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Royal Academy of arts is an independent charity and a 250- year old art gallery at Piccadilly. The academy hosts various exhibitions by living artists and of historical fame. It includes one of the biggest and most famous shows in the London, i.e., the annual summer exhibition. The academy not only displays artwork but also has a massive library with a significant collection of books.

Royal Academy of arts owns a unique collection of art. Famous artists like Gainsborough and Reynolds initiated this collection, in order to promote and encourage the British school of Fine arts. As per the UK law, the institute’s newly elected academician was supposed to contribute one of the works to the collection. It is also known as ‘Diploma Work.’

The same trend is followed till this date. Due to this rule, the collection of work at the Royal academy includes the arts of personalities likeDavid Hockney, J.M.W. Turner, John Singer Sargent, and Henry Fuseli.

Along with these paintings, a vast number of self-portraits including portraits by various famous artists were acquired via bequests and gifts. To inspire the students of Royal Academy Schools, copies of various famous Renaissance paintings were also purchased, including a complete copy of Leonardo’s ‘The Last Supper’ by Giampietrino from 1515. Explore the vibrant atmosphere of The royal academy of arts with Europe tour packages.

The most celebrated works in the art collection include J.W. Waterhouse’s A Mermaid, Henry Fuseli’s ‘Thor Battering the Midgard Serpent, and John Constable’s ‘The Leaping Horse.’

The Royal academy of Arts has now become the testing ground for new artists and ideas. The royal academy has proven itself worthy of its impeccable heritage. Its greatest exhibition, ‘the famed sensation shows in 1997’, has launched an entire generation of daring young British Artists.


• Royal Academy of Arts hosts regular exhibitions of artwork from all over the world. Due to this, the academy has become one of the foremost art galleries in the world.
• Royal academy holds one of the most influential exhibitions and teaching centers in the world of 21st-century art.
• The summer exhibition of the Royal Academy has been staged continuously since 1769, and now it attracts more than 10,000 works that the president of the Academy selects.
• The most beautiful work of the Royal Academy of arts is its permanent collection, which includes the Sackler wind's leading galleries.
• It is also a home to an impressive loan exhibition enhanced by an extensive agenda of debates, seminars, and educational resources.
• At these shows, tourists can explore masterpieces of surrealist art, cubism, expressionism, impressionism, Baroque, and Renaissance.
• The Royal Academy of arts also staged a beautiful collection of young British artists which were unique collection in its own.

How To Reach

By Bus: You can take bus numbers 88, 7, 6, 453, 159, and 139 and deboard at the nearest bus station to Royal academy of arts, which is just a few minutes away.

By Train: You can reach the royal academy via train. The nearest accessible train station is overground Southeastern.

By Tube: You can also travel to Central, Jubilee, and Victoria via the tube.

By Car: You can also come to the Royal Academy of arts via car and use the royal academy car parking.

By Cycle: You can also reach the Royal academy of arts via cycles. The cycles can also be parked at the docking station near the royal academy.

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Best Time To Visit

It is recommended to visit the Royal Academy of arts in the morning hours during weekdays as this time the crowd is significantly less and you can have a peaceful visit and also you don’t have to wait in the long queue for your turn. Also, try to avoid the visit during any public holidays or weekends.

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Other Essential Information

  • You can access the primary collection for free; however, you need to buy an entry ticket for exhibitions.
  • You should book in advance to secure your slot for a particular exhibition.
  • The Royal Academy of arts can be fully accessed by disabled guests also.
  • The royal academy also offers various facilities like a cloakroom and refreshments. Cloakrooms can be used free of cost, and for refreshment, you can enjoy the food at two restaurants.
  • Since lots of walking is required, it will be better to wear comfortable shoes and clothes to have a relaxing visit.
  • It is also recommended to carry water and some snacks with you as there are only two restaurants which usually remain crowded. 

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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Point of Interest for Royal Academy Of Arts London
Oldest Permanent Collection of Art In Britain

Oldest Permanent Collection of Art In Britain

The permanent collection of the Royal Academy of arts includes work by famous British painters like Constable, Turner, and Reynolds. It also houses influential masterpieces such as ‘Michelangelo’s Taddei Tondo.

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The Building Itself Is A Masterpiece

The Building Itself Is A Masterpiece

The building of the Royal Academy of arts is very old, dating back to 1664, and it has now been altered with time and is updated as per the latest architecture. Now the building reflects an eclectic mix of various styles with traces of the fascinating history it has experienced. The courtyard of the royal academy also displays the new installation by famous artists.

Meeting Point Of Art Lovers And Artists

Meeting Point Of Art Lovers And Artists

Royal Academy of Arts offers the perfect environment for a new artist to flourish. It also provides a casual visitor the possibility to explore and learn more about the history of art. So, the art lovers have an excellent opportunity to indulge in the royal academy and can select from the range of drawing classes, artist's talks, and film nights.

At the summer circus during the summer exhibitions, the courtyard is occupied by cocktail bars, street food stalls, and musicians, which should not be missed.

Artwork By Women

Artwork By Women

Artwork by women was started by Angelica Kauffman and Mary Moser in 1768; however, it took 168 years before the next women academician was selected. Now, the Royal Academy of arts proudly showcases champion female artists, famous female artists flock in plenty at the summer exhibitions

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Library At Royal Academy Of Arts

Library At Royal Academy Of Arts

Royal Academy of arts owns a vast library with a beautiful collection of art-related books. Visitors can come here and explore any of the books they want. There is a lovely sitting arrangement for every person. You can also explore the eating area within the library to sit there for a long time and spend some quality time with the books.

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