass to Grand Anse Trail. The beach has the most picturesque stretches of sand and an exceptional azure water surface. Another attraction that attracts most tourists is the Veuve Nature Reserve containing the endangered black paradise flycatcher.

    - Location: Seychelles, Indian Ocean

    6. Curieuse Island: Curieuse Island, also known as Ile Rouge, is so named as its land resembles the look of russet-toned earth. When you visit the island you will find giant tortoises roaming freely in the sandy coves. The beach is surrounded by fantastic casuarina and takamaka trees, enhancing the beauty of white-sand to many folds. Besides Praslin, it is the only place where coco de mer palm trees grow naturally. Here in the clear azure water, you may also be able to spot parrotfish, so don't forget to take a peak.

    - Location: Seychelles, Indian Ocean

    7. Anse Lazio: Anse Lazio is a gorgeous beach of Praslin Island and is a treat for hiker lovers as you have to hike your way over the hill to reach the beach. It contains round granite boulders flanked over the beach, with long stretches of soft blond sand and crystal-clear dreamy blue water. The place is beautifully surrounded by coconut palms and takamaka trees along the coastline, providing a soothing shade for relaxation. Opposite the beach, you will find fantastic cuisine restaurants for fuelling up your hunger tanks.

    - Location: Northwest of Praslin Island, Seychelles

    8. Beau Vallon Beach: It is the best beach you will find in Mahe, it caters to every need of its visitors and is often full because of its admiring beauty. People enjoy walking under the shades of palm and along the long stretches of beach. At the same time, many people find this place suitable for swimming. The shore of the beach is lined-up by the shops bustling with tourists. Other activities that the area offers are windsurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, kitesurfing, jet-skiing, and fishing. However, if you visit this place on Wednesday, don't forget to visit the Local Bazar Labrin that sets up weekly after the sunset.

    - Location: North-west of Mahe, Seychelles

    9. Vallée de Mai National Park: This place is the favorite spot for nature lovers. It is one of UNESCO's world heritage sites and preserves a prehistoric forest containing around 4000 rare and giant coco de mer palm trees. It has the most fantastic hiking trail from where you can hit an ecology park containing coco de mer seed and other rare plants like latanier, vanilla orchids, palmiste, etc. However, there is an option between a one-hour and three-hour hiking trail which you can choose. The path will take you through towering trees, a huge boulder lying around, and a valley that is home to rare birds and different species of lizards.

    - Location: Valle de Mai, Praslin, Seychelles
    - Timing: 8:30am to 4:30pm, Friday 8:30am to 1pm

    10. Bird Island: As the name depicts, Bird Island is home to millions of sea birds; it is 1500 meters long and 800 meters wide. The place follows the concept of ecotourism. While visiting the place, you can experience birds nesting-up from close and admire the flora-fauna. Moreover, between April and October, you get an extra treat as thousands of sooty terns come to make their nest here. Just before the sunset and at sunrise, you will see giant screeching flocks of birds landing for food over the sea. You will also find turtles arriving here to lay their eggs. However, please do not disturb them; stick to your path.

    - Location: La Digue, Mahe, Seychelles
  2. What are the best things to do during the Seychelles Tour?

    1. Rock Climbing: It is one of the best adventure activities to try at Seychelles. Through rock climbing, you will be able to look at the stunning corners of the island. The most popular spots that offer rock climbing are Praslin, La Digue, and Mahe Island. All of these places have extensively large granite rocks giving you an excellent opportunity to climb. Plus, many resorts offer their climbing centers in the jungle where you can try zip-lining too. It is an adventure for which you will get professional supervision. You can decide the level of difficulty you want.

    - Location: La Digue, Seychelles
    - Price: SCR 500 to SCR 700

    2. Island Hopping: The best way to go island hopping is through sailing. Many have a misconception that exploring the islands on a boat can cost huge, but it is actually cheaper than booking the luxurious hotel for multiple days. The boat will be able to reach the ocean's interior and have a more real travel experience. Thus if you like to enjoy the diverse wildlife, remote places, fresh seafood, desolate wild beaches, and unspoiled nature, then this is something you should add to your bucket list. Through sailing, you will discover La Digue, Mahe, Curieuse, Sainte-Anne, Cousin, Grande Soeur, St Pierre, and Petite Soeur.

    - Location: Eden House Eden Island Victoria Eden Island, Seychelles
    - Price: SCR48,000, eight days
    - Timing: Departure-1 pm

    3. Scuba Diving & Snorkelling: The underwater of Seychelles is full of remarkable exotic marine life and fantastic flora and fauna. It is an absolute paradise for underwater lovers, with a surrounding filled with bright corals. The crystal-clear azure water makes visibility even more precise, making Seychelles one of the top destinations to go scuba diving or snorkeling. The places which offer the best diving and snorkeling option are La Digue, Praslin, Curieuse, Bird Island, and Mahe island. Make sure you witness the enchanting underwater life of Seychelles as it is once in a lifetime experience.

    - Location: Praslin Island, Seychelles
    - Price: SCR 6000
    - Timing: 8:30 am to 5 pm

    4. Get lost in Victoria Market streets: Sir Selwyn Clarke market is the most famous Seychelles market and is also known by the name Victoria Market. The market livens up the entire surrounding capital and harmoniously blends the new and old Seychellois way of life. By strolling through the market, you can witness the local Creole culture and food. You will also find many stalls containing essential oil, sarongs, and art to take home as sovereign. Apart from these, other markets that are worth exploring are Bazar Labrin and Victoria Bazaar.

    - Location: Victoria, Seychelles
    - Price: Depending on what you buy
    - Timing: Monday to Saturday, 4 am to 5 pm

    5. Hike around Anse Georgette Beach: If you want a challenging and sweaty hike to satisfy your adrenaline rush, then the hiking trail of Anse Georgette is perfect for you. You will have the incredible view from the uphill; however, the vegetation you will notice during the hike contains overgrown jungle terrain, which will add thrill to your adventure.

    - Location: Anse Georgette, Praslin, Seychelles

    6. Climb to Morne Blanc trail in Victoria: Morne Blanc trail in Victoria is the favorite hiking trail of many hikers. It is a hike of a total of 90 minutes, including both sides, and has a very easy pathway. While hiking, you will explore many caves that are camouflaged and hidden among the trees. Thus, it is advisable not to get out of your path to find it. After you reach the summit, you will find the most breath-taking view of the island. Plus, you get the panoramic view of the tropicbirds swirling around. The mountain is the home for many endemic birds, Seychelles sunbird, Seychelles bulbul, and Seychelles swiftlet.

    - Location: Sans Soucis Rd, Seychelles
    - Price: SCR7000

    7. Sunset cruises at Mahe Island: One of the most soothing things to do is enjoying a sunset cruise at Mahe. It allows you to enjoy the tranquil water of the Indian Ocean with a champagne flute in your hand. Moreover, if you are lucky enough, you will be able to witness the dancing of the dolphins from the boat. You can also enjoy the flock of flying fish that pass by you as you travel through them. It is the perfect place to make memories for you and your partner.

    - Location: Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
    - Price: SCR 10,000 for two
    - Timing: 5pm to 12am

    8. Visit Vallee de Mai: Vallee de Mai Natural reserve is one of the prides of Praslin and is a beautiful home of rare Coco de mer trees. It also contains the largest seed of coco de mer in the whole world. The place preserves huge palm trees with a rare collection of flora and fauna that you can admire. The natural park is a heaven for bird lovers as it is a habitat for the endangered black parrot. The place will help you reconnect with nature.

    - Location: Praslin, Seychelles
    - Price: SCR 500
    - Timing: 9 am to 3 pm

    9. Street Food Tour: You can find the mixture of Creole culture and Seychelles' history blended together in the street food. There are amazing food options available with a richness of spices and mainly Indian Flavour to give it a unique spice route. The combination, when mixed with fresh seafood, provides you an incredible taste. They offer you an option of an assortment of fish and curries takeaway in various famous beaches and towns. Do not miss the Wednesday market of Beau Vallon to enjoy the best fresh grill fish and curries.

    - Price: SCR10 to SCR21

    10. BBQ Boat Tour: You get the option of a BBQ boat tour in the Praslin island, so after enjoying your whole day exploring the mangrove trees and unique turtles, you can spend your evening having the BBQ lunch. In lunch, you get the option of mango salad, fish, chicken, rice, and fruit. The boat will provide the breath-taking background while you enjoy your food.

    - Location: Praslin, Seychelles
    - Price: SCR 8,000
  3. What is Seychelles famous for?

    Seychelles is a cluster of gorgeous islands and famous for its luxurious honeymoon hotspot. People come here to witness its rich culture, abundant nature, magnificent landscape, and sensational distribution of blue and greens. It contains the incredible variety of flora and fauna, endangered species, and a great local market. Many people also get attracted to witness the only forest that contains Coco de mer palms in Praslin.
  4. What is the best time to visit Seychelles?

    The best time to visit Seychelles are October, November, April, and May. Decide on the month depending on whether you like hot and humid temperatures or the cooler southeast trade winds.
  5. How to reach Seychelles?

    To reach Seychelles, you have to book a flight to Seychelles International Airport and then travel to the interiors by booking a cab or renting a bus. You will find the international airport on the north-east side of Mahe Island, in the city of Victoria. Non-Stop flights are available from India to Seychelles. You can book Emirates, Jet Airways, SriLankan, and Kenya Airways to reach Seychelles from India.
  6. Is Seychelles a safe country?

    On an overall basis, Seychelles is a safe country, the local authority takes appropriate safety precautions, especially at night. There is no such fear that you need to take. However, Barrel Disco is a place where things can get rough but is still safer than any other location worldwide.
  7. Is it expensive to visit Seychelles?

    If you are a traveler that likes your trips to be under budget but also want to go on a cruise, enjoy travel island and stay in the hotel, then you can expect your trip to Seychelles to cost around 150 to 200 USD per day. However, if you like luxurious travelling, you can expect to spend an average of 1000 USD per day.
  8. Do I need a visa for Seychelles?

    Seychelles is a visa free country. You don't need a visa for Seychelles; however, visitors can obtain their permit after reaching the place and after you properly meet all the requirements. You will also be required to show a valid ID and other documents.
  9. How many days do you need in Seychelles?

    If you are planning on going island hopping, it is advisable to set aside a period of 7 days. However, you can cover both Mahe and La Digue island in just 4-5 days.
  10. Is Seychelles better than the Maldives?

    If you like exploring different activities and trying new things, Seychelles is a better option than the Maldives. Seychelles has a wide variety of tourist spots, wildlife, and other places to explore. There are 115 islands where you can go island hopping.
  11. Is Seychelles good for honeymoon?

    Seychelles is the top spot to go on a honeymoon. It has the most romantic places surrounded by crystalline azure water, sugar-sand beaches, excellent luxurious resorts, and many more. You also get the option to take your partner on a sunset cruise and BBQ boat tour for lovely surprises.
  12. What is the famous food of Seychelles?

    Labob is a very famous food of Seychelles and is also its local staple. It is enjoyed by both locals and tourists as either sweet or savory food items. The dish consists of sweet potato, ripe plantain, or breadfruit. Breadfruit is a combination of sugar, coconut milk, vanilla, and nutmeg; locals stir it until the fruit turns soft and the sauce becomes creamy.
  13. Which are the best beaches to visit in Seychelles?

    1. Anse Intendance: This beach is famous for its iridescent azure water. The beautiful tropical background with serene beauty is what attracts the most visitors. People come here to enjoy swimming and sunbathing on the beach.

    2. Anse Lazio: It is a gorgeous Praslin beach enveloped by steep and lush palm and takamaka trees. People admire the glassy and transparent ocean with the pristine white beach. It is perfect for enjoying your holiday away from all the chaos with your family.

    3. Anse Louis: Anse Louis is a small sheltered bay covered with a 500 meters beachfront. The beach contains beautiful granite rocks and dense tropical forest, perfect for enjoying your weekend getaway.

    4. Bird Island: Another vibrant island that you can explore is Bird Island. People come here to witness rare species of birds nesting in their homes. There are even brave turtles that come to lay their eggs. It is a real breath-taking view to have.

    5. Beau Vallon Bay: The bay is famous for its hotels, shops, beach activities, and even restaurants. It provides its tourists with the safest spot to swim and a miraculous view to enjoy.
  14. How is the nightlife in Seychelles?

    1. Barrel Nightclub: One of the renowned nightclubs is Barrel nightclub, famous for its reggae music. The place's ambiance is very light-hearted, with hip-hop music, a pool table, and an underground dance floor. It is a perfect place to party if you have a tight budget.

    2. Ozone: It is the best place to create a memorable event. The jam session and live music with a quiet decent crowd is another way to enjoy the nightlife. The place offers a variety of cocktails and also accepts reservations for social events.

    3. Tequila Boom: It is a spacious well air-conditioned club that also contains VIP booths. When you visit the place, you will find go-go dancers setting the dance floor on fire. The club plays both hip-hop and local music for its visitors.

    4. Gran Kaz Casino: Here, you will find the best gaming experience in Seychelles. The casino contains both traditional and high technology slot machines that you can select depending on your choice.
    Amusement Centre: It is the most frequently visited casino in Seychelles and a perfect way to spend nightlife. You can earn a generous amount of jackpot and have a good ambiance.
  15. What kind of watersport can be done in Seychelles?

    1. Diving: Diving is among the top water sports to try in Seychelles. In the activity, you get to discover 300 species of fish and 100 varieties of corals.

    2. Snorkeling: To witness Seychelles' beauty entirely from close, you need to discover the underwater world of Seychelles. Snorkeling is the best way to do it. You get to admire the marine life and coral reef from upfront.

    3. Surfing: Surfing is another famous water sport to try. The strong currents of the Indian ocean provide the adventure seeker a whole lot of adrenaline rush.

    4. Kayaking: If you want to try a safe water activity, then try kayaking. You get to experience fresh air, beautiful mangroves, crystal clear water, and pristine sand beaches from close.
  16. What are the romantic things that can be done in Seychelles?

    1. Island Hopping: The most unique and romantic option you get is to take your partner island hopping on a cruise. However, you can also opt for public ferries for an affordable option.

    2. Biking along the coast: One of the most romantic things you can do for your partner is to take her on a bike ride along the coast. La Digue and Silhouette give you the option of renting a bike.

    3. Relaxing on an isolated beach: If you have come here with your partner to enjoy some cozy and relaxing time with your partner, Seychelles has many options available for you. Cote d'Or and Anse Source D'argent are among the top.

    4. Meeting giant tortoise: There are very few countries where you get tortoise roaming on the beach. So, make sure to play with them with your partner beside.

    5. Breakfast on the beach: What is more romantic than enjoying a languorous breakfast with your partner on the beach. Most of the hotels offer this service with a small extra fee. If you are on a honeymoon, you can even ask the hotel to set a canopy.